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Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-04-30 19:17:08)

Thanx Brother God Bless u.

Re: Check this link

Posted by Lsd, (2015-04-30 18:20:13)



Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-04-30 18:19:42)

Kehdi tareek da akhbar aa????

Re: No not a rumor

Posted by Lsd, (2015-04-30 18:17:25)

Please check page 4 of Dainik Bhaskar.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-04-30 16:57:13)

Bro kis tarik de akhbar ch aya and plz tell page no. Also.

Re: dainik bhaskar

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-04-30 15:47:58)

Pls provide the link to news in dainik bhaskar.
Otherwise this is just another rumour..

Re: notification

Posted by van helsing, (2015-04-30 11:36:01)

Friends according to anews in dainik bhaskar this year vaccancies are 60 and the process is delayed due to wrong information furnished by respective departments for reserve vaccancies.

Re: notification

Posted by van helsing, (2015-04-30 11:35:24)

Friends according to anews in dainik bhaskar this year vaccancies are 60 and the process is delayed due to wrong information furnished by respective departments for reserve vaccancies.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-04-29 21:06:16)

Hello, Any Idea about new PCS Notification. Plz share any news related to PCS new posts. Let us discuss Preparation strategy like books and journals.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-04-27 21:22:55)

Personal coaching for IAS/PCS at CHANDIGARH
6-10 students in a batch
Fees after satisfaction
Please contact - 9988984301

Re: what is this insider news

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-04-26 23:19:09)

The meetinf commisions at Shimla declared its agenda and discussions publically in all newspapers then what is this insider news or secret etc. all bakwas.just to show that a few prople are great to know this Bamd karo eh drama

Re: Simla conference

Posted by Bhane ka langa, (2015-04-25 18:32:51)

All public sevice commissions held a meeting at simla and concluded that a fair and neat selection is possible only by computer based objective type test.
so this time main exam will be of objective type including gs 1 ,2 , 3 , 4 paper along with minimum qualifying marks in each paper. This is a insider news

Re: notification....

Posted by monty, (2015-04-25 17:34:06)

dnt tell me no notofication plz.....yaar assan ne lagian....eho ja taan mazak vi na karo veere.....


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-04-24 16:33:56)

Those who are saying no notification this year are trying to manipulate people in making them laid back in their prep.

Re: where is Ankita Motwani

Posted by shallu patwani, (2015-04-23 20:48:11)

no exam this year , notification is on 2016

Re: PCS next

Posted by Anil, (2015-04-23 20:10:36)

I called at PPSC no and they are telling that ad is coming next week with no optional.Only 3 or 4 executive posts this time.No secret and no insider.Anybody can call PPSC and get the information.

Re: NO Punjab Paper this time

Posted by Upsc Aspirant, (2015-04-23 14:55:31)

Friends i have a news which confirms that there will be no pcs exam this year may b next yearvthey come with a notification....so please concentrate on upsc....which is atleast 100% punctual....Tk cr.

Re: hahahaha

Posted by jatt suuut aa gaya , (2015-04-21 21:07:37)

Bihariyeh. Punjabi ch gal karda . .. pata lag janda ...

Oye hat jao baksh do.....

bdl teri di... tmn

Re: indirect coaching ad band karo

Posted by Anil, (2015-04-21 09:30:43)

oye hat jao coaching institutes waleo ad karan ton.
Sanu students nu baksh do.
eh institutes da blog ban gaya hai.

Re: optional leader Ankita Motwani

Posted by sudarshan bhanot, (2015-04-20 16:31:56)

can you provide us optional coaching insititute ' s address and a list of favourable optionals. what your uncle is tottering about?

Re: reply anil

Posted by manav, (2015-04-20 16:22:03)

veere anil tu waise kedhe batch vich si drona ch??

Re: manav

Posted by manav, (2015-04-20 16:20:27)

yar tere nal eho jehi ki kharaabi krti???
i studied at Dronancharya..menu ta bada zabardast lgya..sb toh wadhiya...


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-04-20 14:57:56)

Personal coaching for IAS/PCS at CHANDIGARH
6-10 students in a batch
Fees after satisfaction
Please contact - 9988984301

Re: About Coaching Centre....

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-04-19 21:36:29)


Re: Re Samarveer

Posted by Anil, (2015-04-19 20:59:15)

Sab ton kharab institute taan dronacharya hi hai.
bach ke

Re: Ankita Motwani's optional wapsi

Posted by charu mazumdar, (2015-04-19 12:17:38)

congress has launched Zameen wapsi, Ankita has launched optional wapsi and negative marking wapsi ,along with Ghar wapsi of english and punjabi.

But i am waiting for notification wapsi.

Re: thank you ankita motwani

Posted by surinder mohan, (2015-04-18 21:27:54)

you have given us 8 months for optional preparation.tell us what about pre negative funda clearly


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-04-18 20:21:27)

Notification will come in Dec for 2015-16


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-04-18 15:25:30)

aa gya noti

Re: mgsopa

Posted by Anil kumar , (2015-04-17 15:29:41)

its not a govt insti ... plz stop misguiding people... govt of punjab has engaged some private tutors to run the insti... nor do they offer any discount of fee concessions..

completely useless dear ,,,, dnot waste your time samarjeet . gurukunj has same faculty as mgspipa .. therfore completely useless too...

outdated faculty /...... waste of time joining them ...

Re: To dear Ankita Motwani

Posted by Yamla, (2015-04-17 11:44:19)

can you provide us syllabus of optional paper of mains, tell your to shed light on this issue

Re: Re Samarjeet Singh

Posted by rab Raakha, (2015-04-17 08:53:04)

You can try the punjab govt. run institute MGSIPAP in sector 26.,and another institute Gurukunj run by an experienced IAS officer in sector36.You can also try correspondence course of Vajiram of Delhi.
Otherwise self study through NCERT books is also an alternative.

Re: pcs pattern ischanged confirmed

Posted by Ankita Motwani, (2015-04-17 07:25:31)

my uncle says negative marks funda will be applied this year. prepare one optional for mains .

Re: simran singh

Posted by simran singh , (2015-04-16 20:11:33)

Ki matlab no notification. ..

Re: simran singh

Posted by simran singh , (2015-04-16 20:10:38)

Re: here we go again!

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-04-16 18:15:46)

How can you say there won't be any more PCS exams before January 2017?
Elections will be held in February 2017 & the model code of conduct comes into effect when EC announces the election schedule which is normally done about fortydays or so in advance thus making it likely in December late our early January and by that time the process of recruitment can be completed even if pre is held in December 2015


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-04-16 17:48:09)

If what is mentioned here is true then it means there will be no more pcs exams in the reign of this government because punjab will have its assembly elections in january 2017 and once the model code of conduct comes into force, the recruitment process, at whatever stage, will be halted. So the punjab govt. should issue the next notification latest by may, 2015 if it is really committed to serving the youth of the state , rather than wasting 2 years of their lives.

Re: pcs syllabus and notification

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-04-16 13:09:21)

There is a lot of nonsense being put on here to mislead sincere candidates. The info that i have gathered from highly placed sources is that there are no proposed changes in the scheme of exam and there is yet no file on new notification. The earliest we can hope for a new notification is in September with pre in November/December.

Re: re ankita motwani

Posted by abz, (2015-04-15 20:42:45)

Thanks ... ankita

plz keep us updated and informed.

Thanks again

Re: Yes simran singh be ready

Posted by Ankita Motwani, (2015-04-15 18:46:09)

one optional will be introduced in mains and pre will be with negative marking

Re: fraud coaching in chandigarh

Posted by samarjeet singh, (2015-04-15 09:44:10)

there is one sachin goyal in sec 24 krishna ias
biggest cheat of chandigarh ,, complete 100% fraud ... please beware of these two ...

found eten ias usesless with satellite ,, dont want to join bansal ... total waste of time

guys suggest some decent venue .....

Re: re ankita motwani

Posted by simran singh , (2015-04-14 19:23:17)

Will there be optional also introduced again ...
When exactly is notification expected. ..
tell me plz


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-04-14 16:18:17)

When will the next pcs prelims be held? Does anyone have any authentic information ?

Re: pre will be with negative marking

Posted by Ankita Motwani, (2015-04-14 13:04:42)

pcs pre will be with negative marking this time , it is an insider confirmed mews

Re: upsc decided to revert back to optional paper in pre 2015

Posted by Basanti optional mat dalna, (2015-04-13 22:35:19)

aab tera kya hoga kalia. sadar hum ne to main se bi optional go went gone kar diya. le aab pre me bhi optional kha. ha ha ha ha .

here kalia = ppsc


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-04-13 12:52:41)

Oh 22 IAS vale ethe sirf Punjab PCS nu sah len do....IAS di discussion kar ke suffocate na karo dusra blog bna lo koi.....PCS bare mere sare bharavo te bheno koi news aa tan pls share kro....

Re: prelims marks

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-04-13 11:37:26)

Upsc Prelims de marks kad aange?

Re: IAS result

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-04-13 08:22:31)

IAS mains result is out.surprising those who r not in final list of PCS have cleared the mains of UPSC.
Congrats to everybody.

Re: Thanks......

Posted by Jaspreet Sahota +18134636180, (2015-04-13 03:47:53)

Thanks and for You valuable advice... I am coming to India in the month of MAY. I will give my 200% and will become an IPS ofiicer.

Jaspreet Sahota

Re: optional is confirmed

Posted by insider da chacha, (2015-04-12 22:46:15)

my uncle is telling me that optional is incorporated in mains exam , as he working as a insider


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-04-12 20:58:21)

Oh Hun Keri add Deti ohne yaar tu oh nu Chad aapni das kida chaldi tyari .....optional a rea ke nai....

Re: coaching waale vapaari

Posted by kanwal, (2015-04-12 19:42:37)

eh dronacharya wala hatda nahin apni ad karan ton.
naam badal badal ke apne aap nu vadhiya kehnda rehnda hai.
Is blog nu baksh do.

Re: Notification

Posted by Vehla daktor, (2015-04-12 18:44:14)

22 Kado aani aa notification any news ???????

Re: new pattern with new notification

Posted by Miss ankita motwani, (2015-04-10 20:30:17)

Main with one optional on the patternof upsc. English punjabi willbe qualifying. notification on 13 April


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-04-10 18:41:04)

Yes i think so. This Forum should be Active now with Productive Discussion on PCS Preparation and Possibility of new notification.

Re: blog survival

Posted by Aman, (2015-04-10 17:57:36)

bai ji, saare kithe gaye?
Mitro aa jao nahin taan blog band ho jaana fai


Posted by aman, (2015-04-07 07:03:35)

eh dronacharya wala aap hi apne aap nu recommend kari jaanda hai. Total bakwas te thug hai.

Re: pcs

Posted by punjabi putt, (2015-04-06 20:22:33)

but i recommend dronacharya bai, mgsipa theek ni wala, eh gurukunj vi mgsipa waale teacher hi ne..abhimanu fer vi theek hai....baaki kadon auna notification yaar.....

Re: good luck

Posted by punjabi putt, (2015-04-06 16:25:55)

good luck for tomrrows counselling......

Re: PCS next

Posted by kanwal, (2015-04-05 10:03:14)

Donot wait for advt. of PCS,start preparing for pcs.
Good institutes are abhimanu sec25,Gurukunj sec36 and MGSIPAP sec26 and Maybe Anil kumar sec32.

Re: New PCS Notification kaado aana !!

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-04-04 19:48:40)

New PCS Notification kaado aana, Koi Authentic Information ......................

Re: New PCS Notification!!!

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-04-04 19:47:06)

PCS New Notification kaado aayoga ? Koi authentic information...

Re: Counselling

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-04-03 23:06:06)

Koi stay Nahi laggi hai counselling te...please stop rumours mongering...process is complete and on April 7 selected candidates will get posts.

Re: HELP-counselling-HELP

Posted by COUNSELLING, (2015-04-03 22:39:15)

does anyone has any information about the counselling? has the date been declared for it. kindly help..

Re: mjhail

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-04-03 21:20:35)

bhau main sunea pcs 2013 counselling process te stay lag gyi..je kise baai nu pta tan dasso .


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-04-03 09:09:32)

Yes ,can someone share authentic information on next notification?


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-04-02 11:14:47)

When will the notification for next prelims come? Please share authentic information.

Re: risk worth to take

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-04-01 21:03:15)

Hi jaspreet,
Even after getting into top B school, if you are still contemplating on IPS that itself is a testimony of your love with Bharat mata. I am sure you don't want to be an IPS to earn money but to serve the nation. Having said that, I want you to caution that life of a honest person is a pity one here in india.But, if you have make your mind to tread this difficult path then do give a try because today india needs more of persons like 'D K Ravi' , not 'K K Yadav' .
You can also check the profile of last year upsc topper, who was an investment banker in singapore.

citizen of india

Re: jaspreet sahota

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-04-01 19:07:48)

Go for IPS with full zeal . There are many who live for money , please live for bharat mata.

Re: No of attempts

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-04-01 14:49:19)

All pcs aspiratns from PU should unite and raise our voice to increase no of attempts in pcs ...

Re: I need ur advice

Posted by Jaspreet Sahota +18134636180, (2015-04-01 00:38:53)

Hi friends,
Jaspreet here.. I cleared PCS pre and mains 2013 but i couldn't clear the interview moreover I have cleared UPSC prelims but missed IAS mains due to the PCS interview. I was working with punjab govt. as a food inspector. As a plan B I appeared for GMAT and got admission and full scholarship in one of the prestigious B schools of USA.I have resigned from my govt. job and now, I am pursuing MBA from US , I am going to complete my 1st semester in May. deep down inside I still have urge to become an IPS officer and whenever I look someone wearing khaki police uniform, I felt like coming back and giving 1 more UPSC attempt..
I am confused ..plz guide me.. is it worth to come back and appear for the exam ?? I can take 1 semester off from the university..but it will create a gap in my education.. Is it worth to take this risk


Posted by Crack Civils, (2015-03-31 22:13:10)

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Re: thank u bro

Posted by chauhan, (2015-03-27 19:30:19)

See u on 7th


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-03-26 17:31:04)

CHANDIGARH MARCH 26:Over 121 PCS and allied services officers are all set to get new postings by a transparent process of counselling initiated by Personnel department on April 7.
According to an official spokesman the department has decided to hold counselling process for allocations of various posts to candidates selected in Punjab State Civil Services Combined Competitive Examination-2013 on April 7, 2015. The spokesman said that candidates as per selected merit list notified on the website of the Punjab Public Service Commission regarding the above mentioned result have been told to assemble in the auditorium of Mahatma Gandhi State Institute of Public Administration, Sector 26, Chandigarh on April 7 at 9.30 am along with their original certificates and documents. Amongst the 121 posts to be filled 23 would be taken in PCS, 10 as DSP, 16 as DSP (Jails), 52 as ETOs, 6 as Tehsildars, 11 BDPOs and 3 as Labour Officers.
The spokesman said that with the filling up of 23 posts, the chronic shortage of PCS officers would be tackled to a great extent. He said that against 288 posts of PCS officers presently they were over 190 on the rolls and 23 would be selected within the list of 2013, whereas the process of recruitment of remaining 66 posts was underway in different stages and expected to be completed within one year. He said that shortage of PCS officers arose as there was no recruitment for nine long years, piling up the shortage with every passing year after 2003 batch. In 2012, 38 PCS officers were selected and 30 were selected in 2014 and 23 would be selected on April 7.
The spokesman said that candidates called for counselling included General Category candidates(71) from merit 1 to 72, Ex-servicemen/LDSM category (72/73) from merit 1 to 2, Sports persons category (75) from merit 1 to 4, Physically Handicapped category (76) merit No.1, Scheduled Castes and other Categories (77) merit 1 to 16, SCESM category (78) merit 1 to 2, SCLDESM category (79) merit 1, Balmiki Mazhabi Sikh category (81) merit 1 to 13, backward class category (85) merit 1 to 17, backward class ESM/LDESM (86-87) merit 1.
The spokesman said that in the event of extreme unavoidable exigency, if any candidate is unable to attend the counselling, he/she should inform about his/her willingness to join the post allocated to him/her during counselling, at the E-mail ID personnelpp3@gmail.com OR through Fax No.0172-2740553. It is made clear that if no information is received before the date of counselling, it will be presumed that he/she is not inclined to join the post being allocated to him/her and the next candidate in the merit list will be considered for that post as per his/her prefereneg.

Re: hey guysv

Posted by BULLEH SHAH, (2015-03-25 15:42:30)

When is next notification expected

Re: when will next notification come

Posted by BULLEH SHAH, (2015-03-25 13:03:56)

When will next notification come. ....nn?


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-03-23 22:30:03)

bevkuuf lok...manager lagya hoyaan tu kyo fudu gallan krdaa...lyf enjoy krlo j job milgi aa ...tere vrge berozgaari vdaa vdaa rhe aa...mai v excise insp lagya by the way par main postan khraab nhi krda...horaa nu v maukaa deoo...viaah dd umar oh krlo


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-03-22 18:19:43)

i have cleared tehsil welfare exam.....what is the nature of job?...what work, status, responsibility etc???....plz any one tell.....m currently working as manager in coop bank..

see result @ http://welfarepunjab.gov.in/


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-03-22 16:29:41)

tehsil wel off da result kithon milega?

Re: tesil welfare officer

Posted by rajbir randhawa, (2015-03-22 13:05:07)

i have cleared tehsil welfare exam.....what is the nature of job?...what work, status, responsibility etc???....plz any one tell


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-03-22 10:14:07)

how many posts expected this time ?

Re: haha

Posted by sms, (2015-03-19 20:21:49)

Sahi gal aaa. Counselling guy ...
sandeepan nu badi vaddi galat fami ho gaya
aa tat he is a very good teacher.
Bus karo plz
mera teh hassa nai rukda. .. enha di bakwas vekh ke.

Counselling nxt month only nw ...

Re: counselling

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-03-19 18:00:25)

Sandeepan n narula r promoting themselves like some despo bitches through fake names. . is anybody aware of the counselling regarding when it's expected?


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-03-19 06:11:25)

any update about no of attempts. will punjabi and english be qualifing in mains ?

Re: optional is back

Posted by shamali, (2015-03-18 23:01:29)

optional is back inmains . pre will bewithout optional old style one gs and one csat. final nod is given by competent authority

Re: 2 Kanwal

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-03-18 22:27:08)

Yes, I agree that Sandeepan sir guides well. He sticks to relevance and thats the most important thing because the syllabus is never-ending. i too benefitted greatly and managed to crack the exam.
sirs geog and current affairs is great too!
Both do their best to avoid adding any tension or making it a big deal.

Re: pcs new notification

Posted by SAHIL, (2015-03-18 07:21:06)

Y r optional coming backk ... ?
They shud be completely eliminted ...

even in upsc

Re: @punjabi putt

Posted by bhajana amli, (2015-03-17 22:23:19)

tiari rakh putt , paper aa riha with one optional. english punjabi di vari gayi , hun optional de vaari hai

Re: notification

Posted by punjabi putt, (2015-03-17 16:38:11)

bai ji kadon auna agla notification pcs da, hai koi idea??

Re: ias result

Posted by amanjeet, (2015-03-16 19:46:47)

eh main ias daa result kadon aa reha hai.

Re: Over age 2011 UPSC Appeared

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-03-15 11:07:19)

Veer tyari rakho ji. I think pichhle saal govt ne keh he ditta c k 2011 appeared nu chance miluga.

Re: Over Age Aspirants

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-03-14 11:21:17)

Any possibility for 2011 Civil Services over age Aspirants to get an additional chance


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-03-14 11:19:59)

Any possibility for 2011 UPSC Civil Services over age aspirants to get an additional chance in 2015

Re: Govt should conside the demand to increase no of attempts

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-03-14 10:54:21)

Govt should conside the demand to increase no of attempts


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-03-14 06:05:26)

increased no of attempts Should be included in notification itself... so we should be pro active


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-03-13 19:29:33)

lets first c new notific reg no. of attempts and other things

then we take next step with ppsc else courts


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-03-13 17:15:31)

Next Notification baare koi authentic information haigi tan jroor share kro

Re: we shall write a letter to PPSC AND GOVT...

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-03-13 16:37:24)

we shall write a letter to PPSC AND GOVTto increase posts on the lines of UPSC...

Re: how to increase attempts....

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-03-13 14:37:11)

how we can communicate to ppsc and government. regarding increase no of attempts...

Re: yes attempts should be increased

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-03-13 10:13:37)

yes attempts should be increased