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Re: Senior_Khiladi

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-20 20:08:28)

If the result is going to be declared soo late...what is the logic behind putting up the notification for physical test so early?

Re: result!!

Posted by bernard, (2016-06-20 20:06:10)

Yaar koi vi call kare ppsc ch taan oh june end hi kende aa .. june starting toh oh june end kende pae aa..so mla de pa nu v shayad aahi keh dita

Jere selected candidates training karde pae aa ..ohna nu academy ch result date 20-21 june dasi gai c .. so chances r high tommorrow.. j kal nahi..taan fer june end.

Re: Wood Wala Bai

Posted by Wood Wala Bai, (2016-06-20 19:44:21)

I inquired again today, and asked PA of MLA who has contacts with the PPSC staff, if there is any news on result coming today or tomorrow. He inquired and called me back and said that the time frame he has got is the same that i got from talking with chairman.

So I don't know if I am wrong, but info from my side still remains that mains final result will be out in last week of june/1st week of july.

Lets see what happens tomorrow.

Re: Results!

Posted by Tired Socrates, (2016-06-20 18:52:00)

What is stopping ppsc from putting a notification saying so and so date result will be declared! So inconsiderate.

Brothers, I have two dates. I don't know which to believe:

-- 20/21 June
-- 30 June

No more prediction of result date now. Jadd aauna hoyea aa ju!

Re: ppsc aale phne ni chakde

Posted by bernard, (2016-06-20 17:57:48)

Yaar main 4-5 vaar pher kar lea.. alag alag numbers te kita.. ene besharam taan ni hone ppsc aale k phone hi chakan ..

I think its not the day.. baaki experienced bandean nu jaada pta h

Re: result

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-20 17:51:59)

aristotle, bernard,socrates,dsp......22 kuch ta daso..kal aju ya nahi??

Re: tired of waiting

Posted by Aristotle, (2016-06-20 17:18:10)

koi result lyi havan krao!!

Re: result

Posted by veera da veer, (2016-06-20 17:07:56)

yaar evveeen time pass na karo.
please concrete information daso.
dsp saab, socrates saab kugh chanan pao


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-20 16:26:43)

22 pichli var phone te das v rahe c...........

Re: Bernard

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-20 16:17:49)

Pichli war mains da result raat nu aya c 10 vje.... so kuch bhi ho skta hai 22 g

Re: Nai hai aj result

Posted by Bernard, (2016-06-20 16:07:52)

Saver da 4-5 vaar phne kar lea main .. Koi chak ni rea .. Its almost certain k aj chutti aa .. So no result

Re: no result yet

Posted by oynaukri, (2016-06-20 16:03:09)

its of register ii not ours


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-20 15:53:46)

Website being updated... i guess... nt able to open

Re: Peela Bhoond

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-20 14:57:53)

Chal vai chal. Bhathinda- Bhucho-Barnala-Raikot-Mullanpur-Ludhaina-Phagwara-Jallandhar.........

Re: doubt aale 22 ji

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-20 13:58:25)

Janaab ppsc phone lagao.. j ppsc khula h ..taan result aj aayega...nahi taan kal..

Bahut ghat chances ne vaise aj ppsc khule hon de ..baaki phne karo...pta karo..saanu v daso

Re: result

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-20 13:52:59)

I doubt........... Am I alone worrying abt result or there are significant numbers??

Re: result

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-20 13:41:53)

bagad bille.....result barre v das de kuj...


Posted by Bagad Billa Pajame wala, (2016-06-20 12:49:49)

Veer aapan kade credit nahin layeeda par sach taan eh hai ki Socrates ton pehlan hi main confirm kar ditta c paper checking baare.


Posted by Pinky Moga wali, (2016-06-20 12:27:02)

Rumours na flao, je sahi info nahi hai.

Re: Haye o rabba kado auga result

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-20 12:11:33)

Hanji mitro...kita kise ne phone aj ppsc?

Re: Result

Posted by Anonymous, (2016-06-20 11:03:42)

Zero % chances ne aaj ta

Re: result

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-20 11:03:00)

today is gazetted holiday as per holiday list of punjab government

Re: result di,,,,,,,wait

Posted by nimana, (2016-06-20 10:48:25)

ajj kinne ku chance ne.....shayad pb. govt di chutoi hai ajj.(kabir jayanti)


Posted by veera da veer, (2016-06-20 09:54:44)


Re: Socrates believes dsp

Posted by Socrates, (2016-06-19 21:26:38)

As per the original info I had, 20th June was the date.

You can see all through my past comments.


Posted by tuhada apna DSP, (2016-06-19 20:47:43)

22 confirmed news hai... but hun eh na pucchio ki kis time aauna. kal nahi te parso aa jauga. kyunki result is ready as per info of one of the member.


Posted by kale kachhe vala, (2016-06-19 17:29:06)

dsp sach sach dusi, aven tension na pa dye sab nu.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-19 16:35:11)

22 pakki khabar aa,,,nahi ta aven sara din ....


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-19 12:04:56)

shukar hai


Posted by tuhada apna DSP, (2016-06-19 11:54:41)

Result aa reha 22. kal ya parso. PPSC ch chutti nahi haigi kal. So get ready! Confirmed news aa. Physical first week of july hi aa... Patiala Commando Complex de physical instructors nu date mili aa preparation layi. So buck up. Aaun laga result. Kal ya parso

Re: Socrates

Posted by Yaaran da Yaar Socrates, (2016-06-19 09:55:49)

Liar Liar pants on fire!

papers have been checked. There is no reason for this much delay.

Beginning Monday, any day can be result day.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-18 19:48:02)

physicals for dsp on 12 13 14 july

Re: result

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-18 19:46:21)

result by first week of july

Re: aven na chaddo

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-18 19:36:22)

Kehre topper di gal karde oo? 2012 and 2013 de toppers dowe upsc kad gaye ne.. kuch rogued ni c ... Rogued hunda taan upsc ni c hona ohna ton

Re: Dhaandhli

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-18 19:08:14)

I second you!Sirre diyan manipulations chal rahian ne is var!

Re: Dhaandli

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-18 18:29:35)

Ehi pehlaan leak karvaundeh ain teh fer ehi inquiryan karvaunde firde ain


Ajj v chappi eh khabar ke kivien punsup vagera deh paper UP vich leak kitte jaa rahe c

Re: Dhaandhli

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-18 18:26:43)

Mainu taan lagda sab dhaandli hundi payi eh, sauri deyaan nu 8000 paper check karan vich 3 mahine lagg geh.

Ehe Akali dal desupporteraan de nyayne hi honge paas, pichli vaari v taa ik minister di rishtedaar ne hi top kitta c.

innah akali dal teh bharat jalao party waaleyan nu pata ke agli vaar taa saddi sarkaar aundi ni, ese vaari lagvaa loh jehre apne bande lagvaune ain.

Re: KI banu......result da sache.....

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-18 17:51:45)

Monday govt holiday.

Re: RESULT!!!!

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-18 12:19:26)

result kdon aau?

Re: Insiders+ppsc =common aspirant ban gea fuddu

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-17 20:42:07)

koi reliable insider hi info deo yaar hun .. Aven pura pura din khraab na karayeo


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-17 20:05:43)

I mean, can result come on weekends too ?


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-17 20:03:51)

Is Ppsc open on saturday ? Otherwise, we can rest for 2 days, bcoz nothings gonna come till monday then.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-17 20:03:31)

kaun rajiv kumar?

Re: ghanta ho gea raula paunde nu

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-17 19:50:19)

Kada kahi jaana k aj lag ni rea mahaul result aala...ppsc aale phne ni chak rahe..

Susu aale 22 ji susu karo nischint hoke


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-17 19:39:43)

rajiv kumar hai ethe koi .........vada insider.......

Re: result

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-17 19:30:06)

mitro auga ya susu karn chale javan............


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-17 19:22:40)

Bai confirm taan kro koi kuch ki chal reha aa? Auga aj result ya nahi?

Re: result tatttttttttttt.

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-17 19:11:03)

Mitro kithe gaye insider .....ppsc facebook neil garg............de..???


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-17 19:06:10)


Re: RESULT!!!!

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-17 19:04:52)

pta kro result da?


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-17 19:02:53)

so jayo na........haan jaan gayi...............na shaam na savera ....ppsc ne kardiysa andhera hi andhera

Re: kithe yaar

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-17 18:26:10)

22 sanaata taan vekh ethe.. result aala din taan ni aa

Re: result

Posted by tucha, (2016-06-17 17:56:32)

mahaul ta veer banan naal hi banda ae...

Re: Lagda nai

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-17 17:05:23)

Ethe result da mahaul taan ban ni rea .. I dont think aj aauna


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-17 16:19:52)

phone ni chuk re kise da vi. I wish twadi gall sachhi hoye mittaro


Posted by A, (2016-06-17 15:23:24)

Maybe they are busy in preparing result. Wait karo

Re: ppsc aale phne ni chakde

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-17 15:17:51)

Yar phne nahi chak rahe oo taan.. pakka aj hi auna h ?

Re: To Plato

Posted by Socrates, (2016-06-17 14:55:06)

Sudhar ja Plato. Shararti ho gaya hai tu.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-17 14:39:00)

Yes he is right..the staff had been told to come early today and will be made to work after 5. Best of luck everybody.

Re: Gaal Pao

Posted by Plato, (2016-06-17 14:36:16)

Gaal pao jihne v jhoothi afwah chaddi jan koi gapp marea uhdi **************

Re: Result

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-17 14:33:19)

Haini auna aj...aj ppsc wale udta punjab vekhan gye hoye aa!

Re: RESULT!!!!

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-17 14:30:58)

result ajj auna pakka?

Re: koi notice nahi

Posted by oynaukri, (2016-06-17 13:52:54)

eh notice tan register-II waleyan da apna nahi

Re: result

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-17 13:20:33)

source? is it confirmed?

Re: Result

Posted by PPSC, (2016-06-17 12:39:03)

Result will be declared today .

Re: result

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-17 12:01:42)

just called ppsc . they said internet te paaya hoya notice check kro . plz guys call and ask again on 0175-5014833

Re: @socrates

Posted by bernard, (2016-06-16 21:03:40)

Ok 22 ..lets c ppsc ki dikhaundi aa...wait n watch

Re: Veero Meri ikk gall Suno

Posted by Socrates, (2016-06-16 18:48:15)

Barnard veere, I understand your frustration. The State and its administrative machinery are inefficient. Their working is not logical. Hence am finding it hard to give you definite info.

There are two insider info I have.

-- Result on 20-21st June. I cannot confirm this.

-- If not above, then end of month. physicals will be delayed.

Re: result

Posted by nimana, (2016-06-16 18:28:55)

Kad auna result ,,,,,,kehnde c thode dina tak ....kdao khatanm hunde ne thode din???

Re: @anonms

Posted by bernard, (2016-06-16 17:23:20)

Okieesss.. i did not know that... :) pichli vaar shyad ehna ne notice kadea c ..koi sept 2014 ch..so i thot k is baar v aauga

Re: @bernard

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-16 17:04:36)

PPSC koi notice nahi pandi ki result kado aauna. it just gives tentative dates. Result da te pataka hi pehenda hunda ikk dum. Bas jis din result aauna hunda usdin eh blog over active ho janda te commotion cha jandi hai as PPSC office call kar ke us din pata lag janda ki ajj result aa reha.

Re: @socrates

Posted by bernard, (2016-06-16 16:08:08)

22 teri info galat prove hundi jaa rahi.. result j month end ch v aana hunda ..taan hun nu notice aa jaana c website te .. 20 ton pehlan lagda taan ni aaunda result ..month end da v dbt hi aa.. notice paa dena c ppsc ne jekar result month end ch auna hunda


Posted by Anonymous, (2016-06-16 14:16:00)

I think , it will matter, u can take 1-2 sec limit bt 10 sec is very large


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-16 14:15:48)

Not at all strict...they'll just tell you pls try next year(hath jodke kehnge politely)...so dont worry

Re: 1600m

Posted by oynaukri, (2016-06-16 11:16:20)

how strict is ppsc in physical test?what if you complete 1600m in 7:40 minutes instead of 7:30


Posted by nimana, (2016-06-15 17:39:58)

Bhaino te Prayo ...........result da mahol banayo........chittar ya dhol vaj vayo.........jo vi hai information payo..........

Re: Results

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-15 11:26:11)

Don't even know what are they upto. Called the office just now. The guys at the other end said "result month end tak aaoga". It means they had to take 3 months just to check 8000 odd answer sheets. :O

Re: rope climbing

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-15 00:06:09)

rope is is quite thick you wont be able to fir it between toes

Re: physical test

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-14 21:03:48)

can you use feet(gripping rope between toe and otherfingers) while climbing rope in physical test.

Re: Rest will b posted tomorrow

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-14 16:46:41)

for any other kind of assistance, you can call me at 9855224008


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-14 16:45:03)

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Re: Important Topics For Prelims IAS

Posted by Friend, (2016-06-14 16:32:11)

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Re: Veero relax!

Posted by Socrates, (2016-06-14 13:20:27)

Guys you worry too much. Result will be out by 20th.

Stop speculating about cutoff. Be wise.

Re: Result date

Posted by Anonymous, (2016-06-14 12:59:11)

Bai ah v puch lena c kede month end, ihna ne month end kol jake keh dena next month bol re c

Re: RESULT!!!!

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-14 12:25:32)

it means 20 tak v ni auna hadd e karti ....


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-14 11:49:08)

Mai hune call kiti...kehnde "month end tak wait karo ji!"...

Re: kamaal h

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-14 11:44:47)

Yaar main kal call kiti c ..they said month end.. koi call karo yaar te chanana pao.. eh taan hadd h ..


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-14 11:39:28)

1 month more kive ho sakda...physical tests ta last week of June/first week of July to shuru ho jane ne :/

Re: next pcs

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-14 11:37:43)

Ki pata 200 toh 300 posts kadd den es hi saal. 1 lakh navi bharti nu supervise karan le officera di v jarurat pavegi.

Re: Next pcs

Posted by Anonymous, (2016-06-14 11:07:16)

Is sal ta pakka ni lenge aina sure aa mai, agle sal voting result to bad shayd kdn notification

Re: next pcs

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-14 11:00:35)

If it will take so much time. Then, Is next pcs possible in this year ?

Re: Result date

Posted by Anonymous, (2016-06-14 10:58:51)

I think result will come next year... Jis hisab nl ppsc age vdai ja rhi aa date


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-14 10:55:21)

called ppsc just now.said 1 month more.

Re: Fake sources

Posted by Anonymous, (2016-06-14 10:32:32)

Dimag kha lea sources ne... Koi source hega jo truthful ho

Re: RESULT!!!!

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-14 10:27:10)

lageya c pta kuch sources ton


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-14 10:17:23)

WHO said k ajj result auga?source?

Re: RESULT!!!!

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-14 09:38:54)

Ajj keh rahe c ke result ajuga.....lagda tan hai ni


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-13 23:17:08)

How strict is the checking? I mean out of 15 how many maximum marks a student can get? Is there any criteria? Can any veteran tell pls?

Re: Result date

Posted by Anonymous, (2016-06-13 17:07:44)

Any info abt result , coming this week or next