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Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-12-09 16:59:50)

when is current hpsc chairman Manbir Singh Bhadana is going retire??


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-12-09 16:49:23)

not possible till may,2017

Re: HPSC update

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-12-09 12:22:56)

Any update on hpsc coming exams?


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-12-07 17:51:48)

Plz share update, if any regarding the genuine case against HPSC.

Re: hi

Posted by unknown, (2016-12-07 15:09:52)

Any update on pattern change?


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-12-07 15:07:57)

Any report of pattern change ?


Posted by abc, (2016-12-05 14:04:47)

please any one let me know when will new notification for hcs will come


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-12-05 07:08:23)

Least and no chances for petitioners

Re: Most Expected Essays For UPSC Main Exam 3rd December 2016 Free Download

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-12-02 11:40:15)

Most Expected Essays For UPSC Main Exam 3rd December 2016 Free Download


Posted by qaz, (2016-11-30 16:56:57)

Yes .... for that u can file a writ in SC directly under article 32.... it will be accepted as our SLP has already been accepted... more over 3 more petitioners have filed a parallel writ ... all the writs will be tagged and will come up for hearing together...

So now the base is already ready for new petitioners .... u just have to file writ in SC under article 32 demanding revision of result by incorporating scaling....

And of course u need to be ready with respectable amount to be paid to the advocate...

For further details email to duonlinehry@gmail.com

Re: @ joining the case

Posted by D.U., (2016-11-30 16:56:19)

yes any one can join this case who is aggrieved by HPSC.

In case you need to know more you can have the contact details of Advocate who is representing us. You can email us.


Re: @DU

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-11-30 12:33:25)

Can the case be joined now by anyone for which u guys r fighting in SC.


Posted by देशी Leonidas, (2016-11-28 21:55:28)

Bhai ye ahuja and party kon h .. Jara vistar se btaye


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-11-28 10:36:21)

Hpsc ki fati padi hai scaling case ko lekar.... kahin next hearing mein SC ne saare optional k marks mangwaliye toh l*d* lag jayenge Ahuja and party k...... court se time maang kar data manipulation kar sakte hain ye...

Re: Notification

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-11-27 22:27:29)

No Notification atleast for 2 month because right now the mains syllabus is under process of changes and discussion among HPSC and Govt. It itself will take around a month and then maybe the post vacancy will be counted and notification will be done. So approx a moth for each part and total 2 month

I hope by than DUs case outcome will come and we will have scaling introduced in new pattern atleast, it will make this exam more of a fair play than now.
Best of Luck DU :)

Re: @DU

Posted by Aggrieved, (2016-11-27 21:27:11)

Can we get the scores of Geography of HCS 2011 when geography was crushed at that time through RTI?? Also people should file RTI asking for the optional subject of selected candidates along with thier marks in optionals, so that pressure can be built on HPSC.

Re: @ arguments of the selected candidates

Posted by D.U., (2016-11-27 13:52:05)

And yes

This argument that one is free to choose any optional subject as he/she feels is more scoring in the mains has been raised in HC also by their arguing counsel and it received a befitting reply from Justice himself.

There are two problems with this argument:-

a) the very word 'optional' means its not compulsory and where commission gives a list of 23 subjects to choose from, it is duty of the commission to ensure that all are treated equally or at least appeared to have equal chance.

Otherwise it is indirect forcing the candidates to choose the scoring ones and in that case violates right to equality as one might not be able to chose one 'scoring' optional due to certain factors like academic background.

Please see that in SSC maths and english are compulsory and everyone knows it and hence no one can complain. But it is not so in HPSC as here one can choose what he likes..

Thus the HPSC gives right to candidates to choose and hence it raises DUTY of the commission to give equal opportunities to all no matter what he or she chooses.

2. Single Judge bench asked HPSC on this argument that please tell what if one person doesn't know Maths, never studied it beyond his 10th class. Then if your argument is accepted that means he is OUT of civil services exam though HPSC claims that he has choice to choose as he likes to choose.

Hence what can't be done DIRECTLY (ruling out someone sole on ground of choice of optional, which in fact given by HPSC it self) also can't be done INDIRECTLY (by not doing scaling and standard practice adopted in such circumstance).

We are not against the selected candidates as they are not one who decided the rules, they may be beneficiary of wrong rules but not the one who made it. And one should understand that we would have reacted in the same way had we been in their position. So its not us vrs. them as our battle started even before any one of them had any surety of their selection.

Hence our battle is against incompetent and inefficient HPSC.


Re: @ updates

Posted by D.U., (2016-11-27 13:30:38)

Hi all

I wish to clear out few thing for our friends here:-

1. SC has taken cognizance of this fact that how HPSC has undertaken the exam and declared results without any adherence to certain well settled principles and issues followed everywhere in the country.

As a matter of fact, as told by the friends present in the hearing, Justices J. Chemleshwar has asked our counselor if this practice is being followed elsewhere and our Advocate had supplied list of 18 Public Service Commissions including UPSC which on record follow it or doesn't need due to only compulsory subjects in mains. And off the record every Commission in India uses it except HPSC and J&K.

It appeared that bench had already made up its mind in this regard to grant relief to petitioners which was evident when Justices J. Chemleshwar HIMSELF explained to his fellow judge Justice Pant who had certain doubts about the issue.

The Bench was so convinced with this issue that on very first day it granted leave (admitted the petition) issued notice to HPSC to explain its stand and also ordered to have an expedite hearing in this matter.

HPSC doesn't have any argument except that it doesn't have scaling in its rules which is clear from their arguments in HC.

However this argument itself was demolished in HC where Court didn't choose to see it and gave hpsc relief on technical and FALSE factual info (read last two pages of the judgment where a table is given and then it is explained. It's hilarious to see the mathematical abilities used there. FOR READING IT PLEASE REFER HC WEBSITE AND TYPE CASE NO. CWP 16217 of 2016).

On next date we will demand the court to summon all the data related to court which was denied in HC as process was still on and it will surely clear all FACTS of need of scaling and no place for HPSC to hide.

2. Regarding the additional petitions in this regard for the allied candidates, already a SLP has also been filled by few who has faced interview and had score allowing one of them to be assured of an allied seat but since he is an allied service candidate he don't need it.

Apart from that we have been in touch with many brilliant candidates who have been in proper hcs but left out in allied. A few are helping from outside and few will be convinced to join this case.

Hence it will be comprehensive in nature and will surely get some positive result from court. It may be in some perspective reform or may be some retrospective relief to all involved in the case.

Anyway I request all of you who have been at receiving end of the raw deal by HSPC to have faith in their hard work and that JUSTICE shall be delivered....


Re: Navdeep vs HPSC

Posted by JB, (2016-11-26 20:53:26)

Yeah waiting for the first hearing of the case as many science optional selected candidates flaunting their success as inherent and disregarding arts optional by saying that they had the choice of writing the exam with the optionals like Mathematics.This whole mains result should be revised and the science optionals should be downscaled and art subjects be upscaled so as to bring some parity as is done in UPSC....
Also i guess that Navdeep & Co should approach the selected candidates in Allied services with arts optional which can make their case more strong....


Posted by देशी Leonidas, (2016-11-26 14:50:46)

Bhai agar aa bhi jaegi nyi notification to bhi itni lazy hai commission ki 2018 me paper legi aur 2019 me result degi....
Kitni saari vacancy nikal rakhi hai hssc aur hpsc me 2 saal me sirf 4400 Puri Hui hai unme bhi ek adhe pe case ho rha hai...

Re: NEW vacancy

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-11-26 12:25:37)

100% on next week.

Re: new notification

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-11-26 12:10:08)

when should e expect the new notification any idea

Re: NT exam

Posted by Rakesh, (2016-11-26 08:49:45)

I got information yesterday from my source their are chances that NT post will merge with HCS new vacancy.

Re: Next Hearing

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-11-23 17:09:25)

When is the next hearing of navdeep case against HPSC in Supreme Court as 2 weeks before the judges ordered for expedited hearing.???


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-11-22 14:01:47)



Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-11-22 13:20:20)

No notification till march,2017.

Re: HCS New Nitification

Posted by nishu, (2016-11-22 10:43:40)

Kisi ke pass hcs new notification ke context mein koi info ho toh plz share kare...oct mein bol rahe the ki notification aa jayega..lekin nov bhi jane wala hai..

Re: @DU

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-11-21 17:52:08)

Wht is the latest update regarding the SC case? And also if their is any news about new notification please tell.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-11-19 17:08:59)

Yes it is relevant

Please anyone having concrete knowledge regarding names of optional subjects of first 20 selected candidates, share the information. ..

Re: Regarding new mains pattern

Posted by deepika, (2016-11-19 17:04:23)

anyone has information regarding new mains pattern.. plz share..n when should we expect new voccancies...

Re: Relevancy

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-11-19 16:50:46)

This is also relevant to the case as proving that in the top 20 all of them have 1 science optional..........


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-11-19 12:06:53)

All those who r engaged in SC case

Please concentrate on case facts, rules, judgments, logics, Arguments


Re: Optional Subjects of Selected Candidates

Posted by Aggrieved, (2016-11-18 20:58:04)

Guys can someone has or can help in preparing atleast optional subject names of the top 20 selected candidates in HCS. Also I have been told that Shweta Suhag scored 403 in mains with Pub Ad and Sociology and she scored 79 in english compulsory exam. Is her optionals correct as i checked over the internet that she has done BSc in Zoology.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-11-17 22:42:10)



Posted by Texan, (2016-11-15 18:59:04)

Contact me on 9718998147 regarding details of the case.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-11-14 14:09:28)



Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-11-14 11:30:37)

All the links provided below will tell u present status of Special Leave Petition filed against HCS recruitment 2014....


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-11-14 11:27:42)


Click the above link to read about HCS 2014 Supreme Court case


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-11-14 11:26:00)



Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-11-14 11:25:04)



Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-11-14 11:24:19)



Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-11-14 11:23:06)



Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-11-14 10:13:21)



Re: Haryana District Attorney/Assistant District Attorney/Deputy District Attorney Exam Notes 2016

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-11-10 17:10:33)

Haryana District Attorney/Assistant District Attorney/Deputy District Attorney Exam Notes 2016


Re: Haryana District Attorney/Assistant District Attorney/Deputy District Attorney Exam Notes 2016

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-11-10 17:04:34)

Haryana District Attorney/Assistant District Attorney/Deputy District Attorney Exam Notes 2016


Re: @ name

Posted by DU, (2016-11-09 13:35:42)


DU is not an individual anymore but it's a shared feeling to bring justice and reform in HPSC. You could say that all the petitioners in the case and also those are supporting us in this fight for justice.

Even the email ID of this cause is dedicated completely to this case only and beyond the control of any individual.

Hence it's futile to debate who is DU and who is not as it's a shared name now used by group.



Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-11-08 21:01:10)

DU ka naam chahe kuchh bhi ho

Tujhe kya interest hai usme

Rishta lega kya uska..


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-11-08 20:22:35)

array yaar ye D.U ka asli naam NAVDEEP SINGH SUHAG hai. pata nahin kyo chupta ghoom raha hai


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-11-08 19:34:20)

This is not at all the stage to rejoice. ..

The final outcome will matter! !

So concentrate on the case arguments, facts, details etc...


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-11-08 14:52:27)


Please don't get distracted!

Keep yourself focused! !

Fight for justice has just begun! !

Internal exam khatam (HC case )

Final board exam shuru (SC case)

So Focus Focus Focus!! !!

Re: @ battle of justice

Posted by DU, (2016-11-08 13:39:12)


I would like to tell you all that there is no individual or single person who is important it's always whole which is more than one part. Similarly here also there has been collective efforts for bringing a fair and just system in place in HPSC. All those who even once wrote an email to us are as important and significant as people in petition.

Thus it's never been an individual fight but always been a collective effort for all who believe that there should be fair chance to all and everyone and let one's be master of his/her fate.

So here are no leaders, no individual interest, no faces but only one aspiration that let there be fair and just procedure.


Re: salute to DU

Posted by ashok yadav, (2016-11-08 10:13:16)

DU u r HERO of heros..asli navik vahi hota h jo dhara ke viprit chalta hai.i find no words to congratulate you..wish you best of luck for your mission fateh...

Re: @du

Posted by Third and final, (2016-11-08 09:00:02)

Well done ,navdeep


Posted by Jon snow, (2016-11-08 07:59:18)

Thodi si correction hai DU bhai ka CDS me AIR 1 tha aur capf me AIR 4...


Posted by Jon snow, (2016-11-08 07:59:08)

Thodi si correction hai DU bhai ka CDS me AIR 1 tha aur capf me AIR 4...

Re: DU

Posted by Jon snow, (2016-11-08 06:58:35)

उडी बाबा रे हम तो जानत है DU भाई जी को ।।। DU भईया तो लॉएर है डेल्ही यूनिवर्सिटी से।।। हम ससुरा पढ़े है उनके बारे मे बहुत mrunal.org पे।। DU भाई जान पहले assistant commandant थे capf मे ।। AIR 1 था इनका । बाद मे इन्होंने HCS दिया और AEO सलेक्ट हुए (sdm बन जाते पर ससुर corruption बहुत था). DU भाई अब तो नाम लिख लो अपना ।।

Re: @ Words of thanks

Posted by DU, (2016-11-08 01:48:46)

Dear frds

I would publicly like to thank all those friends who shared their faith and also put up their resources be it man hours in research, financial contribution and so on. Above all I salute their indomitable spirit to fight against an entire system. These ppl are my heroes and I respect them from bottom of my heart.

This might be a small step towards victory for us but it's a giant leap of justice... this is result of our limitless efforts and endless toil in quest for justice.

Again I would like to remind everyone here that this fight is not against any one or any group of individuals rather it's against an unjust process which needs to be changed.

Once again thanks to each and everyone out there who has ever helped us or believed in our case.



Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-11-07 23:41:11)


Re: JAI HO!!!

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-11-07 23:26:56)


Re: DU भाईसाब

Posted by Jon snow, (2016-11-07 21:15:26)

Khoob jamega rang jab mil bethenge teen yar DU , HCS 2016 selected candidates aur supreme Court !!!!!


Posted by Hpsc, (2016-11-07 17:26:57)

Du. Case. Accepted. In. SC. Now. Hpsc will. Submit. Changed. Main. Pattren. To. Defend. Itself.

Re: SLP in Supreme Court admitted !!

Posted by DU, (2016-11-07 17:24:26)

Hi everyone

Our action speaks louder than words. I wish to hear the following good news for those who seek justice and are hoping that SC will give us relief.

Today it was first hearing in the SLP of our case in SC for enforcing the scaling in mains of HCS exam 2014. Following is the gist of the happenings in court today and it's was beyond our expectations:-

Three BIG relief are given to us in SC:--

1. Notice to motion to state is issued to defend their stand

2. Leave granted in SLP without even hearing any arguments of the state

3. Judge accepted that there is urgency and hence allowed us to file an application for early date (in 2 weeks).

So these two steps otherwise would have taken two dates. As in first instance SC would have asked Govt to defend themselves and then afterwards they would have given their view whether the case is fit for leave to be grated to admit the SLP.

Now appreciate this significant achievement in lights of following facts :-
In 95% cases SLPs are dismissed at first hearing
In 4.5% cases only Notice of Motion is done and leave is granted only after hearing the other party.
In 0.5% case there are both reliefs i.e. both notice and leave is granted.

Finally Judges been kind enough to have allow us to move application for early dates.

Now let's see how HPSC can explain why they haven't done scaling and how they defend the wrong and stupid system of exams.


Re: @hcs baba

Posted by Jon snow, (2016-11-07 08:10:36)

Dhanywad baba ji...


Posted by Hcs Baba, (2016-11-06 23:46:35)

Its in d discussion definitely whether to go for upsc mains pattern in hcs or not.. but no one can b sure on dis.. i dont have concrete info whether its going to be changed dis time.. but with my experience, i can say dat no news means no change.. so better to prepare for ur optionals.. atleast 1 before notification.. agar change hua toh b 1 toh 100% rahega.. so pls dont waste ur time in speculations and rumors.. one info i can share worthy enough for u people.. whether notification comes in november or december or january.. prelims will b conducted in march/april.. dats for sure as per d latest info..
regards to ol.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-11-06 16:37:52)

I am fully agreed with you DU now injustice has been done to us is there any relief fro SC or in future syllabus will be changed or not or what we should do to change the syllabus

Re: @ RTI Battle

Posted by D.U., (2016-11-06 16:04:08)


Since many frds here have seen the naked face of HPSC on denial of Information, let me dismantle their whole legal arguments:-

1. The case cited by the HPSC is related to 2009 HCS Recruitment Cycle and its related to supply of photocopy of OMR sheets.

In this scenario SPIO has denied our answer sheet copies on wrong premises as our demand is no where related to that of pending case as its related to new cycle of exam on entirely separate stage(mains).

2. This SLP cited by the HPSC, if you will check it on Supreme court website in CASE STATUS then you will be surprised to know to that there is no longer available.

As since 2012 there has been no hearing not even once only an ex-parte stay has been granted by SC and when posted for hearing no one reached the court.

Then in 2015 SC changed this case from SLP to civil suit and its just lingering on with no date for listing.

Hence HPSC has ensured it will never reply to your RTI questions in perpetuity.

Secondly HPSC is misusing the judicial process to deny the statutory right to information. Tell First Appellate Authority that as head of admin wing he is liable for this breach and also open for contempt of court as he is not upholding the judgement of SC.

3. There has been a FINAL VERDICT of supreme court in State Information commission vr State of Kerala dated 4th Feb 2016 and facts of both case are identical.

Hence any final verdict in same facts of a case has its overriding impact on any interim ex-parte stay granted by court.


I have strong suspicion that HPSC has something fishy to hide as they are not coming out in open with our copies. It will no be astonishing to find our that huge discrepancies will come out in open once this info is out.

Please high light these points in your personal hearing and tell First Appellate Authority that he should be preparing for higher rounds of litigation in case he deny you this information.


Those who want to draft any appeal against SPIO order can take help from the mrunal.org RTI section specimen.



Re: @ or any one

Posted by Aggrieved, (2016-11-06 13:24:12)

Can u plz mail me the draft document for the appeal to the 1st apellate authority at my email address: mr.parveenrao@yahoo.com. I shall be thankful to you for this.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-11-06 12:25:41)

Can we write to Indian Statistical Institute for its expert opinion about utility of any standard statistical scaling method that could be applied to raw marks awarded to candidates in various subjects to ensure equity?

Should it not be cited in Court?

Re: @Aggrieved

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-11-05 13:49:14)

I got the same reply from SPIO for mains answer sheet. I had filed first appeal a few days ago and have received a reply from the secretary. They have asked to appear for a hearing on 16th Nov. Send first Appeal to the First appellate authority. You will get a reply soon. I am also fighting for this.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-11-05 12:38:56)

Please move to Court

Thoroughly prepare your advocate to fight the case for your rights...
Do the required homework...
Be ready to take some bold steps..

HPSC is counting on candidates' ability or inability to move further till the end for their rights...

It thinks that if it keeps on denying information on one pretext or other..

Candidates may at any point lose hope and leave their quest for truth/information...

Re: Answer copies of compulsory papers in hcs mains

Posted by Aggrieved, (2016-11-05 11:11:27)

The HPSC has denied the photocopies of my answer scripts.HPSC said that the requisite information cannot be supplied citing SLP No. 15865 & 13261 of 2011 in the Supreme Court of India, wherein SC has granted stay vide its order dated 17.2.2012. So that Photocopies of answer sheets cannot be supplied till the final decision is taken by the SC of India in these said SLPs.
Can anyone throw light what to do next apart from filing application to the First Appellete Authority?

Re: mains new pattern

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-11-05 10:53:47)

Hcs Baba pls clear the situaion..u are leader in this group...pls guide us..

Re: NT exam

Posted by Jon Snow, (2016-11-04 18:34:52)

Hey guys is there any news regarding schedule of Naib Tehsildar exam ??? DU , HCS baba anyone having credible information ??? And what about its paper no. 2 ie the subjective one? Will it be removed from the pattern ?? There was some news in air regarding removal of the subjective paper..

Re: Hcs Baba's credibility

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-11-04 11:26:05)

Hcs Baba is genuine person, if he is claiming about syllabus change ...then something happening in commission.he can't give any statment in air..ye unki sakh ka sawal hai...

Re: Hcs mains pattern

Posted by Dt, (2016-11-02 18:15:34)

Thank you very much DU! For providing the credible information.

Re: @ HCS exam

Posted by DU, (2016-11-02 11:02:13)


There are certain issues that need to be cleared here and I'm writing here and these are not mere imaginations :-

1. There is no change in any pattern be it mains or PT that is there will be CSAT in PT with all the changes introduced in April 2016 and you can what it on Chief Sec website.

And no proposal even for mains pattern change. All these posts here of change could be attributed to only flights of imaginations. Or these could be done to distract us from pursuing the case of introducing scaling in HCS Exam at mains level.

2. We have reached SC and our case is coming up on 7th November for SLP.

3. There is absolutely no guarantee that they will introduce scaling next year as we have alsteady lost our battle in Single Judge bench and also in Double Bench. Only possible relief is SC even for future.


Re: @ HCS exam

Posted by DU, (2016-11-02 11:02:12)


There are certain issues that need to be cleared here and I'm writing here and these are not mere imaginations :-

1. There is no change in any pattern be it mains or PT that is there will be CSAT in PT with all the changes introduced in April 2016 and you can what it on Chief Sec website.

And no proposal even for mains pattern change. All these posts here of change could be attributed to only flights of imaginations. Or these could be done to distract us from pursuing the case of introducing scaling in HCS Exam at mains level.

2. We have reached SC and our case is coming up on 7th November for SLP.

3. There is absolutely no guarantee that they will introduce scaling next year as we have alsteady lost our battle in Single Judge bench and also in Double Bench. Only possible relief is SC even for future.



Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-11-02 10:37:58)

No change in pattern in near future.


Posted by Hpsc, (2016-10-31 08:55:14)

Latest. Update. On. Pattern. Change. Is. That. One. Optional plus. 4 gs. Plus. Hindi and. English. In. Gs. 4 paper. Upsc. Syllabus.


Posted by v, (2016-10-30 06:37:14)



Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-10-29 11:13:34)

like Hcs Baba,Hpsc also credible person....


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-10-27 17:18:30)

Its a good news that mains pattern will change. It should happened 3 years back.


Posted by Jon snow, (2016-10-26 11:01:22)

Mains pattern is changing. It is 100% correct news..No new notification till jan-feb


Posted by Hcs Baba, (2016-10-26 08:11:17)

mains pattern change probablities are high.There are news regarding dat. tussle iss baat pe chal rahi hai ki optional ek rakha jaaye yaa vo b nahi rakha jaaye. complete removal of optionals b ho sakta hai..soon we will get credible info.


Posted by Hpsc, (2016-10-25 20:04:28)

Baba. Is. Not. Good. To. Cry. For. Now. 4 gs paper in. New. Pattern. No. Optional. Proper. Like. Ra's and. Uttarkand. Time. For. Science. Student. Gone.

Re: HCS Baba::

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-10-25 18:12:20)

HCS Baba kindly share your views.


Re: Mains Pattern

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-10-25 18:10:06)

Read Thing as Think in my previous post.

Re: Mains Pattern

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-10-25 18:09:02)

No Concrete information about mains pattern. If there will be change in mains pattern then I think notification will get delayed because aspirants should get sufficient time to prepare according to new syllabus.

What do you thing guys.


Re: Mains pattern change

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-10-25 16:14:30)

when i told u guys about pattern change no one listened to me, now by next week u ppl ll realise about it.

Re: HCS(Judicial Branch)

Posted by OP Anjna, Gurgaon, (2016-10-25 13:29:59)

Any idea of notification for the post of HCS(JB) civil judges direct entry level.


Posted by Hpsc, (2016-10-25 07:17:48)

Chapter. Ends. For. Old. Player. Pattren. Going. On. Change. For. Main. Also1000%. Solid. News. From.hpsc. Member


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-10-24 16:35:37)

Ye bakwas information share krne me jyada mza ata h
Kon clerk aisi information bta dega


Posted by Third and final, (2016-10-24 09:27:38)

Please don't add salt to the injuries.... Already Suffered a lot


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-10-24 00:58:08)

I have got to know from a clerk in Hpsc that roll numbers of many compulsory papers were lost during the process of removing roll numbers from answersheets and putting coded one before giving sheets to examiners. Hpsc has alloted random answersheets to many of such candidates.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-10-23 13:12:23)

HPSC is not providing any information to anybody regarding HCS 2014 recruitment examination which is mandatory to provide under RTI Act 2005, Supreme Court / PHHC guidelines.

It clearly means HPSC has something to hide...that may cause embarrassment to it...

Over 50 candidates have filed RTIs but hpsc denied them all information


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-10-23 12:32:53)

Please read point 14 in the pdf document available on the link posted below.

These are specific instructions only for preliminary exam 2014....read point 14...


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-10-23 12:29:52)



Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-10-22 18:37:04)

received reply for my rti. They are not giving any info. Transaprency my a**. Had asked them for my answer sheets. No reply for reevaluation also. Still waiting for that.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-10-22 15:03:16)

Finally, when is new notification expected? Please share only if information is credible.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-10-22 14:08:12)

Those are ex cadre post of DSP.