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Re: Clerical Medical exam

Posted by Kamal Ahmad, (2011-01-08 15:31:57)

My dear friends, please wait for you medical letter it is being sent to your permannt address, BOB is also contacting candidates to their Mobile. Just open bob regional office list from BOB website and call your nearly Regional offices, asked them if your name is in their list or not. if there is not then call other RO near by you, you can ask them directly when they wll conduct your Medical test. Its Bank's responsibility now to send you 2nd or 3rd medical call letter if you do not recieve.

Re: Applying of P.O. Post

Posted by Kamal Ahmad, (2011-01-08 15:26:58)

My dear friends, somebody here asked about if he has not recieved medical letter yet , has he applied or not? i my idea said please wait till joining, after joining you wll get your EC No. after that it wll be your plus point at the time of interview of P.O. if u would select. but wait it till 24 january to your posting in clerical. If u do not get position untill 24 just apply for P.O. ordinarilly as other.

Re: hello nitesh

Posted by jugal, (2011-01-08 13:50:37)

i called hr delhi yesterday they told that they are mailing today and tommorow (7 & 8 jan.) will get it within 3-4 days. have you got? in this thread one has said that he has got it on 6 jan.

Re: hello veer

Posted by jugal, (2011-01-08 13:47:45)

after joining, can we directly apply for po or it should be through some proper channel? and what to write in E.C. no. for baroda employee as we have not got our medical letter yet.

Re: to all

Posted by VeeR, (2011-01-07 22:07:01)

hello everybody
i have joined Bank of Baroda in chandigarh yesterday. yesterday i worked as cashier, n i collect nearly 3 lakh rs. its been a really good experience. i submit the fee for PO examination for me as well as for my friends.

hope you all will also get the joining as soon as possible,,,,,

wish you best of luck

Re: Doubt

Posted by grishma dattani, (2011-01-07 13:30:36)

I have applied twice for online application.Hence i got 2 ID and Password.If you can help me out to ans this.

Re: sorry

Posted by jitendra, (2011-01-07 10:38:40)

sorry its not tommarow it should be previous day ok

Re: offer letter

Posted by jitendra, (2011-01-07 10:36:59)

hi this is jitendra from kolkata tommarow i got email from HRM containing medical date and other formalities .so don't be impassioned just relax dosto .everyone get offer letter ok bye nice day to all of you.

Re: offfer letter

Posted by ritesh, (2011-01-06 21:37:35)

Hi I am from delhi but i am not getting any offer letter till date ?

Re: cleared clerical exam of BoB

Posted by maddy, (2011-01-06 21:18:45)

hey guys....!!!1 all dos clerd dis xam r happy!!!! any idea about d medical call lettr to be rcvd by wht date in mumbai region or ny1 rcvd it at wch plc??

Re: medical letter

Posted by Noname Guest, (2011-01-06 18:21:08)

hey people i m from new delhi i received my medical letter today n the medical examination is between 12th jan to 18th jan

Re: Contact number

Posted by HR Number, (2011-01-06 11:32:40)

Do any one have the contact number of HR..........

Re: BOB clerical joing call

Posted by bhawan, (2011-01-06 11:18:55)

Any one get medical cal from Pune please let me know

Re: want to know result of clerk which was held on 6 june 2010.

Posted by Ahtesham Ali Khan, (2011-01-04 20:02:55)

Please send my result on my mobile no. 9454703366.My roll no. is 6234079152

Re: want to know result of clerk which was held on 6 june 2010.

Posted by Ahtesham Ali Khan, (2011-01-04 19:59:17)

plz send on my mobile no. 9454703366


Posted by karthik, (2011-01-04 18:24:14)

hi,, congrts 4 ur selection,, i cleared written but didnt get thru in final list,, can u tel me how many questions u attended in each secton,, and intervew exp,, is ther any waitin list,, for bob clk

Re: Got a call from BOB

Posted by Pooja, (2011-01-04 17:39:37)

Hi everybody, I got a call from BOB. They told me that they have sent the call letter to my address and the medical test will be any day between Jan 5 th and 12th in Coimbatore. Soon everyone will be getting a call. Don't miss to attend that call. Wish you all the best.

Re: offer letter

Posted by neha, (2011-01-04 12:20:00)

I called HR today and asked about the offer letter and Joining date. They told that we will receive offer letter before 20 January.
so keep patience guys.


Posted by JIWAN PRALHADRAO PAWAR, (2011-01-04 11:38:08)

I have to be selected for bank of baroda for clerk in maharashtra region but till date I have not received my medical call letter so if you have any idea about it please help me it means medical started which date.
Roll No.-7026035485 & Reg. No.- 1322549
Mobile No.- 9975192329
Email adds.- pawar.jiwan@rediffmail.com

Re: sonal

Posted by rajesh, (2011-01-03 23:36:55)

i have to be selected for maharashtra region but till date i have not rec. my medical call letter.so if you have any idea about it plz hlp me it means medical started from which date.

Re: reg medical date

Posted by pankaj singh, (2011-01-03 22:26:05)

sonal\veer plz told me if you have any idea about medical test which will be started from which date & going up to till date.b coz i have not rec. any letter for medical test

Re: reg medical date

Posted by PANKAJ SINGH, (2011-01-03 22:20:44)


Re: medical

Posted by jitendra, (2011-01-03 20:48:40)

hi i m fro west bengal but did't get any letter regarding medical help what i do?????????
9007023308 call me if any one get.ok


Posted by waiting for update, (2011-01-03 20:08:52)

Do any one have the number or eMAIL id of the HR of BOB....

Re: Offer letter

Posted by ritesh, (2011-01-03 16:53:20)

Hi Jugal,

i am not getting any letter for Medical or O/L but i will inform you if i will get it .

Re: VeeR

Posted by Sonal, (2011-01-03 16:29:55)

it's too soon yaar,
i don know my joining date but hopefully it's as soon as yours'
thanx 4 ur best wishes
bye n take care
have a wonderful career

Re: joining formalities

Posted by jugal, (2011-01-03 11:29:49)

i am selected from delhi region. anyone from delhi region got any infomation about bob joinning. then plz. inform me at jugal1987gupta@gmail.com

Re: Waiting for an update

Posted by selected from UP, (2011-01-03 11:28:51)

Hi dear

Got selected from UP region but still waiting for an update regarding medical exam or joining...do any one have the contact number or email id of any one who can update the status on joining.....Thanks.....

Re: joining formalities

Posted by jugal, (2011-01-03 11:27:51)

hi nitesh,
have you got any letter from bob delhi? if got then inform me at jugal1987gupta@gmail.com
as i am waiting for it.

Re: sonal

Posted by VeeR, (2011-01-03 10:49:53)

thanks dear
n same to you,,,
they told me to report on 5th jan for joining


Posted by sachin, (2011-01-02 20:45:28)

hi sonal can u give me ur no.so i can make direct contact with u & when u get call from then also best of luck for medical happy new yr

Re: bob clerk gujarat circle

Posted by sharad, (2011-01-01 20:41:59)

hey guys,
i m frm jaipur n i hv applied frm gujarat n still waiting 4 any information frm bank officials....any one who got any call or msg frm bank from gujarat circle....

Re: VeeR

Posted by Sonal, (2011-01-01 18:27:35)

it's great yaar
i mean they charged me Rs.750 by d way
chal then now u r going to bcome govt. employee congrats once again
n yes i am also selected my medical report is normal so Dr. marked it as FIT.
chal then bye n take care n plz inform me your joining date.

Re: sonal

Posted by VeeR, (2011-01-01 17:21:00)

todayi faced my medical examination, they gave me the address, at which i have to report for medical examination, they charged me Rs. 350. and BOB Official told me to report b/w 5th to 7th Jan to collect my joining letter.
there isn't any bond in this job, you free to join also free to resign

Re: BOB Clerk Joining Letter

Posted by Rajeev, (2011-01-01 17:00:49)

Hi... I m Rajeev from Lucknow (U.P.). I m also finally selected in the BOB Clerk but till now i did not get any e-mail or letter form the bank.. i mailed the HR then he responded that "very soon you will get letter" but about 20 days has passed and no E-Mail or letter is Received.. So Please if any body who got the mail/Letter from the bank in UP State .. please inform...

Re: Joining letter

Posted by Pooja, (2010-12-31 23:25:39)

Hi, I am from Tamil nadu. Please inform me if anybody from Tamil nadu got medical letter.

Re: offer letter

Posted by ritesh, (2010-12-31 19:12:45)


i hv called HR department in delhi she said we are dispatching offer letter so you can get it with 2-3 days so i request delhi region guys plx inform if anybody got it

Re: VeeR

Posted by Sonal, (2010-12-31 18:48:16)

satisfactory report means, may be report should be perfect to do this job. Dr. report se satisfy hona chahiye.
they will send u to their "setting wala" hospital.
then the next day u have to collect your report n then again go to BOB Dr. then that Dr. will tell u that u r fit or not.
n then your report will go to branch ofice then BOB will tell u the next step whether it is bond or appointment letter i don't know....
u will get to know the next procedure...

Re: joining letter

Posted by jitendra, (2010-12-31 09:10:05)

hi to all
this is jitendra i also did't get any intimation regarding medical or joining i m from west bengal(kolkata)circul .if any one got offerletter then please inform me my mo.9007023308 .i waiting .....................


Posted by Noname Guest, (2010-12-31 00:37:36)

hey ritesh
i hv also been selected from delhi region bt nt got the offer or medical letter yet.
plz inform if anybdy received d letter frm dlhi region.............

Re: Anil Gothwal

Posted by VeeR, (2010-12-30 19:28:18)

hi anil me too selected from Haryana,,,,

Re: sonal

Posted by VeeR, (2010-12-30 19:26:55)

thanks sonal for the information,,,,

medical k liye unhone koi doctor appoint kiya tha ya hum apni marzi se kahi bhi karwa sakte hai,,, and one more thing ye satisfactory report kya hai,, is it character certificate????

Re: VeeR

Posted by Sonal, (2010-12-30 19:16:11)

Hey VeeR congrats....
u mentioned that aapko chandigarh bulaya hai to receive the medical letter b/w 1 to 4. so its better k aap 1st jan ko hi jaye. if i am not wrong chandigarh is d capital of haryana too.
that ma'm told me that ur joining will be from end of Jan or by Feb.


Posted by Anil Gothwal, (2010-12-30 18:38:03)

hi ,,,,

i got my medical call letter today........

i m selected for haryana state..

medical starts from 1 jan to 4 jan in chandigarh haryana

Re: Medical test

Posted by Bond, (2010-12-30 12:38:07)

Anybody from karnataka got medical test letter please inform here. I got selected and waiting for offer letter

Re: Offer letter

Posted by ritesh, (2010-12-30 11:50:45)

Hi anybody form delhi region got offer letter of bank of baroda clerk please inform

Re: sonal

Posted by VeeR, (2010-12-29 21:01:33)

hi sonal

today i also got my offer letter by post,,,
i applied for the state of Haryana. but letter came from Chandigarh head office,,, don't know why,,,
they mentioned in the offer letter that i have to report to Chandigarh head office b/w 01/01/2011 to 04/01/2011 to collect my medical letter. and i have to submit that letter till 7th jan,2011.
so i think our joining/induction may start from 10th jan, 2011

n big thanks to you for your valueable information,,,
cn we be friends of facebook. my facebook id is somveer22@gmail.com

all the best

Re: Sachin

Posted by Sonal, (2010-12-29 19:06:38)

hi sachin,
i am from MUMBAI. I found that medical procedure is little bit complicated.
one thing i would like to mention here that they were saying that "the cost of medical examination will be borne by you".
my medical is tomorrow.
so tomorrow i will post my experience.
bye.......n keep patience

Re: veer

Posted by Sonal, (2010-12-29 18:54:52)

hi veer,
i told u that i am from Mumbai. so they called me yesterday n today i went to that place n they gave me medical letter.
so just for ur convenience no. is


Posted by sachin, (2010-12-29 16:19:52)

hi can u tell me that is anybody from maharashtra got medical cal leter of bank of baroda

Re: bob clerk result 06/06/2010

Posted by supriya, (2010-12-29 12:11:57)

Respected sir,
please send me my result of cleark held on 06/06/2010. my roll no:6334076806 & reg no:1404798.
thank you.
my email.:supriya25786@gmail.com

Re: sonal

Posted by VeeR, (2010-12-28 19:05:45)

he hi sonal,,, good hear that you got the call,

actually the number which i mentioned in the application is not working now,,, so plz tell me what to do,,,,
or if you can give me the number from which they call you, i'll be very thank full to you,,,
either post that number here or send it to my Mob. No. +918591524464


Re: medical

Posted by sonal, (2010-12-28 14:49:39)

hi girls n guys,
today i got call from BOB she told me to come 2morow to accept d medical letter.
so those who r worrying about medical letter just chill n wait for d call.
all d best.......

Re: bob clerk vs ssc

Posted by Noname Guest, (2010-12-28 13:38:23)

will an ex-sm candidate become ineligible for further reservation if he accepts offr from pub sect bank, complets all joing formalities but doesnot join the bank?

I got letter for medical and offer from BOB but awaiting results of Combined Graduate Level Exam 2010.
Please advise...

All the best to all candidates !


Posted by prasad, (2010-12-27 19:48:09)

Hi I was selected from Andhra Pradesh today I got the letter regarding Medical Tests they r from 28-31 december with this reports and certificates we have to report b/n january 1-5.

Re: Veer n Karan

Posted by Sonal, (2010-12-27 19:07:44)

hey guys,
i don't want to give any bad or inappropriate suggestion to both of u but it's better to ask any other person who posses d knowledge of those banks.
so... bye n take care

Re: pooja

Posted by Sonal, (2010-12-27 18:59:23)


Re: Joining date

Posted by Pooja, (2010-12-27 18:29:38)

I called HR today and asked about the offer letter and Joining date. They told that we will receive offer letter in the first week of January or maximum 10 to 15 days. And our joining date will be immediately as soon as medical test gets over. Thanks for giving HR number

Re: to sonal

Posted by karan, (2010-12-26 09:26:37)

hi i am karan i have also cleared bank of baroda and corporation bank exam so will u plz tell me which one is best to go for work?

Re: sonal

Posted by VeeR, (2010-12-25 17:20:58)

hey thanks for your wish,,, same for you dear....
i want to know one thing, that i have cleared both Bank of Baroda and Corporation Bank as well, which bank according to you is good for future....

thanks and all the best

Re: jitendra

Posted by VeeR, (2010-12-25 17:19:10)

hello friend...
yaar actually nobody knows abt the joining date,, but surely it will be in the month of January, 2011.
so lets wait untill then

Re: joining date

Posted by neha, (2010-12-24 15:05:34)

i called the HR and they tell me that letter would be sent within 15 days. they said that wait till 10 january.

Re: Re: Joining date

Posted by Pooja, (2010-12-24 10:59:22)

Hi everybody,
This is Pooja. I have got selected for the Post of Clerk in the final list. I am from Tamilnadu state. Did anyone know about joining date? Have anyone received appointment letter. am working in a private concern now. Need to give one month prior notice. Please some one who knows tell me about the joining date yaar.

Re: veer

Posted by sonal, (2010-12-22 18:25:59)

hey veer,
i belong to mumbai but 4 training i've to go to ahmed. by d way thanx for ur reply n all d best 4 ur future job.
take care


Posted by NIRAJ SINGH, (2010-12-22 14:40:43)


Re: ADO vs BOB clerk finaly go for clerk

Posted by jitendra, (2010-12-21 23:07:23)

hi veer this is jitendra
i m also facing this problem .i m working as ADO in LIC.my joining was on 15th nov.2010 in LIC i have completed one month training then i came to know that my posting and remaining training in Andaman(port blair) i was socked .i also clear BOB clerk i will go for BOB clerk sure.thats why i have already resigned from LIC as per BOND i pay 25000 .Bye the way please told me the joining schedule of BOB clerk????????u can call me dosto 9007023308

Re: @sonal

Posted by veer, (2010-12-21 20:20:24)

hi sonal
ya i resigned personally,,, at sector 17 chandigarh. Bcoz i have already submitted the BOND. so i thought if didn't join LIC then i have to give them 25,000/-
so this was the reason,,,
one of my friend who has also joined the LIC told me about that, he told me that its better if i go there and told them that i won't be able to join.
so if it is convenient for you, then its better ki aap bhi personally jaakar resign kar de....

so in which state you've been selected for BOB

Re: veer

Posted by sonal, (2010-12-21 17:20:53)

hi veer,
u said that u resigned from LIC....
kya aap personally jakar resign karke aae ho??
Because mera b selection LIC n BOB me hua he n i want to join BOB but maine LIC ko kuch inform nahi kiya. my training starts from 1st jan at ahmedabad. when i called in LIC they told me that agar aap ahmedabad jakar register sign karte ho then u became officially employee.
i,m confused plz reply as soon as possible.....

Re: jitendra

Posted by veer, (2010-12-21 13:22:29)

hello friend
u r in LIC,,, as ADO???
actually my joining in LIC as ADO was on 15th december, but before i join the LIC BOB final result was declared, so i resigned from LIC on 13th dec,,, plz tell was it right or wrong???


Re: BOB joining date

Posted by Vishal, (2010-12-20 12:47:39)

Please tell if anyone know about the joining date

Re: joining

Posted by jitendra, (2010-12-19 22:43:49)

i called the HR but they tell me that letter would be sent shortaly but my question is when?
i m working in lic .i have to quit from there but i dont know the joining of bob clerk.

Re: please tell the joining of bob clerk?

Posted by jitendra, (2010-12-19 22:41:05)

did any one get offer letter? when will be the joining schedule if anyone knows than please share your valuable view i m also afraid.i m from west bengal circal

Re: Offer Letter

Posted by kamal ahmad, (2010-12-17 17:21:04)

HR number- 02266985570, plz ask them and share ur talking here.

Re: BOB Offer letter

Posted by Vishal, (2010-12-17 10:08:53)

Please tell if anyone gets the offer letter or mail. I am much afraid of this. I have been selected. How much time will it take for joining?

Re: bob waiting list for clerk

Posted by bala, (2010-12-16 18:18:40)

hi,,, frnds can any one tel me how get marks and wat s the procedure 4 tat,,,, any chance of waitin list,,,

Re: joining

Posted by veer, (2010-12-14 13:06:34)

hello friends
i have been selected in LIC ADO and my joining is tomorrow,, but now i have also been selected in Bank of Baroda and Corporation bank as clerk,,, please tell me what to do,,,
and when will i get the joining letter from Bank of baroda and corporation bank

Re: how many time will take to joining.

Posted by sanjay nimje, (2010-12-11 10:58:52)

Hi, i am sanjay. i want to know about medical test and how many time will take to joining .i am selected from maharashra. which documentand charecter certificate required.Plz reply me in my e-mail id sanjay.nimje@yahoo.com

Re: information for waiting list

Posted by kuldeep lakhani, (2010-12-11 09:57:28)

hi friend i am kuldeep and my friend had reporting of Sbi yesterday where lots of Rajasthani candidates came who were finally selected in both bob and Sbi but they preferred Sbi and they told my friend that they would go to Sbi so they are around 30 to 40 so i think u r chance is still a live to get a job

Re: bob waiting list for clerk

Posted by bala, (2010-12-10 14:33:38)

hi can any one tel any chances of waiting list 4 bob clerk ,,,

Re: Bank of Baroda

Posted by Vishal, (2010-12-10 09:05:27)

When will the selected candidates receive offer letter? If anyone have any idea. Please reply

Re: sdf

Posted by RAGHUVEER SINGH SHEKHAWAT, (2010-12-09 17:17:07)

what do they mean "PROVISIONALY SELECTED" candidates in final result.................. plz tell me if anyone hav knowledge about it my no. is 9828846669 and email id is shekhawat.raghu@gmail.com

Re: re

Posted by kamlesh r angrawal, (2010-12-08 10:22:40)

my roll no is 8876088892 i want to know my result.

Re: bob clerk final result

Posted by kuldeep lakhani, (2010-12-06 22:48:28)

hi dear readers bob has finally released result and i have got the key of the door of the bank i am from Gujarat has any one there from Gujarat?

Re: bob final clerk result

Posted by bala, (2010-12-06 18:10:54)

bob final clerk results,,,, out

Re: result clerk

Posted by deepak, (2010-12-06 17:59:32)


Re: result clerk

Posted by deepak, (2010-12-06 17:43:44)



Posted by DHARMESH, (2010-12-04 21:20:41)


Join here...ur all new Bank Po community

Once again u hv gt opportunity to share that we all have been doing for past 2 yrs..


Posted by a well wisher, (2010-12-04 14:59:46)

anybdy who gets confirm info about bank of baroda final results, plz do rply..

Re: Result of BOB Clerk Exam

Posted by PONNAMALLA SYAM SUDHEER, (2010-12-01 18:11:37)

pl tell bob clerk result exm.held on 06/06/2010
roll no. 6611017222 as soon as tell me on my email id

Re: result clerk

Posted by deepak, (2010-11-30 21:54:17)

bank of baroda pagal ho gaya hai kya. itna time lagta hai result out karne main. what the fucking bank it is.

Re: i can not found result

Posted by sagar rajurav kadam, (2010-11-30 17:58:49)

please halp for search result....

Re: to ravinder kumar

Posted by sethu, (2010-11-25 23:11:15)

hi,,, u r smart,,

Re: result of bank of baroda clerical

Posted by Ravinder Kumar, (2010-11-24 20:31:15)

This final result give me a lot of pain so this is my request to bank of baroda HR Dept. Sir please take your time and give a post I left 1999 for others with pleasure

Re: bob final clerk result

Posted by bala, (2010-11-24 19:09:46)

hi frnds,,, when wil the final clerk result wil com,,, its long time after intervew,,,

Re: Know about BOB Result

Posted by Manasi Gohad, (2010-11-24 18:12:35)

Res Sir/Mam
Pls tell me the Result of Exam of BOB which has been taken on 06.06.10

Re: bob final result

Posted by sethu, (2010-11-18 22:48:20)

frnds ,,, tel me when the final result wil come,,, its very long time after intervew,,

Re: to known about final selection of bob clerk

Posted by dilip, (2010-11-18 13:27:04)

respective sir,
i want to known aboutthefinal selection of bob clerk . plz send iton my mobile no.8888589038 &also my email id

Re: baroda clerk result

Posted by m.sakthivelayutham, (2010-11-17 20:15:20)

my roll no was 2232072487 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting              2232072487      end_of_the_skype_highlighting. kindly tell to me

Re: bob clerk result

Posted by sakthi, (2010-11-17 20:12:03)

i am eager to wait for bob final selection list kindly tell

Re: Result Crical Exam.2010

Posted by MUKESH SHARMA, (2010-11-17 17:50:27)

hello sir/ medam,
send my relult and reg.no is 1194830 & Roll No. is 1831051198
thank you


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