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Re: Gujarat election result and funny reactions

Posted by Creator, (2017-12-18 13:38:03)

Funny reactions after Gujarat election result,Viral post

Re: @haryanvi

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-12-18 12:47:55)

Bhai 10-12 din bhi ho gay na NT ki date aai na hi hcs notification

Re: HCS Prelims Test 1: 17th December, 2017 Environment

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-12-17 21:01:04)


Re: घटिया इंस्टिट्यूट

Posted by फर्जी इंस्टिट्यूट, (2017-12-17 15:23:28)

भाइयों कुसमुंदा एक नंबर का घटिया इंस्टिट्यूट है
इस के नोट्स लुसेंट से कॉपी किए हुए हैं


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-12-16 22:12:10)

Stop posting this Kushmanda add here
Ridiculous institute provide photo copy of Lucent as their own notes

Re: HCS PT Test Series 2018 : 17th Dec, 2017

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-12-16 21:51:25)

HCS PT Test Series 2018 : 17th Dec, 2017


Posted by JNU, (2017-12-16 20:39:22)

My experience with upsc and this year Mains, i have written it as an article on UC News:
I have written an article about the life and lifestyle Management of UPSC Aspirant, friends i have no commercial interest....just started writing after exhausting all attempts this year.....wait for the result is too boring, so started writing these articles on UC News app platform....



Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-12-16 20:04:40)

Kitni vacancies hai Bhai or naib tehsildaar ka exam kab h


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-12-16 20:04:36)

Kitni vacancies hai Bhai or naib tehsildaar ka exam kab h


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-12-16 18:50:49)

Hcs vacancies in jan last

Re: Must read article on the lifestyle of UPSC Aspirant

Posted by tips, (2017-12-16 10:54:07)


Re: History result

Posted by Brass City Rewari, (2017-12-15 16:19:46)

Result out.. waah Bhai gurugram niwasi.

Re: @History Result

Posted by Gurugram Niwasi, (2017-12-15 16:11:05)

Aaj hi aana h. Sham tk

Re: @History Result

Posted by Gurugram Niwasi, (2017-12-15 16:11:01)

Aaj hi aana h. Sham tk

Re: Pkm

Posted by PKM, (2017-12-15 15:55:16)

Bai JK history assistant professor ka interview Kesha gya result Keb tek aa reha h

Re: book list for hcs/ias

Posted by JNU, (2017-12-15 12:54:05)



Posted by JNU, (2017-12-15 11:37:12)

hey friends real guidance for IAS,PCS is here Kindly go through

Re: Ta be eee

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-12-15 10:18:23)

direct be case apprentice case iruku.

Re: @haryanvi

Posted by Rohtaki , (2017-12-15 10:02:57)

Any information related to NT nd Hcs notification

Re: preparation articles

Posted by JNU, (2017-12-14 18:40:41)

Hey friends i have written some articles, Kindly have a look

Re: Best Articles for HCS I have ever found so far

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-12-14 03:21:25)


Re: @ Hcs baba

Posted by Gurugram Niwasi, (2017-12-13 09:56:35)

Baba kuch bata Yaar. Kya khabar h. Govt ne vapas bhejhi kya requisition? Kab tk umeed Kar sakte Hain?

Re: @CSAT qualifying

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-12-12 22:09:58)

tujhse csat se kyu dushmani hai mujhe smjh aa gya hai
tera IQ kitna hai mujhe smjh mein aa gya hai ki tujhe ye baat smjhne mein 2year lag gye ki csat se fayda hai ya nuksan :))

Re: Haha

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-12-12 21:42:39)

Mains tumne pehle kabhi khud clear karliya hota toh aaj veteran na kehlate. cSAt ko galat keh kar apna low IQ chhupane ki koshish na karein

Re: @Anonymous without any sense

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-12-12 21:33:27)

Aur Tere jaise budhe khiladi toh pre me nikal jayenge. Tu mains ki chinta mat kar.Tujhe vahan pahunchna hi nahi h.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-12-12 19:15:28)

Now I too have changed my view on CSAT. Because CSAT will bring in more Duffers in main and thereby will reduce competition. So, CSAT should be there, it will benefit veterans as all persons passed on the basis of CSAT will fail badly in mains

Re: CSAT good for all

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-12-12 18:08:16)

ye khujli sirf ek aadmi ke khujli hai aur wo bhi yhan forum pe hi msg post karta hai iske bus ka kuch ni hai , isne kuch ni karna iske sath argue karke koi fayda ni hai, agar isne kuch karna hota to khattar ke ghar ke bahar dharna dele bhai karle kuch, ya court mein case karle
ye kuch ni karne wala msg post karne ke ilawa

Bhai CSAT+GS is a good combination to test knowledge and IQ and both are needed in civil services khud baswan committee ne suggest kiya hai

isse jo bolna hai bolne do


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-12-12 17:26:46)

In my opinion including CSAT is better as it checks ones IQ which is most important for quick decision making.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-12-12 17:26:42)

In my opinion including CSAT is better as it checks ones IQ which is most important for quick decision making.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-12-12 17:14:48)

Neelu ka score 3.3 hai public administration assistant proff me

Re: csat

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-12-12 16:20:35)

uttrakhand also not qualifying and providing better results to administration. So in haryana csat shouldn't qualifing , otherwise state will deprive good bureacrates.

Re: CSAT issue

Posted by Brass City Rewari, (2017-12-12 15:54:32)

Baaki states ka pata nahi. HCS me csat k no add honge. Chahe kissi ko mirchi lage yaa mithai.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-12-12 14:14:27)

little knowledge is harmful. Himachal has qualifying CSAT. Punjab PPSC has also recommended CSAT as a qualifying paper.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-12-12 11:57:14)

Khatar. Do not. Read. This. Blog. So. No. Need. For. Crying. On. Csat. Here


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-12-12 11:56:29)

Not all states have qualifying CSAT and not all of them are trying to make it so e.g. H.P.,Punjab etc. Even UPSC has made it qualifying for a limited time till baswana committee recommendations are implemented. CSAT isn't going anywhere, though its marks may be reduced to half of GS paper in future (in UPSC, cant say the same for HCS). Better prepare for it than campaigning against it. At the end of the day, it is this paper alone that gives you certainty of scoring well, otherwise GS is too vague to say anything. Equal amount of input into both GS and CSAT yields better performance in CSAT for everyone. After all, neither the mugging up of facts nor the testing of IQ alone is sufficient to gauge a candidate's potential.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-12-12 11:43:58)

when will the notification released

each n every question will be replied there

Re: CSAT issue

Posted by Brass City Rewari, (2017-12-12 10:30:38)

Marks of CSAT will be added in HCS. As of now. There is no information on it being made qualifying. Merit will be Paper 1 plus Paper 2.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-12-12 10:29:20)

CSAT should be a qualifying paper in HCS. UPSC and almost all states have CSAT as a qualifying paper. Haryana Govt too should follow UPSC and other states for making CSAT only qualifying paper in Prelim.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-12-12 10:19:55)

CSAT should be a qualifying paper in HCS. UPSC and almost all states have CSAT as a qualifying paper. Haryana Govt is too should follow UPSC and other states for making CSAT only qualifying paper in Prelim.

Re: NT

Posted by haryanvi , (2017-12-11 09:19:49)

Nahi dada......kuch news nahi mil rahi abhi. ..jabse new member add hua hai hpsc mai. ..khichddi tho pak rahi hai par koi kuch bol nahi raha

Re: @haryanvi

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-12-11 09:08:27)

Bhai date final hui kya NT exam ki

Re: EI

Posted by Aa, (2017-12-10 12:00:40)

ESM general 67

Re: EI

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-12-07 22:40:42)

68 general

Re: EI

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-12-07 15:07:04)

82 general


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-12-07 14:39:49)

71, general

Re: EI

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-12-07 09:37:20)

Official key of hssc EI on site. ....kindly share score as per hssc key

Re: farji Hcs Baba

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-12-06 20:59:53)

so called Baba is not real, as Hcs Baba has already left this platform.

Re: @hcs baba

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-12-06 19:11:04)

Sir nt me descriptive exam cancel kiya h kya or hcs ki 171 vacancy kab tak aa jayengi

Re: @NT exam seeking friends

Posted by Hcs Baba, (2017-12-06 17:37:52)

NT will be conducted on priority basis now. Shayad January me hi ho jaye ya Feb me ja sakta hai. But Hcs se pehle hoga.

Re: @haryanvi

Posted by DT, (2017-12-05 19:57:59)

Thank you very much!! Bhai agar NT ki tentative date pata chale to kindly share!

Re: hcs

Posted by haryanvi , (2017-12-05 19:17:02)

Hcs notification within 12 days. .and sure NT not included

Re: @ 81

Posted by Berojgar, (2017-12-04 14:14:03)

Key aa gayi kya yar?? 81 sahi m hai toh interview call ho jayegi


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-12-04 14:08:43)

I appeared for EI. Scoring around 81. Attendance was low. Paper was a bit difficult than Taxation Inspector as maths, physics and chemistry questions were there.

Re: excise

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-12-03 22:37:12)

Anybody appeared for EI today. ...how was the level of exam and how would you guys rate it. ...easy. .moderate..difficult. ...n what could be possible cutoff for interview. ..I missed it due to some reason. .kindly share

Re: @bhuthnath

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-12-03 17:55:14)

Sir aapka academic me score kya h or interview me kya q puche myself from gen cat or selection nhi huaa

Re: Nt exam

Posted by R..K, (2017-12-03 17:27:22)

Naib tehsildar exam will held in jan probably jan last

Re: @ pub ad @ bhoothnath

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-12-03 15:26:46)


Re: Regarding 171 post

Posted by New, (2017-12-03 10:19:56)

171 post mein naib tehsildar ki 70 post included hai ya nahi..? . Any idea..


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-12-03 07:57:52)

UPSC and Almost all states have CSAT as qualifying Paper. Even Punjab is going to make CSAT qualifying. So, Haryana Govt Should also follow UPSC and other states.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-12-02 21:29:11)

Bhoothnath ji Aap kis cat Se ho


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-12-02 19:41:21)

Ok Bhai... jaise aap kaha waise karlenge... aur kuch ho toh batana... mains bhi qualifying karwalete hain ... sirf interview ka merit


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-12-02 16:12:42)

CSAT should be made qualifying paper in HCS


Posted by Parshant, (2017-12-02 11:39:03)

Cm ne keh diya ki direct 3% medal winners ko milegi naukri... But ayog aisa nhi kar Sakti apne through... So jese hssc me reservation milta hai sports ka vese hi same isme hai...
Jaldi hi jawab bhej denge aur notification aa jaega..

Re: @ All friends

Posted by Hcs Baba ka Chela, (2017-12-02 10:51:10)

Ye lo yaar Dainik tribune ka link. First page pe sabse neeche padh lo.

Re: HCS news

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-12-02 10:12:17)

@ HCS vacancy app Mail id ya what's app number send Kar 2 danik tribune paper ki pic send kar duga

Re: @ pub ad

Posted by Bhoothnath, (2017-12-02 08:24:09)

Yess.. mine


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-12-02 06:47:20)

Public administration me kisi ka huaa kya

Re: @HCS 170 vacancy

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-12-01 23:12:42)

can u provide the newspaper link or clip some how plz

Re: @R..K. regarding NT exam

Posted by DT, (2017-12-01 20:36:05)

Thank you very much for the information. Result has been declared for the subjects you mentioned. Do you have any news regarding Naib tehsildar exam?

Re: Result @ pub ad.. english.. economics.. home science

Posted by R..K, (2017-12-01 18:46:37)

Result will be out between 8-9 pm today.. all the best

Re: News

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-12-01 15:32:43)

More than 170 vacancies of HCS are coming, issue is on sports person reservation, after clerification from sports ministry , these posts will be notified, today danik tribune news.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-11-30 18:15:11)

HCS judicial( superior) > HCS exec > HCS Judicial (class ii) morning

Re: Hcs executive vs HCS judicial

Posted by Neeraj, (2017-11-30 18:10:39)

Frends plz tell which one is best HCS executive aur HCS judicial

Re: Asst Prof. Economic Interviews

Posted by PH(OH) Candidate, (2017-11-30 08:13:19)

Any one appeared for Asst prof economics interview on 27th/28th. can you help with type of questions and attitude of baord

Re: nillu

Posted by rahul, (2017-11-29 15:01:20)

which cat u belong,how much number in ur academics

Re: Pubadm Interview

Posted by Nilu, (2017-11-29 11:47:20)

How was Interview Guys..?? Result is still not declared..Any Info..


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-11-28 15:09:52)

इस यात्रा में मुझे एक बात अखरती है - हरियाणवी भद्दे गानों का ही वर्चस्व रहता है। इन गानों में केवल भांग के नशे में चूर शिवजी भगवान ही रहते हैं। यह मुझे बड़ा ख़राब लगता है। ये लोग भगवान शिव को नशेड़ी न दिखाकर वाकई एक देवता भी दिखा सकते हैं। या देवता न भी दिखायें, लेकिन मेरी इच्छा है कि नशेड़ी भी न दिखायें।


Posted by Deepika Padakaun, (2017-11-27 16:22:32)

Notification coming this week

Re: Any update regarding hcs

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-11-27 13:10:05)

Is there any update regarding the notification ...haryanvi??baba????pls thodi information share karo..

Re: Crime master gogo

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-11-25 16:30:58)

Bhai bura mat maano bas thoda bura isliye laga ki logon ko fake info dene waale bahut hain yahan pe pehle se hi.. Aur ek ki zaroorat nhi hai..

Re: @anonymous bhai

Posted by Crime master gogo, (2017-11-25 11:03:44)

Chalo koi naa dost. Kanche khel lenge. Aisi b kya baat h. Bhai khabar toh December mid tak hi hai. Baaki let's see. Bhai guarantee toh h naa Hpsc ki. Pher bhi umeed kar sakte hain. Dekho kya hota hai. Aaj gaya toh badhiya. Nahi toh kanche khel lenge. Vaise bhi aaya hun toh kuch toh leke jaunga.
Crime master gogo naam hai mera.

Re: Crime master gogo

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-11-25 09:04:57)

Bhai tu rehne de notification ki faaltu khabar faila rha hai... Tu toh kanche khel...
Bhai ye baat sach hai jo niche kisi bhai ne likhi hai.. Abhi koi notification ki khabar nahi hai... Just called and clarified from a friend who works in hpsc... No news on naib tehsildar as well...
Bekaar ki khabar failaana rehne do bhaiyon...

Re: Hcs Notification

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-11-24 20:26:12)

no notification in near future ..just rumours mushrooming in market..clarify from an hpsc official.

Re: HCS Vacancy

Posted by Crime Master Gogo, (2017-11-24 13:35:30)

Bhai koi 200 Nahi Aa rahi. 160-165 posts Aa rahi Hain. Nd jis Bhai me ye file vapas aane wali Baat Kahi hai. ye Sahi lag rahi hai. Maine pehle bhi Kaha hai posts coming soon. before first half f December.......
Good luck.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-11-24 10:05:27)

Ek aur tees maar khan 200 vacancies leke aaya hai


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-11-24 08:38:50)

i am not authenticating this news but i just got to know from someone that file has returned after clarifications from Govt and within next 10 12 days it will be notified
i told u i m not authenticating but just sharing information so its upto you to buy or reject but dont start abusing plz else everyone will stop sharing

Re: @ Hcs baba

Posted by Gurugram Niwasi, (2017-11-22 18:17:59)

Baba kuch hal Karo ab Hamari duvidha Ka. kiss pe bharosa karein. Kuch info nikalo Baba. Ab toh apka mains bhi ho chuka.

Re: HCS Vacancy

Posted by Crime Master Gogo, (2017-11-22 16:05:05)

Vacancies before 10th December.
Jai Haryana!


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-11-21 16:25:22)

khud blog creator he post karta hai fake news for more traffic.

Re: @Haryanvi

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-11-21 12:05:58)

Bhai koi faida Nahi request ka.. pata Nahi kaisi mentality k bande hai Yaar.. jab Dekho rough language Ka use karte rehte Hain. Yaar kuch toh sanctity banaye Rakho. Ladkiyan bhi follow Karti Hain.... Nd for that matter agar sirf ladke bhi Jon toh bhi gaaliyan Dene Ka kya mtlb hai yahan.

Re: ohh

Posted by haryanvi , (2017-11-20 16:59:07)

Hey prabhu. ...koi aur naam use kar lo bhai. ...mera naam lekar kyon keh rahe ho. .pls


Posted by haryanvi, (2017-11-20 16:09:52)

around 300 posts going to advertise in dec.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-11-20 15:03:00)

गाँव का नाम तो ध्यान नहीं। जब लगभग सभी ग्रामीण पलायन कर गये तो फ़कीरा के मित्र एक सन्यासी ने यहाँ एक मकान खरीद लिया। वे बड़े मज़े से सपरिवार यहाँ रहते हैं। खेतों में अकेला घर। और खेत भी देखरेख के अभाव में जंगल ही होते जा रहे हैं। फ़कीरा वैसे तो ज्यादातर बाहर ही घूमते रहते हैं, लेकिन अक्सर यहाँ आ जाते हैं। हमारा भी बड़ा अच्छा सत्कार हुआ। खिचड़ी बनायी। यह कहने की आवश्यकता नहीं कि बड़ा आनंद आया।

Re: HCS Vacancy

Posted by Crime Master Gogo., (2017-11-20 15:00:12)

10-15 din me vacancy aa jaayengi.. Sab solve ho Gaya hai. 150+ posts Hain... Bhaiyon meri Baat ko seriously leke padhlo ab..

Re: Pkm

Posted by PKM, (2017-11-19 18:47:54)

Bai JK from history assistent professor apke phone number de sakte h want to talk something

Re: yash

Posted by haryanvi , (2017-11-19 11:41:15)

Facing criticism with patience is one among many more qualities of great administrators.....great ideas are always criticised first then valued and then accepted socially

Re: @Yash

Posted by third and final, (2017-11-19 10:38:33)

best way to counter misinformation is more information. don't mind criticism it is faced by every rational person. we need some platform to present our views .so stay here and keep arguing. after all we are argumentative Indians

Re: Yash

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-11-19 08:15:47)

mam pls don't leave this blog.

Re: @everyone

Posted by Yash, (2017-11-19 00:45:52)

Why i posted here!!
I am saying good bye to this platform. It isnt for me!
And I am a woman..so pl have minimum courtesy to behave gracefully!
Well, good bye blog!

(Note:- This is my last post and i dont tk responsibility of anyone posting in my name(which one person is alrdy doing). Atb to everyone!

Re: Jai

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-11-18 14:01:10)

Bhai tu kati baawli bhains waali baat karta hai...
DU aur tram tere jaise baawli bhains logon ko chusiya chusa ke hi arts leke class 1 officers bane baithe hain..

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