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Re: lambardara

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-11-12 16:10:27)

fer tu ki keha ??

Re: PCS-2009 Interview

Posted by Lambardar, (2014-11-12 16:01:41)

tusi yakeen nahi karonge 2009 di interview ch maithon ik swaal pucheya gya c

pindan wich Tobe, Chappad, Pond hone chahide aa ke nahi??

Re: @syana munda

Posted by Jang ju, (2014-11-12 15:57:02)

Hi Brother,
I (along with Wendy Doniger :P) cannot agree with you more on the Lack of Tolerance in our society these days. But Some problems are not best solved by directly confronting head on.

Lets take example of women going to work, wearing shorts and jeans. It was a slow transition and maximum society in urban areas has accepted that. Because that was linked somewhat to economic prosperity due to globalization and cultural amalgamation with west which was a requirement of globalization itself.
I may not be able to put my thoughts in my words but I will say that we must be pragmatic and not purely emotional when dealing with these issues. Today there is not even consensus among our women lot about wearing jeans or not forget about kissing.

These things cannot be tackled the way they are dealt with in the west... A dharna Pradarshan works when a vote-bank calls for it demands. And these young couples of our age who have lived only in urban quarters are hardly apprised of the struggle that exists in our society. We can't be so 'selfish' in taking up issues. Of course it is about democratic values but there is also mention of limits to right to freedom of expression in our constitution subject to public sensibilities.

In one line I would say - We must look at things in a holistic and pragmatic manner. Bookish Ideals perform differently in different societies when applied on ground realities..

And regarding Invasions... I mere took a mere simplistic mention as the debate was not about invasions. Right??
I wanted to convey that it took more than 1000 years of peace and stability to reach Khajuraho.

Islam surely spread through sufis but shots were called by Conservative Ulemas in the centre and their conservative diktats were enforced by royal soldiers. Any deviation was severely nipped at the bud. So I stand by my statement that orthodox Islamisation took us backwards.

Regarding catching up with the west. I would say that we must make development at our own suitable conditions rather than copying some western model. We should not be regretting to have a feeling of alienation from our roots at the end of the process. Even West has many ills and evils which we must guard against and this can be done when we do things in our Indian perspective.

Looking forward for a STRONG rebuttal ;)

Re: gustakhi maaf

Posted by Lambardar, (2014-11-12 15:53:31)

ik gall tusi note kiti jehre 22 punjabi ch gall kar rahe ne 1-2 gallan hi kehnde ne par sidha dil te lagdi aa gall tha karke.......jekar main interview lai reha hovan .
(vaise main layek nahi is gall de) main bda impress hovanga ehna diya gallan ton. jameen naal judiya hoyian gallan.

Re: interview, (2014-11-12 15:28:16) /

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-11-12 15:41:55)

bai NOTA dian vadh votes hon naal re-election nahin hundi,, isdi pushti EC ne kitti si kyunki ajehian kayee afvaahan udh rahiyan san....
---dooja --je mein dihadidar hovan te pher main kyun apna din maar ke vote paun jaavan
---teeja---compulsory voting ohna countries vich hai jinhan vich social capital ghat rahi hai,, kyunki lokan da interest hi nahin..Par Indian vich tan general electiona vich 70% ton taan hi votin rehndi hai...Eh jaroor hai ki local elections vich voting ghat hundi hai,,par lokan nu pata hai ki us vich vote paun da ki fayda--mc kol lehra koi power hai...


Posted by syana munda, (2014-11-12 15:38:08)

i DOn't think there is some provision of reelection if NOTA emerges a winner..EC website..so it is a damp squib..

And yes many mature democracies does have it..only 11 countries that have compulsory voting..but 160 odd countries dont have it..and if you genuinly believe in democracy(thats the reason why you are asking for compulsory voting}..majority wins

Re: interview- to sayana munda

Posted by interview, (2014-11-12 15:28:16)

good point @sayana munda- 1) we can see from many mature democracies like australia where they have compulsory voting.
2) if a person doest not want to vote anyone so he can just show up to vote and press NOTA anyway. because it percentage of NOTA is more than any other candidate votes than there is a provision of re election for than constituency. so dont you think that compulsory voting will empower people more to reject the shoddy candidates.
over to you sir

Re: @budbak

Posted by Jang ju, (2014-11-12 15:27:43)

Dear Budbak,

If you think that the word of our Supreme Court is infallible then please think again. I have utmost respect for our Honorable Supreme Court as an institution and hence I am extremely pained by the over-reach of the people manning those institutes. In present times there is hardly any matter in which Supreme Court Judges have not kept the final word with themselves ranging from Who should be eligible for Red-Beacon to even petty matters like Nursery Admissions. I agree that this is because Executive has left the space for Judiciary to take over the matters in their hands but there is a limit and Judges must restraint themselves from getting involved in Political matters or matters which can be best dealt-with at some other institutions.

The best gauge for testing the maturity in our society is not a Certificate from a Supreme Court Judge. The indicators like the crime against women and SC/ST, domestic violence, IMR, MMR, Child Sex Ratio..... And most importantly "Communal Riots".

Does anyone know about the most important cause for communal riots in India??
Let me put it bluntly here, It is Gender offence i.e. eve-teasing, molestation, elopement etc. Here most often the women is from majority community and guy is from a minority.

Hope this clears some air about the level of Maturity level of Indian Society.

Its the biggest mistake to not accept our faults. I am puzzled to see why our reverend Judges can't see these differences in our society when they deal with such cases on a daily basis.

Kissing is a personal thing my friends. But it's not a common thing or a public thing in most (read 99%) of India . I wonder how many of us have seen our parents kissing in front of us ever.
I am also against this Vishwa Hindu Parishad and other religious organisations doing moral policing and taking law in their hands.

Let us find a solution in between the two extremes and convince both extremists about the middle path(as mentioned by Gautam Buddha).

Why not start with transforming the society first. After all, as future bureaucrats we are expected to do that.


Re: interview

Posted by interview, (2014-11-12 15:23:21)

the best thing about democracy is that it is always moving and a cornucopia of ideas melt down to form a dominant public opinion in it. now coming to the idea of public kissing, it is a matter of personal suitability. but in this example it is being used as a tool for protest as like in the case of civil disobedience. now the question is that is this tool a relevant one in the context of social makeup which we come from or is it like a copying process from (west)hegemony? so concern is the tool being used here but not the idea itself, because i think that India is big hypocritical society where we a man will kiss in public but wont see his sister or mother doing the same.

Re: Compulsory Voting

Posted by Amli, (2014-11-12 15:17:58)

es mudde te mera sirf enna kehna aa Compulsory Voting de naal Right to reject v hona chahida as constitutional right.


Posted by syana munda, (2014-11-12 15:12:41)

after making voting compulsory by bjp in local elections..wat next??.conscription??..

I agree that its duties of citizen to go and elect their representatives..then their are so many other duties of citizen mentioned in fundamental duties..that too are not justiciable by law..democracy can be analysed on process and principles..compulsory voting constitutes an imp aspect of process but not of principle..accrding to me free will,liberty of making a choice and individual preference should be the halmark of democratic traditions..if state wants 100% voter turnout they should generate awareness, field clean politicians,facilitate citizens during elections, genuinely respect code of conduct and dont spread venom thru personal allegations and communal propaganda, they should command trust and not demand trust of the people..mandatory voting is they are demanding trust of citizen..and not commanding it..accrding to me mandatory voting smacks the belief that state ia self righteous..evwn our constitution makers did not include voting even as a fundamental duty..fundamental rights are justicable
.and that is against state..coz cnstituitin thinker thought of keeping citizen before the state..then there are many issues that would require compulsion from citizens, which are more important than voting,for instance population control like china..we tried it in 1970's and thus we failed at it miserably..we knew its against democratic principles..nota was brought by sc..extending choice for citizens..choice is wat our preamble says
it says we the people..have given this constitutions..so it suggests that we are the soveriegn and not state..thus we should choice too...if supposedly a person by shear conditions like being not well, an old citizen or in some other situation cannot make up to polling booth..he will be punished because he has breached a law..now exercising nota is also a choice ..so if you believe that nota does provide a citizen a choice to not to vote for anyone..he can still be at home inevitably exercising the same right..by asking a citizen to go and vote failing which youll be punished is whay if not surrender...

Re: syana munda

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-11-12 15:06:23)

Yes there are many other issues in the society where debates and discussions are needed..but as this issuue came up for discussion i tried to express a genuine opinion.and In our counrty problems are interrelated at various levels.kissing in public can be a genuine desire to make oneself more expressive ,it can be to suggest that we as a country respect democratic traditions.the whole protest was to confront the authorities and these self righteous outfits that they dnt represent the entire humanity and india to be specific."Kiss of love " protest according to me was dealing with issues of individual preference,tolerant attitude towards other preferences and attitudes,compassion about other people and change in the mindset..problems in india are humongous but the solution we tend to locate are discrete in nature ,there is the problem...if you are not part of solution you are part of problem..caste ,poverty ,women empowerment are all interrelated.just imagine a women who belongs to a lower caste and class will be more mariganilized then the one who has one less disability like this one..ultimately i told you its about the battle of ideas and mindset.that we need to fight upon..i know practicalites suggest something else ..but wat im trying to do here is to move a discource which suggest progressive ideas..we have no time to wait as americans and other guys did..we cant be patient ..world is moving fast and we need to keep up with them..the nature of revisting older traditions is to keep these guys informed that traditions speak a completely different language that what they thought of them to be speaking..One more objection I have ..that we were mature and then invaders came and took the good sense of ours. Its not that we were invaded just after the 1000 ad with the advent of muslims in India.we are always a country of invaders ..only tribals of andman and nilgiris are original inhabitants ,Aryans kushans ..all were invaders. Islam spread into Indian masses not through rulers but through sufi saints. .who taught the values of tolerance and compassion…but they are not known to many people.We always toe the line of hatred..aurangzeb destroyed this ,gazni destroyed that ,babur built this etc…even today if you read newspaper its always the language of hatred. The selling point is only hatred..we should inherit habbit of cultivating and inculcating the language of love.. .

Re: What the fuss?

Posted by budbak, (2014-11-12 14:46:15)

WTF is wrong in kissing in public?

Recent SC judgement call for tolerance:
Indian society is mature enough to distinguish between art and obscenity, the Supreme Court said while dismissing a petition seeking a ban on the release of Aamir Khan starrer 'PK' for promoting nudity.
“This is fiction, a matter of art. Don't try to bring religious facets into works of fiction and art. You must have tolerance,” the Chief Justice

Re: Result much delayed

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-11-12 14:27:32)

Dear friends, I have just called PPSC. They have told me that result will be out next month (mid December). PPSC need to be more responsible. They can not act as a burden on State Exchequer. They are provided with large Bungalows, cars and other facilities. But they still didn't work. UPSC have perfect time tables much in advance, but PPSC have only excuses.

Re: TO Lambardar

Posted by Darubaz, (2014-11-12 13:38:14)

Lambardara for views study the views of others, read them extol them and in end of day Drink Beer.

Re: sab ne bahut sohna keha, hun lagdai eh future PCSs da blog aa

Posted by Balunda, (2014-11-12 13:01:35)

balle o amaliya tere naam to nhi si lag da v tu enni takdi soch rakhda. sare veeran ne bahut sahi keha par teri gall mainu sab ton jyada jachi. shayed is karke ki eh meri maa boli ch c.

Re: omission

Posted by Lambardar, (2014-11-12 12:49:17)

Jang ju 22 da naam likhna reh gya c

Re: to amli, interview and syana banda

Posted by Lambardar, (2014-11-12 12:46:55)

God bless you guys. Atleast tusi koi view tan rakhde ho. Believe me guys its not a little thing to express even a small view on particular thing. It needs intellectual level and solid words to express views. Mere ton nahi hunda hale. But u guys done a grt job .


Posted by Amli, (2014-11-12 12:35:11)

bai ji masla eh ni haiga vich bazar de shareyam ik duje nu chummi dena bharti sabhyata nu satt marda ya nahi.....asli masla eh hai ke asi dimagi tor ta kis padhar te pahunche aa? Mainu ni lagda bharat da padheya likhya youth sirf tharkpune ch aake te sirf dikhave lyi ik duje nu shareyam jaffian ya chummian lainda firda hai. Eh sirf ik satt ya byanng hai os vichardhara te jehri kite dikhayi nahi de rahi par sanu andron andron ghun waang lagi hoyi aa. Asi mar mar ke jeone aa. Koi v kamm karna hove sou vaari sochde aa pta nahi yaar lok ki kehnge. So Kiss of love nu sirf ik tharkpuna bhoran aali gall de tor te nahi dekhna chahida.

Re: @syana munda

Posted by Jang ju, (2014-11-12 12:21:38)

Hi Dude,

I respect your views and agree on many accounts. But I want to let you know that Individuals have to give some personal freedoms/benefits when we decide to live as a community and these freedoms depend on different societies depending on their history, culture, economy etc.
You must be knowing my friend how difficult has been for us Indians to come this far, united, after independence. How many fault lines mar our society. People don't agree on small little things like language, food, dress etc. How many people do you think are college pass-outs in our country. The things which you are saying need at least that level of maturity.
The sensibilities which you are talking were not present even in the west from day 1. They have graduated to that level of maturity. India in 10th century had, no doubt, one of the most mature levels of people in the whole world and thus Kamasutra, Khajuraho et al. Then came the invaders and took our good sense.
You must appreciate that we are moving ahead in a step by step fashion. All these things which you are talking about are linked to empowerment of women and their status of equality in the society. The western women was liberated only after 1st world war. Surely we don't need another world war but a world level mental-revolution.
I ask you a question, and kindly respond to it very openly without taking any contempt.
Can you see your sister kissing and making love to her boyfriend in front of you and your family. Or can you do it with your girlfriend in front of them.

So this is the basic question. We (general junta and not elites) have not acquired those levels of mental faculties. We still have Abuses in the name of Mother & Sister. We can't do things which are seen as hostile by our society and which have potential to vitiate the peace and harmony in our society.

Surely things are changing for good with the advent of internet and people will understand all those sensibilities. But first thing first. Kiss is not the first thing in our priority of social development by any account. Many social evils like Caste, Religious extremism, Women status, Poverty etc. top the list. We must all synergize our efforts in quelling these evil first and not waste them on something like fighting for right to kiss in public, which will be a side-benefit of removing above mentioned evils from the society.

As far as the so called 'Thekedars of Culture' are concerned, they are a product of our own society. As our society will change, they will change too. Probably internet will wash & wipe them away in few years.

Re: Interview

Posted by Interview, (2014-11-12 12:13:52)

what are peoples views on Gujrat assembly's decision to make voting compulsory in local body polls? does it carry any weight for future of democratic reforms? and how about implementing to general state and national elections?

Re: to syana munda- interview

Posted by interview, (2014-11-12 12:08:58)

to @syana munda - i think that in democracy every person has a right to choose what is right and wrong for her/him. but when we talk about the liberties and rights we need to analyse that it shud not effect the rights of others. obviously we have a diverse and tolerant society but our youth in a garb to attain its rights is diverging from the more serious issues like education reforms, training reforms and reservation reforms which otherwise have become the cynosure only for the discussions on social media. like you said that we have a tolerant society and also our history shows that we embrace the goods of others very finely but in this case i think its the opposite. public display of love is not a good way to practice your right to protest. though very rightly it will attract the attention but in long term it will attract social confusion.

Re: senior assistant

Posted by Amli, (2014-11-12 11:54:34)

thode kar ke tan saadi maithi maari gyi bai


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-11-12 11:29:06)

ki gall ho gayi hai yaar....

eh result kyon nahi kadd rahe.......

mai kal phone kita c , menu kehnde hale kujh nahi pta......

but this should not be the response.

TO -- uncle pcs and hukum singh --- tusi v kujh share karo yaar..

mainu taan lagda hai jiss taran ehna ne sr. assitants da result declare nahi kita.....kithe usi taran sade naal v na kar den.....

they should post on their site about the declaration of result....

they are just wasting precious time of all aspirants.........


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-11-12 11:11:35)

Phone kita si 01755014847 te
pcs mains da result kadon aauga
reply si-is mahine ghat hi chance ne

Re: syana munda

Posted by syana munda, (2014-11-12 11:04:23)

Its ok to pee in public but not kiss in public ..i dont see moral grounds for the same on which it has been held idiosyncratic..history of india is replete with instances of public display of affection..we love to in fact publicize art of love making..khajuraho temples and vatsyayana's kamasutra is a testimony to the fact..i don't know from where these moral indictments come from where the state holds itself absolutely self righteous in governing individual's moral choices..if two people are kissing in public why this hue and cry...police in india cannot stop rapes in public places but yes they certainly have this duty of preventing two consensual adults from kissing each other.. supreme court of india has time and again asserted that idea of india is nothing but its diversity and tolerance ..but the harbingers of intolerance reign high on indian soil...21st century india looks for new moral choices and wants certainly to break from past traditions...its all about human rights yes it is..new theories have to be reinforced through example setting,if we really want to be superpower in the 21 st century..we need to leaders in ideas and for acquiring that ..we need to be people of free thinking and tolerant human beings.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-11-12 11:00:16)







Re: dhan jigra senior assistant etc..... walean da

Posted by Balungda, (2014-11-12 09:43:55)

25 june 2014 ton baad koi updates ni....kadh lo moot cho machi

Re: Lao Bai Asli News

Posted by Beer Pk Geo te Paani Ghatt Peo, (2014-11-12 07:13:04)

Veerji Beer News di androoni khabar...... Result December vich aavega ...... reason koi vi hove par asal gall eh hai ki haale Biotech da raula nahin nibrya......negotiations ton baad maamla sulajhya hai....


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-11-11 19:08:22)

Result di false information spread karan valian nu duniya di sab ton gandiyaan galaan

Re: sr assistant exam

Posted by Koka, (2014-11-11 18:41:07)

result kado aau???


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-11-11 17:35:13)

jhooth bolan ta sare fail hi hon. ###### sadists.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-11-11 17:04:31)

kyon gappan mari ja rehan hai bai oye.....

hun taan har gal dil utte vajdi hai........

kehre no. te phone kita c........

Re: Result pcs main

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-11-11 16:57:24)

I called ppsc , they said wait for two hours result will be uploaded at 7 pm. Dsp physical test schdule will follow it


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-11-11 16:40:26)

hai kisse nu koi khabar result bare....

ya fer bus wait hi kari jayiye..........

Re: interview

Posted by interview, (2014-11-11 14:46:06)

Good point of view by syana munda.
Let us discuss another issue. Does the campaigns like #Kiss of Love' is in support of the human rights put the very human rights itself at a shaky ground?


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-11-11 13:52:59)

Min. Govt. Also mean -
Min. Govt. Interference in policy matters , smooth transaction of business, less corruption, no red tapism etc....

Re: to syana munda

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-11-11 13:52:14)

good to share ur views...

Re: syana munda

Posted by syana munda, (2014-11-11 13:33:00)

Minmum government does not mean having a slim council of minister..the eariler media version of minmm government was to keep council of minister smaller..minimum government means that stae should only play its role in areas where it is required to play..for instane promoting positive exteranlities and arresting negative externalities and should abstain from interfering in those areas where ultimately it causes increase in transaction cost,undue delay,red tapism,killing the anilmal spirits in the economy..minimum governemt means minimum bureacratic-business interface,it means minmium citizen bureacratic interference through medium like e governance e-democracy and e-citizen..it means a govenrment which should support civil society members to play an active role in governance and not hinder their valiant efforts..it involves less interference in terms of tax administraion..larger will be the council of minister..more work can be done through ministries to streamline the governmentas vision of minimium governement and maximum governance as all ministries need to trickle down this approach down at the bottom level..before this cabinet expansion one minister was handling more than one portfolio which was ineeficient as it hinders specialization and puts multiple responsibilites on minister..clogging him or her with extra work..now he will be in a better position to handle his ministry


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-11-11 10:37:16)

retire hon ton baad v taan political bande hi enter karne han ,,unhaan da ki karoge......


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-11-11 09:56:07)

o yaar koi pakki khabar daso ki result kyon declare nahi kar rahe.......

retirement vala issue nahi hone chahida....

Re: senior assistant

Posted by Amli, (2014-11-11 08:49:21)

senior assistant aale kithe gye. oye tusi v kadho koi sapp. kro pta v kdo denge result.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-11-10 23:47:16)

Sab paise da rola hai. Jithe paisa na hove politician vekhde vi nahi. Saare kejriwal nahi hunde. Aa ta hande hoye att de chor hun


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-11-10 23:43:27)

Sab paise da rola hai. Jithe paisa na hove politician vekhde vi nahi.

Re: Result will declared after retirement of mahal & sarin

Posted by Shewta Arora, (2014-11-10 21:02:24)

Two new members of ppsc will get their chair only after the retirement of said members. result will be declared but interview will start onlyafter 13 jan2015 . new members are very influential , they have their say ,rest all are arrangements. All should work together to decrease the interview marks, which are heaven for members

Re: good governance

Posted by interview, (2014-11-10 16:18:34)

66 ministers already in Govt. does it betrays the idea of minimum government, maximum governance? or the idea contains a different notion all together?


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-11-10 14:42:33)



Re: real news

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-11-10 13:51:46)

checking is over.
result within this month.
vadd ton vadd last week of nov.
this portal is largely misused ,,i wonder if ny1 of miscreants here get selected what would be the eventuality of already troubled state of punjab!!


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-11-10 13:35:47)

Kahdi rechecking kari ja rahe ne eh hun


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-11-10 12:59:12)

ppsc de office ja ke pata kita.
kehnde re-checking chal rahi hai
result december de vich hi auga


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-11-10 12:46:04)

mai baar baar ppsc phone kar reha haan,,,koi chukda hi nahi.......changa fuddu khichiya ppsc ne.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-11-10 12:18:32)

ki ho gya sareyan nu ajj

sare chup kyon baithe ho...


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-11-10 10:57:34)

yaar kyo tusi galat khabran de de ke gaalan khayi jane o....sharam kro madi-moti. hadh aa yaar janta di


Posted by abhi, (2014-11-10 10:17:40)

Mere valon sotta


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-11-10 10:09:39)

pehlan tan shukar wale de deo bund ch lakkad.......


Posted by abhi, (2014-11-10 10:06:18)

Any news friends


Posted by abhi, (2014-11-10 09:20:50)

Link bhej de bhrava

Re: shukar

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-11-10 09:09:05)

22ji link de do tan changa rahu

Re: News on online site

Posted by Rab da shukar, (2014-11-10 08:59:39)

Check on line newsper especially babushahi.com . you get it . Result is coming to you with leaps and bounds


Posted by abhi, (2014-11-10 08:34:27)

Rumour failan valeyan di bhej di ______

Re: fuddu khichna band kro

Posted by Fuffad Ji, (2014-11-10 08:11:55)

o mere saalea kehre newspaper ch aayi hai?


Posted by abhi, (2014-11-10 08:03:50)

Kehri akhbaar hai daso yaar

Re: news wale bhai

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-11-10 08:01:00)

kehde akhbaar wich aayi aa news??
main tribune te dainik bhaskar ta vekh leya..ya aiven hi gapp maar re o

Re: Result news in leading papers

Posted by Rab da shukar, (2014-11-10 07:32:10)

News regarding result in paper says result will be declared in two days positively.


Posted by tutde supne, (2014-11-10 06:53:26)

hun ta irritation hon lagg pyi hai.. ghar wale roz pooch de ne result ni aya.. bahut kuch stake te lgya hoya. but umeed din-b-din ghat ho rhi hai.. india vich lokan de tym and paise di government nu koi parvaah nahi.. its annoying

Re: result result result

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-11-10 01:55:11)

mitro hun ta lagda v result di udeek futile hi haigi..ik ta sala ethe har banda insider haiga..kuch genuine v haige par kise di news te hun bharosa nahi hunda..i hope ppsc wale cheti result kadd k syapa jeha mukaun..

Re: PCS Result

Posted by Uncle-PCS, (2014-11-09 20:45:15)

yaar jo sahi gal hai oh daso,altu di bakwas na karo. There is no political interference at present for PCS. There is smthing else for delay. Pata karao.

Re: pcs mains result

Posted by amitabh bachhan, (2014-11-09 20:00:03)

main da result 2015 ch aau. so jo rjai le ke

Re: ppsc

Posted by Aspirant, (2014-11-09 19:18:26)

Recently heard that badal saab made a couple of political appointments in ppsc.. Mr Bhander and his daughter in law.. A lawyer has challenged the grounds for their appointment in HC.. Maybe.. Just maybe that is affecting the results


Posted by De, (2014-11-09 18:35:42)

Demonic spirits are bound to be exorcised out of PPSC, f##k ppsc, saale sau gye ne 4 mhine to result ni kadd horea inaa ton, landu


Posted by Deep , (2014-11-09 17:59:05)

result taan bai hun last week of nov yaa fer first week f dec ch hi aau !!


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-11-09 17:22:34)

Ppsc mains da result odo declare karu jadon ohna di setting complete ho gayi

Re: PPSC result

Posted by LAASH(dead man), (2014-11-09 17:15:04)

PPSC. should declare result now murde(dead men) are also speaking.we aspirant has become zinda loath(dead men). hun ta sharab vi asr nahi kardi.


Posted by Exorcist Demonic Spirit, (2014-11-09 16:51:34)

Result baare mai parso pucheya c ppsc office ton, nd they were not answering anything clearly, they only said ki Last week of Nov or First week of December it may come. Still they didnt gave any confirm news but only replied tht it may possibly come by 1st week of december.


Re: PCS Result

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-11-09 15:09:47)

Lao 22 confirm ho gya . Result b/w 15th to 20th. Re-checking over.

Re: PCS Result

Posted by Uncle-PCS, (2014-11-09 14:28:53)

Thank God oh Tribune vali news Register A-2 vaali vaste si.

Re: murda kallan

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-11-09 10:00:17)

pie nu bund ch lai ke cheek maar........

Re: @Murda

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-11-09 08:03:31)

Teri Maa da f#&£@ uploaded... Stop making nuisance... Bloody bastars ...

Re: PPSC site updated result loaded

Posted by murda bole kafan fare, (2014-11-09 07:52:54)

Friends time to celebrate , hurry up . I got the pie


Posted by h, (2014-11-08 22:29:48)

veero pcs interview te upsc mains de paperan di dates clash hon da chance taan ni hai na koi???


Posted by bakshish chand , (2014-11-08 21:11:16)

friends bahut dimaag khraab kr rkheya ppsc ne, inne nlaik bande lga rkhe ne ki saleya to 4 mahineyan ch checking v cmplete ni hoi, lagda hun court ton mandamus di writ luaani paini, eh saaleya ne edda hi baithe rehna poora saal

Re: ef

Posted by FOLLOW, (2014-11-08 20:36:00)



Posted by greedy dog, (2014-11-08 17:12:18)

22 ne taan prove hii krta k ehh hraamm d aullaad aa
baap v multiple te te taan hi dates v result diyan multiple TODAY 8 NOV n tommorrow v
time v multiple hi rakh lainya c
shaabaash jallandhar trials

Re: Result on today 8 November

Posted by Harami pilla, (2014-11-08 16:55:26)

all settings are completed ,psc will upload result at 8pm tomorrow. I working as Babu sahib in the said premises. DSP physical schedule will also be uploaded , there will two venue for physical test one at Jalandhar PAP and another at patiala.

Re: senior assistant

Posted by Mittar Pyara, (2014-11-08 16:19:31)

odo tak fer senior assistant da result kadh do


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-11-08 16:08:01)

Dosto, saathiyo, kanjro te haraamdeyo,

Jinna marzi zor la lavo, result not before 20 december.
1.) UPSC mains
2.) Tainted member's vidayi on 13 jan, so interview only after that.

Info is confirmed.

Re: PCS Result

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-11-08 13:06:25)

Result will not be out today or anytime before 15th November. Confirmed. So stop please

Re: eid da chand: sada result

Posted by MOTU BHIKHI, (2014-11-08 11:03:57)

ppsc Result cheti kado,,,tension ch mitha kha 2 k mera weight vadhi janda,utto gharde viah di tyari kari jande,

Re: ppsc is a sick unit ,Bimaru

Posted by KANZAR KUTA, (2014-11-08 09:50:26)

Result will be out soon today positively ,this is a insider view result will be uploaded at 12 o' clock

Re: no result till Jan 2015

Posted by jodidar, (2014-11-07 23:12:51)

new members will pull the cord. BOYS LET US SLEEP

Re: pcs mains paper

Posted by abhi, (2014-11-07 23:05:14)

59 multiply three 177 cand bro

Re: PCS Result

Posted by Uncle-PCS, (2014-11-07 22:57:03)

Gentleman,180 out of 700 general candidates for Interview. Well I dont think cutoff for General can go higher than 600. That is an educated guess. Well let's see what happens.


Posted by abhi, (2014-11-07 22:44:18)

Even this time pcs pre cut off went very high than most of us expected

This may happen in mains also

That's why I am saying that cut off will be around 580

And 177 gen cat cand select karne Han

Re: pcs mains paper

Posted by abhi, (2014-11-07 22:40:49)


This is my personal but very experienced guess

But don't take it personal


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-11-07 22:18:23)

abhii is it ur personal opinion or really having some idea on cut off

Re: PCS Result

Posted by Uncle-PCS, (2014-11-07 21:30:28)

Everyone expecting scores like they know what marking scheme will be. LOL.


Posted by abhi, (2014-11-07 21:24:53)

Acc to me 6oo 610 will be a very dangerous or say border line bcoz vacancies for gc category are only 59

Re: ppsc ghaint a

Posted by deol rmo, (2014-11-07 21:21:36)

Meri expectations 697 a,,,,par ppsc valea ne numbers mere ton puch k thodo laune,,,1st attempt I got 80% in zoology in 2nd I got 18%,,,,rabb e rakha,,,,I wish god may help who deserve

Re: ppsc ghaint a

Posted by deolpannu, (2014-11-07 21:05:38)

Jado sada g kita Kadna result,,,vari2 fone karke na karvao apni insult,,,so jao le ke mota ja quilt


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-11-07 20:05:56)

I m expecting 600-610 what is the scene with this score