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Re: PIL drama is over!

Posted by ambala, (2014-08-30 02:38:36)

bilingual issue case is most likely to be disposed off..concentrate on mains now.it is done deal now.

Re: focus on mains now!

Posted by ambala, (2014-08-30 02:23:58)

the bilingual issue also going to be dispose off...on 4th sep....so friends..it is done deal now.

Re: HCS (Ex) result

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-08-29 20:44:30)

How can HPSC delete all controversial/incorrect questions and give benefit to all candidates.
It is a clear discrepancy.
HPSC have to delete only those question whose answer was not in the four options.But for all other incorrect questions HPSC have to give marks to that candidate whose answer is right but HPSC answer as per key is wrong.Deleting even those questions and giving benefit to all the candidates is illogical.
( now assume incorrect questions are 12 )
Following the above said criteria means giving marks for right questions if one have got 72 out of 100 means 72% .
But instead of it following HPSC formula, by deleting 12 questions from total he got 60 out of 88 means 68.18 %
means loss of around 4%
and 4% is game changer in HCS Pre.

Re: to

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-08-29 20:40:56)

ib agali to sunade bhai...mains kb hovenge?????


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-08-29 20:10:05)

Yes, I also got through.

Re: uncertainty over Mains

Posted by candidate no 420, (2014-08-29 18:14:02)

Yeah you were not spreading rumors about the result.
Regarding Mains we can only speculate as no one knows how long the case will drag on for.

Re: HCS Result

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-08-29 17:36:04)

Math bhi 20000-30000 series me hi tha


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-08-29 17:27:31)

kisi ka clear bhi hua? only 420 candidates qualified :(

Re: result

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-08-29 16:45:25)

results out!

Re: @contempt of court

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-08-29 16:23:21)

Oh angrej...3 word ka seekh liye court ke baare nein kahin bhi chep dega kya...contenpt of court to tab ho na jab court ne result nikaalne se roka ho...
But waise bhi hpsc will declare result only wgen this drama ends (lagta hai 4th ko end ho jaayega)


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-08-29 16:17:47)

elections in October

mains may take place in November or December

Re: HCS Result

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-08-29 16:11:16)

only 18 candidates between roll no. 20000 and 30000. ha ha [all must be with 'law optional']


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-08-29 16:01:03)

Told ya I wasn't spreading fake rumours....anyway got in...mains will be in october end....prepare well whoever got selected

Re: was spot on

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-08-29 15:49:57)

result is out


Posted by rudra, (2014-08-29 10:49:30)

what's the source?
how can u be so confident about the results?
dont play with feelings of thousands.if u r sure kindly mention the source.
yaa aap huda ke chele hai..;)


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-08-29 07:58:33)

Guys hcs prelims result to be declared today before 5 pm....100% confirmed news....best of luck

Re: survey too little to be considered

Posted by Tiny, (2014-08-28 22:52:28)

guys i think if HPSC declares result before 4 sep it will be contempt of court. further survey is hardly considerable , most of the guys who expect low score say 120-130 wont be feeling gr8 and devoid of enthusiasm. a guy who is expecting higher score would be energetic and more forthcoming towards such surveys ! my opinion guys !

Re: st

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-08-28 20:28:45)

result aayega bhi ya nahi?
62 se kya pata chalega...12000 ne diya hai..
kya chaubeyji aap bhi kya baat karte ho...

Re: survey result

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-08-28 19:46:47)

Hi All,
I received 62 responses in total. Although this number is too low to conclude anything but I thought of sharing this data.

>160 1
150-160 8
140-150 15
130-140 12
120-130 9
110-120 9
100-110 8

From above data, the cutoff seems to be somewhere around 140-145 ( as most of the people even in 140-150 bracket are below 145).

Re: polticalised

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-08-28 00:26:22)

sir,these hcs posts r going to be politicalised..and the petitioner advocate just wanted to buy more time..after code of conduct every other party will demand this paper to be conducted again in bilingual...pathetic!

Re: Comments

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-08-27 23:37:46)

No comments please share your views and any inside info about this case and that of selection procedure friends.

If this case is dismissed then what would be schedule of HPSC ?? I mean in terms of mains and interview.

One should be kept in mind this process doesn't come under model code of conduct that is for sure....

Share some insider info

Re: Inference

Posted by DU, (2014-08-26 21:54:22)

In simple language this order of court means that petitioner is now on back foot as he now have to shell out fine.

And no wonder if petitioner don't respond on next date then probably court will discard this petition with higher fine.

At least this much is clear that justice Jaswant Singh is appearing to take this matter seriously and looking in mood to give decision ASAP. So wait till next date hopefully things will get clear.

This is simple words interpretation of this latest order of court and it is indeed a significant event when court put costs on petitioner

Re: result hcs pt

Posted by st, (2014-08-26 19:55:57)

bhai koi hcs pt ke result ka batado.
aur naib tehsildar ka bhi kuch info do...hoga ya nahi


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-08-26 13:06:54)

So what r d implication in SIMPLE language???????

Re: @court case

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-08-26 13:02:59)

CWP No.15565 of 2014
Amit Kumar vs. State of Haryana & Anr.
Present:- Mr. Sajjan Singh Malik, Advocate for the Petitioner.
Mr. R.D. Sharma, DAG Haryana.
Mr. H.N. Mehtani, Advocate and
Mr. Kanwal Goyal, Advocate for the respondent no.2.
Learned Counsel for the petitioner states that certain necessary
information required to be incorporated in the replication could not be
obtained earlier and, therefore, prays for more time to file the replication.
Learned Counsel for contesting respondent no.2 object to an
adjournment due to the nature and urgency of the dispute raised in the
List on 4.9.2014 for arguments.
For today's adjournment, the petitioner is liable to pay cost of
Rs.2,000/- to be deposited with Lawyers Welfare Fund, High Court,
August 21, 2014


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-08-26 12:20:16)

any news on HCS PT result

Re: score

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-08-25 15:42:48)

paper 2-140
may be clear this tym.
fingers crossed.


Posted by NISHA, (2014-08-25 14:54:01)

Paper - 85
paper II - 100
TOTAL- 185

Re: UPSC pre score

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-08-25 11:03:27)

paper 1:114
paper 2:147

Re: upsc pre

Posted by upsc, (2014-08-25 10:26:01)

no chance ....kafi kam hai

Re: upsc

Posted by pinni, (2014-08-25 10:12:37)

paper 1st 118 and csat 120 total 238 OBC wat are chances

Re: upsc

Posted by monica, (2014-08-25 09:20:21)

All those who have appeared for upsc pre... please share ur marks....


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-08-24 21:30:09)


Re: CSAT 2014

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-08-24 21:19:22)

PAPER 1 102
PAPER 2 125



Posted by Dhanda, (2014-08-24 20:52:01)

UPSC ke paper 1 and 2 ke score ke bare me share karo please.Mine r...



Re: maan ge!

Posted by duffer, (2014-08-23 01:04:50)

rohtak distt..ke candidates are the most brilliant

Re: regardng hcs pre.

Posted by socialist, (2014-08-23 00:45:44)

this bilingual issue will be election issue this time...new govt has to change hcs service rule,2008...will insert state first language also in printing question papers...

Re: Recruitment rules

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-08-23 00:28:24)

Download this file of recruitment rules from hpsc.gov.in, the link is http://www.hpsc.gov.in/ServiceRules/Rules_HCS_eng1.pdf

available in service rules>> Rules of HCS (Ex.Br.) and other Allied Services in English

Go and read PAGE 6, chutiye log shor hi machate hain, ek baar rules padh lo fir baat karo

And unbiased opinion, kuch nhi hona, process will continue, even new govt needs very clear reasons to quash the process.


Re: Recrutiment rules

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-08-23 00:23:39)

Download this file of recruitment rules from hpsc.gov.in, the link is http://www.hpsc.gov.in/ServiceRules/Rules_HCS_eng1.pdf

available in service rules>> Rules of HCS (Ex.Br.) and other Allied Services in English

Go and read Page 4, chutiye log shor hi machate hain, ek baar rules padh lo fir baat karo

And unbiased opinion, kuch nhi hona, process will continue, even new govt needs very clear reasons to quash the process.

Re: Pre exam

Posted by HCS cracker, (2014-08-22 21:13:11)

Hey guys!
I just want an honest opinion regarding the status of the pre examination. Will it get cancelled or will not? Of it will get cancelled then will they take it again or new govt. will dispose off the posts? Its so bloody confusing. Please give honest and non-biased suggestions.

Re: Sociology

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-08-22 14:50:31)


Can anybody tell me which book we should refer for Sociology HCS prelims and mains?


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-08-22 13:02:53)

dear friends can any one tell me this time gs paper of hcs was set from which book and history optional also. Last time whole paper was from vk agnihotri history optional and haryana questions were mainly from surveys of government site.

Re: @dk=dickhead

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-08-21 23:18:35)

oh tu sirf is liye keh rha hai cancel kar do b'coz tere number kam hain. zara hpsc recruitmrent rules padh lo. clearly mentioned that prelim will be in english only, and this is what they have said in court too. tere jaise log bohut hote hain, abhi tere number theek ban rhe hote to tu keh rha hota ke cancel na karo...haha...saala fuddu!

and delay is coz petitioner ka advocate time maang rha hai (paise bana rha hai dates dalwa ke).

agar problem hai to challenge the recruitment rules jo kitnmo saalon se bane hue hain, kuch naya nhi bana :D

Re: all damn HPSC has made hell...

Posted by dk, (2014-08-21 21:40:08)

though I am not a hindi medium candidate but honestly speaking the exam needs to be cancelled as it has done grave injustice to hindi medium candidates....even before that rubbish HPSC should be dissolved because in a state where official language is Hindi, such exam is not conducted in Hindi...what a raw intensions it reflects ...?

Re: Confusion

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-08-21 19:15:33)

god knows what will happen with this case!!

Re: case

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-08-21 17:10:49)

As I mentioned yesterday too, this case is going to linger on for quite a while and hence result will also be late. As hpsc will not take out result without ascertaining the outcome of this case.

As far as what is court's order on this date for that please wait till late tonight or tomorrow it will be uploaded on HC site.

Only silver lightning in dark cloud is that dates are kept short by Hon. HC or else it could have easily taken two three months before two dates.

Share your views.....

Re: hcs pre,2014

Posted by m, (2014-08-21 16:13:42)

pls do share inside court room debate...

Re: next date

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-08-21 15:21:44)

next date 4th sept

Re: HCS case

Posted by LAMBA, (2014-08-21 15:20:37)

NDOH - 04-09-14.
NOTHING has happened.

Re: Hearing

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-08-21 13:22:21)

No update yet

Re: Hearing

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-08-21 11:44:18)


Case type : CWP
Case no : 15565
year : 2014

No information available yet

Re: hearing

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-08-21 11:38:05)

any update on today's hearing please share.........

Re: www.kushmanda.com

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-08-21 11:31:31)

Kisi ne inka material pada hai kya ?????


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-08-21 10:58:32)



Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-08-21 10:57:13)


Re: @hc

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-08-20 19:58:19)

Last time PT result came on 5th May after 1.5 months as PT was on 25th March, however court decision came on 29th August......

So HC can take one or two months in this case

Re: 2-3 months

Posted by tt, (2014-08-20 19:30:36)

HC will not delay 2-3 months, in all likelyhood case will be disposed tommorrow ... in my opinion!

Re: Result

Posted by DU, (2014-08-20 17:13:03)

If Hon. High Court gives next date tomorrow without any observation or order then I think HPSC should declare result. As there is be no legal bar on that....

But it's actually playing safe mentality of hpsc which is stoping them from going forward as in case HC later rejects the PT then it will be eggs on face of HPSC and it could be in trouble with new govt which is around the corner.

That's why result of this PT is going to be attached to outcome of this writ hence it will amount to at least two three months.

What are your views on this ???? Please share

Re: case

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-08-20 09:53:30)

Hearing tommorrow
Counsel of petitioner requested some time for filing list

Re: hcs exam

Posted by vkd, (2014-08-20 09:20:13)

Bhai koi ye batao ki exam cancel hoga ki nahi..
Court case ka kya chal rha hai.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-08-20 07:04:59)

Chandigarh 20 present in my room out of 60
sector 26 guru govind singh college

Re: Attendence

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-08-19 18:12:40)

Ambala Cantt
5 students present out of 32 in my room

Re: Attendance

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-08-19 16:41:44)

In fact in our centre as well as those of friends at chandigarh approx 40-50% attendance was recorded.

In my room particularly 11 candidates were absent out of 24.

Others also share their experience....


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-08-19 14:09:56)

wat abt other 2 centres,the low turnout was there too or is it in ambala only??does any one know the total candidate appeared this time????


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-08-19 10:20:05)

Low turnout of candidates for HCS exam in Ambala
Our Correspondent

Ambala, August 3
The preliminary examination of the Haryana Civil Services (HCS) witnessed a low turnout in Ambala today. As many as 45 examination centres in 30 educational institutions in Ambala City and Ambala Cantonment were set up for 12,890 candidates, but only 4,810 appeared for it.(The Tribnue)

Re: hpsc cant defend it

Posted by k, (2014-08-18 19:40:56)

pre.exam...going to cancel..it seems so..

Re: no scaling , HPSC will need HC permission before result declaration

Posted by tt, (2014-08-18 16:06:42)

Guys of course there is no scaling in HPSC and it is certain it wont be coming in near future..

Grapewine told me that HPSC would need HC permission before result declaration as per procedure...


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-08-18 16:02:32)

result ka pta kiya kya ????
hpsc ka extension no kaunsa dial krna h????any idea???


Posted by SCALING QUERY, (2014-08-18 15:23:15)

Please confirm whether Scaling is done in HPSC or not??

Re: @PK

Posted by DU, (2014-08-17 17:51:54)

Dear sir

Thanks for update on double bench decision but let me come back to main issue.

It's a discretion of govt and indeed govt of Haryana has taken a decision on scaling and moderation it's in HCS Exe Branch Exam Rules available at HPSC website which clearly says it is not going to be used in HCS. It's a executive decision and this displays that it is a discretion of govt and hence HPSC.

They are mentioning this fact before hand in public domain and it is written in notification. U could have raised this issue in court about this whole Exam Rule notification stating it will amount to volition of your right to equality.

But Principle of Natural Justice nowhere does come in picture in this particular instance as HPSC is implementing a decision if govt that too telling before hand that this is particular course of action they going to take. This isn't polity knowledge went talking here it's legal.

Now coming to my original position I never supported this position of HPSC about scaling so what U have quoted in later half about injustice is true.

But now please tell me other then RPSC decision what wrong info I have provided. In that rpsc info too I didn't supplied wrong facts, just wasn't updated.

I already quoted the aberrations caused by this rule of HPSC. But u and we sitting here can't change which is a fact known to all of us who sat for exam.

By the way all the best for your interview at RAS


Re: Exam will not Cancel

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-08-17 17:42:52)

Ambiguity + Past Reference = HPSC Win

Re: hcs(pre) 2014..cancel or continue?

Posted by k, (2014-08-17 17:27:15)

friends,what is ur says on its legal future...speak up impartial pls...some say who are nothing to do hcs exam..exam future is bleak..some friends say hsc will win..nothing to worry

Re: @DU

Posted by PK, (2014-08-17 16:32:32)

First of all I think u r still living in past. Decision had already been given by DB and I have a .pdf document of the same. I can mail it to u, if u desire so. I don not know for what good reasons u are so uninformed regarding the judgement as all candidates were eagerly awaiting for the same. But I m pasting the last para of the judgement for you:

"A conjoint reading of the verdict of Hon’ble Apex Court in Sanjay Singh’s case and decision of the Coordinate Bench in Jai Singh’s case, has made us to believe that verdict of the learned Single Judge in repudiating the scaling method and moderation technique whole-hog cannot be sustained and as such the impugned judgment is liable to be
reversed to that extent and the matter is liable to be remanded back to the learned Single Judge for examining the possible pitfalls or discrepancies of the scaling method and moderation technique applied [18] by the Commission in RAS (Main) Examination 2012.

The upshot of the above discussion is that this intra-Court appeal is allowed, the impugned judgment and order passed by the learned Single Judge is set aside and the matter is remanded back for reconsideration on the issue enumerated in the penultimate paragraph of the verdict."

2. Second thing is that HPSC does not have any discretion on the issue which prima facia seems to against the natural justice. I think u have not ready polity well, particularly Part III. Even Apex court has accepted scaling formula.
3. Nobody have enough energy and time to fight the issue against HPSC is notorious for doing injustice to fair candidates. In 2011 exam not even a single candidate for maths qualified for mains. The issue is so simple and it would not stand to the scrutiny. Even UPSC used to have scaling prior to changing pattern of pre and mains exam.
So do not say that HPSC has a discretion. Institution like HPSC kills the sense of justice and fairness.

Re: @PK

Posted by DU, (2014-08-17 16:00:14)

Dear sir

Please re-read what I have stated in my previous posts before commenting on my facts.

It is true that single judge bench quashed RAS mains exam on issue of scaling which is not an incorrect fact.

Even I have qualified for interview of RAS 2012. But as far as I now it's decision is pending since 27th may 2014 as double bench judgement is reserved and no where does it is given that court has declared what u r stating.... (If u r true plz provide a link)

Secondly I agreed that it does amount to pain and injustice due to lack of scaling in HPSC and I also explained that it caused aberration last time in mains too.

However it is true that it can't be questioned as they have clearly mentioned beforehand that there will be no scaling and it's a fact check their notification. Also if u have little legal knowledge u can comprehend the fact that it's a policy decision hence a discretion of HPSC.

Hence sir my facts r true and can withstand scrutiny though u should please read carefully before jumping the gun and accusing wrong factual info.

I hope u will appreciate it.


Re: GS Paper : Not so hard as people had made it

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-08-17 15:18:25)

• Only Haryana (10 Q) & Environment (4 Q ) were factual Questios + 6 Q Pol Sci
• Otherwise all paper was easy & one can easily get 70 plus if one had prepared GS well all the year & even did not revised it before exam. Because remaining Questions & Options available were of low level + No negative marking (So, even from factual Q, some score was getable)

1. Geography :
• So easy that without revision i was able to attempt all questions of Geography (Only 2 questions wrong a/c to key given by HPSC)

2. History:
• Very Easy
• Mainly Modern India asked (Only 1 Q from Ancient India)
• My only 2 Q wrong (Gupta Period + Alipore case : Bcz its key is wrong)

3. Polity :
• Very easy (Except: 6 Q of Pol. Sci)
• But I managed to Correct all Q of Polity (Except one : Dependency Theory) by using 1 Hour extra time after attempting all known questions in the following way :
o Names of writers of 4 books asked.
o I knew only of 2 (Huntigton : Clash of Civiliosations (Movies made on it) & David Eston : Political System Theory)
o But by eliminating wrong answers was able to tick right answer

o Human Right Q was so easy if we understand society around us

4. Economics :
• Only 2 Q Wrong : 'Critical Minimum Effort theory' & Girl Saving account Q
• Q were very easy & were purely GK type & even no understanding of Economics required to attempt them :

o Prevoius Company Laws
o 1882 : All know (By Ripon)
o 1956 : Most famous Company Act after Independence
o Company Act, 2013 : Was in news from a long time
o So, Ans was 1914

o Garibi Hatao : 6th Plan. But, Option not present

5. Science :
• Out of 15 Q : 7 Right because read them at school time
• Remaining Q were from Geography : Green House Effect, Adiabatic Expansion (Example : Cloud Formation), Solar Eclipse & were very easy

6. Current Events : easy
• But i not prepared it . So, Only 2 Q right out of 5

7. Haryana : Factual.
• But managed to Correct 5 Q (Thanks to Examiner : For some easy options + No Negative Marking)

8. Environment, Ecology, Biodiversity :
• Mainly factual. So, all 4 Q wrong

9. GK
• DOPE test, Micropedia : Attempted Easily

1) MY score in GS 73 (Total 147)
2) My friend's 74 (Because After clearing CGL, Prepared GS intensively for UPSC 2014. So, Good at GS)
3) One known : 67
4) Serious candidates r getting mainly 140-45 & some even 145 +
5) So, friends don't create rumours & start studying. Because only study will benefit & no excuses

Re: Re:DU

Posted by PK, (2014-08-17 15:11:14)

Sir, first get ur fact correct. Double Bench of Rajasthan HC had already quashed the decision of SB. DB has accepted the RPSC methodology of scaling as well as moderation. I know this as I m one of the mains qualified candidates.
Second thing is that once you have different subjects in Pre or mains then scaling should be there. If it is not there then it is injustice for candidates whose paper is tough or are made tough due to some dubious reasons. HPSC does not care about justice and all is well known fact

Re: @aks

Posted by DU, (2014-08-17 14:46:13)

Yes this is true that HCS doesn't have scaling system at all neither at PT level and nor at mains level.

This is reason that most of interview calls last time came from Law optional candidates with average marks being highest.

Can't say anything on this as it is a policy decision and now even Raj High Court has quashed RAS mains 2012 result that it should be based on raw marks and not scaling.

Yes it does amount to pain and undue advantage but it comes with it ....


Posted by aks, (2014-08-17 14:36:04)

There is no provision of moderation "scaling" of marks in HPSC.

Re: Moderation provision

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-08-17 13:49:55)

Isn't there any provision of moderation in marks? Logically, there should be some provision , otherwise it is extremely unfair.

Re: Analysis

Posted by DU, (2014-08-17 12:37:43)

The point I mentioned in my last post is that I feel there r more then 450 ppl in general category in 140 + range. That was in context of point raised by dear fellow who posted after me.

As far as facts given in 'Gentleman' post here, I agree with all but those mentioned in point two:-

No. of vacancies in 2009 were 183 out of which General were roughly 98-99 and no. of vacancies in 2012 were 151 total out of which 96 general. Cut off were respectively 119 and 134. It later came down due to inclusion of few more candidates to 128.

One thing that is being taken lightly that there would be around 1500+ candidates of geography who could be deciding factor in raising cut off

Rest of analysis is factually correct and I can this could be one of likely scenario but still I have also presented my arguments which make up a different picture. So we can at least discuss pro and cons of both

Others also share....

Re: Cut off

Posted by DU, (2014-08-17 12:21:44)

Precisely this is the fact I want to bring home. But I am not certain about this assessment as I don't have any solid proof of this, however it is a guess based on previous trends and given facts

It may be so that u may be more close to cut off mark and I am completely wrong in this regard. It's just for sharing not to declare anything like those of secret sources etc.

All other comparisons r for those who were basing their arguments quoting last two years cut off.

Hope u would agree that this can also be likely scenario if not then please elaborate....

Re: cut off

Posted by Anonymus Guest, (2014-08-17 12:20:45)


Can you help me to clear my doubts regarding the cut off?

1) Those who are flaunting to score 145 in aggregate given the quality of GS Paper( even if one score 90 +55, How much they would have scored in normal course of paper..
2) in 2009 there were only 151 vacancies and where as cut off was 119 for General and it was 128 in 2012 ( vacancies 101).

3) This exam is test of temperament and balanced approach. In GS this time almost 20 to 25 Questions were either tough or not of conventional nature as generally being asked.

It means if out of 75 if you score 48-50 in GS it can be considered a good score.

Some elite people may argue that one must have got some of the questions corrected out of 25 questions too. Agreed ! but parellely you must have committed some silly mistakes despite knowing the answers nullifying such correct guess.

4) If you have scored 80 + 50=130 then you are safe. ( as 65 % scoring is a good score to compete with.)considering the incorrect answers or questions. though mine are below then this.

cut off will swing between 120-130. those who have scored near this range should be hope ful to clear PT. So cheer up !!

Except Geography option no other Candidate have come forward to say that he has score 85+..

Those who have score any thing above 130 must prepare and wishing them best of luck!!

Re: @du

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-08-17 12:01:39)

ur basic point is that there will be 450 students above 145 and i feel the cutoff maybe be 135.all the other comparisons and analysis is crap as no one is sure about performance of others.

Re: @hcs pre

Posted by DU, (2014-08-17 11:42:52)

Hi I beg for for apologies but u r wrong about minimum cut off fact. There is no such thing in HCS pre that a person should get this much marks in GS or else he will not be declared pass.

In mains yes it is true that there is condition of 35%- 40% approx but not in PT. If a person scores 95 in optional and even 20 or so in GS will still be through provided cut off is that low.

And yes those wish to compare 2009 cutoff should remember in that notification posts were 183. So cut off has direct relation to number of post and not that much to number of applicants....

Re: Hcs pre

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-08-17 09:02:58)

All candidates that are making ideas about cut off should remember one thing,first of all they fix minimum marks for gs to select candidates as even if you get 95 in optional and not reach qualifying marks of gs you will be out from list ......

Re: Correction

Posted by DU, (2014-08-16 23:06:01)


I DON'T concur (in first line)

Cut off could climb upto 145 (second or third last line).


Re: Cut off

Posted by DU, (2014-08-16 23:02:50)

I doesn't concur with u gentleman over this issue of cut off as we should bear in mind the fact that this time there r only 450 seats including bracketed candidates (28*15=420) + 30 approx bracketed candidates (though these r usually only 10-12) as compared to last time's 99 (initially this and later 96 as three went to PH) seats and thus (99*15=1485 +15 bracketed candidates) were there.

Now u can see this time there r as many ppl will qualify as approx last time went for interview.

Now let's consider ppl who applied we should not forget that there would be at-least 2000 serious candidates among all those sat. Last time only 500 of these were thrown out but this time competition is much intense.

This discussion is in light of general category.

One mitigating factor this time is usually tough papers in most of optionals except few like geog. Socio etc and a tough GS paper.

Conclusion cut could climb up to 145 plus minus 5

If u disagree then please elaborate



Posted by ak, (2014-08-16 20:05:28)

I agree dat cut off will not be high as 140..coz the candidate appeared are almost one third of no last appeared..cut off will be almost similar with 4-5 marks nor more then dat..

Re: expected cutoff

Posted by k, (2014-08-16 19:02:52)

120-125 ....i think so..those saying 140-145 are nothing realities..like 2009 pre.in 2011 cut off was high because of other states aspirants in big number..what ur say?


Posted by aaaaaaaaaaa, (2014-08-16 17:43:26)

naib tehsildar ka exam kab hoga


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-08-16 17:41:39)

naib tehsildar ka exam kab hoga

Re: Please respond to the survey

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-08-16 13:30:29)

Dear Friends,
Please respond to this short survey so that we can have an idea of the cut-off.

So far only 44 responses.
Would be great if we can get more responses to have a better idea.




Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-08-16 13:16:19)

cut off will be above 140(+1-1 ) due to less no of vacancy...

Re: Result

Posted by DU, (2014-08-16 11:09:54)

I also HPSC day before yesterday, they only confirmed that result is not expected to come soon as they were themselves were not sure when result will be announced as such. Though the person was sounding pretty much surprised about being asked about HCS result as he said there is no talk about it yet.

It means two things that HPSC will wait for court case to be at least at a stage where arguments will commence and a picture will appear that it is not going to be outrightly quashed.

Secondly it also means that HPSC is not certain about declaring result itself.

One rumour that I heard and has some credibility is this that HPSC and govt are not serious about this batch of HCS as they wanted to secure last batch from being scrutinised by new govt. Remember last batch have many influential who's who.

Please call HPSC and dial extension to examination branch and ask them about status of pre result.


Re: Hard reality

Posted by Rob Williams RIP, (2014-08-16 10:03:31)

Oh wt the fu**...called hpsc....result to be declared after 25th
Acc. to me the cut off could hover around 140-145 after the corrections.
My score 141 without corrections so m a borderline nervous wreck. ..
Fingers crossed
Chalo ji jo bhaave kartaar..sarve bhavantu Sukhinah......


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-08-16 08:50:35)

any info about result


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-08-15 12:34:15)

happy independence day
wish u all for bright future.

Re: *response should be read as respond

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-08-14 20:25:19)

*response should be read as respond

Re: Please response to below link so that we can have an idea of cutoff

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-08-14 20:23:54)

Dear Friends,
Please response to this short survey so that we can have an idea of the cutoff.

It will not take more than 1 minute.



Re: revised answer key

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-08-14 19:34:37)

will HPSC be publishing revised answer key after considering representation?
how much they have progressed on representations till date? does anyone have clue on that?