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Re: mains

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-22 23:16:21)

Form dispatch karne se phele hpsc notification aayega site par ... Mains ki koi tentative date nahi hai abhi tak .. Mains may be in DEC or in next year .. Everything will depend on new government...

Re: @forms

Posted by DU, (2014-09-22 22:53:33)

That's a positive development that at least forms are dispatched.... But does anyone know about probable window of mains- Nov or Dec ??

And yes there will not be any notice on website as last time also there was no such notice regarding dispatch of forms. Please don't believe HPSC to be so proactive and transparent that they will be so informative. What ever transparency we have seen till now in HPSC is because of coercion of courts....


Re: forms

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-22 20:49:45)

site pe to koi notification nhi h..how do u know??


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-22 17:24:52)

HCS mains application forms despatched today.....Will reach your home guys...last date of submission is 15 october...gud luck

Re: New HSC Post Advertised

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-20 14:51:01)

These post are of H.C.S (Judicial Branch) which are readvertised on 18-09-2014

Re: New HSC Post Advertised

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-20 14:46:56)

119 New HCS Post Advertised by HPSC ON 20-09-2014. Last Date to apply on line is 18Oct 2014


Posted by wackytobbacoplanter, (2014-09-20 06:52:09)

The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men.

If you think you are doing a good job,dont let anyone tell you any different.

Be modest.

I'd love to sit here and debate but i gotta milk the bloody buffalo now.


Re: @ trolling

Posted by D.U., (2014-09-19 21:43:03)

I enjoyed your bit of self righteous approach and a sense of revolutionary zeal to lead the downtrodden but I must highlight there is logical positivism in my most comments..

I won't deny there is bit of sarcasm in my recent comments and I also agree that u have every right to express your views no matter if they smack of obnoxious and outright absurdity like your concept of 'spatial approach in appointments' which any thinking person can reject without any serious thought, as per your "original" concept of 'GEOPOTISM' anyone who is even from opposition party will get a job even if he is from a specific region!!!!!! Its a good joke though clothed in layers of intellectually sounding words.

However as i mentioned earlier still its your right to air your views even after admittance that u r disturbed person. And hence most welcome to comment.

And now coming to a personal topic as u have mentioned u have read my earlier posts, which u have not i am certain, then u must have known I don't need to fill these forms of tax inspectors and so on...

Now coming to your comments on utility of this site and so on. Please clear it, of which u are not aware, and that is manifested here, HPSC doesn't conduct TAX INSPECTOR exam....

And yes if you feel that your disguised threat of using haryanavi or xyz other language will be of some effect than I must tell u dear I am also well versed with Haryanavi and u will receive a befitting reply.....(If u must try)

However if you are a candidate for Naib tehsildar or Tax Inspector (or closely related) and genuinely hurt by my sarcasm than I must assure that I had not a bit of intention to ridicule you or your close ones and it had been an inadvertent consequence.


Re: Trollling

Posted by FOR DU WITH LOVE, (2014-09-19 20:21:41)

Forgive me to troll the F out of this foroum of yours but 'DU' here just did it for me.
Why am i doing this,if you should ponder why,well because the last comment by our DU has all the traits of a self obnoxious prick written over it.He tries to downplay every other guy on here and i have been viewing his crap of a banter for past two years and believe me he isn't amusing as he think he is,hes a class a moron.He doesn't know sarcasm but tries to employ a lot but i think he should try irony cause thats what his life is going to be shit load of irony.

Now back to business,Is oynaukri.com the agency which is conducting Hcs and allied exam?,If no,then why are you posting all em comments on here asking and feeding other your shitty ideas.Its open to every query about hpsc in my humble opinion.

Its not a big fucken secret,whenever the main forms are going to be made available for peeps,they are going to send em to your respective addresses,you doofarse of a person.Thats why they ask for your address,so that they can communicate with you later on if you are successful in prelim.So,stop making a cliched spy flick of it.
BTW,DU's email id is wannabejamesbond@sircrapalot.com.


Whenever you google hpsc,google shows tis forum as well,as a result it receives a lot of hit from people trying to find out about different exam conducted by Hpsc or atleast shown on its site.Its quite relevant as their is no other forum of this sort.

If you can't be helpful,dont bore us with your stupidity.

As a matter of fact,your tip is helpful,NOT.As jobs in haryana aren't political party centric but region centric.If you belong from an area where 'CHAUDHAR'is you have an upper advantage over students from other areas even if they belong to ruling party.


Lastly,I have been building up tis anger about your rant for a long time back since 2012 and 2013 when hsc 2011 was conducted and you are still here,aren't yea?...High time you start filling up em tax inspector and naib tehisildar form..

Cause you can't always get what you want,you get what you deserve and need.

I suck at studies and yes i am a disturbed individual,so if you want to continue this,i'll love it as it will give me a motive to live and humiliate you even more.

And yes i can do this in haryanvi as well,believe me you wont like it one bit.not that you are going to enjoy abovesaid.

Jai Hind,Jai Haryana.

Re: amit

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-19 19:43:35)

d naib tehsildar exam wd be conducted before elections.. .
roll no wd be uploaded soon.. .
daf form will also be filled before elections , mains wd be some what near december , they havent decided on d dates yet.. .

Re: @ST

Posted by DU, (2014-09-19 12:04:02)

Thx ST for update and hopefully we will get to know more about it.

This is for all those gentleman who expects to know about other exams like Naib Teshildar or say tax inspector plz contact the respective conducting agencies as this is not forum which can help u out in this.

And it find it particularly hilarious that ppl are asking for an exam which is not even conducted by HPSC and most here are not even applying for that....

And yes one tip for clearing the exams in Haryana is this 'Do support the party which is about to come to power'. So hustle hustle get to work in coming elections.

Those who r unfortunate and not having relatives in fray should concentrate on their studies.

Re: Tax inspector exam

Posted by rana, (2014-09-19 09:22:27)

Yaaro koi pakka trick bta do crack this exam

Re: Tax inspector exam

Posted by Rana, (2014-09-19 09:18:49)

yaaro koi bata do ki tax inspector exam kab hoga


Posted by DP, (2014-09-18 20:23:27)

yar naib tehsildar ka exam kab hoga.anybody having any info?


Posted by DP, (2014-09-18 20:22:08)

yar naib tehsildar ka exam kab hoga.anybody having any info?

Re: @DU

Posted by ST, (2014-09-18 15:56:01)

Called on that no.
the person said,they will issue some application form(DAF) and the form will be dispatched within a week.we have to fill that form and post to hpsc and a month will be given.
i asked him regarding the mains date,he replied that mains may be in 1st week of december

Re: Contact details

Posted by DU, (2014-09-17 20:52:46)

Hi frds

All those who r writing HCS mains should call and inquire about it's schedule directly from horse's mouth i.e. HPSC. I am providing details of concerned person here. But plz share what ever u get to know about mains schedule.

Extension no. Of Examination Branch dealing with HCS Exe is 131 and clerk dealing with it is Mr Bhupinder Kumar. So after dialling the number ask for this person and seek info from him. Last time he told that process to dispatch mains form is to be undertaken soon.



Posted by ST, (2014-09-15 13:09:52)

24th nov ya dec?
plz clarify.
official notification kab aayega?


Posted by HCS Cracker, (2014-09-14 20:43:34)

24th December or November. As per my source it will be in November.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-14 18:09:05)

mains exam may be held around 24 december..internal source. keep on prep with full throttle.. All the best to my fellow competitors.. :D :)

Re: sarkari naukri

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-12 16:09:58)

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Re: mains

Posted by ST, (2014-09-11 00:24:58)

bhai logo any news regarding mains?

Re: Welcome

Posted by DU, (2014-09-09 21:08:49)

It's nice to hear from u Micks after a long time.

Anyway if it's true that HPSC might want to rush for Oct deadline for it's Secretary's retirement deadline then it has to issue mains form soon otherwise it can't be done as submittion period is usually 20-30 days as last time. Hence of we dont start receiving the forms soon then it has to be postponed. There is no other issue this time as we can see only one school is required as 820 candidates will appear in mains.

Yet we have to wait and watch.... Otherwise our frd Sid (the one who told abt pre result) can tell us something new.

Whatever it is I am signing off for a long period as have certain pressing issues on other front. If any new news is there than plz let all know about it.


Re: hcs

Posted by ppp, (2014-09-09 14:07:59)

any news..???

Re: Re Mains

Posted by Micks, (2014-09-08 19:17:14)

Hi all!!
Just wanted to make an important observation for DU here that the secretary hpsc is due to retire in october so it is likely that the commission might want to get the mains conducted while he is in service.
I am on this blog after a long time. Really missing comments of AKS, RAO, DIVA....Maybe they all got selected. All the best to all.

Re: mains

Posted by D.U., (2014-09-08 16:52:02)

As per the new update given by our friend here who correctly told about PT it is clear now that HCS mains exam is at least two months away. As per him if they are going to send mains form offline in 15-20 days then it will certainly take more than one month to submit the same due to time to be given to working personnel.

So safely it can be predicted that mains could happen only after mid nov. and this also pose a problem as it might be so that mischieviously HPSC can keep mains in close vicinity of UPSC mains in DEC to deter UPSC aspirants.

Though they can't coincide with UPSC mains but still in case of close proximity of the same the IAS aspirants are to suffer. As HPSC acted smart this time and coincided HCS PT with UP PCS Pt and RBI Grade two.

However I am saying this only on possible scenario of so happening and it is not based on any info or inside story.

What is your take on this ?? Plz share

Re: stay

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-08 09:42:11)

thnx DU now i read it carefully...got the point...

Re: sequence of preference

Posted by actual preference list, (2014-09-08 03:10:32)

hahaha hcs 2014 bhai aisa hi tera selection hua hoga jaisi bhai teri preference list hai. assistan registrar naib tehsilder ke niche aata hai selection merit me or aeto bdo assistant registrer se niche


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-07 22:36:43)

Hey guys still no news about exact date of HCS Mains but Mains details application form will be mailed to us after 15-20 days that much I know....anyway i m not spreading rumours as I m that same guy who intimated about pt results as u can check with my ip...Also thanks to DU and others for informing abt cutoff marks abt HCS mains

If any of u guys,especially DU and HCS 2014, are preparing for UPSC mains exam in December in Delhi we can get in touch via email as its not safe to share phone number here....my email id is sid200.singh@gmail.com .I m expecting arnd 260-270 marks in UPSC prelims and got geography as optionals in both HCS and Civil services mains exam

Re: Newspaper report

Posted by DU, (2014-09-07 22:35:34)

If u read this news u will come come to know that what u r saying is not order of court. This infact is demand of petitioner that it SHOULD be done but court didn't give this order.

Please read this :- http://epaper.jagran.com/ePaperArticle/05-sep-2014-edition-Kaithal-page_5-5043-2894-170.html

See for yourself and share your views

Re: stay

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-07 22:24:53)

link for jagran newspaper 5 sep 2014 page no.5...

Re: @

Posted by HCS 2014, (2014-09-07 21:24:08)

Dear brother i am not talking about the series give by the HPSC prospectus....i am talking about general prefrence list....in my opinion Asst registrar is filled below DFSC,BDO,DFSO,AETO, .......last time mera tau yahi sequence tha. i think its a lower post than the above stated.its strictly my opinion.dont know about the real situation.that can be cleared by the guy selected as assistant registrar who is active in this forum.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-07 20:55:21)

Mr. HCS2014 assistant registrar comes jsr nxt to tehsildar. Plz chk prospcts n aeto; bdpo; dfso comes after this so between 452 n 456 only tehsildars n AR selctd.

Re: Thx

Posted by DU, (2014-09-07 20:31:05)

Thx for your wishes. However I am sorry I am not on Facebook as i look at it as an unnecessary nuisance while i am in student phase. But thx anyway for your offer regarding adding on Facebook I appreciate it.

CWP-17139-2014 case no. Of this new case try out at case status of Punjab and Haryana high court website.

In recent order link U will witness no such orders by court. However if there is any order of court of such nature then please tell us source if any. Any sort of grapevine or private chit chat with hon. Justice in his chamber is not be trusted.

And if any report of an unaware journalist or a politically motivated story implanting in view of coming assembly elections are to be view sympathetically.



Posted by HCS 2014, (2014-09-07 19:57:16)

kon si news mein aaya hai stay ke baare mein


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-07 19:56:14)

Mr. DU if u r on facebook tell me ur id n moreover bst of luck for ur mains hope u bcme nxt HCS.

Re: @ cut off

Posted by DU, (2014-09-07 19:49:22)

Yes it's true that last time 456 got Teshildar even one of my know has got it at this score. But I don't know about cut off for Teshildar and other posts.

Asst Registrar Saab thx for sharing your experience and view points on your job profile. It is an indeed an honest opinion. Best wishes for your career in case u continue with your service and too in case if u r appearing again.

Could u please share your individual score in mains as it will be beneficial for all here.


Re: stay

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-07 19:47:15)

hcs 2014 process pe stay ho gya h kya...news me likha tha ki 28 oct tak kisi prakar ki prakriya par rok...mains nhi honge kya???????


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-07 18:04:17)

As i m under tainee so very less knw about jobprofile but its gud n office job n most imp u r d boss in district of ur office. Sorry tehsildar ji i dnt knw much about the cutoff. If u r on facebook snd me ur id .

Re: @assistan registrar

Posted by HCS 2014, (2014-09-07 17:35:48)

411 main +45 inteview mein. total 456.....last time Tehsildar mila tha mer ek known ko.
452 pe Asst. registrar.tau kya DFSC,AETO.DFSO,BDO sab in 4 marks ke andar simat gye......

You are selected in Last process then u must be knowing the cut off of individual service like SDm <DSP<ETO<etc ka final selection cutoff kitana tha...please share with us.........

Re: @Assistant Registrar

Posted by DU, (2014-09-07 16:58:43)

Hi how is your job profile ?? (Assistant Registrar)

And what are it's promotional avenues ??


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-07 12:38:44)

Sorry for late reply cutoff in last hcs slctn432. I got total 452 n got allied Assistant Registrar. Regards.

Re: @DU

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-07 07:23:52)

i know cut off...please re-read question i asked for what is final selection cut off...i thought it is cut off above which all get post...

Re: final score ?

Posted by Tiny, (2014-09-06 23:47:10)

guys does this final score of 432 include interview marks too? pls elaborate..

Re: Cut off means

Posted by DU, (2014-09-06 21:21:01)

Cut off means it is score of last selected candidate after calculating marks in written exam + interview score = cut off

Same is cutoff of mains = marks scored by last candidate who is called for interview.

That's cut off means in a competitive exam. I hope it is not something else from where u come.....

Re: cut off

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-06 19:43:59)

will u please explain what this final selection cut off means..any idea about topper marks???


Posted by HCS 2014, (2014-09-06 17:31:01)

Which allied post did u get on 432 score my fiend..i was stoppped at 425.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-06 15:14:14)

Cutoff for mains last time is 373 which gets call for interview. Final at 332 as i got allied last time i surely can say it. Thnx regards.

Re: Cut off

Posted by DU, (2014-09-06 13:35:04)

I think cut off for mains last time was 374-375 in this range. And final selection was at 432.

However I am not certain on these figures and hence open to any contrary fact.


P.S. What was/is outcome of that meeting of HPSC officials to decide future course of action for conducting mains ??


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-06 13:31:21)



Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-06 13:30:48)


Re: cut off

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-05 09:56:52)

what was mains cut off for interview last time???

Re: @socialist

Posted by DU, (2014-09-05 01:08:07)

I agree with your view point about Hindi medium students. They r indeed getting raw deal not only in HCS but also at CSAT.

It's pity that civil services reforms which led to genesis of Indian National Movt (civil service reforms was major demand of early political org like Indian association, moderate phase of Congress) are now being pushed aside and no one is serious enough to have a productive debate over so serious a matter.

One thing which I felt bad about these recent protests is this that many eminent personalities including ex- civil servants called these protests and uproar in parliament as "unnecessary politicisation". This is outrageous that in a democratic country even parliament should not discuss/question the civil service reform or structures related to it like UPSC. This is called 'blasphemy' against "holy/pious" UPSC and it's directions and acts should be accepted without question.

Pragmatic thing is to get into system and then change it. So pragmatic approach is this that we should focus on achievable goals. However on personal level I empathise with conditions of Hindi medium students in present scenario.

Re: DU SIR..

Posted by socialist, (2014-09-04 20:32:30)

thank you for your write in reply..sir, dont u think itis injustice to hindi medium students....? second in longer it has many socio-economic divdes..i value ur though balanced views on current issue of language..but also wish u see beyond this state by laws implications...

Re: Corrigendum

Posted by DU, (2014-09-04 19:33:19)

Please read socialist in place of sociologist in my earlier post


Re: @ ST and sociologist

Posted by DU, (2014-09-04 19:30:18)

Hi ST it's the link

Please try and understand Socio sir that it is not a mass tort or PIL neither it is non-compoundable offence where court can't allow petitioner to withdraw his/ her petition. Hence when the matter for which petitioner is challenging cease to exist then he withdrew from case. As Mr Amit Kumar has passed PT for which he challenged then it's not consequence to him.

Sir principle of locus standi applies in FR case too except few exceptions hence those whose rights r trampled by state/HPSC here, ppl like u should file individual petitions. Why should Amit Kumar fight your case as poor fellow already paid RS 2000 in fine.

Hence in nutshell u should approach court stating that your inalienable FR to equality is transgressed by HPSC hence they should be brought to justice and u should be given another shot at PT.

But nothing can't be sorted out at this blog mate and moreover I don't think so that there r many girls here to appreciate your knowledge of constitution and to share your enthusiasm and revolutionary spirit.

Disclaimer:- please don't take any offence and it's written in lighter vein.



Posted by socialist, (2014-09-04 19:16:15)


Re: @ST

Posted by DU, (2014-09-04 19:14:48)

Dear ST

It will be easy to understand that by looking at paper. 2012 mains GS paper is available online just google it. It will give u a perspective of paper otherwise it will be tough for me to explain.



Posted by ST, (2014-09-04 18:37:12)

CAN u plz tell me about the pattern of GS & optional paper?
like no of questions asked
any choices among the questions.

Re: @du

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-04 18:26:45)

please tell how much time they give for mains??

Re: Rashayan Vigyan

Posted by anonymous, (2014-09-04 18:15:23)

I think the Amit case is disposed off as he himself might have taken back step due to his selection in PT.

Re: New case

Posted by DU, (2014-09-04 18:09:38)

Don't worry about this new case as it is an ordinary matter which don't have any consequence because of following reasons:-

1. As this matter has been heard earlier and nothing substantial could be proved against HPSC in first one in fact it led to imposition of cost on petitioner. Hence this will be presumed to be just type of frivolous petition. It has been admitted because of reason that similar case was pending, if would have had come bit later like after today's decision it wouldn't have been admitted even.

2. Secondly if much importance would have been attached to it then it would have been put in urgent matters but it is put in ordinary matter unlike in Amit kumar's case. This is reason for such a long date 28th oct. Other wise within one month and one day almost 4-5 hearings took case in earlier case.

3. No stay what so ever is ordered by court and simply next date is given hence HPSC can and will go ahead with mains and then interview. As we have seen in previous case there has been no stay on declaration of result hence hpsc went ahead and declared result with out any hassle.

It is win win situation for both those cleared it and also for those who didn't. First group now should focus on their mains preparation with out any imminent danger. As I have stated earlier more matter is old lesser are chances of any drastic step like scrapping of PT ( provided it is not with a determined judge like seen in previous 2012 case).

For those who didn't clear, present situation is equally beneficial as they can also prepare for mains if they r confident of closeting PT next time by learning through weakness otherwise PT itself, hoping that it can might be scarped by court and they can get another chance.

All comments r welcome......

But plz let us know what is outcome of meeting of HPSC tomorrow regarding mains scheduling.....


Re: @du/others

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-04 17:53:46)

one case disposed off

one case pending??

what is dis confusion

@du throw sum light.......

Re: Rashayan Vigyan

Posted by anonymous, (2014-09-04 17:47:37)

It the similar case no. 17139 by Mr Neeraj and other, which has got next date of 28 oct 14 and is pending


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-04 17:43:14)

LINK www.kushmanda.com


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-04 17:42:19)

LINK www.kushmanda.com


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-04 17:27:40)

dispose of ke baad NOTICE ???????


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-04 17:26:13)

kaisa notice?????????


Posted by Anonymous, (2014-09-04 17:18:51)

high court ne notice issue kiya hpsc ko next hearing 28 oct. focus news haryana braking news

Re: @rao

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-04 16:53:18)

bhai RAo aap 2011 PT waale hi ho na

cut off 118 waale


Re: mains date @ DU

Posted by rao, (2014-09-04 16:52:02)

Dosto kal meeting hai hpsc valo ki mains exam k regarding to conduct exam ... Ki exam Oct m hoga ki nahi ... Due to election between 10-20 Oct .. I think it would be difficult to conduct exam in Oct .. All da best to all who got selected for mains..

Re: @DU

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-04 16:36:05)

ya case is disposed off

common sense prevailed..........

good luck for selected students.

Re: Case disposed

Posted by DU, (2014-09-04 16:10:15)


Case is disposed of but don't know what r specific orders of court. Most probably it is disposed of as i mentioned earlier.

Check high court website - case status CWP 15565 of 2014.

Mains is on so stay focused.....

Now someone should visit or call HPSC about tentative schedule or somebody with news on this.


Re: Rashayan Vigyan

Posted by anonymous, (2014-09-04 16:09:22)

Sir, with due regards I request to please recheck The Brochure of HCS (Executive Branch) & Allied Services Exam 2014 on Page 4, Notes 2, that the paper would be provided in Hindi, also.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-04 15:57:07)

HCS conduct rules 2008, its clearly mentioned PT will b in English only

in brochure it was for mains
only thing is the sentence was a bit ambiguous.

for paper in hindi,

student should pressurize HPSC for the next cycle of exam

but here student are in happy habit of moving to court

kuch hpsc aisa kuch yaha ke bacche aise..........

Re: Rashayan Vigyan

Posted by anonymous, (2014-09-04 15:52:19)

Important part is that HPSC mentioning in the brochure that papers will be provided in Hindi also.

It means mentioning in brochure was a mistake or not giving papers in Hindi was mistake.

If our PM is giving speech in Japan in Hindi, than why Haryana is avoiding papers in Hindi.In the end selected HCS will serve in Haryana have to use HIndi in day to day working


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-04 15:40:13)

and if a hindi medium student can clear then judge has a reason to end this bull shit and quash the writ....

Re: @DU

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-04 15:18:18)

so dat means the matter will b closed today only?????

Re: Breaking news on case

Posted by DU, (2014-09-04 14:58:10)

Matter has been postponed till evening. However petitioner has cleared the PT hence matter has become infructuous for him.

But as mentioned here that new petitioners have joined in petition who r unsuccessful in exam. So matter will be decided post lunch.

Any other update if any plz share

Re: Case

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-04 11:22:00)

It's listed on 117 slot in bench of Justice Tijender. It will come up before luch and hence status will be updated till 1-2 pm in software. It's pretty fast at Punjab and Haryana high court.

However in mean while same petitioner Amit Kumar has also filed another petition on 25th August. Along with him another petition is filled by some Rathi too in this same matter which has been clubbed with original one.

Most probably new date will be given so don't get too excited.


Re: @DU and others

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-04 10:17:43)

its 4th today

at what time the case is listed and in whose court


Re: geography

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-04 09:45:52)

thnx by the way...i liked ur true spirit..:)@DU

Re: pattern of hcs paper(gs and optional)

Posted by st, (2014-09-04 02:08:55)

CAN u plz tell me about the pattern of GS & optional paper?
like no of questions asked
any choices among the questions.

Re: geog

Posted by D.U., (2014-09-04 00:16:48)

Sorry boss I can't suggest any book for geog in particular.

It is so because I referred notes of senior my self and had been very selective in my approach regarding Geog paper in HCS, which led to this conundrum.

So you see that why I can't tell you much about geog and secondly I don't want to tender an advice about which I am not certain.

Moreover I don't wish to be pointed out with some asperity by someone more experienced here in this matter, hence I rescue myself.


Re: Book for public administration and sociology

Posted by Hcs cracker, (2014-09-03 23:40:55)

Please suggest me books for public administration and sociology for mains. Thank you

Re: geography

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-03 20:36:02)

hey DU...can u tell me which books to be reffered for geo in all and human and economic geo in particular???

Re: books of pub ad

Posted by D.U., (2014-09-03 14:13:33)

Hi for most of topics i refer my own notes, however one must read LAXMIKANT,PRASAD AND PRASAD, FADIA, Mohit bhattacharya....

Most of questions in HCS are from static portion of Pub Ad hence focus on these area more.


Re: @DU

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-03 13:09:53)

Modifying my previous message:

Could you please let me know which books you are following for HCS Mains(Pub ad)?

Re: @DU

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-03 13:08:00)

Could you please let me know which books you are following for HCS Mains?

Re: @md and socialist

Posted by D.U., (2014-09-02 21:49:41)

What revaluation u r talking about ??
HPSC has invited representations from all candidates and they even published answer key. This result is based on that. Most of public service commissions who indulge in publishing answer keys do practise this, as they also don't re-publish the changed key and finally come out with result eg Uttrakhand PSC.

However nothing can satisfy ppl who inherently despise HPSC mainly due to it's dubious past. They r also right in way but one should understand that transparency is there this time. If one question even this that HPSC might not have included their representation then there is no solution because court also can direct hpsc to do but can't sit and do it itself.

Ultimately when u sit for a competitive exam there is always a question of subjectivity even in UPSC for eg in 2012 mains pub ad was unnecessarily culled beyond redemption. Hence have faith in your ability and hope for best.

And yes 4th sept may not be final in that case as it might drag on. Yet if u r pinning all your hopes on quashing of PT and then retest then it may be, repeat may be but not certainly be far stretched hopes.....

By the way I have Pub Ad and Geog optional

Re: @md and socialist

Posted by D.U., (2014-09-02 21:49:40)

What revaluation u r talking about ??
HPSC has invited representations from all candidates and they even published answer key. This result is based on that. Most of public service commissions who indulge in publishing answer keys do practise this, as they also don't re-publish the changed key and finally come out with result eg Uttrakhand PSC.

However nothing can satisfy ppl who inherently despise HPSC mainly due to it's dubious past. They r also right in way but one should understand that transparency is there this time. If one question even this that HPSC might not have included their representation then there is no solution because court also can direct hpsc to do but can't sit and do it itself.

Ultimately when u sit for a competitive exam there is always a question of subjectivity even in UPSC for eg in 2012 mains pub ad was unnecessarily culled beyond redemption. Hence have faith in your ability and hope for best.

And yes 4th sept may not be final in that case as it might drag on. Yet if u r pinning all your hopes on quashing of PT and then retest then it may be, repeat may be but not certainly be far stretched hopes.....

By the way I have Pub Ad and Geog optional

Re: wait tll 4th sept.

Posted by socialist, (2014-09-02 20:49:51)

court will scrap the HPSC pre...to re-examine...

Re: pt

Posted by md, (2014-09-02 20:24:40)

do all of u think that pre result is fair..??
i mean are wrong questions given due justice ?
will cut off be re evaluated ?

Re: exam mains

Posted by ST, (2014-09-02 15:07:37)

if they give 1 month for filling and sending the hard copy of DAF.then i think mains will be in november 1st or 2nd week.
as today is 2nd sept if they starts from today itself then till 3 of oct.
i think main exams will be in nov 1stor 2n week.
and bro,whats ur optional subjects?

Re: @ST

Posted by D.U., (2014-09-02 14:54:48)

No clue about mains or form ..... Infact we may have to go for online filling of mains form and then we may have to submit hard copy like upsc.

Last time it came within a week and one month time was given as it was in hard copy and those who r working with in govt have to apply through proper channel where one copy going from superior officer to HQ and one copy directly to hpsc.

As mentioned few days back by our source here who told about PT result it can be presumed that mains may take place in second half of oct.

One thing to note is this that model code of conduct doesn't apply on HPSC at this stage until unless specifically told so by Election commission

Hence they can conduct exam as and when logistics allow them. There is also a little scope for post result litigation this time. Hence only two impediments for mains :-
1. Pending case on 4th sept
2. Availability and managing resources and schedule for conducting mains


Posted by ST, (2014-09-02 12:57:32)

@ DU
mains ke liye form bharna hoga kab tak aayega woh form?
expected dates for main exams?

Re: @ vicky

Posted by D.U., (2014-09-02 08:52:21)


My marks in last mains are neither inspiring nor co-related with my labour on preparation....

Re: @DU

Posted by vicky, (2014-09-01 22:12:19)

How much marks u got last time in mains?

Re: mains

Posted by D.U., (2014-09-01 20:32:18)

Hi one of our members has rightly predicted about result at least 5-6 hours ago, he/she wrote that it would come by 4 pm and indeed it came that very day.

So now I would like to ask anyone having insider news regarding mains schedule then please share...



Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-01 18:56:01)

anybody with zoology mains paper of last hcs pls upload