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Re: @ What the hell

Posted by D.U., (2016-01-14 13:05:52)


I agree with your anguish about the reaction to your views and post. And I also agree with your right to assert any news or new development which u receive from what ever corner as its a public platform where u can share all your views and rumors.

However, don't feel munch bad about a little exaggerated criticism as ppl here are full of contempt and uncertainty about fate of this HCS Exam and hence you should empathize with them.

Still there is no new news to share from my end.


Re: Kushmanda Franchisees Offer

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-01-12 09:54:30)

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Re: Exam

Posted by What the hell, (2016-01-12 08:28:42)

Guys you must appreciate I am not an authority on exam.. I relayed what I got.. You are equally at freedom and glean information from sources/ HPSC ..that's what this blog is meant for .. I also don't support such long and disturbing delay.. I am also exhausting my energy towards exams.. So its not ok on anybody's part to remark adversely about me... The source which I got info from appears credible to me.. May be I am wrong.. Only thing I can guarantee that it was never meant for any sort of mischief.. I can but won't release mouthful of expletives even to a deserving candidate like you !

Re: @what the hell

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-01-12 08:05:27)

Keep dreaming. Credible information, u r a douche!


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-01-12 06:18:45)

Incredible haryana...

Re: Exam

Posted by What the hell, (2016-01-11 20:08:57)

New notification imminet ! Credible information, post likely to be merged with some 250 new vacancies !


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-01-11 11:22:27)

Any update...


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-01-08 16:17:03)


Re: @ nn

Posted by DU, (2016-01-08 16:09:48)

Dear Frd

Please re read that news item and in the last paragraph the journalist mentioned that on approaching HPSC chairman, wrongly written as Avatar Singh Bhadana, has mentioned that commission will conduct mains in Feb end March.


Re: D U

Posted by nn, (2016-01-08 15:51:27)

Though m agree with you DU
Still I couldn't found anywhere in The Tribune of 18,19,20,21 Dec where chairman of hpsc said that?? It ws only abt the delay and Rti by shweta the person from ambala
Chairman's interview or anything ws nt there...

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Re: @ go ahead

Posted by D.U., (2016-01-08 14:31:29)

I like to bring home the fact to our frd here as I have said earlier too, this 'go ahead' for HCS mains is not based just on the inputs from some 'trusted' sources. This is also been confirmed by HPSC Chairman in a reputed newspaper and had there been any doubts this wouldn't have been there. Moreover it is not possible to quash it at this stage and I am saying on basis of legal feasibility.

Only precedent worth mentioning is that of Punjab PCS paper of 2002 batch which was quashed by new Congress Govt on material evidence of wads of cash from then Chairman Ravi Sidhu. In that case too it was ordered that only those candidates will be able to sit of re-conduct of paper who originally applied in 1998 for that exam not fresh ones. As otherwise it will be unfair for old candidates.

Still many ppl like our frd here are hoping it should be cancelled so that they can prove their worth in exam. I would still say please use your energy for next PT.



Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-01-08 11:45:41)

Till panchayat election results nothing is final, everything is just peoples opinion based on thier own "trusted sources". Govt has not decided anything final regarding HCS exam but for NT exam they have given go ahead that is the reason its syllabus was released last week and just after panchayat election results you will get to know NT exam date coz hpsc is in discussion with home ministry etc to conduct exam and they(ministries) have told hpsc to wait till panchayat election. Rest you can check validity of my info very soon through NT exam date info very soon.

Re: @aditya,nn and ors

Posted by D.U., (2016-01-07 18:19:33)


First and foremost I'm not Sir buddy, so no need to call me that as we all are equal here as aspirants.

Secondly there is as such no information in any quarter about the possible conduct of Naib Teshildar. One thing that is important is this that it needs lots of logistics as there are around 1.5 lakh applications and hence it will take a lot of ground work on part of HPSC.

Most probably as of now it appears there are high chances that N.Teshildar exam to be held after mains of HCS in March-April. Rest all depends upon undependable HPSC...

As far as I can deduce there has been no concrete decision on dates yet as if it had been then it would definitely percolated down to us in one way or other.

There is need to have a decision in this regards as after that things will move fast as we have seen in 2013. Then HPSC didn't even bothered to reprint the mains question papers set in 2012 for mains(which was postponed at last minute by HC order) and distributed same in April 2013.

So if we go by past precedent I can tell u that they must have everything ready as it was about to take place in 2015 June. So once this is being initiated it will be very well over in 2 months max and results by June-July 2016 followed by 2 weeks for interview. Hence be assured HCS 2014 batch will be appointed till August 2016 max, if all things go right which now seems to be so.


Re: @DU

Posted by Aditya, (2016-01-07 15:23:35)

DU sir what about NAIB TEHSILDAR exam

Re: Du

Posted by nn, (2016-01-07 14:13:53)

Mains will be there in march or April
Probably stretch to may.. but surely mains will be thr


Posted by Akshay, (2016-01-07 13:57:39)

Any more advt expected from hpsc????
Will sde pwd civil vacancy come this year????

Re: roads are filled with idiots

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-01-07 08:31:58)

D U's fine articulation is considered literary....hahha nice start to my morning... the info i have is as unreliable as any.... my source said mains will be after winters :D and DU bhai me from DU too :)

vella vakil


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-01-07 08:22:31)

Just the presentation of literary skill, no credible information....

Re: @ soulless and Lawyer

Posted by DU, (2016-01-06 20:39:02)


I share your feelings and emotions in this regard. This should be seen as a clear message to those who give these false messages or stupid ideas to stall this HCS recruitment on false pretexts. Rather than living in fool's paradise and hoping against hope that this could be scraped it would be more productive to lobby for a new batch of vacancies.

Even I concur that now the ball has been set to move and for sure mains will be there soon. So let's not get into debate about whether mains will be there or not but only when it could be taken.

I think it would be stretched into April end and early May. What are views about it?


Re: from vella vakil

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-01-06 18:09:09)

thanks :)


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-01-06 17:15:13)

vele vakil ... aur koi case to milta ni to mashhoor hone ke liye hpsc ke khilaf hi lad lo ... chane gud khane ke ilawa aur koi kaam bhi kar liya karo, tum log delay hi karwa sakte ho aur kuch ni

Re: souless is right

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-01-06 13:19:24)

i practice in punjab and haryana high court... and i will be the first person to challenge any such idiotic merger of vaccancy...which is plain and simple ultra vires.....


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-01-06 11:19:00)

thik hai soulless, is ka notice kab tak ayega

Re: HCS mains

Posted by SOULless, (2016-01-06 00:18:20)

There is no cancelation and merger of hcs vaccancies
People failed in pre are rooting fr that and hoping against all hopes

I have solid info about exam being planned to be conducted in late march- start april
So keep studing

Still for all thse spreading such rumours..if they cancel/merge these vaccancies than i personally assure u that it will result in no hcs selections for about 2-3 years atleast...as case vll go frm hc single than dvsnl bench thn may be to sc .. no matter what d hc says as govt vll be committed on its decision and even d appelants...nd as is seen in numerous cases hpsc itself goes on appealing again and again to waste the time of court and candidates
In the end this cycle will have to be completed 1st as it wont stand in court .. They sighted administrative reasons for delaying hcs mains 10 days prior to the exam..no court vll allow such admn. Reasons to result in torture of waiting for meritous student for over 18 months and subsequesnt cancelation of exam itself where there is not even a single strand of misconduct in prelims

If govt goes this route...blv me..hcs vaccancies and selections vll be haulted for 2-3 years...no one vll be benefitted...YA..govt in d meanwhile vll be able to get control of the hpsc board by i stalling there members nd all...
Aftr that elections vll be near and same story may repeat itslf.. if anothr party comes to power

Nehow..hope news that i gave is true (i have 200% sureity on the person) .. So i blv.. Everyone writting mains should start preprations as aftr official decleartion, only about 40-50 days time vll be given

Re: Naib Tehsildar

Posted by aditya, (2016-01-05 12:43:06)

NAIB TEH ka exam kab hoga


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-01-05 12:12:33)

Bilkul sahi intelligence hai kahan that an tk

Re: HCS Mains

Posted by Gungadin, (2016-01-05 11:47:53)

Old posts will be merged with new notification and re advertised in march.....same goes for college lecturer ...will be re advertised......TWO NEW MEMBERS OF HPSC ALSO TO BE ANNNOUNCED SOON...recruitment will not move forward unless new members appointed.....REST IS ALL HEARSAY


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-01-04 20:34:21)

ek bar to aisa laga paper hone wala hai, but again silence


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-12-31 20:14:05)

march, april, may kuch bhi bol do kya lagta hai kissi ka

Re: Hello

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-12-30 19:50:18)


Re: Hii

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-12-30 19:43:02)


Re: ...

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-12-30 19:38:36)


Re: Mains

Posted by Rakesh, (2015-12-30 11:27:55)

March ya phir May. Exam hoga yai confirm hai..


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-12-30 10:41:02)

ulta seedha post karte rahte hain,kisi ko exact to pata nahi, post karte time content par to dhyan nahi

Re: @rakesh

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-12-30 09:54:00)

HCS mains bw March and May or march or April or may???

Re: mains

Posted by RAKESH, (2015-12-29 20:50:44)


Re: @ News box

Posted by D.U., (2015-12-29 17:28:52)


I'm sure you are true about the eagerness on part of Mr Chairman and Commission but please appreciate this fact that prior to this news item never ever he or any other Commission member has gone on record to comment about the going ahead or tentative schedule of exams.

Without any sort of assurance or go ahead by govt of the day it is not possible for Commission officials to give a press release as its not done earlier too.

Secondly in this news item there is categorical denial by Chairman to any political angle for delay. Had there been even a slight indecisiveness on part of Govt or Commission then it is counter productive to be so straight YES to reporter's question.

If I might throw light on the language of the interview then it is clear that there is either a clear policy decision by Govt on this issue as a go ahead or else it would been an ambiguous reply from Mr Chairman that it is under consideration or deliberation...

I'm pasting the link to the story



Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-12-29 15:02:58)

When is the new notification expected....

Re: News box

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-12-29 14:05:13)

hpsc chairman wants to conduct mains asap since last one and a half year but it govt which has to yet give go ahead. Final signal of go ahead is yet not given by CMO. But yes new seats to be filled in next notification is in final stage( approx 140). They may be combined or may not be combined with last notification, this is yet to be decided and i am not contending anyone here regarding it.

Re: D U

Posted by nn, (2015-12-28 21:23:41)

Sir I hv'nt gone through the news which you are talking about in which chairman had said to conduct nails in feb/March.

Can you provide the link to it
Will be grateful.. TIA

Re: @ Mains

Posted by D.U., (2015-12-28 20:23:23)


There is lot of speculations going on but I want to clear few facts here:-

* There is surely talks about a new HCS batch but that is an entirely new exercise and that too without any tentative dates. So to confuse the ongoing process and that of new one is a common error committed by many out here.

* Secondly, it has also been proved that there has been rethinking about mains by govt, however now govt has been positive about it or else HPSC Chairman wouldn't have commented in newspaper about conduct of mains in Feb-March

Thus now its only a matter of time before they conduct mains..



Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-12-28 12:49:10)

today hpsc publish syllabus for naib tehsildar paper on the website...

hcs mains may b d next in queue

Re: truth

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-12-27 22:15:27)

Chutiye....puchli baar ka prelim hua nahi to ab is prelim ko cancel karwane ka sapna dekh rahe hai. Bhai ek seedhi seedhi baat sun lo legal angle se. Ye prelim cancel to ho nahi skta. ..koi basis nahi. And agar ye kar dete hai to only reason will be they don't need new recruits right now which means new notification won't come for another 3-4 years.

So apne sapne apne tak rakho. Mains candidates ko misguide mat karo and civil aspirants ko jhuthe sapne mat dikhao.

Re: New notification

Posted by Nn, (2015-12-27 17:29:46)

What rubbish

Agr mains hone hote to ho jate kb ke
New notification is on cards means these existed posts will include d new ones ie this process will start from afresh

Re: New Notification for HCS

Posted by ANONYMOUS, (2015-12-27 17:21:41)

New notification for HCS 2016 will be announced in Jan 2016 and prelims for this will be held in April 2016 to be followed by HCS 2014 Mains in May 2016 and HCS 2016 Mains in Aug 2016.

Re: HCS Mains

Posted by ANONYMOUS, (2015-12-27 17:17:07)

HCS mains exam will not be cancelled.
It will be conducted in May 2016 and not in feb or mar 2016


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-12-27 13:47:58)

To ye exam kab tak cancel hoga


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-12-25 16:11:26)

Kya reexam hone se system sudhar jyaga.yadi karwana hai to mains karao imandari se or fair interview conduct karodudh ka dudh or pani kavpani ho jyaga

Re: News box

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-12-24 21:57:05)

News to yehi hai Ki nayi notification aane wali hai and may be these posts will be combined with them. So eventually reexam is possible, And new exam will be conducted on schedule... May be khattar Govt will announce annual exam just like Punjab and UP, This is also under discussion.

PS: I have cleared pre and want exam to be conducted asap immaterial of last one to continue or reexam but atleast process should begin asap.


Posted by Nn, (2015-12-24 19:59:49)

Govt is in d favor of reconduct the hcs?!!!!


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-12-23 10:21:35)

Ye feb,march me exam ki khabar pakki hair kya. Jars explain kare

Re: hcs mains is a reality

Posted by vinod, (2015-12-21 14:53:38)

those who are disqualified for mains are just day dreaming of cancellation of pre..no body can undo it.no case in court..no hindi issue....and nothing is here to obstruct this mains.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-12-21 10:39:26)

well done Times of India!!! hpsc chairman is Manbir Singh Bhadana NOT Avtar Singh Bhadana


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-12-21 10:29:59)

so cancellation of mains is out of equation now...

Feb/MARCH/April me ho jaega.....

Re: Nearly 90% Questions(Directly & Indirectly) From Kushmanda IAS MAIN EXAM DISTANCE LEARNING STUDY MATERIAL In GS Paper I UPSC MAIN EXAM 2015

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-12-20 22:25:47)

Nearly 90% Questions(Directly & Indirectly) From Kushmanda IAS MAIN EXAM DISTANCE LEARNING STUDY MATERIAL In GS Paper I UPSC MAIN EXAM 2015

Re: Nearly 90% Questions(Directly & Indirectly) From Kushmanda IAS MAIN EXAM DISTANCE LEARNING STUDY MATERIAL In GS Paper I UPSC MAIN EXAM 2015

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-12-20 22:25:23)

Nearly 90% Questions(Directly & Indirectly) From Kushmanda IAS MAIN EXAM DISTANCE LEARNING STUDY MATERIAL In GS Paper I UPSC MAIN EXAM 2015


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-12-20 22:20:49)


Read last Para....


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-12-20 09:41:01)

No breakthrough yet

Re: HCS News in times of india

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-12-18 21:50:47)

Today there was news in Times of india newspaper about hcs. It mentioned that 16 months have passed and the current govt. is not conducting the mains exam after declaration of pre result in august last year. It mentioned that the pre exam was conducted by previous govt. and on being requested through RTI hpsc refused to divulge information about the reasons for delay. Although it said HPSC is active for other exams.

Re: hcs mains

Posted by vinod, (2015-12-14 18:46:09)

any concrete information regarding the hcs main? bjp workers should come forward to help us.is there any to bell the cat(khattar govt..hpsc)?

Re: Number sharing

Posted by DU, (2015-12-13 19:13:40)


Could you be more specific about the intended benefits in forming a community at what's app ?

Don't you think we have a community here to articulate our views.


Re: vikas

Posted by vikas, (2015-12-13 13:14:26)

my no. is 9814444460 nd my optional are
geo.and pub. adm.

Re: Wats App Group

Posted by Texan, (2015-12-13 02:44:37)

Sorry Guys...I was busy with UPSC Mains preparation...so could not post my number after suggesting to the affected students abt the same...My watsapp no is 9718998147...my optionals r history n pol sc.

Re: hmm

Posted by bestguy, (2015-12-13 00:15:33)

so what are u guys thinking...give up ur contact nos. here....starting from the one who suggested this idea...lets make it an accord before cop21 accord comes out!!

Re: HCS mains

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-12-11 10:46:34)

HCS Mains hongee????

cancel karna hota to kar hi deti govt long bak..............

batao yaar..


Posted by black, (2015-12-11 10:19:43)

Oh, I thought he is talking about hcs mains.

Re: @ black

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-12-11 10:10:58)

kale bhai UPSC ka mains


Posted by black, (2015-12-11 08:18:00)

DU bhai ....best of luck kisliye ?? Mains hone wala hai kya ?

Re: @ UPSC mains

Posted by D.U., (2015-12-10 20:42:22)


All the best for those appearing in mains...


Re: @HCS Mains

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-12-07 15:04:37)

yes.. how many of aspirants appearing in d exam are here

I am in for it make a watsapp group if required..


Posted by nn, (2015-12-07 12:52:42)

Exactly we shld be United to get atleast the exact view of what is happening and why they are delaying the current process..

I suggest make a collective representative in front of the govt!

Re: HPSC (Ex Mains)

Posted by Texan, (2015-12-07 12:43:15)

Friends i feel that the time has come for all of us who are appearing for the Mains to do something that attracts the attention of government and media towards the plight of the aspirants. By not holding the mains and not revealing the tentative scheduling of the examination HPSC is causing mental agony for the students. The government should make it clear whether it wants to hold the examination or not. At least in that case we can expect a fresh notification. But the spineless khachhar government doesn't have the spunks in their balls to take any action. This is reflection of what they are doing in the state as well. We all should come together and make a wats app group to atleast stay in touch and present a united front in front of the government. Vij is moving all over the state listening to the grievances of the citizens. We should ensure that this is projected to the government at various forums. yaad rakho dosto...maa bache ko doodh bhi tabhi pilati h jab bacha rota h....so i feel that the time has come for us to present our issue in front of the government and seek a solution.


Posted by nn, (2015-12-06 20:30:45)

This is high time now we hcs aspirants shld do something.. putting a query to cm window will help aur representing in front of cm on behalf of all hcs aspirants will answer wht is happening actually??
Friends I request you all kindly share wht shld be done... More than a year has been crossed since prelims
The delay itself poses doubts on intention of govt..


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-12-05 13:53:13)

hello friends .............yesterday i called hpsc and asked about the reason of delay in hcs mains process and tentative schedule if any, they said that we did not have exact information but exam shall have happen in near future. I know that phone attendant does not have knowledge of administrative decisions, but such attitude of hpsc is a cause of concern for all hardworking aspirants, there is huge communication gap . I request all friends who have genuine source to update us about the current process of hcs mains...........thanks.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-12-01 07:12:39)

good work mr. Or ms DU.keep on consoling victimised Hcs aspirants. Are appearing in cs mains exam

Re: @ info

Posted by DU, (2015-11-25 11:14:56)


Friends there is no news/update to share and hence there is little sharing of views on this platform. Please do keep in touch with your GS and optional in the time being. If and when the exams are announced everyone will study where only those who have covered it continuously will definitely have an edge.

So use this time productively, if someone says and it's probably true too that only push or pull get u somewhere in HCS then do understand there's a chance of fairness this time on account of new government and secondly unlike such ppl I can't leave everything to chance and will do all that is possible by studying more and taking my chances in exam. May be just may be I'll be rewarded by God....



Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-11-25 10:09:20)

The latest update is that new notification is definitely on the cards. Don't know anything about the current process.

Re: hcs

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-11-24 12:57:19)

any update on hcs exam???


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-11-23 09:46:40)

Lagta hai iss exam mai kisi ka interest nahi hai. Koi much bata hi nahi


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-11-20 15:23:44)

kya koi bhi info nahi hai mains exam ki , any one DU,VINOD ETC.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-11-17 11:53:56)

Lots of Engineering vacancies are advertised in today's newspaper. HPSC is not sleeping... they are still awake ... not sure why they don't do anything on HCS front

Re: @du/others......

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-11-16 15:14:26)

will they conduct HCS mains now or in future..

seriously doubt abt d intentions now...........

Re: @ Naib Teshildar FAKE

Posted by DU, (2015-11-16 15:02:47)

Hi guys

Yes it's right that this post of exam date is not posted by me. It's some rumour monger who wants to elicit response by posting such fictitious news.

I condemn such kind of act as its not a funny thing to play with emotions of candidates. It's not only immoral but also have huge implications as many ppl have to take leave or plan out preparations for exams.

So I request not to indulge in such rumour mongering as it couldn't be real input or else the person responsible has not taken up my name and could have posted otherwise.

Till now there is no confirmed report of Naib Teshildar Exam as it has generated lot of problems for HPSC as it's said huge applications came up for 75 seats creating logistics problems.

Moreover there has to be some announcement about scheme of exam and syllabus of the exam before giving date of exam. So no date as such which could only come after being preceded by syllabus and scheme of exam.


Re: Naib tesildar free mock paper download

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-11-16 13:09:32)

link :

Re: Naib tesildar free mock paper download

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-11-16 13:09:01)

link :

Re: Fake

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-11-16 10:50:02)

Its not DU who said that exam is on 7 Feb

Re: Naib Tehsildar

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-11-15 19:59:51)

@DU 7 Feb ki news ka source kon hai. Is it confirmed?

Re: nt

Posted by du, (2015-11-15 18:51:01)

Naib tehsildar on 7 Feb conform


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-11-12 14:14:27)

no exam..... That is why we need sm istitution to complain about govt inaction.........


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-11-11 22:21:57)

Happy Diwali kab aayegi ham logon ke....


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-11-09 21:00:32)


Re: Hcs mains

Posted by Hcs mains, (2015-11-07 19:55:02)

Bhai logo hcs mains hogi ya nahi .Govt.par dab dalo
hpsc par dharna pardarshan karo to he hcs mains hogi

Re: Naib Tehsildar exam

Posted by Rak, (2015-11-07 13:27:54)

Any date of when naib tehsildar will be conducted

Re: the country of judges :D

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-11-06 00:31:17)

all judges but whose action will they judge if exe not appointed :D


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-11-05 16:09:43)

No idea regarding hcs exe mains but new hcs jb vacancies are in pipeline,likely to be notified by march 16


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-11-05 07:51:25)

any updates...?


Posted by sd, (2015-10-31 14:55:05)

prediction bhi vahi ho shakti hai jahan koi,pattern ho,rule ho, ya koi system ho,yahan par sabhi permutation, combinatuon fail hain. Only god knows when the mains will happen


Posted by sd, (2015-10-31 14:53:57)

prediction bhi vahi ho shakti hai jahan koi,pattern ho,rule ho, ya koi system ho,yahan par sabhi permutation, combinatuon fail hain. Only god knows when the mains will happen


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-10-28 21:30:36)

Thodi bahut halchal hue thi... fir se sannata