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Re: Jai

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-11-18 13:58:01)

Bhai tujhe jisko bhi salute maarni hai maar par ye rajasthan wale sdm bhai ko kyon kos rha hai?
Lagta hai tu yash hi hai;)

Re: @ SDM Rajasthan

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-11-18 13:40:15)

Bhai jalta to tu hai jo sachai accept karne mein problem ho rahi hai tujhe. DU team ne bahut pehle bataya tha ki top 10 mein se 7 k pas science optionals hain.
Aur Yash bhai to khud 380 geography aur 370 pub adm k combination mein se jo 5 candidates select huye the interview ke liye unmein se ek the. Ab tujhe rona, jhikna, bakwas karna jo bhi karna hai kar. Main to salute karta hu bhai DU team ko. Inhone ek bar bhi nahi kaha optionals bekar hain, inhone har bar yahi kaha ki system bekar hai. Baki Yash bhai ne to apni post mein yahi likha hai ki vo same optionals ke sath paper denge par koshish karenge ki scaling ho next time se. Kya galat likha unhone? I respect you Yash and du bhai.

Re: Jai

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-11-18 11:53:57)

Bhai teri humesha jalti hai jab koi team du etc ke baare mein kuch against kehta hai... Aisi kya malaai chatwaate hain ye log tujh se...
Agar kisi ko ulta seedha bologe toh dont expect ki woh banda retaliate nhi karega...
Ppl like yash etc r misguiding hardworking arts candidates so that they get discouraged and take some bullshit hard optional despite the toppers being from arts only. ..

Re: @ SDM Rajasthan

Posted by Jai, (2017-11-18 09:36:41)

Aap se Ganda SDM nhi hoga phir toh bhai. Using such filthy language does not suit an officer.

Re: hcs baba

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-11-17 22:47:49)

thanx bhai for giving information.
aur abusive langauge wale aage se ye sab band kr de ye sab.

Re: hcs baba

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-11-17 22:45:51)

bhai tu kyu blog chod raha h.ye du,yash nd eske opposite wale lge rahte h.ye 2-3 hi aise h.aur to sab theek h.
sab se request se aage se aise language use na kre plz

Re: Regarding Hcs Notification and NT exam

Posted by Hcs Baba, (2017-11-17 22:22:18)

Hello friends.. somebody posted about Naib exam. Its correct. Commssn is planning to conduct the exam in December end or January. Nothing final as of now. Nd for HCS again its govt which is creating problem. Commssn is still waiting for the clarification file from govt... When Commssn will get the file, they will notify in 10 days.. nd one more thing, leaving dis blog friends.. some people are really absurd and illiterate.. nd aspiring for such a high responsibility job. Good luck nd good bye doston!!

Re: Anonymous guest

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-11-17 22:14:01)

Saale tera baap sdm h rajasthan m aaya selection wala

Re: @ Yash

Posted by Jai, (2017-11-17 22:04:12)

Thank you so much Yash for exposing the truth for us.

Re: Saying Yash as chutiya addressed to that person

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-11-17 22:00:37)

Saala khud chutiya

Re: Saying Yash as chutiya addressed to that person

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-11-17 21:59:57)

N Bhai Tu likh k lele Tera Kachin na ho selection aur ho galti se ho bhi gaya toh tere neeche kaam karne wale bhi tujhe chutiya bolenge hahahahahahaha

Re: Saying Yash as chutiya addressed to that person

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-11-17 21:58:22)

Bhai tere se bada chutiya nhi h jo without thinking is using such abusive words lol.

Re: Industries extension officer...

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-11-17 21:12:05)

Bhai iska interview kab aega koi idea????n cutoff??? Kisi ko ho to pls bta do..

Re: @ haryanvi

Posted by Du ka dost, (2017-11-17 20:38:26)

68 m meri dv call hai EO m

Re: @haryanavi

Posted by Aditya, (2017-11-17 19:39:30)

Thanks brother..

Re: EO

Posted by haryanvi , (2017-11-17 19:15:52)

Accha nahi raha bhai je. ..umeed bhi nahi thi. ..65 theek the

Re: @ haryanvi

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-11-17 19:03:49)

EO ka kya raha bhai?? Kitne marks bane the??

Re: @ haryanvi

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-11-17 19:01:44)

EO ka kya raha bhai?? Kitne marks bane the??

Re: aditya

Posted by haryanvi , (2017-11-17 18:53:15)

There is technical and legal reason. ...candidates who filled farm of NT in 2013...and who have crossed the upper age limit now...how can hpsc exempt them from filling farms of hcs. ..and if hpsc let them fill farm only for NT. ....There will be more complex situation. ..rest you are intelligent enough to understand

Re: aditya

Posted by haryanvi , (2017-11-17 18:39:59)

Dear friend. ....that is for future NT appointments. ....already advertised will be filled through separate exam

Re: @haryanavi

Posted by Aditya, (2017-11-17 17:24:54)

Haryana cabinet approves to include post of Naib Tehsildar of revenue dept in HCS.
Chandigarh, Sep 13 (UNI) Haryana cabinet has given its approval to include the post of Naib Tehsildar of Revenue department in Haryana Civil Services (Executive Branch) and Allied Services and Other Service Common Examination.
This decision is taken in a meeting of state cabinet which met under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar here today
Read more at http://www.uniindia.com/haryana-cabinet-approves-to-include-post-of-naib-tehsildar-of-revenue-dept-in-hcs-and-asosc-examination/states/news/989260.html#FHlzdHqjIP2mZIFf.99

Re: Yash

Posted by Raseela Tau, (2017-11-17 15:41:16)

thanks brother for exposing reality to us. team DU is really a team of warriors.

Re: Yash

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-11-17 13:18:22)

Tu chutiya ho liya


Posted by Yash, (2017-11-17 12:56:36)

Now, it is also fishy that why they rnt showing answer copies to us?!!
Why they so deliberately wanted a stay on answer copies! Just think, agar ye stay sc laga deta to kitna draconian judgement hota ye!!
It might be possible that they had 2 examiners for any compulsory paper, so 2 signatures!!
And their whole case was based on that they had one examiner so moderation/scaling was not required!

Re: Regarding answer copies

Posted by Yash, (2017-11-17 12:50:12)

UU Lalit bench has dismissed hpsc's plea for giving stay on showing answer copies and directed them clearly that they have to show answer copies to the candidates who ask it through rti.
Although we all have sent rti earlier, but after getting this SC judgement, we again forwarded fresh rti with sc judgement copy but as expected they still denied showing our copies to us citing stupid grounds!
It is their tactic, they try to discourage you from moving further in all possible ways.
Well, after getting rti reply, the correct channel to be followed is file an application of first appeal to spio, hpsc. He will call you in person then, though they wont do anything and will try to take your signature on blank paper (please, donot sign it, though they say its attendance sheet and they will fill it later, still ask them to write first and then sign it)..
After that they will send a letter to ur address, the same reply which you got through rti that why your answer copy cant be shown to you..but if u signed the blank sheet unknowingly then most of the times they send a reply that u r satisfied with the reply spio, aspio given u in first appeal ..haha...all this process takes around 4-6 months. Almost 95% of candidates gets discouraged by this time and they think next notific is about to come and there is no point in pursuing this now!!
The rest 5% who decide to move on, then must write an application to sic (and not cic).
You will get a reply from sic for appearing in person within 30 days. And in sic, if your cause is just. You win.
Still, complying with orders of sic, you have to send reminders to hpsc, two reminders, then legal notice, sic notice to hpsc to comply with their orders else fine will be imposed. So, 1 genuine rti takes almost 9-10 months or a year to fruitify.
And this way they take advantage of situation, red tapism is rampant and we also sit idle and then motivate ourselves, start preparing for fresh term in hope that this time we will get through. Itna padhenge ki iss bar nahi rukenge !
Chalo paper dete hain, dete rehte hain !!


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-11-17 10:27:52)

In Asst Secy 241 out of 26000 cleared from morning session while 93 out of 26000 cleared from evening session . Evening question paper was difficult

Re: astt. secretary

Posted by haryanvi , (2017-11-17 10:18:12)

Mine is 150...general. ..hua nahi

Re: Executive officer

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-11-17 01:42:56)

Has anybody got selected in executive officer exam of hssc .pls share marks

Re: @Yash

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-11-16 22:19:58)

Yash what happened with the other case of HPSC not showing answer scripts? I had also filed rti appeal in CIC after being rejected by HPSC on frivolous stupid grounds, however i did not pursue that because nothing really happens anyway. What is going on with that case can you please tell?

Re: @haryanvi

Posted by Rohtaki, (2017-11-16 19:36:23)

thnks bhai

Re: @yash

Posted by third and final , (2017-11-16 18:58:00)


Re: rohataki

Posted by haryanvi , (2017-11-16 18:51:42)

Bhai je. ... recently hpsc aur hssc ke chairman aur secretary (plus recruitment cell superintendent & legal advisors ) ko CM office bulaya gya tha. ..4 days back. ..tab ye NT decision final hua plus thoda hssc ko jaldi karne ko kaha gya. ...December mai 3 Sunday police constable ke paper liye jaayenge. .3 shifts mai. ..NT is related to less voters but constable makes difference. ...commission is different but CM is same. ..hence. ...January mai NT ho jayega. ..

Re: @haryanvi

Posted by Rohtaki, (2017-11-16 18:41:32)

Arey bhai kab hoga NT exam?
Bhute dino baad darshan diye.

Re: No ladayi with anyone here

Posted by Yash, (2017-11-16 18:28:40)

And I am unemployed !

No more explanation to anyone. All the best to everyone and congratulations to those who are getting good results!

Re: Third and final

Posted by Yash, (2017-11-16 18:26:04)

Top 5 pub ad-
1) 94
2) 90
3) 89
4) 89
5) 87

Top 5 geography-
1) 102
2) 98
3) 97
4) 97
5) 93

Re: DT

Posted by haryanvi , (2017-11-16 18:18:01)

Bhai je. ..your selection is sure in TI too.....general DV cutoff is 78....that gives you massive advantage. .best of luck bro

Re: @haryanvi

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-11-16 18:16:06)

Very soon kab tak bhai?
Exam NT ka kis month hoga?

Re: @harvanvi

Posted by DT, (2017-11-16 18:02:57)

Thank you very much bhai for the information you shared!.. selected for DV for AS 80 gen

Re: @harvanvi

Posted by DT, (2017-11-16 18:02:53)

Thank you very much bhai for the information you shared!.. selected for DV for AS 80 gen

Re: NT

Posted by haryanvi , (2017-11-16 17:19:01)

NT not merged in hcs allied....very soon expect exam notification. ..by the way...anybody cleared for AS or FSI scrutiny if yes than score pls


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-11-16 12:13:46)




Re: Yash

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-11-16 12:01:16)

Yaar aap khud toh pub ad jaise best optionals se naukri leke baithe ho aur doosron ko gumraah karte ho... D U bhi arts optionals se hi officer bana hai.. Sab toppers pub ad leke bante hain.. Request u to stop this nonsense.. What r u gaining out of such misguiding of candidates?

Re: toppers

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-11-16 07:42:55)

Anupma malik and Isha kamboj also have pub ad optionals.

Re: @yash

Posted by third and final, (2017-11-16 06:39:57)

though it will not serve any purpose yet i want to know where i stand with 82 marks in geo while scoring 84 in pub ad. among the scorer of these subjects. pls tell if you have the list

Re: @case

Posted by third and final, (2017-11-16 06:26:27)

the case was for fundamental change and it was a genuine concern.in a exam where there are many different subjects of different nature intersubject parity should be there.it makes the examination more just and provide equal opportunity to all. it requires lot of homework on the part of commission. i have appeared in last three mains and despite very good effort in geography and pub ad couldn't got through


Posted by Yash, (2017-11-16 01:58:40)

How many seats were there in total? 55.. So even 9 students of maths, 20-30 students each from physics, law, zoology, botany makes a big difference!!
So, I am not misguiding. Apply ur own common sense!
None from 108 students of pol science and 310 students of pub ad were as good as 30 students of zoology or some students of punjabi lit??..oh come on!!
Its just that we got diluted judgement it doesnt prove that we are wrong!

I am third topper in pub ad myself n 6th topper in geography(yes i have list of first 5 candidates marks in both pub ad n geog as well through rti) and despite we won a diff case in sc in which uu lalit bench has scolded hpsc and directed them to show our answer copies to us, they arent showing us..!

I am not going to explain anything further here anymore. This forum is full of haters. This world would have been a happier place if people genuinely took time to understand each other instead of blame gaming and spreading hatred!
Having said that, i am nowhere against those who got selected..i am against the system which wont guarantee me equality even if i appear again with same optionals!!

Re: @misguide

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-11-16 00:15:45)

Noone is misguiding. This was answer for previous post on Punjabi and zoology. No need to get angry . Read pervious posts first.

Re: Recruitment

Posted by FEEJAPP, (2017-11-15 22:10:42)


Re: CSAT is good

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-11-15 20:44:37)

we are ok with csat counting

Re: csat qualifying

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-11-15 19:34:00)

brother and sister do some for making csat qualifying

Re: Plz dont misguide

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-11-15 17:49:05)

All the toppers r from pub ad.. That is why the subject is most popular choice.. When there r many takers for a subject, not everybody can top it..But it still remains the best subject for selection chancewise.. Plz dont misguide people


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-11-15 11:00:59)

How many people wrote with punjabi and zoology optional??
I think you got my point.

Number of candidates also decides lowest and highest.
Every 3rd person takes pub ad , pol science , sociology etc etc but no one can master these subjects thats why low marks in these subjects. Science and literatute subjects are always higer ,even in Upsc. So choose wisely. Blindly following the mob will cost you. Blaming any one in the end would't help in the end.

Re: Yash Bhai

Posted by Bgarh, (2017-11-14 14:34:15)

Yup same here...

I hope this case pave the way to fair exams in future!!

Keep preparing you will hit the nail in head this time.


Re: And yes

Posted by Yash, (2017-11-14 13:32:35)

We were not sharing our slp because we didnt want to show all our cards in public. Like, the cases whose refrence we would be giving and other documentary proofs.
Nowhere in slp it was written that give us appointment. Thats solely the discretion of sc. It is never written in slp. Our main prayer was to introduce some method of parity !!
Anyone can see the slp online in few days after order gets uploaded. Or we can fwd you.

So soulless guy relax..maligning and challenging anyone in public wasnt a good idea! We need not to prove ourselves to anyone. We just wanted justice! I hope this case pave the way to fair exams in future!!


Posted by Yash, (2017-11-14 13:20:53)

And we had SC previous judgements in our favor. Sab kuchh hote hue bhi aap socho judge sunn hi nahi raha hai..he was just listening to AAG Haryana, he is bluntly neglecting the facts. Yesterday, it was murder of justice!
Anyways, look at marklist, lowest of punjabi lit scored higher than highest of pub ad, pol science, civil engg, commerce, elect engg, english, agriculture and economics.

Lowest of zoology is 79 which is just 4 marks lower than highest of pol science.

Many conclusions can be drawn from this list.

But, all futile!!

Now we have to grab a copy of this judgement, prepare a representation asking hpsc to form a committee, ask for its opinion and adopt some parity method in future and if they donot adopt then again we have to move to the court. Aisa nahi kiya to dobara yehi sab hoga humanities optionals k sath kyuki paper checkers k stds to same hi honge hpsc k pass!! And then, some useless soulless guys will say, dekho dobara court chale gye appointment lene k liye, main inki appointment hone nahi dunga..bullshit!

All other sensible guys, believe, case had merit and we all did our best!


Re: Everyone

Posted by Yash, (2017-11-14 13:12:18)

Abhi yahan forum mein kisi ko nhi pata hai ki humara case kitna strong tha aur kitne khatarnak facts the. Hawa mein nahin tha..!
Sare subjects ke highest lowest ki marklist thi. Upsc ka jawab tha ki yes hum inter optional moderation krte hain jbki ye humare rules mein nhi h.
Exact words- inter optional and intra optional moderation is integral part of checking system in UPSC mains.

While, we had hpsc answr in written, that "there is no provision of inter optional, intra optional parity, moderation and scaling in hpsc rules"

Phir hpsc ne moderation kyu nahi kiya iska jawab ye nahi diya ki rules me nahi hai, ye diya ki required nahi tha because single examiner tha but scaling k liye kaha ki rules mein nahi hai.

Now some facts,

Highest marks- lowest marks
Pub ad- 94- 18

Pol science- 83- 08

History 104- 17

Geography 102- 05

Maths 135.5- 77.5

Physics- 122- 21

Law 125- 52

Zoology 120- 79

Botany 118- 47

Sociology 103- 29

English litt 87- 68

Hindi litt 107- 37

Punjabi litt 116-98

Agriculture 91.5- 51

Veterinary 105- 58

Economics 90- 15

Psychology 111- 25

Chemistry 108- 46.5

Civil engg 54- 54

Commerce 93- 18

Elect engg 46- 36

Mech engg 116- 72

Re: Bbgarh

Posted by Yash, (2017-11-14 12:57:37)

Sir, case future ke liye hi to tha!! It was never about ki bas humein laga do...scaling vagerah jaye bjaad me.. Any sensible person could think that such case stand no chance in any court
It was about adopting scaling, moderation and any other method of inter optional parity which hpsc seem appropriate. We also knew we had nil chances. Agar appointment pe stay hota to chances the!!
SC ne agar direction di hoti hpsc ko tab hoti na badi jeet. Abhi to sc ne hpsc ki sweet will pe chhod diya hai
And regarding hon'ble CJI, i am not tarnishing the post, i was talking about the person sitting on this post presently. And i need not to tarnish his image more bhai, his image is already tarnished. Read newspapers, he is the most corrupt judge taking bribery, pro govt attitude n what not.
And his rivalry with chalameshwar isnt hidden, there is very high probability that he disposed of our case just because slp was granted by chalameshwar!

Aur bhai maine to khud apni ankho se kal dekh liya! Ek bar sc jao, har advocate, har judge apko dilasa deta milega ki apka hard luck apko mishra ji ka court mila..even my father, my brother left hopes in morning when they came to know ki deepak mishra ji k samne laga hai matter!!

Re: Yash bhai

Posted by Bgarh, (2017-11-14 09:23:53)

Yash Bhai. You seems to be a reasonable person.

But i sincerely request you not to tarnish CJI.

Case apne against gaya to Judiciary ko blame na karo.
Ground mera rule mera and i am not out.

Waise bhi case sirf future ke liye hota to shayad jyada weightage hota argument mein.

2011 mein bhi to yahi hua tha. shayad case wale kuch select bhi hue the. Resign karo sare 2011 LAW AUR PA wale due to injustice to others.

I strongly feel this case of DU will pave the way for scaling in future but notification will be delayed for sure if HPSC thinks of scaling.

We all know how slow hpsc is.

Re: Team DU

Posted by Yash, (2017-11-14 08:05:31)

And now the last thing, team DU k DU is one of a kind, jahan bhi jaate hain sama baandh dete hain. And no one in the services presently and before is as good as him!
He hasnt forced us or threatened us to be a part of the struggle and fight which he dared to start!
It was our decision to be part of this fight!

We all are educated, adult and we have capabilities to take our own decision, no one can forcefully impose their decision on us!

Team DU and I personally thank you all for your genuine concern, for constant motivation, for asking queries and for keeping faith in us. We did our best!!

Re: Soulless

Posted by Yash, (2017-11-14 07:54:22)

U indeed are soul less liar person!
Tumne dispose off karwake dikhaya hai case?
You are a coward man, who had no guts to even face us !
In earlier stages when we were under impression that you are a good genuine person who want to help in the case, we contacted u on ur email and i even shared my no but u r so afraid that u didnt even contacted. And my God, here u r creating so much hatred and hype. What kind of person u r??!!

U dont even know what was happening throughout and what hpnd there..u hate spreading person!

Spill the good about people who were fighting for all of us otherwise dont speak at all. I was there yesterday,, i saw it all, it is not easy to see injustice happening infront of your eyes and to gulp it down the throat... Its our hard luck we got deepak mishra's bench, Chalameshwar sir would have washed hpsc away and thats why hpsc was avoiding his bench and they grabbed the opportunity as soon as case moved to cji's bench!

Aur DU team ke DU aur baki sab dhurrandaro jinhone apni marklist, money, effort, etc share kiye the, they DONT repent and have NO REGRET!
WE are happy that we fought with all our heart, we are happy that we brought some justice, we are happy that we did this !

Re: About case

Posted by Yash, (2017-11-14 07:39:01)

It was in front of cji Deepak Mishra, pro govt, corrupt man!
He was dismissing the case saying it holds no merit and i guess he has blocked mind, unable to understand what scaling is. Moreover he was repeatedly saying that process is over, appointments have already been done, there is no merit in the case. He wasnt even ready to listen...For him a candidate appearing from maths or physics is equal to one appearing from english or geography. Anyways, the petition got disposed off with ADVICE and not DIRECTION from supreme court that they should consult some expert body regarding method of parity to be adopted in future!
Now this has also come when our advocate repeatedly bringing it to cji's notice that all other public service commissions and upsc adopt some or other method of inter optional parity except haryana and J & K.

Bahut acha case tha, we had proofs in favor of us. HPSC's rtis, UPSC rtis. Highest lowest marks in all subjects, supreme court's own previous judgements.

He should have atleast directed HPSC strongly that they must adopt some method of parity instead of advising them. Still we got sth, now with this order copy, we will prepare a representation and serve it to hpsc and make sure they follow court's orders!


Posted by SOULless, (2017-11-14 03:22:00)

DU ab yaha na 6 maheene se aaya hai
Na aaega
Scaling ka kuch nahi hua
2 subject hai mains mai
Pre mai CSAT merit mai count hoga
Hopefully before 26th Jan./2018 notification bhi aajaegi

Jin dhurandharro ne marksheet share ki thi DU & team ko and jinhone paise diye the THEY SHOULD ASK THAT WHAT THEY (& HE) got from all this other than delayng the exam
baaki DU bhai (jo bhi hai) & JO BHI DEAL KARRI HAI usse bhi iss case ki trh dispose krke dikhaunga, all d best for d next HCS(exec), as nd when it comes

Baaki team DU mai bht frnds hai, bhotto ne paise khraab kiye hai, my condolences to them, NEXT TIME APNE AAP KO ILLOGICAL MOTIVES AND AIMS KE LIYE USE MAT HONE DENA

And in d end I will again like to ask, CASE EXPIDITE HUA THA,:- KYA BNA IN THE END??

kaha gya DU(SHAAG BHAI) in d end
Kaha gayab hogya jab se maine bakni shuri karri

Mains ke result tak to gyaan diya ki mehnat ka result hai
Final.mai nahi hua to time.khraab krne ke lie case krne chala gya
Than mahatma gandhi banke for d peoole ladne lag gya coz sab fudduo ne sb kuch shar ekiya paisa + marksheets & info


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-11-13 23:26:48)

Matter disposed off in SC.
No further hearing.
No order uploaded as yet.

Team DU plz share the details.

Re: DU case

Posted by Bgarh, (2017-11-13 20:37:01)

Du Bhai should share details.

Kya hua hai Bhai case mein.

Scaling ka?


Posted by SOULless, (2017-11-13 15:54:49)

DU case as expected:-
Disposed off, HPSC been asked to do reforms committe etc for parity among all candidates basically nothing


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-11-12 17:26:03)

Tomorrow du case is going to be heard in Supreme Court .It is listed on sc site.

Re: Pkm

Posted by PKM, (2017-11-11 16:10:58)

Bai JK I also qualify the exam assistant professor history exam

Re: Assistant prof hisyory

Posted by JK, (2017-11-11 12:30:13)

Ha bai pkm clear ho gaya hai .ap batao apna result

Re: Pkm

Posted by PKM, (2017-11-09 21:32:10)

Bai JK history assistant professor me clear h Ya Nahi and any other qualify the exam


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-11-09 10:06:16)

Any update regarding the notification


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-11-07 11:31:05)

I have heard aaj DU key scaling case ki sunwai hai SC mein.

Re: @Raseela Tau

Posted by Hcs Baba, (2017-11-04 22:05:47)

Bhai its totally on the govt... If they say it for two days period.. everything will be done in 24 hours.. but d govt is hardly interested in taking HCS.. dey r busy with police constables, clerks, teachers nd ol.. Hcs is not deir priority.. Rest can't assure u people.. but will update here, as i will get the updated information..
Regards to all.

Re: Hcs Baba

Posted by Raseela Tau, (2017-11-04 21:57:38)

thanks Baba..Bhai fir se depts requisition bhejenge to matter jan. tak jayega..nhi?

Re: @ Gopi

Posted by Hcs Baba, (2017-11-04 21:00:20)

Bhai ji maine toh de diya clarification jo mere pass tha.. Ab Khattar Saahb se dilvao jaldi. Taaki aage kuch dikhe hum berozgaaron ko bhi..

Re: Hcs Baba

Posted by hav.Gopi (chandrmukhi chautala), (2017-11-04 20:04:07)

Baba tussi great is the...thanks for clarification..

Re: Regarding Hcs Notification

Posted by Hcs Baba, (2017-11-04 15:44:57)

Jai ho Khattar Sarkar.. Requisition sent back by Commssn to Chief secretary office for some clarification on some reservation related matter.. Now again the same all tiring process of deptts and dere slow movement of file.. Commssn awaiting the requisition back.. as the Commssn will receive the clarification, it will notify in 10-15 days.. but the million dollar question is when govt will send the notice back to Commssn.. so again we have to wait till an unknown date. Dats the most updated info I can share with u people after finishing my mains.
Regards to all..

Re: same rona dhona in punjab

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-11-03 11:12:35)

Re: Age limit for pcs

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-10-29 01:10:06)

Upcoming pcs posts are 15000 and age limit is 18 to 91 years. And retirement age is 102 years

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-10-28 23:30:36)

100 for sc
100 for bc
100 balmiki sikh
1/2 for general

Posted by Mano Billi, (2017-10-28 22:51:09)

PCS advertisement is ready with 10000000 posts. Everyone be ready for becoming SDM, DSP


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-11-02 18:45:06)

टट्टी भी क्या ख़तरनाक चीज़ है । परंतु है बड़ी मज़ेदार । इसके निकलने का अहसास अपरंपार है । किंतु जब जब ये पिलपिली अवस्था में आए या कुछ मात्रा में निकलने से इंकार कर दे तो आत्यन्त दुःख की अनुभूति होती है । यह दुःख केवल शारीरिक हे नहीं बल्कि मानसिक भी होता है ।


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-11-02 13:38:42)

कमर दर्द तो नहीं होता, लेकिन पिछवाड़ा दर्द होता है। बाइक पर बैठे बैठे तशरीफ़ गर्म हो जाती है, तो बार बार उचक उचक कर हवा पास कराकर ठंडी करनी पड़ती है।


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-11-02 13:37:04)

500 रुपये का कमरा था। दूसरे कमरे में हरियाणा के कुछ दारूबाज टूरिस्ट ठहरे हुए थे जो बर्फ देखने यहां तक आये थे। वे असल में शिमला घूमने आये थे। वहां बर्फ नहीं मिली तो किसी ने उन्हें नारकण्डा भेज दिया। वहां बर्फ तो थी लेकिन उन्हें और ज्यादा चाहिये थी तो उन्हें सांगला भेज दिया गया। अब वे अपने को ठगा हुआ महसूस कर रहे थे और काफी तनावग्रस्त थे।
ऐसा ही होता है जब वास्तविकता से बिल्कुल अनजान लोग हिमाचल को बर्फ से ढका प्रदेश समझ बैठते हैं।

Re: Notification

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-11-01 22:21:42)

Itna khatarnak notification ayega ka ki Hum logan naya salwa bhi nahi manahe pawega....


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-11-01 21:37:34)

yar ye file jane wali bat kafi hud tak sahi lag rhi hai
hum apne fufa ko phone lgaye the aaj wo free the to humara phonewa uthaye aur bole ki aaram se new year mnawo tab tak hi aayega notification

Re: Notification

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-11-01 11:30:46)

bdi der kar di meharba aate aate...

Re: Hcs Notification

Posted by Chilambaaj, (2017-11-01 07:24:16)

ye aankhe yo hi pathra gyi ,sahil ki yaad me.....koi kambakht khabar to laye...


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-10-31 02:46:36)

Taxation ka result kahan hai?

Re: make new thread

Posted by Chilly pepper, (2017-10-30 19:32:03)

pls make new thread for other exams discussions both punjab and haryana related.

Re: DT

Posted by deshi CHILAM, (2017-10-30 18:45:37)

bro congrates for your double success. get more heights in life.Sorry bhai meri baat ka bura mat manna.


Posted by DT, (2017-10-30 17:04:27)

Ok bhai....

Re: its tea time friends

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-10-30 16:06:44)

पूछने लगा कि क्या लाऊं। चाय मंगा ली। आठ-नौ किलोमीटर पैदल चलकर आया था, बहुत थका हुआ था। दो-ढाई बजे से पहले उठने का मन नहीं था। जब चाय खतम हो गयी तभी मेरे

Re: DT and all friends

Posted by Deshi CHILAM, (2017-10-30 16:03:35)

bhai ye blog keval or keval Hcs and allied ke liye h...hssc ke liye aap alag se blog bna lo...pls sara kachra yaha mat dalo...hath jorta hu...

Re: @industries extension officer

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-10-30 15:55:07)


Re: @DT

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-10-30 14:49:12)

Bhai taxation ka toh confirm nahi but mandi 101 percent interview call hai. 80 kafi acha score hai. Food and assistant secretary agriculture vale m kitna score ban raha hai?? Jaldi hi achi job milegi dost. All the best

Re: Marks

Posted by DT, (2017-10-30 13:32:31)

Mandi supervisor 80 question
Taxation inspector 84 question
Without objection
Gen category
Patwari join kara diya lekin training start nahi karwai! hope will leave patwari

Re: @DT

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-10-30 09:25:16)

Dost kitne marks the according to key without objection??? Category??

Re: Taxation

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-10-30 09:09:32)

Congratulations bhai
Kitne marks the tumhare

Re: Taxation exam

Posted by DT, (2017-10-30 08:43:14)

Mera exam hua hai clear bhai both mandi supervisor and taxation.

Re: @taxation result

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-10-30 08:36:57)

Kisi Aam viyakti ka clear hua h taxation ka exam
Bhai Maine to taiyari karne walo se Sab se puch liya abhi tak ek bhi aisa Ni mila jiska pass hua ho

Bhai koi gadbad jhala to h zaroor


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-10-29 22:09:14)

bhai sarkar ka drama chal rha hai
no one is serious to put out notification
inke kaam karne ka speed hi itna slow hai ki requisition aane ke baad 3 week tak to uspe research hi karte rhe, agar problem thi to 2,3 din mein wapis bhej deni chahiye thi 3 week mein ni so u can guess ki ab kab aayegi
n yes i read somewhere someone was pointing ki hpsc has 10 peon 12 assistant 14 superitendent, bhai sab sarkari speed pe kaam karte hai koi priority ni hai inke liye notification nikalna na hi koi dead line hai , sab aaram se kaam karte hai , na ki private naukri type aur agar tere baap ka jugad hai to inko thoda danda karwa jaldi nikalne ke liye
ab kam se kam 1 mahine mein wapis aayegi file aur fir ye log research karenge 3 week aur fir tumhari kismat hui to new year tak shayad aa jaye
agar kissi ko notification late aane ya meri di hui information mein doubt hai to bhai khud pta karlo, TUM LOGON KI BAKWAS KA JWAB DENE KE LIYE MERE PASS TIME NI HAI


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-10-29 19:07:30)

HCS notification postponed. no notice before jan-feb


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-10-29 18:20:37)

sab bakwas karte hai is blog par

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