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Re: @ festive season

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2018-12-11 10:37:34)

Bhai winter season hai.... festival kunsa hai siway Christmas ke??

Re: Happy but frustrated

Posted by Naam me Kya rakha hai, (2018-12-11 10:09:13)

I am so doubtful for this exam now. Something is telling me that it won't happen in Feb even. Liked Bond's statement, if you are employed and serious then take break. So let's enjoy the festive season at least.

Re: Exam and Politics

Posted by Prick, (2018-12-10 19:22:06)

Yaar though somewhat pro BJP but really disenchanted with this govt....massive drum beat of honesty....whats the bloody outcome....in 5 years they cleared only a small batch which was started by previous govt...WTF...all bloody duds operating at helm.... bullshit....

Re: @bond

Posted by Mahila, (2018-12-10 16:39:50)

Paper ka to ho liya. ab naye saal me padhenge. bond Bhai dhanyavaad. lagte ho sajhdar and bateein karte ho durust.baking ye Jo bawale bakk rahein hai unko ignore karein....thoda break lagaye is policy government ki policiyo se..deemag ka tel sukha Diya....

Re: @ Exam

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2018-12-10 09:49:58)

Sahi me log hamesha aise hi kamal karte rahenge.... completely devoid of gentlemanly perspective. Thanks a lot Mr Bond and HCS BaBa...

Re: @ bond

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2018-12-10 08:13:53)

Ye hai sahi khabar or ye hi matter krti h vrna gyan sbhi k pass h....

Re: @bond

Posted by Rohtaki , (2018-12-09 23:54:17)

Thnks bond bro...


Posted by Bond, (2018-12-09 23:24:32)

Chance. Of. Exam. Less. Up. To. 10 Feb. Hpsc. Sectary. Marriage. On. 13dec. He. Will. Be. On. Holiday. For. One. Month. Dispute. Between. Bjp Appointed. Members. And. Congress. Appointed. Members and. Chairman. On. Exam. Conduction.
If. You. Are. Serious. And. Unemployed. Prepare. For. Main. Examination. And. If. Serious. And. Employed. Enjoy. Your. Winter. Holidays and. Start. Study. Next. Year. In. January.

Bond. Never. Tell. Lie

Good. Luck


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2018-12-09 15:21:38)

Hcs baba ek counselor h ,uski info kbhi such nhi nikli, Bond ki info exact hoti h, baba permutations combination ka use krta h


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2018-12-09 15:17:44)

Rajya prem,,hcs baba hcs banega

Re: Hcs baba

Posted by Bruce wayne, (2018-12-07 11:08:29)

If u r really an irs officer, why r u still appearing for hcs?

Re: @wah wah

Posted by Hcs BaBa, (2018-12-06 18:39:09)

Dear brother/sister... M no one to give ny tippani or something.. I just shared the info which I had. M not saying dat it's 100% authentic.. it's just d latest info from Hpsc.. if dey will change something in near future.. or Govt asks Dem to do so.. we can't help it man.. latest update is exam in months of Jan/Feb.. exact date has not been decided in commssn even.. so can't say anything on dat.. only thing we can do.. is wait nd study... Or just wait.. wise decision u can take.. exam conduct karne se selection nahi hoga naa Bhai jaan.. usme perform bhi karna h.. so uske liye pehle prepare hona padega.. it's a bloody Battle field...

Re: Hcs baba

Posted by Wah wah, (2018-12-06 17:34:27)

Yes judicial exam to 2017 ka backlog hai...ye to purana clear Kar rahe Hain...ye hcs to 2018 me announce hua ye to ab election ke baad hi lagta hai..hcs baba...tippani

Re: Hcs baba

Posted by Mayuri, (2018-12-06 11:51:30)

Admit card kab aayenge

Re: Thanks a lot HcsBaba

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2018-12-06 10:34:54)

Thank you very much HcsBaba ji ...almost every time your information sounds very credible..anayaas hi viswasnieye lagta hai..All the best

Re: @Hcs Exam date

Posted by Hcs BaBa, (2018-12-05 21:06:40)

Hello dosto... Hope u all good people r studying seriously now... Commssn has started HCS process now... Jan end or Feb starting will be the tentative exam time.. CSAT marks will be counted in d merit... Don't wait or waste ur time for any court ruling or official announcement by Hpsc... Good luck to all..


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2018-12-05 16:08:46)

Do u have any information regarding his executive..... Please share


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2018-12-05 16:07:08)

Do u have any information regarding date of hcs executive..... Please share

Re: Hcs judicial exam

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2018-12-04 18:19:24)

Preliminary Examination for the posts of HCS (Judicial Branch) shall tentatively be conducted on 22.12.2018 (Saturday) from 11:00 A.M. to 01:00 P.M at Chandigarh and Panchkula.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2018-12-03 19:39:49)

Hcsj k admit card kab release honge

Re: Lo aa gayi imitihaan ki ghadi

Posted by Naam bataya to fuss jaunga....source hai pakka wal, (2018-12-03 16:40:46)

20th Jan it is...with csat....put top gear....may God help you sail through....

Re: Ha ha

Posted by Wah Bhai wah, (2018-12-02 16:20:23)

Ye sahi hai...switch over to upsc from hpsc...:)))

Re: Upsc pre 2019

Posted by Anisha, (2018-12-02 12:35:38)

Hello All Aspirants,
This is to inform you all that we are coming up with a fresh batch targeting upsc prelims 2019 with complete coverage of last 2 years newspaper The Hindu. Any of the interested candidate can contact us on 8837609715.
All the best. May you all succeed in your endeavours!


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2018-12-02 10:48:07)

Dago or bhool jao missile h hcs exam.kabhi ho jaye to shi n ho to shi.it could be cancelled even on the day of exam


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2018-12-02 10:01:36)

Ye log Jo CCTV fit Kara rahein hai..use baad hi let honge...Dec end to to tender mangwa rahein hai..uske baad finanical ke liye re tendering kareinhe...ye sab January me kaise hoga...Feb se pehle to Kya hoga paper...books se nafrat si ho gayi...kissi ka jankaar hai Kya commission me


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2018-12-02 09:11:59)

Hpsc apni baat hi nhi sunti newspaper ki to tab sunegi.... October kaha tha na pahle. Fir kya hua


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2018-12-02 09:11:26)

Hpsc apni baat hi nhi sunti newspaper ki to tab sunegi.... October kaha tha na pahle. Fir kya hua

Re: @rakesh

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2018-12-01 21:27:18)

Mid january..? .nowhere given in the newspaper. ....its January only


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2018-11-30 23:26:00)

Any idea regarding csat??


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2018-11-30 20:13:17)

Any idea regarding csat??

Re: Deep

Posted by Jabardast Jat, (2018-11-30 09:33:08)

Arihant bhi theek batate Hain...


Posted by Rakesh, (2018-11-29 21:32:42)

28 november ka dainik bhaskar panipat edition dekh lo.mil jaysge puri jankari.pre exam in mid january.

Re: Deep

Posted by Bruce wayne, (2018-11-29 20:13:21)

Bhai lucent se padh lo.. Best source

Re: Re: Rakesh

Posted by Ek pareshan insaan, (2018-11-29 17:12:18)

Rakesh Bhai ye data Kahan se nikalwaya...date ka bhi kuch puch lo

Re: Bruce

Posted by Deep, (2018-11-29 16:41:47)

Bhai Hindi bhi aati hai and haryanwi bhi...but medium English that to kuch shabd Hindi me mushkil padte hain..bura na maano...hum Hindi bhasi hi Hain..ab mere sawal ka jawab bhi de do,..request please

Re: Deep

Posted by Bruce wayne, (2018-11-29 16:34:26)

Bhai agar hindi nhi aati fir kyon naukri chahata hai?


Posted by Deep, (2018-11-29 13:54:07)

Haryana Gk Kahan se kar rahe ho. sab Hindi me hai


Posted by Rakesh, (2018-11-29 10:13:14)

Total application for hcs(ex): 150000. Posts:166. Ratio=960:1. Toughest competition of India. Best of luck guys.

Re: Exam...

Posted by Shilpa, (2018-11-28 19:08:46)

oops 4 years...pray for people like me who started not even 4 months back...struggling to complete syllabus, forget revision...

Re: Exam...

Posted by Hpsc padtarit , (2018-11-28 17:32:16)

Till when we need to prepare... Already 4 years completed... No further study.. Now it is showtime...

Re: Shilpa

Posted by Bgarh, (2018-11-28 13:41:00)

Atleast HPSC chairman has said something.(May not matter much)

Judicial ki to confirm ho gayi na.

For HCS in my opinion focus on both GS and CSAT.

Hoping for timebound process in haryana leads to frustration. Dont fall in that trap. Keep preparing.


Posted by Shilpa, (2018-11-28 13:31:28)

एचसीएस और एलाइड सर्विस की परीक्षा जनवरी में संभावित है...this sambhavit is a big word, as we all are otherwise also expecting in Jan..nowhere it mentions a date...but one question, shall we continue practising csat or keep it aside

Re: Just Sharing

Posted by Bgarh, (2018-11-28 13:08:11)


Here is the link

DT and anonymous both are right.

Re: Re: News paper

Posted by Shilpa, (2018-11-28 12:51:47)

Nothing there, why wasting time of everyone by spreading rumours

Re: News paper

Posted by DT, (2018-11-28 12:12:40)

Dainik bhasker

Re: Newspaper?

Posted by Bgarh, (2018-11-28 10:49:37)

Bhai Kaun se newspaper ki baat kar re ho??

Kindly share.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2018-11-28 08:43:01)

can u tell us the name of the paper that you read

Re: @hcs exam date

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2018-11-28 08:30:58)

Jan19...100% sure...aaj newspaper me aai hai..hcs judicial service exam-16 dec...

Re: Tentative date- HCS

Posted by HPSC padtarit....., (2018-11-27 10:43:47)

HPSC is waiting for government confirmation to conduct the exam....Govt is delaying it to get some political mileage by conducting exam very near to election....So Pre exam may be in end of Feb month (Loksabha election)....Mains in July/August 2019 and Mains result after vidhansabha election.... We have good time left for preparation....

Re: Reply to bond

Posted by Dost, (2018-11-25 11:23:54)

Most probably or mostly in June end

Re: Bond

Posted by Suman, (2018-11-22 20:33:08)

Sir, hcs mains June tak jayega kya ?

Re: Hi all

Posted by Dost, (2018-11-22 15:23:43)

Pre date in Feb and main in June interview in August and joining


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2018-11-21 13:38:01)

Tentative dates pre exam...October.Making mockery of the Constitutional body.disgusting

Re: Promotional messages

Posted by Nirav, (2018-11-19 19:21:08)

Bhai agr koi promote kr rha he to kya nuksan ho rha he humme. Upr bhi to google ad aa rhi he. Atleast promotion kaam ki cheez ki to ho rhi he. Kya pta uss se kisi ka bhla ho jaaye km paiso me.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2018-11-19 18:41:39)

ye kya drama chal rha hai ... coaching institutions promote ho re h yhan


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Re: Coaching vale

Posted by Hcs vale, (2018-11-19 13:17:55)

Sharm kar lo yaar kuch...itna bhi koi murkh nai hai yha....5 teacher hai vahi is forum pe student banke comment karte rahte hai...


Posted by aditya, (2018-11-19 12:12:26)

i totally agree wid u Muskaan. d kind of personal attention dey r giving is uncomparable. takng d batch of just 20 students n properly spoon feeding dem. n even not taking d fees in lakhs. its just rs 5,000 per module.


Posted by Muskaan, (2018-11-18 13:18:18)

Must take d introductory session n decide urself.
Dial: 81464-02603


Posted by Muskaan, (2018-11-18 12:54:07)


I really found dis institute useful for HCS and IAS in CHANDIGARH.
Y to waste money in full GS courses.
Y not to join d modules of the subjects in which we r lacking or want to revise.

Re: Thanks!

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2018-11-17 15:14:36)

Thanks HCS BaBa...

Re: @ HCS pre Exam

Posted by Hcs BaBa, (2018-11-15 20:20:44)

Hello friends.. Exam will be conducted by Hpsc. Don't listen to people talking about April May June... Exam is 99% in January and may go to Feb starting as per my info.. Time constraint hai. Don't waste ur precious time on blogs and social media... It's a big diversion.. M not visiting blog regularly now.. No time in training.. My latest update is exam in Jan end or Feb starting... Pull up ur socks now.. Cheers to winters..

Re: Tender Issued

Posted by Bgarh, (2018-11-15 11:52:56)

Tender issued for examination services by HPSC.
Last date is 21.12.2018 for bid submission.

Exam Date to ab ye sb hone k baad hi decide hogi??

HCS Baba ??

Re: Bond

Posted by Suman, (2018-11-15 07:45:36)

Bond sir hcs pre kab tak hoga ?


Posted by Maryam Nawaz, (2018-11-14 10:00:36)

Exam jb mrzi ho mgr tareekh to aaye

Re: Hcs pre date

Posted by Nancy, (2018-11-13 22:01:03)

Pre will go around mid March.hpsc's top priority is judicial exam.

Re: Hcs Baba

Posted by Bgarh, (2018-11-12 09:50:13)

Hcs Baba

Kuch information aayi k ni.

Please share.

Re: @hcs baba

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2018-11-12 07:53:19)

Bhai kuch update hai???

Re: Bond

Posted by Bgarh, (2018-11-08 11:27:11)

Yes Bond Bhai

This seems to be the reason.

otherwise why so much of hurry in filling bulk posts.
I believe they will not declare the result for these also and show the carrot of corruption free recruitment to garner votes from all job seekers.

NT is pending since long. and no one cares.

Fun part is they have even reemployed retired tehsildars and naib tehsildars recently.

How cool is this govt. - Ek taraf transparency - Ek taraf directly apne log laga do khane k liye??? No exam nothing.


Posted by Bond. Is. Back, (2018-11-08 08:05:03)

Bond. Is. Back. Information. Is. That. Haryana. Maharashtra and. Jaharkand. State. Election. Will. Be. Held. With. Centre. Election. Char sal. Bamishsl. Ad. Campaign. On. TV. And. Mass. Media. Also. Indicate. Same. Thing. So. Code. Of. Conduct. In. Feb. End. Jab. Take. Gov. Want. To focus. On. Class. D. And. Class. C.
Recruitment. 40000vaccines. So. Hcs. Ka. Hall. Nahi tehisdhar. Jassa. Ho. Gya. Ha. Govt. Is. Delaying csat. Case. In. High court. Part. Of. Gov. Strategy. In. Two. More. Hearing. Feb. Will. Come. Then. They. Will. Say. Vote. Us. Again. For. Fair. Recruitment.


Posted by Bond. Is. Back, (2018-11-08 08:05:00)

Bond. Is. Back. Information. Is. That. Haryana. Maharashtra and. Jaharkand. State. Election. Will. Be. Held. With. Centre. Election. Char sal. Bamishsl. Ad. Campaign. On. TV. And. Mass. Media. Also. Indicate. Same. Thing. So. Code. Of. Conduct. In. Feb. End. Jab. Take. Gov. Want. To focus. On. Class. D. And. Class. C.
Recruitment. 40000vaccines. So. Hcs. Ka. Hall. Nahi tehisdhar. Jassa. Ho. Gya. Ha. Govt. Is. Delaying csat. Case. In. High court. Part. Of. Gov. Strategy. In. Two. More. Hearing. Feb. Will. Come. Then. They. Will. Say. Vote. Us. Again. For. Fair. Recruitment.

Re: @haryanvi,@hcs baba

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2018-11-07 18:35:03)

Bhai kuch information mili kya hcs exam ki?


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2018-11-07 10:21:03)

Happy Diwali sab ko.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2018-11-06 18:22:35)

hinest man. lol.

Re: @hcs

Posted by @student, (2018-11-06 17:05:11)

Yes micks is right , but partly...most mla & ministes want their share in thses posts as in the past...but the cm being an upright & hinest man is not in a mood to do so...thats why they are against him....but the only hope of conducting this exam fairly is that the manohar lal remains cm..no hudda or inld...they are worse than the worst..


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2018-11-06 14:05:48)

Exam ka pata nahi. Diwali ki mubarakbaad le lo

Re: Reply to student

Posted by Friend of non politian , (2018-11-06 11:39:16)

To kis govt ne sahi select kar diya apne apne bar deye loode jinko sahi se spelling bhi ni ati. Hudda ki maa ki chut madarchod ne illiterate sports wale chutiyon to DSP bana diya ar trend start kr diya. Bas khelo jito ar DSP BAN jao padne wale gaand marao
Sala sari DSP KI POST KHA GYA AR YAHAN KUCH CHUTIYA USKA LODA CHOSNE KO BATHE H. ar sala ye exam b pichili govt ke loode officers ki wajay se hi ni ho rha.
AR chutiyon samagh jao ki jo h Mr khattar hi h jo apko kuch achieve post de skte specially mahnat krne walon ko

Re: @student

Posted by Micks, (2018-11-06 07:40:55)

Student....pls graduate n wake up to reality. Govt. is playing delaying tactics. They didn't even appoint a dedicated secretary who has dual charge. Govt does'nt want to conduct this exam as they are very sure they would not be able to conduct it fair n smooth. If any untoward incident happens it would tarnish the image in election year. All representatives of govt want share in these posts before this govt runs out of power n to please all is nt possible. No proper recruitment has been done by this govt. God bless all of us.

Re: @hcs

Posted by @student, (2018-11-06 03:20:10)

Govt has hundreds of other work too besides hcs exam..hcs examination is hpsc responsibility ...the most plausible as well as inside information is that hpsc is not willing to conduct exams under the present govt..it is not able to make tons of money or get its own candidates selected as in the past...the present govt is presurrising it to conduct fair exams,which hpsc doest want...

Re: @hcs

Posted by @student, (2018-11-06 03:20:07)

Govt has hundreds of other work too besides hcs exam..hcs examination is hpsc responsibility ...the most plausible as well as inside information is that hpsc is not willing to conduct exams under the present govt..it is not able to make tons of money or get its own candidates selected as in the past...the present govt is presurrising it to conduct fair exams,which hpsc doest want...

Re: @Bgrh

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2018-11-05 21:26:30)

Bhai hpsc 2nd respondent thi jisne reply strt me file kr diya tha and aap logo ne vo letter bhi dekha hoga Jo circulate hua tha jisne unhone is demand KO chief secretary KO forward kr diya tha as govt.ne decide krna uspe.

Ab baar2 state counsel who is deputy AG,tarikh aage le rah

Means govt.is still in dilemma over csat.

Baki dekhte hai Dec.tk reply file Jo hoga usse clear hoga

Jo govt.stand legi vo matter krega as court case is just for pressure, jitna door ki baat

Sunne me aaya hai hpsc wale delay krna chah the.

BT govt.kyo delay kr rhi...ek side hoti kyo nahi!!ye smjh na aa RHA.
Either wid csat in merit or like upsc.

Re: Intent

Posted by Bgarh, (2018-11-05 12:28:37)

Bhai Log

sab kuch govt. ki intent pe depend karta hai.

Court case or no case.

Abi learned counsel ne time sought kiya hai. Ye kya hota hai????

Re: HCS Exec

Posted by Anjaan, (2018-11-04 10:06:46)

HCS Exam na hua, Ram Mandir issue hogya. Na mandir bane , na batch pura ho.

Baaki Modi achcha hai. Hindu toh dikhta hai.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2018-11-03 20:39:01)

Haryana raddi state h

Re: @ HCS Pre exam

Posted by Nishu, (2018-11-03 16:09:13)

I dont see any ray of hope..
if vidhan sabha elections are conducted with lok sabha elections in may 2019..
then hcs may be in sept or oct next year..Before this its hardly possible.
If any miracle happens ( which is rare in case of haryana ) exam may be possible in the month of january 2019.

Re: @anonymous

Posted by Nishu, (2018-11-03 16:03:07)

Sahi baat hai..if court case is a hindrance in conducting hcs...then who is stopping it ( commission) in going ahead with NT exam process...
Its all because of political considerations...
After BJP came to power in Uttar Pradesh...no recruitment was completed by commission...say it..2016..2017..2018..Three years' recruitmnt is hanging..
Same case in haryana..In last 4 years..
no recruitmnt literally...only advertsmnt...and then readvertsmnt..
then corrigndm...But exam is not being conducted..its like that they just buying time...and completing there term..not concerned about the future of hcs or pcs aspirants..


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2018-11-02 19:03:33)

If court is stopping to take PT exam, Who is stopping to take Naib Tehsildar exam???

Re: Gaitonde

Posted by Gaitonde, (2018-10-31 23:44:49)

Aey laudiya guy counts both as boys and girls. Secondly, hcs executive seats pehle hi set ho chuki hain

Re: Learned guy

Posted by LEARNED GUY, NOT LEARNED GIRL, (2018-10-31 22:36:07)

Govt. ki will par depend karta hai. Waise I don’t think govt. will take the chance to announce Pre date and then postpone it due to some court direction like stay or whatever.

Or ek baat Neha k liye. Learned guy shabd ka istemaal Koya. Matlab madam manti to hai ki learned ladke hi hote hai in general. Neha madam ka gender bias hai ladko ki favour me. ;)


Posted by Learned man, (2018-10-31 22:12:39)

If govt goes for exam then people will move to court next day for stay, that's why govt is not announcing PT date. Also we know the relationship between govt and judiciary these days. Another reason is workload of judiciary,. In short ,wait karo and apni books revise karte raho. Agar bhagwaan me chaha aur kismat me likha hoga to ho kar rahe ga.

Re: @ CSAT case

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2018-10-31 18:34:39)

There is nothing that comes in way of a determined govt of the day. Court can only interfere in case of violation of laid down rules and nothing more..

Re: Court case

Posted by Neha, (2018-10-31 18:24:13)

Can some learned guy pls explain whether this exam is dependant on the court case or not? Can hpsc go ahead and conduct the exam while the case is still going on?

Re: Hcs court case

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2018-10-31 13:46:01)

Next date is 15 december..

Re: Choosiye

Posted by Bruce wayne, (2018-10-30 10:58:11)

Abe choosiye ssc ka nhi hcs ki baat kro..


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2018-10-30 00:07:15)

This post is copied from

Today's Hearing detail in Brief.

Hon'ble Judge was adamant that it is impossible to weed out Cheaters and was of the view that entire Examination Process of CGL & CHSL 2017 should be scrapped.

Hon'ble Court while passing remarks said that they can't allow any Cheaters to enter into the system.

#Arguments_By_Different_Party_in_Brief (Only Main Points).

➡️Mr V. Giri (Advocate of 3rd Party):- More than 45k Candidates Qualified for Tier-III. They are Genuine Candidates and have worked day and night to qualify this exam.

Hon'ble Judge:- Mr Giri, what point do you want to make ? What about those students who suffered and got eliminated due to these Malpractices. They had also worked hard, studied day and night.

➡️Mr V. Giri:- Let CBI investigate this matter, nab the Cheaters and vacate the stay so that SSC may run the process parallely.

Hon'ble Judge:- Mr Giri, can you name any agency which can completely weed out Cheaters. No agency in this world can exactly detect who and how many candidates benefitted from these Malpractices. After going through the Status Report it is clear CBI will take at least 6 months for investigation. And then also they can't eliminate all the Cheaters. Then what will be the Benefit of continuing the Process and then scrapping whole exam after 6 months.

➡️Mr V. Giri:- We can use technology to weed out the Cheaters.

Hon'ble Judge:- Yes, we know how much technology is efficient. They quoted a case and explained how technology failed. They asked Mr V. Giri that he had hold such positions in past that at least he should speak impartially.

➡️Solicitor General:- He explained everything regarding Conduct of Exam, how many Candidates took CGL 2017 Tier-I, II & III, CHSL 2017 Tier-I & Tier-II, Exam dates etc. He also explained about 21st Feb Re-exam, same explanation which SSC Chairman gave in one of his video.

Hon'ble Judge:- Your Point doesn't make any sense. Why are you trying to support such things (Corruption).

➡️Then again Solicitor General and Mr. V Giri said that Many Students will have to suffer due to Cancellation.

Hon'ble Judge:- Then let them suffer. Why always you try to give such excuses whenever any such Case comes. In every case same excuse is given that this much candidates will have to suffer due to this. We can't allow single person to take benefit by using unfair means. Entire Exam Process should be Conducted afresh giving a clear message in Public that no one will get Benefited in the end if they have used any unfair means in exam.

Solicitor General asked for 2nd Status Report of CBI for Perusal but Judge Refused to provide saying that they can't make it Public.

Meanwhile, Hon'ble Judge also Discussed in brief about reforms that can be brought in Online Exams of SSC like involvement of NTA and CBSE.

Finally after continuous request from Solicitor General, Judge gave 2 weeks time to GoI and advised Government to accept the ongoing Corruption in SSC and conduct Entire Process of CGL & CHSL 2017 afresh and at least take Credit for the same. Otherwise Court will have to pass such orders in next Hearing.

Most Probably final Judgment regarding Cancellation of Exam will come on next Hearing.

Matter has been listed on 13.11.2018.

Re: SSC CGL exam 2017 - Chances of getting cancelled

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2018-10-29 12:00:24)

Salient Observation of the Hon'ble Supreme Court in the matter of CGLE, 2017, today:

1) Hon'ble Court favours scrapping of the entire exam process of CGLE, 2017.
2) Old, repeated and absurd arguments of the GOI, DoPT, SSC lawyers fell flat on the Hon'ble Court and the lawyer was lambasted left and right.
3) The third lawyer tried to divert and dilute the issue by suggesting running the exam process parallel to the Court proceedings.
4) The Hon'ble Court took serious view of this and posed a serious question by asking the 3rd party lawyer "You are known to be fighting against corruption. But in this case what are you fighting for??
5) Hon'ble Court went to the extent of suggesting GOI, DoPT, SSC, to come out of its own, admit corruption, cancel the exam and take credit.
6) The next date of hearing has been put after two weeks tentatively.

Re: Polls simultaneously

Posted by Ache din, (2018-10-28 20:59:30)

Pt is possible before polls.mains will be after polls just like last time. What do you say guys??

Re: @hcs

Posted by @student, (2018-10-28 12:58:30)

CM statement yesterday... simultaneous polls for haryana & centre elections in all probability...hcs prelims a distant possibility before that ,as code of conduct kicks in feb end...


Posted by Aindi Chamaar , (2018-10-26 09:36:09)

Still we need to wait till high court verdict on 31st .

In ADA exam hpsc gave only fortnight time before paper.

Aisa na ho hpsc chupke se dhappa bol de and we are left with no time.

Btw thanks baba ji for info...

Re: hcs

Posted by sk, (2018-10-26 06:00:50)

Tnx baba :)

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