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Re: $alary

Posted by kat, (2016-11-29 14:04:47)

Salary for ae????

Re: ....

Posted by Re, (2016-11-29 13:43:51)

Judgment epo nu sollunga pa????

Re: ae

Posted by Kar, (2016-11-29 13:37:33)

What is starting exhcat salary for ae???any one plz give crt information


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-11-29 12:47:36)

Any one to know about eee BC cut off approximately..


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-11-29 11:46:04)

Can anyone please share TNEB Assistant engineer recruitment facebook page link.

Re: ....

Posted by Re, (2016-11-29 11:41:56)

When will come judgment ellakiya mam??? Plz clear my doubt??.mam

Re: @Elakkiya and other guys who knows about law

Posted by Common Man, (2016-11-29 11:39:20)

what if those ungrateful souls appeal in supreme court? ? could they appeal? or they cant? ?

Re: cutoff for civil

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-11-29 11:36:33)

what is cut off for civil ? any guess


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-11-29 11:29:51)

how abt cut off for eee bc ?

Re: expected cut off my opinion

Posted by Ahamedullah, (2016-11-29 11:19:32)

i guess 30 might be the cut off.273 x 5 -> 1365 persons will be called for the interview.what about others .i know its been hard for waiting for the result and it is causing stress,could not stay focussed. what if shit happens.no matter what happens just fuck everything and run. do u want to c the disappointment on ur parent's face.No rit.sooner or later bsnl jto recruitement will be announced.FYI JTO salary is more than 50K.Valid gate score is more enough to apply for Junior research fellow in DRDO. try harder for it ,we may crack it. so keep trying .i am really sorry for this piece of crap (advice).
i really want to appreciate some persons effort on gathering information.u r helping the right people and u r earning our respect

Re: my mark 29.33

Posted by Guest, (2016-11-29 10:59:39)

Dear OC friends,
I pray god this AE selection must be free from corruption so that the hard working OC candidate will get appointment.I got 29.33 Mech BC and I know this is low and I will not call for interview.Since I saw the marks posted as screen shot in FB which proves,many OC got more than 40.
However I wish all OC to get posted for AE and this posted AE from OC will support in future recruitment for the honest , fair and genuine selection from OC. since the OCy hard worked and got good marks and thy never tried any short cut like apprentice for exploitation of the honest way. and the judgement certainly will come favour to OC as apprentice plea is completely unethical and they became victim for this CITU and TNPEO dogs.
My further request to those selected as AE must thrash the apprentices , who worked under them so that none of apprentices in future digging against truthiness and fair selection

Re: cut off is 20 marks

Posted by rajesh.vr, (2016-11-29 08:24:28)

dont think about high cutoff mark evalau mark vaangenalum quta wais ya thean poduvanga athu ku 230 per 50mark na epdi poduvanga example SC la 50 seat athuku 100 pear <50 apo epdi poda mudiyum athukuthan intrview 15 mark apdinalum 50 pear thean select aakuvanga balance 50 pear vealai vanthuduvanga feiend poruthu irunthu parpom nallathea nadkkum i am just 21.667 avalavuthan aaana enaku confedant irruku i am got ae with out corrption any way keep smail*********

Re: TNEB fight against rights

Posted by AE CASE , (2016-11-28 22:39:13)

ok how can you say 28.667 is not enough for selection
anybody have official conformation
is 230+ candidates got 40+ mark ????100% sure only few crossed
anybody can explain

Re: ....

Posted by Re, (2016-11-28 21:45:38)

Guys 30th confirm judgment ah????


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-11-28 21:39:00)

Great job elakkiya.. Thanks a lot ma.. My mark is low 28 ly.. I didnt get the interview.. But my best wishes to all interview persons..

Re: Fantastic Elakkiya

Posted by Guest, (2016-11-28 21:19:32)

Very true and exact concise update thak you very much ellakiya.

Re: ****|| Today's Update in a Brief ||****

Posted by Elakkiya E, (2016-11-28 21:09:51)

First of all i am extremely for not updating you on Time. But i spoke to the TNEB Concern Person, who is the Main Representative of this case and he was inside the Court Hall No.11 from 3.00pm (Bit late from Office) till 5.30pm.

So, all the arguements from the TNEB is 100% Over perfectly Today.TNEB & AAG is crystal clear in all the points whatever i mentioned you on Friday evening. In a short,
1.No Reservations
2.Written Exam is must for Apprentices
3.Interview is compulsory and its one of the pattern followed (From the High Court Judgement of Madras, 2010)
4.At any cost, TNEB is ready to face all the consequences against them at any court.

The case is postponed to either Wednesday or Thursday of this month. TNEB is requested for 30th of this Month and the Honorable judge replied, if time permits we can have it on 30th of Nov.b

The case is postponed only due to the 2 Apprentices Advocates, who have been impleaded in this case and they requested for time for their arguements. They have asked till wednesday, we need time to put forward their points in front of the Honorable Judge. These 2 Advocates are named Ramesh & Raghavachari.

So Friends, 100% the case is will in Favour of OC and within this week the Case will be Completely Closed with Full Satisfactions to all those worked hard and waiting for the good things to happen.

We can soon expect the Recruitment to start by downloading the Hall Tickets from the respective TANGEDCO WEBSITE.

Coming Soon.............. Click here to Download the Hall Ticket........


Posted by Anonymous, (2016-11-28 21:01:45)

So sad


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-11-28 20:13:43)

kadaisila yennaium politician ah pesavachiteengale

Re: http://www.deccanchronicle.com/160108/nation-current-affairs/article/tamil-nadu-tangedco-recruitment-asst-engineers-triggers-row

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-11-28 19:59:41)

Pointing out that the concept of internal selection is not practised in any of the government technical departments like PWD and highways, TNBEA said all assistant engineers are appointed only through Tamil Nadu Public Service Commission.

“In service candidates in government departments who acquire BE degree by part time studies are expected to apply to TNPSC, appear for written examination and interview, compete with outsiders and secure selection on the basis of merit only,” the association said.

But in Tangedco all eligible in service candidates are automatically absorbed as assistant engineers without any selection process. “Not even one internal candidate was denied appointment since introduction of internal selection in 1985,” it noted.

Stating that those acquiring BE degree through part time may not have adequate technical knowledge, the administrative branch of the electricity board in December 2000 prescribed introduction of rigorous selection process for the selecting internal candidates.

“As a large number of internal candidates is available for filling the vacancies, it is decided to have a selection process instead of routine absorption so that TNEB gets quality candidates for manning the post of AE,” the board decided. However, the decision remains only on paper, the association said.

Re: http://www.tangedco.gov.in/linkpdf/advert_18.10.16_-_Copy.pdf

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-11-28 19:54:08)

The selection will be made purely on merit,
based on the marks obtained in the written examination
(85%), academic marks (5%) and interview (10%) as
per Communal Roaster of Government of Tamil Nadu. The
candidates are advised not to approach any person in this
regard. If found approached, such applicant/candidate
will not be considered for selection/appointment.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-11-28 19:52:15)

yarum ini yedukakavum court padiya midikathinga..
ipdi than poitae irukkum


Posted by kavitha, (2016-11-28 19:45:48)

Elakkiya oynaukri la oru attennance podunga

Re: About court judgment rules..

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-11-28 19:44:00)

Q : What does it mean that the court has reserved its judgment?
A : When a court reserves the judgment, it means the matter has been kept in abeyance for a while. This is done after all the parties have completed their arguments and all the written submissions have been filed in the court.

Q: Why do judges reserve a judgment?
A : The judges reserve a judgment so they can write a judgment. One must understand that a judgment is not a single page order of few lines, the judgment contains the summery of arguments of both the parties, the law of the land, previous judgments on the issue, conclusion and the reasons for arriving on that conclusion. Judges need time to refresh in their memory, the arguments of each party, do research by reading previous judgments and judgments on similar issues in other countries and finally think about the reasons for arriving on a particular conclusion. This entire excersise is very laborious and time consuming.

Q : What is the normal timeframe in which a judgment should ideally be delivered?
A : There is no fixed timeframe for the judges to write judgments but six months is considered to be a reasonable time for passing a judgment. If a judge keeps a judgment reserved for more than six months, any of the party can mention to the Chief Justice about this.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-11-28 19:43:04)



Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-11-28 19:40:18)


Re: AE

Posted by priya, (2016-11-28 19:37:58)

Pls update elakkiya today case details.

Re: Case update.....

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-11-28 18:49:19)

Anybody update today's detailed argument if known....


Posted by Anonymous, (2016-11-28 18:08:44)

intha ae casekku oru end illaya.8,17,24,25,28,30..................................................................................

Re: shut the door

Posted by Kalai vaani, (2016-11-28 17:40:32)

ellarum kadaiya saathittu , plus moodittu browser a close panni, FB / whatsapp la poi Nondunga, inga nondiyathu pothum makkaley.......
Tiranthu vaitha mattrum tiranthu vaithirukkum maanavargalum , paiyirchi petra maanavargalukkum samarpanam

Re: Judgement yepo

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-11-28 17:35:41)

30th judgement ku possibility eruka fnds..

Re: mmmmmmm

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-11-28 17:25:30)

oh okay


Posted by from fb, (2016-11-28 17:07:03)

TNPEO AE அப்பரண்டீஸ் வழக்குWP. 1510/2016 இன்று 28.11.2016 நீதியரசர்T.S.சிவஞானம் அவர்கள் முன்பு கோர்ட் எண் 11 ல் 28/2 என பட்டியலிடப்பட்டது. நமது வழக்கு விசாரணை மீண்டும் இன்று மதியம் 2.30-க்கு துவங்கி 5.00 வரை நடைபெற்றதில் வாரியம் சார்பாக அப்பரண்டீஸ்களுக்கு எதிரான வாதங்களை முன்வைத்து வாதிட்டனர். விசாரணை மீண்டும் 30.11.16 அன்று தொடரவுள்ளது.

Re: OC

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-11-28 17:03:44)

Elakiya mam case update panunga plz..yepo judgement nu solunga


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-11-28 16:52:12)

Fnl judgement agala. Athu board sonna policy. Inimrta therium judgemnt

Re: ae

Posted by ae, (2016-11-28 16:49:31)

case postponed to 30/11/2016

Re: Dear Ganesh

Posted by Guest, (2016-11-28 16:42:43)

Even if Tangedco gives 5 marks extra to spprentice, no single apprentice will be selected. Since all apprentice are less than 15 only.


Posted by GANESH, (2016-11-28 16:06:20)

I think case is getting finished. Arguments are going for the allocation of marks for apprentice people.--News from facebook.

Re: Dai apprentice gala,

Posted by Apprentice naigale, (2016-11-28 16:05:38)

Ungalukku 50% 50 % venuma, zero kooda kidaikkathuda naigala.


Posted by GANESH, (2016-11-28 15:58:36)

can i know what is the relation between ending the case and recovery of CM. For posting order only may be delayed because of CM's health. Don't care much. It's just my opinion.


Posted by ae @ 2013 batch, (2016-11-28 15:56:01)

There s no possible to done d case when cm get back then oly ending d case


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-11-28 15:47:00)

Its going in such a way that both Apprentice and open candidates are considered based on written exam.But Apprentice candidates will be given some additional marks at the time of interview.Allocation of additional marks is to be made final during judgement..Debate going for that allocation of marks..

Re: hi

Posted by hi, (2016-11-28 15:30:17)

now ena status la iruku ? ithu varaikum judge ena solli irukaru?


Posted by GANESH, (2016-11-28 15:25:41)

final judgement innum varala...

Re: hi

Posted by hi, (2016-11-28 15:24:42)

final judgement vanthacha? say clearly please


Posted by GANESH, (2016-11-28 15:11:41)

In facebook they stated like this "One point announced, at the interview only priority will given to apprentices". I'm not sure about it, Sorry if wrong.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-11-28 15:10:28)

Good news for all apprentice candidates... Finally we r going to get good percentage of reservations in AE recruitment... Cheers guys ...judge favor us

Re: My lovable OC & App candidates

Posted by preethi, (2016-11-28 15:04:51)

take one hand and shut mouth
another hand on ass / p**l / K****i
and keep silent

Re: ae

Posted by kar, (2016-11-28 14:55:30)

Sollitaru judgeuuu


Posted by AE ASSO., (2016-11-28 14:49:20)

Case getting ended. Apprentice and open candidates have a same Reservations as it is 50-50


Posted by GANESH, (2016-11-28 14:35:47)

Lunch Break

Re: AE Case

Posted by candiate, (2016-11-28 14:32:28)

What about the case


Posted by Tneb asso., (2016-11-28 13:43:22)

Now our case going on


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-11-28 13:25:59)

What does 12/2 in case number indicate?


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-11-28 13:23:16)

now 26

Re: jey

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-11-28 12:52:03)


Now 12/2 going.....

Re: Please update

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-11-28 12:32:55)

Which case number is going on Ji?
Please update if its known...

Re: Dei

Posted by Common Man, (2016-11-28 11:40:01)

adhu eppadida ithana elakkiya mulaichitinga thideer nu .. fake news spread panradhula enna happiness unaku .. unaku phone panni unga veetla yarukavadhu accident aaiduchunu fake news solli bayamuruthuna theryum unaku .. echai

Re: ....

Posted by Re, (2016-11-28 11:14:40)

Don't tell fake news


Posted by Elakiya, (2016-11-28 11:07:37)

Guys our aag is absent today ....there may be chance for postpone

Re: Dai Appresandaigala

Posted by Guest, (2016-11-28 10:42:47)

Dai appresandaigala innaiyoda ozhinjingada.Padichi mark vanga thuppu illa case podureengala panni payalgala

galida neenga.oru apprentice kooda AE agamatteengada.

Re: Today Case Status 28.11.2016

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-11-28 10:21:15)

Court No : 11

Case No : 28 ( Last Case) - Justice Sivagnanam


Re: Today case listed in court no 11 list no28

Posted by Open candidates, (2016-11-28 10:20:29)

Today case listed in court no 11 list no28.and afternoon will come to final arguments by board side . Already apprentice side argument finished .

Re: KUmar pota naye y put fake news here

Posted by Open candidates, (2016-11-28 10:06:36)

Pota pota pota ku.......Thi

Re: ENda pota ku...gala y using elakia name to potst fake news

Posted by Open candidates, (2016-11-28 10:03:27)

Posted by Elakia@ eee, (2016-11-28 09:51:44) /
Today case listed @ Court no.23 and case no. 48

Un atha akka name ya uspanungada pota pota pota pota pota naye


Posted by Kumar eee, (2016-11-28 09:55:03)

So sad. D case was again postpone up coming days


Posted by Elakia@ eee, (2016-11-28 09:51:44)

Today case listed @ Court no.23 and case no. 48

Re: rajesh vr

Posted by rajesh.vr, (2016-11-28 07:38:32)

verry good morning frinds apprentice and oc cadinate s plese dont use badwords we r engineers job kedaithavanga kedaikathavangalukku next time nalla panunga nu sollunga we all friends nalliku oruvaraoruvar meet panum nelamai varalam ? mabe ipo mony problam irukurathunaala corruption avalava irrukaa thu so ungaluku luck irunthal ungaluku than seat pray the god thanks to friends any way *******************all the best*******************

Re: oc cadinate

Posted by rajesh.vr, (2016-11-28 07:28:32)

good morinig frinds i have fully suport oc cadionate only but i will complete an apprentice today jugdment oc ku aatharava vantheal nallathu y nu keata l exam nugurathu comman athula cutoff clear panetingala na ungalukuthean then i am just 21.667 avalavuthen eee dep MBC/DC then this time intha note problam no chanss coruptions so all the best friends

Re: ae

Posted by ae, (2016-11-27 21:25:00)

Keep calm and celebrate the judgement

Re: ae

Posted by kar, (2016-11-27 14:49:18)

Ethukkuya sanda nallikku illa day after therunchurum ennanu.so be quite


Posted by Guest, (2016-11-27 13:39:36)

I Think 122 apprentices cleared the exam means, they had written the exam only and not in the selection list as this apprentices might not get more than 15 marks all apprentices are makku payalgal they joined EB through back door due to their family members working in TNEB.So after judgement even one apprentice will not be selected.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-11-27 13:28:29)

Hi frndzz ..I am one of the open candidate . I also attended TNEB exam and score a mark . Now i m working in MNC company in one months.
I meet one employee who did tneb appr. He also one of the person to book the Case.
He said that we follow old rules appr mudicha job nu when i ask the proof he said that appr is the job not a training. Y supreme court playing appr lyf.He doesn't show any proof . He also three whatsapp grp .

Ippo purinjikonga appr is the training. You are not graduate engg trainee role in TNEB

After one year they kick u off from training itself.
If you clear exam based on appr along with mark you will get job. Its hard to say appr go for some other job . Already tym poite iruku.

They are playing your lyf


Posted by VIP II, (2016-11-27 12:57:05)

Hello guys
Chandra sekar also one of the apprentice candidate,he drag the matter wrong way.
So all apprentice lessons
All the problems solve your one year course name """APPRENTICE TRAINING"""...
Apprentice training is fresh candidate get knowledge from your field ,so the one year only tneb gave to some training this is not a apprentice job only """training"""
That's time tneb gave not a salary only stipend,
Stipend na meaning yanna therium ma...

Re: Tigers are in cow skin

Posted by Guest, (2016-11-27 12:39:43)

We , innocent OC cant believe these tigers hidings under cow skin.Do not play with innocent and this is not the place for your cunning ness.

Re: Apprentice Moorthy Sonna sariya irukkum da....

Posted by Moorthy da, apprentice Moorthy , (2016-11-27 12:01:56)


Dai chandra sekhar, 3550 ruva ku velaikku povathada, un akka thangachiya kootti kudu, 35,550 varum masathukku.

Re: Yaraiyum Nambatheenga Thozharkalae

Posted by Kadhal Sandhya, (2016-11-27 11:45:14)

Anbana Open candidates thozhar kalae(, neenga yaaraiyum nambatheenga. Already Madhura dheena sonnathu pola, antha G & S frauds. Yaravadhu ethavadhu sonna, atha kettu unmaiya poiyya nu confirm pannunga., aprom decide pannunga.athu thaan correct. yara irundhalum sari, elakia va irundhalum sari, rider raja va irundhalum sari, george ah irundhalum sari, yaar sonnalum first confirm pannunga info correct ah nu, aprom accept them.

Re: Koothi mavanae -

Posted by Ganesh Moorthy, (2016-11-27 11:35:05)

Dei mutta koothi mavanae
Nee oruthikku thaan poranthiya?
Caste Reservations um, Apprentice Reservations um onnada?
Nee solratha seinja, aprom Oru oruthanum reservations nu vanthu nippan..
THevidialukku poranthavane, ukkaandhu padichu seat vaanguda.
Apprentice um Non apprentice um vera vera thaanda...
Apprentice training inra pera, TNEB AE,ADE,SE,CE varaikkum ellarukkum soothu kaluvittu, ungalukku sambalama free ah seat venuma?

Ommala, selva thevidaya paiyan, ganesh thevidiya paiyan vera entha thevidaya paiyyan poola oomba naaalum, ungalukku oru mairum kidaikkaathu.

Mark irundha thaanda, vela. illana ummala....
Ganesh points pesa sonnaaana?
avana mela motta kaduthasi pottu, lanjam vankaraaanu vigilance la yerkanave complaints poiruchu...
Selva mela karpalippu case irukku.
nee than antha maaama paiyyanukku ponnunga support panriya?

Re: salute to maduraa dheena

Posted by VIP II, (2016-11-27 11:19:03)

Wow wow super ma...
Super sothu adi...
Entha dog,drag our case
So be careful from these two person.
They are double game playing in our life.
Another black goat name GEORGE in .What'sapp.group


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-11-27 11:17:05)

Exam theva illanu sonathu Appr illa. Supreme Court. Wrtn xam then interview nu solra mathri Appr cmplte panu then wrtn xam after interview vaika solranga. Appr , non Appr equal illa. Cast wise a posting yen podranga. Wrtn xam LA ellorkum same qus tanea. Apram yen cast pananum. Rule iruka.

Re: Supper madura dheena.

Posted by Guest, (2016-11-27 10:57:52)

Madura Dheena
Supper nethiyadi for these two black sheep. Let we follow Elaikiya.


Re: Yemarra varaikkum , yemathikkitte irupaanunga.

Posted by Yung mung chung, (2016-11-27 10:05:11)

Apprentice kum open candidates kum sanda mootti vittathe intha Ganesh um selva vum thaan. Information solra ah page ready pannama, apps and open candidates sanda podratha vedikka patha ivan laaam oru admin. Naalaikki apprentice ku case favour varalana, ivanunga rendu perum avanga velaiya pakka poiduvaanunga. Case pottae 51 apprentice and other apprentice ithaiye nambi irukkaravanga thaan yemaandhu povaanga. Konjamaaavadhu yosichu parunga. Apprentice friends, training period mudichatha vachi interview la claim panna, oru nyayam irukku. exam eh venam nu sonna nyayame illa. Ippayavadhu prepare panni exams clear pannunga, intha TNEB la cutoff clear pannatha apps ellaarum atleast innailairundhavadhu padikka aarambinga. illana ivanunga rendu peraiyum nambi valkaiya tholachittu poga vendiyathu than. Recruitment ku case pottu court ku alainja gap la book eduthu padikka apprentice 123 clear pannitaanga. so avanga puthisali. case jeicha namakku kidaikkum illana enna panrathu nu avanga usara padichi marks eduthutaanunga. ippo neenga court eh kedhi nu kedanthu, yematram thaan minjum. Ivanunga rendu perum Tamilnadu Recruitment mosadi criminals. Panam vaangi seat vangi tharren solli, FB la ganesh um TNEB office la selva vum panatha share pannipaanunga. Case thothuta, panan la gaali solli ungalukku namam potruvaanunga. Ithu vidhamana mosadi kumbal ra sami. poi maatikaathenga. adhuthathu india la pera prabala paduththanum nu, intha ganesh um selva vum supreme court pogalam nu solluvanunga. Nambi da theenga da yemantha apprenticesungala. Ivanunga job vvaangi tharen solli, unga soththaiye alichiruvaanunga. keta nallavanunga maathiri pesuvanunga. Ivanunga velaiya vittutu, full time ah case la involve panna sollunga parppom.. mudiyathu, varamaaataaanunga,yenna avanunga veetla seruppaaala adipaanga...

Re: A.Selvaaaaaaaa - Neeyum thevidiya paiyan thaaan - Doubt eh illa....

Posted by Madhura Dheena, (2016-11-27 09:23:14)

A.selva, adutha thevidiya paiyan..Apprentice valkaiye avan thaan kedukkaran. Olunga apprentice padichirunthaangana oralavukku nalla marks eduthurupaaanga. athaiyum keduthu, case podren nu solli apps pasanga manasa maathi, oru varsham valkaiya yemathittaan. Ippo court la apps reservations illanu sonna, enna da pannuve selva badu. unnoda velaiya avangalukku tharuviya? Apprentice ku oru mariyadha irundhu thu TNEB la, ippo unnala athuvum pochu. TNEB staff's apprentice nu pera kettaale, gand aavaraanga. Unnoda pera prabala paduththa apprentice pasanga pera ayuthama use pannikitta da thevidiya paiya. Apprentice family ke oru avamanaththa thedi kuduthutte. Inime evanum apprentice kooda TNEB la sera mudiyatha mathiri pannite. Dai badu, apprentice enna da pavam pannanga, court la case pottu vela vangiralaam nee epdi da avagalukku commit panra. TNEB chairman ah nee? TNEB minister ah nee? TNEB la quota seat vahirukkiya? Enna maithukku avanga valkai la vilaadra? Unnoda pasangala apprentice padikka vachi case podra.. atha vittu tu aduthavanga petha pasanga valkai la vilaiyadhatha. Ippo apprentice case la thotutta, apps veetla avangala mathippaangala.. illa inime apprentice join panna thaan viduvvaaangala. Thevidiya paiya, unna maathiri aalunga irukkarthala thaan naade nasama poiduchu... Nee elaam nattukku oru saba kedu.

Re: Ganesh - Thevidiya Paiya - nee ellam oru admin

Posted by Madhura Dheena, (2016-11-27 08:33:30)

Dai Ganesh Moorthy, Thevidia Paiya... Nee ellaam oru Admin nu, athuvum Facebook la main groups vachi nadaththura oru TNEB Staff nu vera solra. Otha lavede gabal, ummaala unakku apprentice support pannanum na, groups pera TNEB apprentice recruitment nu maaathuda badu. Porambokku naya, unna nambi thaana ellaarum main groups uh, TNEB staff uh, kandippa informations true ah irukkum nu join panraanga.. aprom yenda punda mavanae, apps ku mattum support panra.. Kannan and ganesh i.e. you, neenga rendu per thaan admin and post approve panna num.. otha double game ah aadareeenga... Intha velaikku, poi mama vela parungada apps ku. nalla thuttu sambarikkalam. Thevidiya paiya ganesh un, ommala unakku recruitment mudinjadhum irukki di potta nayae.. olunga sootha moodikittu admin velaiya mattum paru, illana groups ah delete pannidra thevidiya paiya.

Re: Apprentice Spreading Fake news

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-11-27 08:26:27)

Friends dont believe. Apprentices are spreading fake news

Re: TNEB main Groups on FB support Apprentices - Dont belive their updates

Posted by Elakkiya E, (2016-11-27 08:13:23)

All the above points are said by AG for TNEB side and according to me, the apprentice side arguements are over... I can see that inside the court itself. For all the points from AG, there was no objections from the Apprentice side lawyers and they STOOD STANDSTILL!!!
Moreover the apprentice points have been already noted and almost 95% of TNEB side points are also over. Monday possibly we can expect the judegement or on or before tuesday.... No extra time will be given for apprentice to argue or for objections. Everything is over. No one can cheat or say fake news from now on. I was inside the court and i know the exact status of the case. Dont spread rumours by mentioning some nonsense replies. Already the DOWNFALL is started for the opponents...

All the AG points were just EDITED and posted in this groups...
And we all know, this group is entirely favoured to.....
Still dont get cheated friends.....
Everything is over..
Chumma they will say something againg the TNEB side to pretend themselves.
Keela vizhumdhalum, meesaila mannu ottaaadha kadha...


Posted by VIP II, (2016-11-27 01:37:05)

All are playing our life so be careful

Re: Instruction for open candidates

Posted by VIP II, (2016-11-27 01:03:55)

Hi guys,don't discuss the issues what'sapp group(tneb recruitmentgroup),&facebook group(tneb recruitment page) because the two social group created from one of the tneb union.
So always union support apprentice side.
Below arguments points reply message also send from a one of the admin ganesh moorthy in what's app group.
So Elakkiya post u r msg in your page.
Facebook page also created this union.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-11-26 21:19:10)

மின்துறை செய்திகள் TNPEO App Reply for points raised by the AG on 25.11.16 in App Case.
1. No new policy will be created since we have already created the policy such that, its the
"DIRECT RECRUITMENT OF AE" and its not the internal recruitment to give any preferences. So we
cant create anything new.
-Judge Noted the above Point .
TNPEO App Reply :As per the Apprentices Act 2014,TNEB failed regarding to adoption of New policy .
2.Apprentices act was being referred by AG stating that, there is no rules that the Apprenticeship
providing concern should definitely absorb them as permanent employee after the training
period by showing that book.
-Judge Noted the above Point .
TNPEO App Reply :
Based on supreme court direction, Central Government arrived the New Apprentice Act 2014,for the purpose to encourage the Apprentice by giving regular job.
3.In 2010, the same High Court of Madras has given the judgement to Employment exchange
wing of TN Govt stating that, whomsoever it may concern all the recruitment should be made as
an open call for so that it should be given as an notification in 2 Vernacular Languages, and along
with Employment sponsored candidate will be given priority only at the time of interview if any.
So we called all of them including apprentice, employment exchange candidates and other open
candidates as common candidates for the direct recruitment.
-Judge Noted the above Point.
TNPEO App Reply :
Madras High court has given the judgement recruitment should be made as by Employment exchange & open call for in two leading News papers only. There is No order was given for Written Examination.
4.Supreme Court references were shown as the reference to the honorable judge stating that, in
UP the same apprentice case was put up in supreme court and the supreme court order was not
to give any preference to apprentices and they should be considered as an trainee only and they
have to undergo the written test to get qualified.
-Judge Noted the above Point .
TNPEO App Reply :
Supreme Court was given order in 1996 TNEB Case-No written Exam and this was also conformed by 1998 TN Go.
5.Priority will be given to apprentices at the time of interview as per the rules of TNEB policy and
it can be Max of 5 Marks only if they cross the prescribed cutoff.
-Judge Noted the above Point .
TNPEO App Reply :
Priority will be given to apprentices at the time of interview as per the TNEB rules means ZERO.

Re: AE

Posted by AE, (2016-11-26 17:37:36)

Thanks Elakkiya( for your valuable inputs. Hope this case will end soon.


Posted by VIP-2, (2016-11-26 16:43:12)



Posted by VIP II, (2016-11-26 14:34:12)

Ethuku yov un velaya paruya

Re: mark

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-11-26 11:54:11)

ellakiya ji unga mark evalavu


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-11-26 11:53:15)

ellakiya ji unga mark evalavu

Re: thanks to Elakkiya E

Posted by VIP II, (2016-11-26 11:25:32)

Thanks to Elakkiya,
At the same coming monday go to court give a live comments updates.
Don't forget your powerbank.
We all are expect from u...

Re: sankar

Posted by sankar, (2016-11-26 10:43:21)

what is mechanical first mark?

Re: sankar

Posted by sankar, (2016-11-26 10:39:46)

what is mechanical first mark?

Re: Elakiya ji. PLz give TA csae updates

Posted by Open candidates, (2016-11-26 08:25:40)

Ta Case Number. And court number ha ahare panunga ji


Posted by VIP II, (2016-11-26 00:17:13)

Our case listed on Monday 28.
Case no.28

Re: Ae

Posted by Re, (2016-11-25 23:10:11)

Judgment epo varum????