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Posted by Anonymous, (2016-06-25 10:27:24)

Kuj v likhda reh bai...sabaah tere


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-25 08:54:24)

Hanji follow kehta hai,negative 2 marks per extraaa page than prescribed limit, and no marks for answer on wrong page... Total 473 candidates nu penalty lagi aa....


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-24 15:38:02)

paper 1 ch checking lai prescribed page set up follow kita gya hai?? any info on this issue..

Re: @umeed

Posted by Anonymous, (2016-06-24 09:22:07)

Aukha lgda bai aaj v, nhi ta group te roula pe jana c, umeed na hi rkho tahi vdea aina to

Re: Umeed

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-24 08:12:39)

Aj haigi 22ji koi umeed result aun di?

Re: result

Posted by Doctor, (2016-06-23 17:12:32)

result aa reha si par raste vich usda accident ho geya.condition critical a, dua karo ki oh chheti theek ho jave. wadhere jankari layi samparak karo 0175 - 5014831.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-23 17:02:47)

PPSC ready to make record of declaring 2 mains result in 4 mths in 2 consequetive years

Re: Sannatta

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-23 16:57:58)

Itna Sannatta kyun hai bhai?


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-23 12:01:13)

ISRO sets new record.launched 20 Satellites at once.


Posted by A, (2016-06-23 11:08:09)

Bai, tu tah inj react karda, jive tere peu ne teju bhavishvani kiti hove ki kiddan auna. Period.


Posted by A, (2016-06-23 09:59:51)

: )

Re: Result

Posted by Anonymous, (2016-06-23 09:38:21)

Han bai aaj aau result tere kalle da, tenu vahli kahli lgdi aa

Re: Result!

Posted by A, (2016-06-23 09:34:46)

Ajj Result aau ?

Re: @Friedrich Nietzsche

Posted by ppsc chairman, (2016-06-22 23:50:13)

You are selected. We want men like you in the services. :-)

Re: Do shabd wisdom de

Posted by Socrates as he is!, (2016-06-22 23:47:30)

Well, the whole premise of one god is faulty. There are multiple gods, and even then they are no guides for morality. But I digress,

At the heart of the insider info problem is the dualism of our thoughts. We thirst for new info, but are quick to denounce it as being fake. Our anger towards an inconsiderate entity(read ppsc) is turned towards a considerate and benevolent gentleman(read Socrates). Surely this info mongering has to stop but before that our thirst should be quenched.

All this is like the dualism prevalent in the saying : "Best of luck". Where we wish the other person luck, but don't want him to perform better than ourselves. This is a great source of consternation and agony, and shows the duality of everyday behaviour.

Re: @ Jatt

Posted by Friedrich Nietzsche, (2016-06-22 22:52:29)

God is dead so he can't be watching us :-)

Re: @jatt

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-22 22:07:32)

dil di gal krti baiji tusi.. pakki gal aa rabb dekhda pea sbkuch..

Re: to all the insiders

Posted by jatt, (2016-06-22 21:27:27)

i visited dis page before mains..chnga upset hoya c schedule
eh site te bnde kehnde c 21 april nu result auna..fer may frst week fer 2nd 3rd. te last week fer sara june..
bai ik gall dasso kise da tym khrab krke ki milda?
tusi kise nu jhoothi info deke tng karde ho..rabb dekhda oh kite na kite tuhanu khajjal karega..yaad rakheo..

Re: Q fudu bnande o

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-22 15:52:04)

Koi result ni aya... month end auna ppsc wale kh ta rhe a..

Re: Result

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-22 15:49:25)

Result is available on website. Good luck.

Re: Result

Posted by Anonymous, (2016-06-22 13:56:57)

Shrm mr lo bai thodi jehi ta... Aina jhooth bolde aa oh v dujea da nam leke...ghto ght dujea nu ta prh lendo

Re: Result

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-22 13:34:39)

Lao ji.. chairman saab ne aap aake comment kita aa result baare.. :D.. junta v kdi kdi sirre e laa dindi aa gal nu.. :D

Re: result

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-22 13:09:13)

who said ?? is it confirmed??

Re: result

Posted by ppsc chairman, (2016-06-22 13:03:41)

Ajj shaam nu result aa rha ae.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-22 09:15:44)

Sab fuddu bna rhe hain. Only thing anyone knows is that result is to be out before physical :D
But if u ask about date, no one has any idea. Sab guess work tha. Ye insider wo insider. Kisi ka koi insider nhi. Stop asking. Result aa jayega

Re: REslut

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-21 17:57:37)

intha aaaaaaaaa ho gayi ..........6`0 cloack ppsc off ...no chances ????

Re: Fuddu socrates

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-21 17:53:36)

Socrates in all his wisdom this time again state that result will not be declared on 20-21june but on 30 june .Socrates again takes his words back.

Re: resu;t

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-21 16:45:51)

if there where chances of result in first week of july why they mentioned last week of june for physical .
even it is true they should atleast give time to make arrangement to go for physical test.

savere result te shami physical test .TENTATIVELY.!!!!!

Re: June/July

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-21 15:51:35)

Edah matlab Wood Waale Bai di information correct c. Oho pehlaan hi keh rehaa c ke chairman di gallan toh last week of june/first week of july lagg reha c.

Mainu v lagda june end ya fist week of july vich hi aauga result.

Re: ppsc ne phone chakea !

Posted by bernard, (2016-06-21 15:11:47)

Aj nahi aauna ppsc aale kende.. month end kea.. main kea month end pakka..kende month end ya first week of july

Re: result

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-21 15:05:50)

Veere result 30 nu hi aana hai. uosc di tyari karo pre di. ppsc de bharose taan aapan sare din blog te hi tym kharab karna hai. chairman vi bas modi ji vang tareefan ate limelight da hi bhukha hai. substantial kujh vi nahi ehde kol. RPSC ne 12 april nu paper khatm keete si ate around 1 lakh copies check karke ohna ne 15 June nu hi result kadh taa. PPSC che pata ni ki khichdi pakdi payi hai?


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-21 14:39:56)

How is Socrates sure that paper check ho gae ne and result ban gaya hai ?

Re: Important Notice

Posted by Socrates , (2016-06-21 14:32:35)

Spartan veere, How can I be 100% sure about any info? Mai aap baithke taan paper check nai kitte, te naa hi mai numbra nu computer te chadhaye ne.

Jo koi khabar aaundi aa, mai das dena tuhanu saareya nu.
Jekar tuhanu 100% correct info chahidi aa, fer tussi chairman naal gall karo. Although mainu shakk hai ki oh vi 100% sahi info tuhanu de sakan.

Tuhada doubt logical hai, mai vi ehi sochda peya ki what's stopping them. But bahut processes hunde ne, vetting hundi aa, fer result kaddeya jaanda. Taahi mai aakheya ki ohna de dil te hai.

I might be wrong, that is why it is called insider info. 100% correct info ohi aa jisdi notification aaungi website te.

Disclaimer: Henceforth please take my info to be in the error range of +/-100%. I do not make any claims that my info is cent percent correct. I am just a humble candidate.

Re: @Socrates

Posted by Spartan, (2016-06-21 14:01:11)

Socrates you wrote, " Enni gal pakki ki paper check ho chuke ne, te result vi baneya hoyea."
I dont see any logic in this, why wud they wait.
I believe that you are misinformed.
Jadd tak sure nahi, na likhiya kar.

Re: @socrates

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-21 13:51:54)

sorry...the comment might be interpreted wrongly..."but for" is in similar context as in "except for"

Re: @socrates

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-21 13:47:50)

i think your efforts need to be appreciated...but for ppl like you this blog remains a place for hurling abuses at one another.

Re: Hello

Posted by Socrates on demand!, (2016-06-21 13:13:49)

kyun vi plato, etthe scooter te chadhi firda, kadein aap vi info leya deya kar. Shararta enni na kareya kar.

Mitron, tussi mere comments chajj naal nai padhde ho, iss leyein mai fir dass dena:

-- 2 info!

1.) 20/21 June --- This was given to me a month back from the most credible source. Since it was a month back, eh hun doubtful ho sakdi aa. I am not in touch with that source now. Assi chhote bande aa.

2.) 30 June -- ajjkal eh info aa rahi aa ppsc toh. Source vi normal credibility wala.

Enni gal pakki ki paper check ho chuke ne, te result vi baneya hoyea. Baaki mai
ppsc da chairman nai aa, ohna di aap di marzi aa, jadd ohna da dil hau, oh result kadd denge.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-21 12:14:18)

result da ki lagda mitro @bernard,socrates,dsp. etc insider s

Re: @bernard

Posted by Plato, (2016-06-21 12:13:57)

Na bai awe di gl ni aa, loka di fake information ne dukhi krta , Thode jehe mje appa v le skde aa ohna de

Re: plato najaare lainda

Posted by bernard, (2016-06-21 12:09:39)

22 plato tere ppr jaa taan bahut change hoye aa ...ja bahut maade... Tension free ...najaare lainda pea ee

Re: @bernard

Posted by Plato, (2016-06-21 12:05:36)

Bhai discriminate kr re aa tere nl,,, case pade

Re: na 32 na 4847 na 4849

Posted by bernard, (2016-06-21 12:03:31)

Koi no ni chak rahe ppsc aale.. pta ni dujea da kiven chaki jaande ne...mera taan chakde ni

Re: @bernarda

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-21 11:41:08)

22 phone vakya hi nahi attend kar rahe.....jiley(lazy),,,


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-21 11:35:25)

I called they sai its in process ...I said will it come today he said no...5014832 u can call

Re: @tuhada apna dsp

Posted by bernard, (2016-06-21 11:34:01)

Bhaaji no deo ..main v kara .. main saver da 6-7 phne kar laye.. 4849 n 4847 aale te.. mera taan chakkea ni ik vaar vi ..

No deo jara ..main v apne dil di tamana puri kar lavan


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-21 11:31:08)

bhambhal bhoose ch hi fasa ditta veero ,,,,,lagda socrates and party jhoothi nahi aa.

Re: resultt

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-21 11:30:40)

kehde number te keh rae ne ?plz give the number?

Re: @plato

Posted by tuhada apna DSP, (2016-06-21 11:21:39)

kake thanda reh and call ppsc. they are saying that ajj aa sakda.

Re: Result

Posted by Plato, (2016-06-21 10:43:26)

Fdlo poonch socrate te dsp di , vadde source bne firde c


Posted by Result, (2016-06-21 10:34:55)

It wont be declared today. Result 30 tareekh nu hi aauga. I have confirmed it from internal sources. veeron ajj na wait kareyo result di fer raati dukhi hoke peg lane pene haa.

Re: Result

Posted by Anonymous, (2016-06-21 10:14:56)

Why is group not active today....lgda aaj v ni auna result


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-21 07:44:30)


Re: Senior_Khiladi

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-20 20:08:28)

If the result is going to be declared soo late...what is the logic behind putting up the notification for physical test so early?

Re: result!!

Posted by bernard, (2016-06-20 20:06:10)

Yaar koi vi call kare ppsc ch taan oh june end hi kende aa .. june starting toh oh june end kende pae aa..so mla de pa nu v shayad aahi keh dita

Jere selected candidates training karde pae aa ..ohna nu academy ch result date 20-21 june dasi gai c .. so chances r high tommorrow.. j kal nahi..taan fer june end.

Re: Wood Wala Bai

Posted by Wood Wala Bai, (2016-06-20 19:44:21)

I inquired again today, and asked PA of MLA who has contacts with the PPSC staff, if there is any news on result coming today or tomorrow. He inquired and called me back and said that the time frame he has got is the same that i got from talking with chairman.

So I don't know if I am wrong, but info from my side still remains that mains final result will be out in last week of june/1st week of july.

Lets see what happens tomorrow.

Re: Results!

Posted by Tired Socrates, (2016-06-20 18:52:00)

What is stopping ppsc from putting a notification saying so and so date result will be declared! So inconsiderate.

Brothers, I have two dates. I don't know which to believe:

-- 20/21 June
-- 30 June

No more prediction of result date now. Jadd aauna hoyea aa ju!

Re: ppsc aale phne ni chakde

Posted by bernard, (2016-06-20 17:57:48)

Yaar main 4-5 vaar pher kar lea.. alag alag numbers te kita.. ene besharam taan ni hone ppsc aale k phone hi chakan ..

I think its not the day.. baaki experienced bandean nu jaada pta h

Re: result

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-20 17:51:59)

aristotle, bernard,socrates,dsp......22 kuch ta daso..kal aju ya nahi??

Re: tired of waiting

Posted by Aristotle, (2016-06-20 17:18:10)

koi result lyi havan krao!!

Re: result

Posted by veera da veer, (2016-06-20 17:07:56)

yaar evveeen time pass na karo.
please concrete information daso.
dsp saab, socrates saab kugh chanan pao


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-20 16:26:43)

22 pichli var phone te das v rahe c...........

Re: Bernard

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-20 16:17:49)

Pichli war mains da result raat nu aya c 10 vje.... so kuch bhi ho skta hai 22 g

Re: Nai hai aj result

Posted by Bernard, (2016-06-20 16:07:52)

Saver da 4-5 vaar phne kar lea main .. Koi chak ni rea .. Its almost certain k aj chutti aa .. So no result

Re: no result yet

Posted by oynaukri, (2016-06-20 16:03:09)

its of register ii not ours


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-20 15:53:46)

Website being updated... i guess... nt able to open

Re: Peela Bhoond

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-20 14:57:53)

Chal vai chal. Bhathinda- Bhucho-Barnala-Raikot-Mullanpur-Ludhaina-Phagwara-Jallandhar.........

Re: doubt aale 22 ji

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-20 13:58:25)

Janaab ppsc phone lagao.. j ppsc khula h ..taan result aj aayega...nahi taan kal..

Bahut ghat chances ne vaise aj ppsc khule hon de ..baaki phne karo...pta karo..saanu v daso

Re: result

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-20 13:52:59)

I doubt........... Am I alone worrying abt result or there are significant numbers??

Re: result

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-20 13:41:53)

bagad bille.....result barre v das de kuj...


Posted by Bagad Billa Pajame wala, (2016-06-20 12:49:49)

Veer aapan kade credit nahin layeeda par sach taan eh hai ki Socrates ton pehlan hi main confirm kar ditta c paper checking baare.


Posted by Pinky Moga wali, (2016-06-20 12:27:02)

Rumours na flao, je sahi info nahi hai.

Re: Haye o rabba kado auga result

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-20 12:11:33)

Hanji mitro...kita kise ne phone aj ppsc?

Re: Result

Posted by Anonymous, (2016-06-20 11:03:42)

Zero % chances ne aaj ta

Re: result

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-20 11:03:00)

today is gazetted holiday as per holiday list of punjab government

Re: result di,,,,,,,wait

Posted by nimana, (2016-06-20 10:48:25)

ajj kinne ku chance ne.....shayad pb. govt di chutoi hai ajj.(kabir jayanti)


Posted by veera da veer, (2016-06-20 09:54:44)


Re: Socrates believes dsp

Posted by Socrates, (2016-06-19 21:26:38)

As per the original info I had, 20th June was the date.

You can see all through my past comments.


Posted by tuhada apna DSP, (2016-06-19 20:47:43)

22 confirmed news hai... but hun eh na pucchio ki kis time aauna. kal nahi te parso aa jauga. kyunki result is ready as per info of one of the member.


Posted by kale kachhe vala, (2016-06-19 17:29:06)

dsp sach sach dusi, aven tension na pa dye sab nu.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-19 16:35:11)

22 pakki khabar aa,,,nahi ta aven sara din ....


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-19 12:04:56)

shukar hai


Posted by tuhada apna DSP, (2016-06-19 11:54:41)

Result aa reha 22. kal ya parso. PPSC ch chutti nahi haigi kal. So get ready! Confirmed news aa. Physical first week of july hi aa... Patiala Commando Complex de physical instructors nu date mili aa preparation layi. So buck up. Aaun laga result. Kal ya parso

Re: Socrates

Posted by Yaaran da Yaar Socrates, (2016-06-19 09:55:49)

Liar Liar pants on fire!

papers have been checked. There is no reason for this much delay.

Beginning Monday, any day can be result day.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-18 19:48:02)

physicals for dsp on 12 13 14 july

Re: result

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-18 19:46:21)

result by first week of july

Re: aven na chaddo

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-18 19:36:22)

Kehre topper di gal karde oo? 2012 and 2013 de toppers dowe upsc kad gaye ne.. kuch rogued ni c ... Rogued hunda taan upsc ni c hona ohna ton

Re: Dhaandhli

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-18 19:08:14)

I second you!Sirre diyan manipulations chal rahian ne is var!

Re: Dhaandli

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-18 18:29:35)

Ehi pehlaan leak karvaundeh ain teh fer ehi inquiryan karvaunde firde ain


Ajj v chappi eh khabar ke kivien punsup vagera deh paper UP vich leak kitte jaa rahe c

Re: Dhaandhli

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-18 18:26:43)

Mainu taan lagda sab dhaandli hundi payi eh, sauri deyaan nu 8000 paper check karan vich 3 mahine lagg geh.

Ehe Akali dal desupporteraan de nyayne hi honge paas, pichli vaari v taa ik minister di rishtedaar ne hi top kitta c.

innah akali dal teh bharat jalao party waaleyan nu pata ke agli vaar taa saddi sarkaar aundi ni, ese vaari lagvaa loh jehre apne bande lagvaune ain.

Re: KI banu......result da sache.....

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-18 17:51:45)

Monday govt holiday.

Re: RESULT!!!!

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-18 12:19:26)

result kdon aau?

Re: Insiders+ppsc =common aspirant ban gea fuddu

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-17 20:42:07)

koi reliable insider hi info deo yaar hun .. Aven pura pura din khraab na karayeo


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-17 20:05:43)

I mean, can result come on weekends too ?


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-17 20:03:51)

Is Ppsc open on saturday ? Otherwise, we can rest for 2 days, bcoz nothings gonna come till monday then.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-17 20:03:31)

kaun rajiv kumar?

Re: ghanta ho gea raula paunde nu

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-17 19:50:19)

Kada kahi jaana k aj lag ni rea mahaul result aala...ppsc aale phne ni chak rahe..

Susu aale 22 ji susu karo nischint hoke


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-17 19:39:43)

rajiv kumar hai ethe koi .........vada insider.......

Re: result

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-17 19:30:06)

mitro auga ya susu karn chale javan............


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-17 19:22:40)

Bai confirm taan kro koi kuch ki chal reha aa? Auga aj result ya nahi?

Re: result tatttttttttttt.

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-17 19:11:03)

Mitro kithe gaye insider .....ppsc facebook neil garg............de..???