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Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-05-29 13:22:42)

chairman and members can not be transfered but suspended by cabinet through vigilance enquiry report of estate officer scam then appoints acting chairman

Re: @ transfer

Posted by DU, (2015-05-29 13:19:33)


Actually the Tribune has posted a story which is based on the assumptions made on this blog and also been circulated unofficially. It is not entirely based on any internal sources or new revelation as it contains many factual errors too like it mentioned Jaganath, bother of K. Shelja as members of HPSC but he retired last year itself.

Secondly the Secretary of HPSC definitely been transferred recently but not the Dy Secretary as stated here. Dy Secretary is same one continuing.

However what out frd has described could be real in terms of push and pull in HPSC. Let's hope it clears out soon.



Posted by nn, (2015-05-29 12:41:26)

Dy. sec transferred??

Chairman and members before completing their term cnnt be transferred right???
I think sec nd dy sec cn be transferred acc to law of d land..
Btw it's a gud move atleast nw onwards we cn see genuine selections..


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-05-29 12:06:48)

read tribune page 4

Re: you were absolutely right !

Posted by Tiny, (2015-05-29 11:22:58)

I think you were the first who fed us this input. Kudos !

Gr8, that time it appeared genuine when I cross checked dy secry transfer.

I also think after your info blog gathered sm momentum.



Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-05-29 11:04:04)

read tribune page4 . what I tell you one week before now going to happen


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-05-29 11:02:49)

read tribune page4 . what I tell you one week before now going to happen


Posted by nn, (2015-05-28 22:28:26)

Arrey 16 July to 28 April ki date mili hui hai... Uske baad 25 and 28 may ko kya hua???
25 may ki date swati singh ke advocate ne ye kh kr li thi ki hpsc mains conduct krva rhi hai 16 July se phle hi.. But ab kya hai recent progress??!!!!
Agr 16 July hi hai to in case aur candidates add ho gye to sep tk mains honge


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-05-28 19:44:50)

16 july date

Re: case status

Posted by AS, (2015-05-28 18:07:13)

guys what happens in today's swati singh case any news plz post.......


Posted by KD, (2015-05-28 17:43:36)

Friends, what about preservation of candidates' answer sheets for a period of at least one year from date of final result declaration?
2.Shouldn't a candidate be allowed to see her/his answer sheet under RTI Act or after paying due fee for the same as happens in Uttar Pradesh Pub Service Commisssion, Madhaya Pradesh PSC and perhaps in UPSC too ??


Posted by KD, (2015-05-28 17:14:32)

Friends,it's good to share and discuss what is happening in HPSC but discussion alone will not yield any fruitful result.
Lalit Jain (http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/chandigarh/My-selection-is-a-slap-on-the-face-of-HPSE/articleshow/8256522.cms) was not the only victim but way back in 2006 topper Mona Pruthi was also victimised by awarding less than 5 marks out of 75 in HCS Interview and not selected.
It is not that persons seating at helms of affairs are not aware of rotten state of affairs but when the people to whom injustice is done are silent,why rulers should take a pain to stop it or do something to prevent the same.
If we as informed citizens, as people contesting for highest level posts and whose interests are at stake, keep silent at this point of time, who else we can expect to raise voice against this whole mesh?
What is needed is that we bring all these irregularities in notice of authorities concerned. We need to apprise authorities about our grievances and also suggest ways to redress them and introduce reformative measures to cleanse the system.
As there is regime change and a phase of transition, it is propitious time for us to put our grievances in front of persons who can do something about it and mount pressure on system to enforce transparency and fairness in selection process.
A lone gram may/can not bust the oven but together we can make a difference. A collective action is required to purge the system of corruption,nepotism and favouritism.
At individual level, we can make a small beginning by sending emails and letters to Secretary & Dy Secretary,HPSC; Mr Chief Minister, and also to Mr Health Minister alongwith CM WINDOW at DC Offices and www.cmharyanacell.nic.in
In our letters we may mention about 1.)how in previous selection process near and dear ones were awarded exceptionally high marks first in written test and later on in interview.2) Optional Subjects such as Law and Public Adm were given lenient treatment in marking.3.) In HCS Mains 2011, signature of invigilators were recorded neither on attendance sheet nor on answer sheets of candidates.
Further reforms may be suggested regarding Question Papers to be bilingual; A 10% (60 Marks) to be fixed for interview,A Limit of Minimum (and the Maximum)Marks to be fixed in interview and if that limit is violated reasons for the same to be recorded in written;'Scaling' to be followed as per UPSC pattern; A tentative schedule regarding dates of Prelims,Mains and Interview need to be published along with advertisement/notification of various posts ....List is not exhaustive.
It is time to come forward and make a dent..
Friends, if our conscience has not turned numb, we have to SPEAK and SPEAK VOCIFEROUSLY...
Jai Hind ! Jai Haryana !!

Re: @reason

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-05-28 11:18:44)

yes, akshay chudhary, the son of bhupender singh, who belongs to yamunanagar was the previous secretry and his nephew was also taking the mains whose name is abhimanyu chaudhary.

Re: @ adi

Posted by Tiny, (2015-05-28 11:09:28)

I do subscribe to your assumption !

Admin reason mentioned for postponement also support the same !

Re: Postponement

Posted by Adi, (2015-05-28 00:15:57)

bhai logo postponement has taken place for right reasons...

The son of the previous HPSC Secy was writing mains, a Straight case of clash of interests, this news came out and no more remained a secret, the Govt Changed the Secy.

The Deputy Secy. & the New Secy did not favour conductiong of mains with papers printed under the older Secy.

the process will take some time, i think centers will also get changed. and the setting up and printing of new Qn papers.

if my extrapolation is right i see exams happening in July last week or August first week.

Thank you.


Posted by nn, (2015-05-27 17:59:54)

Thanks. @du......
Around July it cn be..

Re: @ case and all

Posted by DU, (2015-05-27 16:51:00)


Don't worry about that Hindi Medium case as single judge bench that too with three different judges, have heard it and finally disposed it off. It is tactic of lawyers to mint money from clients that double bench will provide them relief. It's possiblity is negligible but however it is tough to bring it home to those who are hoping against hope.

There is no big threat to HCS pre simply because of fact that there is no big discrepancies this time. At most that too in extreme case it could be so that few people could be admitted into mains. (It's remote possibility itself).

So just be concerned about the next schedule for mains. And that hopefully it doesn't clash with UPSC preparations.



Posted by nn, (2015-05-27 14:21:33)

Vo neeraj rathi wala case??
Vo to court ne last month dismiss kr dia tha na!!
Ab to swati singh wala hai jiski kal ki date lgi hai..

Re: Billingual case

Posted by HINDI, (2015-05-27 14:11:06)

case no pata hai


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-05-27 14:06:38)

rathi and others went to double bench

Re: Billingual case

Posted by HINDI, (2015-05-27 13:50:26)

bhai kisne case kiya hai


Posted by nn, (2015-05-27 13:32:15)

U mean vo pt issue... some candidates were asking for qutn ppr in hindi.. While in prelims...

Then our pt cn be cancelled??? And new chairman!!? Ye manbeer bhadana ka kya hoga??
Members increase krna is okay but process rokna that then why did they said k process start kro hcs selection ka in Jan.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-05-27 13:22:53)

brother nm do not believe on news paper I will tell you real reason . paper has been sold to bureaucracy kids and relative like 2011 batch . gov get intelligence input new sectartary appointed who deny to continue processand paper postponed. now government plan is to nexpand commission members to 9with new acting chairman. also one news more today high court accepts hindi medium bilingual case in double bench


Posted by nn, (2015-05-27 13:06:25)

According to amar ujala cz of new govt the process has been stopped..
According to tribune it's bcoz of clashing of dates wid other exams..
And according to bhaskar it's bilingual prikshaa... Technical problems.. Asl vjh jo bhi ho.. We all lost faith in these constitutional bodies atleast at state level...
Itne time baad mains hona apne aap mei swaal khade krta hai.. It's like death of integrity

Re: @nn

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-05-27 12:42:01)

bhaskar me kahan h bhai....


Posted by nn, (2015-05-27 12:33:29)

Hi everyone... @du.. Well said...

If mains r going to held in July itself then October end we cn expect results nd by the end of the year whole process will be completed....

But I didn't found any logic behind this postponement..

Re: @ reason of postponement

Posted by D.U., (2015-05-27 12:17:16)


It has become crystal clear that this postponed has nothing to do with Judicial intervention. So its clear that Judiciary didn't intervened, be it Swati Singh case or anything.

At the same time press itself is speculating for delay, Amar Ujala is saying something outlandish that it appears to have question mark on fate of whole of this exam, which is nothing short of some journalist fantasy.

On other hand, The Tribune has cited that clash of date of mains with other exams is primary reason, which is nothing but face saving exercise by some commission official.

One fact that is clear as bell is this that it is on account of some internal push pull and hence nothing to do Judiciary, Quashing of PT etc. This will be clear with appointment of new members by govt and then it will settled.

So in short don't lose hope as it is still up and running. There is no impending doomsday for this cycle of HCS. And in end HCS officer of Haryana is worth this wait and better off then IAS of some distant state.

Stay positive and for sure within 2015 this batch will join training in HIPA.



Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-05-27 11:21:14)

can somebody provide the link of newspaper citing the reason of postponement.

Re: @reform

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-05-27 10:48:06)

if govt. thinks to take such a kind of step than we should also make our efforts to convey our grievances through cm window and all those. I know nothing may happen but what is mistake of genuine candidates who leave their career to prepare for exams and for what? to only find that exam is being cancelled and postponed. At least we should present our interest in front of them. Rest prepare for prlim which i think to crack is far easier than hcs.


Posted by nn, (2015-05-27 10:22:33)

I knew it... But bilingual exam technical problems??

Re: Exam postponed

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-05-27 10:17:16)

Exam postponed. check hpsc website.


Posted by nn, (2015-05-27 10:16:29)

In dainik bhaskar it is mentioned that after 7 July our mains will be held...
And postponed due to bilingual exam!!!???

Re: ssshhhhhhhhhhhh.

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-05-27 09:59:49)

Itna sannata kyu h bhai.

Re: @amar ujala wala

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-05-27 09:04:16)

Beta g its not canceled. Improve your reading skills.

Re: most people qualify upsc but never able to clear their own state examination

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-05-27 08:57:25)



Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-05-27 08:24:55)

read amar ujala paper is completely wash out


Posted by nn, (2015-05-26 23:10:08)

Vo to khattar govt ko phle se pata hai... Agr cancel krna hota to vo Jan mei jb green signal dia tha further tbhi cancel kr dete... Not nw... It's impossible nw


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-05-26 22:52:35)

pt conducted by hoda government all their relative and bureuatic children were passed fraudly


Posted by nn, (2015-05-26 22:42:50)

@guest koi ek reason btao ki ku pt cancel hoga this time...!!

Hpsc ne according to court's directions queries mangi this.. Right.. Ab agr uska koi case chl v rha hai to i dnt think pt cancel hoga


Posted by nn, (2015-05-26 22:38:43)

Ohkky.... @du nw next??? Ab mains hone ke kya aasaar hai.... Upsc ke sath ya baad me??

And if there is anyone, knows abt last time socio nd pub ad highest score card then plz share it.. Will be beneficial for all related... Thanks


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-05-26 22:36:40)

now start preparation for preliminary for both civil service ias and hcs executive. first no of members will be increase ed to 9 then new acting chairman then preliminary again. this is confirmed newsas I told 5 minutes in advance to see website of hpsc for postponed paper . if any one has chance left then go for upsc preliminary

Re: @ nn

Posted by DU, (2015-05-26 22:32:20)

No dear it was canceled on 29-30th August 2012 by single judge bench of Justice J.A. Messih. And hence the mains scheduled to start from 2-3 sept were called off.

It was later in Letter Patent Appeal by HPSC the division bench headed by Justice Suryakant allowed PT on basis of proportional marking.



Posted by nn, (2015-05-26 22:23:52)

@du last time pt ws cancelled??? no... It wasn't cancelled... Court ordered revise result on the basis of which April 2013 mains were tkn...

Re: @ all

Posted by DU , (2015-05-26 21:58:51)

Come on Yaar I'm not any motivation Guru and just a regular candidate. I'm also sulking over this absurdity of HPSC. Its about question of institutional integrity and trust of candidates. Last time it was understandable as HC had quashed PT itself and ordered fresh test, so exam were cancelled. But this time it's nothing more than a mockery of whole thing.

If there is any tussle between govt and HPSC its was to be settled long ago as there was change of govt in November itself. Since then new govt gave green light to ongoing recruitment drive in first cabinet decision. Now few days ahead of mains there appeared a tiff.

There is no mention of any court case, had it been so the notice itself has mentioned that on direction of Hon Court it is decided.

In toto this whole situation is hopeless but still it's for all of us and we have to bear it. It's better that without getting into any speculation about new schedule, only those who have some clue can share their views.

In mean while those who are in civils preparations focus on GS as its very dicey to score good in UPSC and few questions could make or break it.



Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-05-26 21:47:26)

now a puzzle for du ....how a judiciary case can affect hcs executive paper


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-05-26 21:44:37)

all this happened due to swati vs hpsc case now start preparation for hcs preliminary not for main


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-05-26 21:41:39)

where is du chief motivational guru of this blog what his expert's opinions now on next dateof examination and future of this paper

Re: ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-05-26 21:32:08)

Itna sannata kyoun h bhai!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-05-26 21:22:51)

it is hereby announced for the general information of the candidates who have applied for the HCS(Ex.BR.)& other allied services main examination-2014,that the main examination already scheduled from 05.06.2015 to 14.06.2015 is hereby postponed by the commission till further order due to some administrative reasons.


Posted by RK, (2015-05-26 18:29:19)



Posted by RK, (2015-05-26 18:23:01)

Finally exam postponed,see-Left click date sheet under annousment

Re: here is the link

Posted by Rohit, (2015-05-26 18:20:12)

http://hpsc.gov.in/Announcement/Announcement.JPG...anyway HPSC has made absolute mockery of this recruitment process.....personally i have devoted around 2 months of time exclusively towards hcs mains (english,hindi and 2 optionals) which otherwise would have bettter spent towards preparing GS for UPSC........time to shift focus towards UPSC prelims...best of luck to all serious candidates

Re: Exam postponed due to administrative reasons

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-05-26 18:15:54)

So, there is a tussle between govt & HPSC


Posted by vikas, (2015-05-26 18:14:17)



Posted by vikas, (2015-05-26 18:13:19)

exam postpone confirm news
1hr pae website pae aa jaae ga


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-05-26 18:12:28)

seein announcement 2 point

Re: share the link

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-05-26 18:11:33)

can't find anything on the sit please share the link of the notice

Re: finally exam postpone

Posted by rr, (2015-05-26 18:10:38)

see notice to click left side announcement......

Re: nothing

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-05-26 18:06:18)

nothing on the site...

Re: @thanks

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-05-26 18:05:48)

thank you very much, ya got it


Posted by nn, (2015-05-26 18:03:10)

Abhi abhi daala hai to notice left side k announcement ko click kro tbhi dikhega...
And in my opinion it will definitely be held before Aug mid...September to bht dur hai..

Re: @enquiry

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-05-26 18:00:35)

kya hua? notice toh nahi mila website par, do not amuse yaar

Re: @nn

Posted by A, (2015-05-26 17:54:22)

I doubt it will be before UPSC..bcoz influential people wrt HPSC will also be appearing in Prelims nd they wont let their Fathers/Godfathers set the mains date in Aug end..my gut feeling says somewhere in Sept..forgive me if I m wrong..


Re: @nn

Posted by Anubhav, (2015-05-26 17:50:39)

Agreed..but more than a protest..a holistic reform is first required within State PSCs esp HPSC..stop political appointments within hpsc..rather it shud be based on some merit..politicians nd their relitives have spoiled the entire constitutional body..anyways..now we can focus on UPSC nd other serious ventures...


Posted by nn, (2015-05-26 17:50:36)

@all anyone can guess when our mains cn be scheduled..???? in first week of July judiciary mains will be held...
Our will be in aug????

Around upsc prelims!!!


Posted by nn, (2015-05-26 17:44:29)

Hm sbko (hcs aspirants) Mil kr hpsc ke office ke aage protest krna chahie....

Itna irresponsible behaviour vo bhi state level mei sbse highest posts k lie....

Bcoz we all hv no unity no effort will be there to answer our queries rightly

Re: postponed

Posted by Anubhav, (2015-05-26 17:42:45)

Aa gaya website par...within 5 mins..accurate info

Re: update

Posted by hil hil, (2015-05-26 17:28:46)

any update bhaiyo or behno ...?


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-05-26 17:26:16)

see hpsc sites in 5 minutes for cancelled paper

Re: what's happening !

Posted by Tiny, (2015-05-26 15:23:46)

We are stakeholders in this situation n none bothers to keep the candidates updated !?!

Re: case hearing on Thursday

Posted by Anubhav, (2015-05-26 15:04:41)

someone from hpsc told me that case date is for 28th may ie Thursday nd any decision will be taken after that..situation is a bit tricky nd postponment is likely on the cards...also he said that all this is due to tussle b/w govt nd hpsc..lets see..case ka status koi pata laga sakta hai kya???



Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-05-26 14:35:28)

What the hell ....operator is saying " site me dikat chal ri hai ek do din me admit card aajega or postone ka koi scene ni h abhi " inka salo ka kuch smjh ni ara kabhi kuch bolte h kabhi kuch ...

Re: @enquiry

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-05-26 13:51:58)

operators certainly will convey only those things which has been instructed to them, But not releasing admit card even yesterday emanate big possibility of exam being delayed. Anyone, please clarfiy


Posted by nn, (2015-05-26 13:47:24)

On enquiry they r nt in one side seems they also dnt know anything abt present situation.....

Said whatever is there will be informed through site...


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-05-26 13:42:48)

but upto yesterday they were informing that Admit Card would be available in a day or two.

Re: HCS Exam

Posted by AKS, (2015-05-26 13:34:02)

On enquiry they are saying no instructions till now about postponement of exam. Notification will be issued when anything like happens...not confirming exams either ..!!


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-05-26 11:55:23)

doston kya khabar hai??? HCS mains ho raha hai ke nahi

Re: re @pooja

Posted by pooja, (2015-05-26 10:55:59)

Sociology ws around 95-105 in 2011

Re: @ du

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-05-26 10:00:35)

U hv sociology as optional subject....may I know ur secure in hcs 2011 n 2009..
Did u find any change in marking standard


Posted by vikas, (2015-05-26 09:28:34)

any news related mains exam ?


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-05-26 09:23:50)

paper will be postponed now it is sure

Re: @ DU

Posted by Tiny, (2015-05-26 07:20:48)

Thanx folk

Re: exam

Posted by tareek pe tareek, (2015-05-26 00:49:40)

i have also confirmed, exam postpone ho rha hai, confirmed. but i dont't knw till when. notice of postpone by friday

Re: dont waste tym

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-05-25 23:19:01)

bhaio its confrom news d mains will b held as on schedule.all d officials in hpsc r saying d same.i have physically visited there so concentrate on ur studies.so no mathpacchi here.tomorrow evening u can get ur admit cards what they told me

Re: @ Tiny

Posted by D.U., (2015-05-25 22:52:05)

I have commented only on feasibility as there is a precedent of this nature.

Members and chairman are the main decision making body who decides on all the policy decisions etc. They are not Govt employees and have a constitutional post with protection against arbitrary removal. They sign and send final recommendation to Govt


Re: @ DU

Posted by Tiny, (2015-05-25 22:43:53)

May be... But if this happens its strange to me ..

Bye the way in HPSC what role is for members ? If can elaborate pls

Re: @ Tiny and Rohit

Posted by D.U., (2015-05-25 22:30:57)


I am commenting here only on feasibility of assertion of one frd here and hence this post shouldn't be read as any change in my position on this issue which is same as what I posted earlier.

Technically speaking the point raised by RK is possible because of reason that HPSC can promise in court that they will provide these petitioner admit card and they could come personally in HPSC and do the formalities in one-two days. It necessarily doesn't mean that they have been handed over admit card it could be assurance in Court as misinterpreted in form of physical hand over.

There is precedent of this in HCS Judiciary Exam of 2011 where a week ahead of exam few petitioners were given admit card after doing formalities in two days window.

One point is which make it possible is this fact that petitioners have been granted interim relief and not a final disposal. Thus if it is interim relief they can't ask for preparation time. In case of Judicial Exam it was final decision of petition and here just an interim measure so that they be allowed.

However it is correct that clear picture will appear only after some official communication, which I already stated likely to be in day or two.


Re: hcs mains

Posted by udta panchi, (2015-05-25 22:21:43)

notice of postponement surely by tomorrow

Re: @ rohit

Posted by Tiny, (2015-05-25 22:15:56)

Yea rohit u r spot on folk.
If some more are taken on board then procedure has to be followed and it don't include short cut.

DU we are thankful to you for your honest efforts.

This time we have much better behaved ppl on this forum.
Bye the way if no new candidates are taken then why admit cards are under embargo ?

If question of integrity on members will it be OK for them to continue to be in office?

There r some questions?
Is secretary only responsible for que papers? Then new incumbents can't take chance I think ....

Let's wait...n see what tommorow has in store for us...

Re: @RK

Posted by Rohit, (2015-05-25 22:05:58)

litigants or new candidates cant be issued admit cards provisionally without asking them to fill up mains form...proper procedure needs to followed just like in HJS exam otherwise it will prompt more litigation as other non-qualified will feel aggrieved

Re: hcs mains

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-05-25 20:59:00)

Ye dekho ek aur juth.....
Litigants ko pehle admit card mil gaye....hum yaha aise he baithe hai....


Posted by RK, (2015-05-25 20:52:38)

I was also waiting for the cancellation of the mains. But now it has come to be known from sources that the litigents have already been supplied the admit card provisionally.THE admit card of other candidates will be uploaded in 1-2 days.SO ALL the friends are humbly requested not to waste even a minute now.STILL 10 DAYS ARE LEFT.Use every minute and do justice with oneself.

Re: Re plzz

Posted by Anonymous guest, (2015-05-25 20:14:52)

Mujhe lgta h ye jab tak board retiere nhi hota tab tak exam nhi hoga kindly temme ke inhone kb retire hona h chairman ki retirement kb h??

Re: rule for admit card

Posted by rr, (2015-05-25 19:34:56)

is anybody know about any rule regarding minimium days in which hpsc bound to give admit card. pdai to bilkul ho nhi rhi ek to itni garmi and lot of speculations here make it deadly...


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-05-25 19:14:53)

Ih to sasura hona hi tha


Posted by RK, (2015-05-25 18:05:28)

Honostly speaking,I have come to know just now, from a friend of mine who is an e.t.o. and a candidate for mains this time also and well versant with this case that the mains will be held as per schedule i.e.from 5th june.The litigents will be allowed provisionally in the mains.The admit cards will be uploaded soon.So best of luck.And please fogive me if i am proved wrong.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-05-25 17:55:24)

Hcs(JB) DATE Sheet on highcourt site ... they are starting from 3rd july....

Re: @du

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-05-25 17:49:17)


Re: @delay

Posted by DU, (2015-05-25 17:43:04)


Let me tell you this much that it's been confirmed by a HPSC official that Commision is mulling over seriously about the change in the said schedule. The reasons for same is above his pay grade and he can't possible pin point the same.

Secondly he told that it's not official till now but grapevine is strong enough to suggest the same. However in mean while directions to the staff is this that they should tow the official status. So they are bound to say that it's a GO as planned. Hence the ppl are receiving that info of no change.

Apart from this I don't have anything more to base my theory like HC directions etc. because it's not on website of HC and nor anyone related to that case is in public domain.

Rest I don't have any information on what is next slot for exams and when it will be taken etc.

I also like to add that I might be wrong on all this but I shared what I felt is authentic and like an anxious candidate I felt like sharing the same with u ppl. Neither I am claiming 100% certainty nor I'm having any agenda behind this. I personally want this to happen as scheduled and been preparing for this but now this new update is here which is for everyone. Anything could be official only after updated by HPSC on its site. It's been told by same person to be maximum by tomorrow or day after.

Please appreciate the fact that I'm not some employee who is handling this mains or any disgruntled person to spread rumour. Never I done so. So I shared everything that I know.


Re: WTF?

Posted by numbnuts, (2015-05-25 17:20:27)

We have only two events to go by on here.
1. No admit card till now, delayed by five working days now,
Seven days in all.

2. The swati case being heard expedItiously since 19 May and some relief allowed today.

You could add the third to this which is the silence being maintained by the commission on the website and the phone

Doesn't take a rocket scientist to notice that something is amiss here. Everything else ( insider this, credible that bla bla bla) is hearsay at best.