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Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-03-22 18:50:25)

Read this.


Re: Article on Indian foreign policy

Posted by varinder, (2017-03-22 08:29:02)

A good article on Indian foreign policy

Re: Reply krdo

Posted by Punjabi, (2017-03-18 23:21:32)

Ik ta ethe koi reply nhi krda

Re: Need urgent reply

Posted by Punjabi, (2017-03-14 19:12:30)

Coop inspector da procedure ki chal reha a ..anybody knows...ki waiting list valein nu bulange. Counselling hou ja nhi ..reply if knows


Posted by pcs, (2017-03-13 01:31:13)

190 posta wali gall main v suni hai
es vich naib tehsildar included hoega which will be around 80 posts
adto will b included around 20-30
rest 80-90 posts vich sdm,tehsildar,dsp,bdpo,eto etc
n yes personnel deptt nu puch sakde ho
they hav this info
nearly 10 persons have told me about this
rest god knows

Re: pcs

Posted by ghost rider , (2017-03-11 20:25:25)

j 2002 wale order repeat hoye ta na ta pcs,govt job and coopeeative inspector cancel samjho....

Re: Punjab pcs

Posted by New dsp, (2017-03-11 14:46:24)

Congress jit gayi. Congress ne pichli waar pcs nahi karwaya si.. ki lagda pcs do vacancy aau


Posted by Agla dsp, (2017-03-11 14:44:34)

Congress won the elections. Any chances of pcs coming up. Last time no pcs was there during cpngress tenure.

Re: cooperative inspector

Posted by aam student, (2017-03-08 18:40:23)

agge ki hou coop insector da je koi information hai then please information deo


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-03-08 15:22:31)

After formation of new govt. we should ask for extra attempt against 2009 and 2012 PCs.

Re: IAS prelims 2017 PATIALA

Posted by Vikas verma, (2017-03-08 13:43:05)

If you are interested in preparing for Prelims 2017, please join us for a 3 months special course for prelims. You can contact me at 9855224008. Free demo classes are available


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-03-07 16:23:24)

Coop inspector da procedure kitho tak pahuchya. ..reply krdo je kise nu pta

Re: An Article about Rohingyas

Posted by bachitar, (2017-03-06 18:58:34)

A good article to read


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-03-05 08:47:47)

Bai kiss nu pta hai coop society inspector da process ki chal reha


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-03-01 11:02:11)

Par fer v j tu 100 de kareeb posta dasda ta gall te yakin kar lainde,par 190 ta sachi hle v bluff lagg reha.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-02-28 20:51:50)

Fer v bhave eh bluff hai ya sach, Tere mooh vich gheo Shankar bhrava. Teri gall sach Hove.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-02-28 20:19:57)

190 Posta di breakup kee hovegi????? Bhrava 2009 vich ETO, BDPO to ilava sirf PCS dia 38 posta sann. Ajj di date vich PCS and Allied services da Direct recruitment quota Saturation Point te puj chuka hai. So, Hle v yakeen ni ho reha. enia posta kehde Dept vich khalli hann?????


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-02-28 17:02:03)

Bhai ji it is not bluff around 190 will be coming. U can call dept. of personnel in chd.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-02-28 15:45:36)

Hath bann k benti aa k PCS vacancies baare koi bluff Na maro, Plz share only authentic info. 190 vacancies ta odo v ni aaja jdo Saare deptts Ch officers da direct quota khali c. 2009 Ch 180, 2012 Ch 160, 2013 Ch 120 te 2015 Ch 101 aaia sann. so don't expect even 100 vacancies, oh v j aaia ta kyoki koi sambhavna ni lagg rahi hle tak.

Re: Indian Agriculture, Article

Posted by varinder, (2017-02-28 09:03:21)

A good article to read about Indian agriculture



Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-02-27 12:21:56)

This year around 190 posts for PCS and allied. Intial job is in progress.


Posted by Punjabi, (2017-02-26 21:32:34)

Bai police verification da kdo tak chal reha procedure...waiting list Valein nu kdo pta lgu ohna da ki Bnya ..reply krdo koI ta

Re: self understanding

Posted by ghost rider, (2017-02-26 21:09:34)

bai police verification kuch khass nahi bas tuhada home police station vich koi case na hoa hove,oh tuhade ghar aun tu pehla pind vich pta kar ke hi aunde han nambardar,sarpanch vagera toh basi official formality vagera...

Re: Police verification

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-02-26 19:40:21)

Kise nu pata hai police verification ch ki hunda hai?
"two persons you know" to Ki kuch puchhde hai?


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-02-26 10:48:54)

Inspector de joining kdo a...documents verify lye knife bulya a ..anybody knows


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-02-26 07:23:13)

Pcs is unexpected ...so u have to make practical choices ..rest is upto you


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-02-26 07:21:21)

Patwari training already stated

Re: self understanding

Posted by ghostrider, (2017-02-25 21:35:39)

cooperative inspector is better for further preparation for ias/pcs,patwari joining after 1.5 year till 5000 only yet not training start so after 3.5 year ur probation end.
also after computerization of societies not any burden on inspector ,after 6 year u become AR if ur rank is good
so drive by urself not by irrelevant people suggestion as different person have diff perspective
now india is changing patwari culture just for 5 years more as many patwaris are caught red handed by use of cameras etc.
A person not join si in police by god grace may get dsp after 1 years by clear pcs.
so its upto ur attitude
i left pp,patwari and now join cooperative inspector

Re: cent excise

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-02-25 18:59:43)

sab air balloon hai.. mainu reputed state changi lagdi hai jive coop insp hai

Re: Centre excise option better

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-02-25 18:34:57)

Centre excise job is very very good ...lot of promotion scope ..7th pay commision had increased their salary also ..I think it is much better than any state level job...people are eager to join centre excise job having power,very good salary, grade pay ,promotion scope.

Re: Joining as co-operative Inspector

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-02-25 17:25:26)

A lot of undue pressure by political parties in day to day functioning is there

Re: Joining as co-operative Inspector

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-02-25 17:20:44)

Dear central Govt. job that too Excise & Taxation is far far better.

Never ever think of resiging.

Re: coop insp joining

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-02-23 21:34:06)

do any body has idea of joining of coop inspector.. i have to resign from central excise insp to join it..

Re: Patwari better

Posted by Singh, (2017-02-23 21:30:14)

Patwari more salary ,power,better promotions aspects than coop inspector

Re: Subinspector police and patwari best

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-02-23 20:12:11)

In terms of power subinspector police is best option ,next in terms of power is patwari because revenue department has more power ..also has civil power ..more respectful job ...promotion is more than any other jobs


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-02-23 18:40:23)

i prefer coop society.. promotion to Asst Registrar, no work, more powers and more salary than others

Re: Patwari better than cooperative inspector

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-02-23 18:25:55)

Patwari job is better than cooperative inspector,having good salary ,more chances of promotion


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-02-23 18:23:00)

I prefer teacher job . Very Good salary, no burden,peaceful and respectful job,less working hours.

Re: cooperative inspector

Posted by aam student, (2017-02-23 17:59:30)

inspector role:

4 days a month job. salary is good and no work burden

It is better than teaching, patwari and other stuffs

Re: coop insp

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-02-22 17:09:30)

haan bai TET clr krke teacher rho.. patwari rho.. PPSC waale coop insp na join kro..waiting list vaalyaan da bhalla kro and uhna di dua lvo


Posted by Singh, (2017-02-22 16:11:02)

Teacher job is best in all aspects;next option is sub inspector; then patwari;cooperative society inspector should be last option

Re: coop insp best hai

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-02-22 13:44:44)

sirf week ch do din kamm and taur alag di with promotion to registrar.

Re: job best

Posted by PCS!patialvi, (2017-02-22 12:09:37)

Teacher job is best
sesond pref should be police SI
third will be Cooperative
Patwari should be one's last choice


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-02-21 21:52:51)

For boys patwari is much better than coop inspector


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-02-21 21:47:46)

Teacher job is best compare to inspector


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-02-21 19:22:30)

@Glenmorangie. Glenfiddich.........nice taste man..enjoy the single malt


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-02-20 14:13:10)

J bhai note kamane ha ta patwari. J aaram nal jindagi jeeni ta inspector coop society

Re: coop insp vs patwari vs teacher

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-02-20 08:57:54)

obviously cooop insp

Re: Cooperative inspector or patwari

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-02-20 08:03:46)

Which is better cooperative inspector or patwari

Re: teacher vs cooperative

Posted by teacher is best, (2017-02-20 07:20:03)

Teacher is best.teacher(master) have grade pay of 5000 and teacher(school lecturer)have grade pay of 5400. Plus there are lot of holidays(1 month summer holiday,10days winter which Deptt has this).
You can become school principal or even DEO after promotions.

Re: coop society vs teacher

Posted by Jagga, (2017-02-19 19:53:34)

Inspector coop society is best not only compared to teacher but among all other inspectors such as excise, food etc.. in this you get Judicial powers of civil cpurt upto 5 lacs, many other privileges thats why PPSC conducted this exam as this post has special powers


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-02-19 18:58:15)

15 years time for promotion. Teacher job is best dear I am also teacher and not in mood to join corrupt department

Re: cooperative society vs teaching

Posted by mathematics teacher, (2017-02-18 22:51:32)

Ppsc waleyan ne mail krditi a k apna medical wgera krva k Chandigarh report kro. Mein ik government school teacher an. Ki cooperative inspector di job Len da fayda hai. Assistant registrar (PCS) kinni der vich ban janda banda?

Re: Cooperative inspector

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-02-18 09:59:15)

Bai me ta aap preshan,,,kuj ni pta lg reha,,,,

Re: cooperative inspector

Posted by aam student, (2017-02-17 13:56:08)

koi tan chaanan pao cooperative society inspector da ki banu agge jaldi daso san suki janda paya hai

Re: universal basic income

Posted by malti thapar, (2017-02-16 09:20:43)

For good article on Universal Basic income


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-02-15 03:02:31)

Enne kaim bnde aa naa ethe. Hale sarkar DA pta ni kehdi AAU, pcs bare pehlan hi puchi jandi ne


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-02-14 20:21:05)

@Glenmorangie. Glenfiddich.........nice taste man..enjoy the single malt


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-02-14 19:56:03)



Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-02-14 18:28:45)

Nahio bhullna vichhoda sanu tera baki comment bhull jangay......


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-02-14 18:27:59)

Sathio barhe dukhi hirde nal suchit kita janda a k aapne is pianre forum da "Nice taste" vala comment laghbhag 3.5 (sadhe tin sal) Bilkull upar rehan to baad ajj ya shayad kall sadivi vichhoda de gia hai.....


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-02-14 18:24:29)

@Glenmorangie. Glenfiddich.........nice taste man..enjoy the single malt

Re: Nice taste vala comment

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-02-14 18:20:06)

Bai oh Nice taste man enjoy the single...... vala comment kithay gia???????


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-02-14 11:01:14)

When will the notification for pcs executive come?

Re: cooperative inspector

Posted by aam student, (2017-02-03 12:19:16)

kya kisi ko pata hai ki aab coop society inspector ka age kya procedure hoga.

Please clarify if you have any information.

Re: cooperative inspector

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-01-31 08:17:02)

counselling di call kdo aa skdi???


Posted by J, (2017-01-30 13:24:06)

Can pcs come soon after 11th March ?

Re: No of Chances PPSC

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-01-30 10:19:28)

is anyone considering filing a writ to increase the number of chances in PPSC at par with UPSC?

Re: R

Posted by R, (2017-01-24 17:45:56)


Re: Cooperative inspector

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-01-22 10:21:18)

Kise nu pta k counselling li kdo call aa skdi???

Re: writ doubt

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-01-17 09:53:41)

writ paun nal i think hun koi faida nahe.... ppsc ne jad already objections consider kr k hi result prepare kita.... just wastage of money and time

Re: result of coop society inspector

Posted by aam student, (2017-01-16 13:16:54)

please provide the inside's information that when will the ppsc give appointment letter for inspector.

Re: coop insp

Posted by maninder singh, (2017-01-15 16:59:16)

here all information about admin set up of this dept.
To know about job profile of coop insp, search "inspector cooperative socities" on fb (same spelling although wrong). There job profile is explained in detail.
and I think under inspectors there are sub inspectors at block level.

Re: sher bhai

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-01-15 14:20:22)

22 eda coop insp inspection karda coop societies di.. koi khass kam ni hai but Inspector naam hai so isdi v taur hai.. baaki Je waardi paan da shouk hai te hor taur chahidi hai naale aage kisi paper di tyari ni karni then go for SI..


Posted by Sher, (2017-01-15 14:05:36)

Maninder bai,,,cooperative inspector da ki work hunda??? And hierarchy order for cooperative inspector pta kise nu??? Means coop insp de under v koi hai or coop insp is at lowest rank???


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-01-15 13:02:38)

any idea about cooperative inspector counselling...plz share

Re: coop insp

Posted by maninder singh, (2017-01-15 12:48:05)

This is grade B post, while SI punjab police is grade C although salary for SI is more but job is also tough, my friend has got selected for SI in district cadre, says they will get salary for 13 months as there are no holidays, 24×7 duty, par taur ta puri hai SI di.

Re: Cooperative inspector

Posted by Sher, (2017-01-15 11:57:48)

Cooperative inspector de under v ta sub circle inspectors ne?


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-01-15 09:54:25)

inspector punjab police is many times better than cooperative insp. coop insp is like clerical staff with out any authority comes under AR for its job. why ppsc conducted class 03 job test it self is very surprising

Re: sher bhai

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-01-14 22:24:52)

yr Punjab police da taan sab nu pta.. kam bda kutta hai.. si hectic profile hovegi par taur v poori hovegi

Re: Cooperative inspector

Posted by Sher, (2017-01-14 21:25:00)

Inspector district cadre or inspector cooperative ,,,,ena both cho kehri profile vdia hai??

Re: What's app grp for coop insp.

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-01-14 11:28:28)

Successful candidates kindly join group at link -


Already 60 candidates joined. Alag alag grps bnan nalo better aapa ikko jagah ikathe ho jayiye.


Posted by preet, (2017-01-14 10:18:32)

Mera v clear hai menu v dasso pls kehra group bna rahe o whtsapp bna lo...even i want to join for updates...do tell whtsaap group number

Re: whatsapp group

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-01-14 10:14:48)

join karo bai saare chheti chheti
9592590066 te ping karke

Re: whatsapp group for selected

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-01-14 08:10:32)

9592590066 join here for recent updates

Maninder bai ping here

Re: coop inspector

Posted by maninder singh, (2017-01-14 00:09:18)

Ho gya dosta mera 82(246) marks as expected

Re: whatsapp gp

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-01-13 22:21:01)

ping me.. 9592590066

Re: whatsapp group

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-01-13 21:30:42)

bai jinna da cooperative inspector clear ho gaya oh whatsapp group bana lawo for immediate updates


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-01-13 11:03:59)

What is the criteria for final selection cooperative society exam if you have same marks i.e 78/100 ..
Seniority in age or something else ?

Re: PPSC Coop insp

Posted by Pappu, (2017-01-13 07:00:24)

profile wise... salary wise.. grade wise.. coop insp is much better than patwari

Re: coop society inspector

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-01-13 01:01:23)

which post is better
Patwari or Cooperative society inspector?

and what will happen now? Will PPSC call for document verification?

Re: coop soc

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-01-13 00:46:05)

how will they decide the rank when more than one candidate has equal marks?


Posted by preet, (2017-01-12 22:51:28)

Clear hai because general 136 post a...so 237 enjyy


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-01-12 21:49:09)

mere 237 number haige hai
ranked in top 120 general category
mera clear hai ke nahi?

Re: coop insp

Posted by Pappu, (2017-01-12 21:22:59)

hoya kisi da clear?

Re: Inspector coop

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-01-12 19:00:09)

Bhai share aam garbarh pehle mere 231 the. Hun correction kar k 240. But marks shown 234 so kept out by one question. Do not know what to do

Re: Inspector coop

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-01-12 16:43:28)

Result out..

Re: PCS Advertisement

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-01-11 09:45:36)

aa gyi k nahi...???

Re: Cooperative inspector

Posted by Sher, (2017-01-10 18:57:30)

Yr,,kuj smj ni aa reha,,pta ni result kdo auna

Re: bevkoof bna reha

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2017-01-10 18:35:37)

hahahaha...sher and others, veero bevkoof na bano.. apna dimag lagao enni ni hai cut off.

Mere pass info hai ki gen di 76 ques right hai cutoff

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