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HPSC Exam Notification

Haryana Public Service Commission (HPSC)
Bays No. 1-10, Block-B
Sector-4, Panchkula

Ph. : 0172 – 2560755 (Enquiry)
FAX: 0172 - 2560352

HPSC Results
Results of examinations conducted by HPSC can be checked online on Haryana Govt websit at the link shown below:


Candidates may contact the HPSC Office/ visit official website www.hpsc.gov.in for information about HCS/ various departmental recruitments conducted by the commission.


Haryana Civil Services HPSC Exam Results, Notifications


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Posted by ST, (2014-10-23 11:10:25) /



Posted by Neo, (2014-10-23 01:12:35) /

I concur.

Re: Mains

Posted by DU, (2014-10-23 00:27:50) /

Please prepare for mains of UPSc as its time table is also available on site now.

No clue of HCS what so ever.....


Re: @DU

Posted by ST, (2014-10-22 23:25:49) /

Exam kabse shuru hai
kuch khoj khabar do
nahi to doosra optional baad me karenge..upsc dene ke baad.

Re: Hcs

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-22 11:39:10) /

Buddy I think mains will be delayed. It's tentaively in nov last week. After nov they have judicial exam and then upsc mains. So probably in January next year. As regards corruption, if u r resident of haryana then u know that it is now part of evry govt dept. So sone honesty but not 100%

And referring to the earlier comments. I don't think I can expect honesty in hcs. Who knows kya hoga

Re: HCS mains

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-22 10:17:26) /

Dear All,

what r ur views for 2014 HCS mains exam schedule and fate

can we expect lesser or NO corruption/nepotism/Formalism

when r mains likely to b conducted.....

Re: ye le

Posted by Ziddi, (2014-10-22 00:11:18) /

Bhai kuch nahi hoga, opposition bhi chup baithi hai, ye sab in saalon ka drama hota hai opposition main aise karna. bjp bhi koi action nahi legi. padh le news, kuch nhi hua fir bhi...





ye le, kisi ne kuch nahi kiya, choron ka desh hai ye. No one will do anything. if u have a link gr8, welcome to hcs, if not, bund marao!

Re: Names

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-21 23:59:35) /


I personally know many more whose names have not been mentioned here who got into DSP, ETO etc.

Re: Correction

Posted by Neo, (2014-10-21 23:48:30) /

I agree with your view that nothing WILL be done....

Re: @DU

Posted by Neo, (2014-10-21 23:46:43) /

I agree with your view that nothing won't be done, but its very disheartening to see that someone gets away with taking the whole system for a ride.
Besides if any member's relative is appearing in the exam he/she has to declare it. The candidate has the right to appear but his relative should recuse himself/herself from the process to ensure unbiased selection. It is not a big thing, its done in many other exams.

Anyway, I sincerely hope and wish that they do something about it. and set an example out of it, atleast by setting up an enquiry.
Till then we should focus on other exams like the new HCS and UPSC.

Re: 2011 batch

Posted by DU, (2014-10-21 22:33:03) /

I can't agree more with the guy Vats in that video. And also I appreciate the high emotional feelings and enthusiasm of few of our friends here.

However there is nothing which can be done in this case of recruitment of 2011 batch as I have said in my earlier posts:-

1. In Ravi Siddhu case all the answer sheets were available and thus investigators could see who were favoured in mains and then they established money trail from those 'back door' entrants to commission chairman.

In hpsc case it is not so as sheets and other records were destroyed as reported in bhasker paper (see link in previous posts).

2. The mere presence of relatives or immediate family members of commission chairman or members doesn't mean per say as they also have fundamental right under article 15. There has to be a proof of misfeasance to have ground for intervention.

3. In 2003 case of HCS too due to timely case filing and court's direction the answer sheets of few suspected candidates were preserved which made the ground for action by court.

Yet even after a decade (with written proof of overwriting of marks, re-writing of answers in sheet) court has yet to decide.

4. After entering into service candidate becomes part of system and hence it is very tough to dislodge them ( mainly due to procedural safeguards, constitutional safeguards like Article 311)

So nothing much is possible in batch of 2011 though it is dictionary defination of nepotism, corruption or everything wrong. Mainly on account of slippery slope of evidences.

Hence in nutshell all of us should focus that repeat of 2011 shall not happen at any stage.

Re: HCS video3

Posted by Neo, (2014-10-21 13:05:26) /

this video as well


please watch these videos and share ur views.
Kya hona chahiye fir HCS 2011 ka? and,

Jo hona chahiye kya wo hoga?

Kya new BJP Govt. koi action legi? ya fir ye bhi bureaucrats se apni setting karne me lag jayenge?

Re: Regarding HCS 2011

Posted by Neo, (2014-10-21 12:56:06) /

Plz watch the videos




Re: HCS 2011

Posted by Neo, (2014-10-21 12:52:59) /

i believe the new govt can cancel the previous recruitment, even after they have joined. There was clear violation of rules such as Chairman's daughter appearing and many kin of bureaucrats being selected with exceptional interview marks. Besides as I mentioned earlier, around 50% were from LAW optional. PCS selections in Ravi Sidhu case were quashed and the case dragged on.

So i believe if the govt wants to quash HCS 2011, it is within its power to do so. and conduct the mains and Interviews again. Infact, if u ask my opinion, I want the BJP govt to send a strong message to the SIFARSHI ASSHOLES if it wants to repose people's faith in its transparency.
Chautala's also made an issue out of it:
and, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PHsg03-nXa8

Given that Hooda is wiped out now, lets see what they have to say/do on it now. Its also upto the BJP Govt to come clear on its stand on this issue.

As regards this HCS, they wont do much as it is only prelim exam for which OMR sheets r available. They process may of course get delayed.

ATLEAST WRITE TO THE NEW CM (once he takes oath)


Posted by HCS Cracker, (2014-10-21 11:33:39) /

Hey guys!
I assume that the newly form govt. will force the members and chairman to submit resignation and then they will conduct everything from PT to Mains with fresh advertisement. Please give your views regarding the same.

Re: @DU

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-21 10:40:54) /

when was it promised to reduce interview marks or remove interview????

I think rite now with changed govt. nobody is sure about the exact dates for Mains

mains may get delayed
may b we can get into next year

Re: New govt

Posted by DU, (2014-10-20 21:43:50) /

Hi everyone

Since this matter has been raised here (fate of 2013 batch) I wish to share few thoughts, though gross misconduct has been witnessed at mains level in this recruitment cyle yet nothing will happen as :-
1. no material evidence are available as answer sheets are destroyed already by hpsc. Though court can only reprimand commission for it and chaste it for not doing again but can't punish for this deed as it may be (in eyes of law) a bonafide mistake.
2. Secondly new govt also will not wish for vindicate agenda in terms of inquiry committee as it is apparently fruitless.
3. Also we have no way to prove which are genuine candidates and which are back door entrants. Hence no remedy possible.

However on eve this political paradigm change we can expect following steps by new govt (on basis of their poll promise):-

- reductions or removal of interview marks from recruitment process
- fairness in written process

Let's see how things turn out.



Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-20 16:05:44) /

joining ke baad kuch nahi hota unless koi major case na ho

interview me koi court hpsc ka kuch nahi bigaad sakti

isi ka fayda uthaya jaata raha hai.......


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-20 15:54:26) /

Investigation into the previous HCS selection 2013 can be made by the new Government and unearth the misdeeds. Everyone has suspicion in the HCS final selection done in 2013 as many dear ones of politicians and bureaucrats in the previous govt were selected.

Re: HCS mains

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-20 10:07:36) /

the change of regime was always on cards

positives of the outcome:

1. Stable govt no hung situation. So no delays in decision making

2. BJP was never in opposition in Haryana. They are fresh as far as local politics is concerned. No ill feeling with the last govt as far as local issues are concerned.

3. If INLD would hv come, anything can b expected from cancellation to HCS 2014 or anything else.

4. BJP has a national outlook and vision. So most probably they wont indulge into such petty things as HCS exam is concerned. Moreover it is just at mains stage.

5. New govt can appoint its secretary hpsc and few mwmbers as ewll.

6. In comparison, we can expect lesser corruption nepotism etc...

so we have a fair chance this time.

only thing that can happen is a bit of delay as new govt may take time to sync in and hpsc secretary is retiring as well.

otherwise cancellations or that sorts is a remote probability.

Re: @VM

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-20 01:03:17) /

Plz ignore the grammatical/typing errors.

Re: @VM

Posted by Neo, (2014-10-20 00:37:32) /

I am appearing for mains but, without bias, I feel there is no logic in cancellation of this prelim. The Hindi issue was clearly spelt out in hcs recruitment rules as available on hpsc website.
However, I am curious about the previous HCS recruitment. There was widespread nepotism and corruption in mains and interview is a well established fact. Most selected were kith and kin of Haryana bureaucrats. Also a lot many had law optional. Every other party was criticising Hooda for this. Its upto BJP now to prove itself. Whether it takes a stand by cancelling the last HCS or does it also indulges in dirty politics by believing in building good repo with corrupt bureaucrats of hooda and chautala lobby by not taking any action against last recruitment remains to be seen.
Many sifarshi bastards got through at the cost of genuine candidates. Lets see...what they do now. It'll be clear by Dec itself.

P.S. I don't think BJP will cancel it. Haathi ke daant dikhane ke aur aur khane ke aur. Ye bhi hypocrites lagte hain. Its only up to candidates to restart fight for HCS 2011. A lot many people we're raising this issue. Lets see what they do now. I neither have the resources nor the time to fight...I hope that others do.

Re: Pt will be cancelled

Posted by Vm, (2014-10-19 15:16:01) /

Now its the turn of Hudda to join Chautala.Pt will be cancelled.
Namo Namo


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-19 09:51:26) /


Re: are good here for haryana ?

Posted by NUMBNUTS, (2014-10-19 09:48:59) /

Congress wiped out, BJP to form govt in the state.

Let's see how it impacts the HCS Mains this time and the overall recruitment system that's been riddled with accusations of corruption and nepotism.

I am not holding my breath!

Re: mains...

Posted by MS, (2014-10-18 10:43:28) /

any news related to mains exam ??

Re: @Doctored mains

Posted by Tiny, (2014-10-17 18:49:24) /

Yea this is most unfortunate thing. this brings gloom to rationality. May God save us from this !

Re: Doctored mains

Posted by DU, (2014-10-17 18:34:44) /

As I was asserting time and again HPSC has involved in manipulation at mains level only in 2013 HCS exam where in the marks of certain candidates as well as certain optionals r inflated artificially to suit some vested interest.

This assertion is now stand vindicated in light of news that our hon HPSC has destroyed data related to HCS 2011 (means year in which notification came) even before completion of mandatory one year.

Read this


Though it is not a direct proof but it is one circumstancial evidence which can lead to storng presumption of misdeed. People r getting as many as 80 marks in GS paper of HCS and 85 in language papers!!!


Re: online competitive books

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-16 22:12:43) /

Hi all, visit www.shopguru.co.in to find and search books online for various competitive exams

Re: consider this

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-14 21:31:50) /

Guys today while i went to deposit my form at HPSC, i met a guy there who got selected in 2004. New govt refused to accept HCSs selected by previous govt on pretext of 'no vacancies'. they fought battle in courts but all in vain. i felt so bad for this fellow!

i mean new govt can take its own decision against or for ? in which way can this situation affect us ?

Re: Upsc pre 2014 result

Posted by DU, (2014-10-14 10:00:01) /

Hi good morning

Tonight at around 2.30 am upsc uploaded civils services prelims result ( mainly on account of fear of backlash from protestors).

This time there are highest number of candidates qualifiying for mains with around 16500 plus minus 500. This is mainly on account of highest number of seats up for grab in recent 10-15 yrs.

All the best to those who cleared and better luck next time for those who fell short.

One moot question from anyone who can surely tell or can inquire about fate HCS mains, are they going to be taken on advertised schedule or possibility of postponement??

Please excuse personal opinion and share only hard facts or leads if anyone has it on HCS mains.


Re: Caution

Posted by DU, (2014-10-13 14:00:12) /

Please follow the instructions of HPSC to very last details as this body is notorious for it's rule binding attitude and they may be stupid enough to reject the forms on small errors.

And yes attestation by gazatted officer though it's vestige of colonial times when the alien rulers inherently had a bias toward their subjects and demanded a proof of authenticity in terms of attestation by officer invariably an English sahib or brown sahib.

On a different ground, if any have any new news or 'interpretation' regarding conduct of mains then they must share that with his/her 'comrades in arms' (comprising of all who r writing mains).



Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-13 13:25:28) /

gazetted officer..

Re: self attest or gazetted officer?

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-13 08:23:48) /

do the documents need to be self attested or by gazetted officer?plz help


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-12 14:27:26) /

LINK www.kushmanda.com


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-12 14:26:53) /

LINK www.kushmanda.com

Re: @ extension

Posted by DU, (2014-10-12 10:42:55) /

He can't and won't get extension as firstly it is compulsory retirement form service and HPSC secretary post is only for serving IAS. Secondly and most importantly his patronising govt is going our of power ( I hope u r from Haryana if not then plz follow newspapers which r blasting from day one about imminent change of guard in Haryana).

So no extension what so ever in this case is legally as well as practically possible.



Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-11 23:03:52) /

he'll somehow get extension

Re: Corrigendum

Posted by DU, (2014-10-11 01:32:24) /

Please ignore many grammatical mistakes in my pervious post on account of sleepiness.


Re: @tiny and others

Posted by DU, (2014-10-11 01:30:10) /


Yes it's confirmed news sec to hpsc Mr I.C.Sangwan is going to retire on 31st oct 2014. Check IAS civil list of Haryana available at chief sec website.

Tiny and others please could u explain that why it is advertised my hpsc on its website that they commission has decided to conduct mains in November last week. It reproduce the same for your observation, "The Commission has further decided that the HCS (Ex. Br.) & other Allied Services Main Examination – 2014 will likely to be held in the last week of November, 2014".

This is means that they have already decided about it in presence of present sec and it will not effect the future course of action as when this decision was taken quorum that is required number of members and Sec were present.( check HPSC Act and rules available on it's site).

This decision taken with due process has also been put in public domain and hence it can't be questioned on ground of lack of communication or say want of procedural requirements like nod of Sec.

Thus conduct of mains is mere execution of a decision which is taken by commission as per due process.

Moreover if it's not intention of hpsc then it wouldn't have been put on site. Similar situation was there in case of PT, when it was announced ppl said it will be postponed as other exams were and due to election etc... But it was conducted as per advertised schedule.

Throw light on these angles too....


Re: @du/tiny

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-10 23:24:51) /


its 100 % true

if no secretary no mains

r u sure Secretary retiring this month

Re: @DU

Posted by Tiny, (2014-10-10 18:24:37) /


Thanx for a lot of spadework. You are as gentle ever, even in case of criticism. this trait of yours is prominent. i applaud this.

About exam it seems HPSC cant conduct exam without Secy in chair. A new govt takes time before appointing such person, moreover a fractured mandate can cause unexpected delay. so if a new secy takes over after as per new govt only and exams not being conducted without secy, i bet we are into new year.

lets see...

Re: exam

Posted by D.U., (2014-10-10 16:53:30) /

Hi everyone

DISCLAIMER:- Before I been accused of too much enthusiasm or too naive to read the situation correctly, I would like to tell all readers that the following text is based on purely personal interpretations and welcome to comments contrary to it. And doesn't mean to hurt any individual or groups feelings and knowledge in whatsoever form.

As per the trend emerging out and sign given by HPSC I am quite certain HPSC is determined to take exam at an earliest possibility which in this case appears to be last week of Nov. (as they stated in announcement)

As I stated time and again I will augment my this hypothesis on following observations for u all to appreciate:-

1. Hon. HPSC (being a constitutional body) doesn't need to seek any approval from incumbent govt about any ongoing recruitment drive. Once govt of day notified the vacancies its role is finished till the stage where Comissission finally recommends suitable candidates after thorough testing.

So at best govt can deny to accept the recommendations of Hon. HPSC at best. But this is not related to question here (Question being can Commission conduct mains without approval of govt, and Answer is YES)

2. As I stated earlier the incumbent Hon HPSC Sec is retiring this month and new govt can appoint (and they will) its 'own' man to manage affairs of hon. HPSC. Hence before there is sufficient time for our "new" guy to actually do anything 'radical', mains will be safely over.

3. Also there are two vacancies in hon. HPSC (as members) at present and it is highly unlikely that these will be filled with in weeks of new govt. Hence before some new hon. members (read representatives of new govt) can be appointed and will have any say, current HSC mains will be over.

Hence it is impertinent for esteemed HPSC to go for early mains as it is in their favour and with no legal, constitutional or statutory bar for this.

One should also appreciate the priority attached to HCS Exam by our esteemed HPSC as it has chose it over other exams like ADA, Naib Tesh so as to give singular attention and energy. And to its credit they have successfully (of course with few hiccups like litigation due to too 'eager' litigants) concluded PT too.

However once can't rule out the various factors which can go wrong and derail this recruitment schedule (millions of causes can be counted for example the upcoming date of PT quashing petition on coming 26th OCT in high court, etc). Hence this is not ultimately safe to conclude what I deducted in lengthy, verbose note above.

Comments are welcome and criticism too.....


Re: @DU and other fellow champs

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-10 14:14:02) /

any idea of exam??

can they take in Nov end or things will b more clear after elections.....

Re: Office

Posted by DU, (2014-10-10 13:57:35) /

Hi please don't go there on Saturday as like every other govt office in Haryana, HPSC remains close on weekend i.e. Saturday and Sunday.

I tried to be humble in this response and won't entertain any allegation of trolling.



Posted by ADT, (2014-10-09 18:54:04) /



Posted by ADT, (2014-10-08 23:08:14) /


Re: Cut off

Posted by DU, (2014-10-08 13:42:25) /

It's available of website of hpsc search for separate PH PT result of HCS 2011 which came in feb 2013. It contained names of those who cleared rescheduled PT for PH candidates.

And in mains result and final result available on site u can see the cut off of category u want. All r available on site



Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-07 22:36:34) /

can anyone tell me..what was the cutoff for physically handicapped(hearing impaired) candidate..in hcs mains last year..and in final selection.

Re: @ ST and Tiny

Posted by D.U., (2014-10-04 17:09:09) /

Hi ST hope that your form must have reached by now if not than please don't take chances and proceed at earliest opportunity to follow given procedure and it goes for all who r yet to receive form.

Hi Tiny

No offence taken on your observation, actually I do concede this to u that many of by predictions may actually go wrong. But I always add a disclaimer that these predictions and likely scenarios are only mere possibilities conjured upon the past happenings. And also I never claim that I have some source up my sleeve which is true though that I don't have one. So I don't mince words and also appreciate your view point. Thanks for wishes and i want to reciprocate the same for u.


Re: HCS Main Notes(Question-Answer Format)

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-04 13:48:06) /

HCS Main Notes(Question-Answer Format)

Re: HCS Main Notes(Question-Answer Format)

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-04 13:47:37) /

HCS Main Notes(Question-Answer Format)


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-04 11:02:30) /

AETO of course....

Re: service order

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-04 01:32:09) /

BDPO aur AETO main upar kisko rakhen

Re: @DU

Posted by Tiny, (2014-10-02 12:23:57) /

dear i have observed for considerable time, i dont deny you are brilliant, but you show haste consistently. i am not sure its your energy or enthusiasm oozing or some other thing, what i am sure this prompts you to jump to conlusions about schedules of HPSC which is often wrong. as of now the possibility of HCS exam conduct in this year is remote. pls appreciate environment and system of HPSC if you want to speculate better. please forgive if you find my observation offensive in any manner. best of luck dear.

Re: appn form

Posted by ST, (2014-10-01 23:30:50) /

yaar mera mains form abhi tak nahi aaya?
aur sabka aa gaya kya?

Re: Mains

Posted by DU, (2014-10-01 21:13:01) /

I agree with Neo and others in this matter that mains should be postponed to be later than UPSC mains.

However even I feel that this is not going to be the case because HPSC wants to get over with mains ASAP as till dec new govt, who ever it be might be composed of, will take time to settle down and allocate portfolio and like wise.

And moreover it will take some time to appoint new sec to hpsc to fill vacancy created by present one on 31st oct. Hence the present dispensation will get free hand.

Likely scenario balance your upsc and hpsc mains accordingly.


Re: @HCS Cracker

Posted by Neo, (2014-10-01 19:37:34) /

Bhai on the contrary i want ke aapki baat shi ho jaaye. Atleast upsc shanti se diye jaayenge coz of 2nd optional. But in logon ne already jald bazi mein prelim karaya and ab mains bhi jaldi se jaldi karayenge. Atleast members to purani sarkar ke honge, to ye jugaad baazi karne ki koshish karenge. I hope sab transparent and honest manner mein ho jaaye.

Re: Mains

Posted by HCS Cracker, (2014-10-01 08:18:34) /

Dude I have concluded that and I wish your that your thing come true. And this is not a statement by receptionist. It is from some reliable source. Still its a conclusion based on my thinking process and not a final statement.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-30 17:25:11) /

dosto post preferences mei kaun si post pahale deni hai

help me


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-30 10:48:04) /


Re: @HCS Cracker

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-30 10:12:09) /

O rehne de yaar. Concerned person is only chairman & secretary. Ja ke reception pe puchoge to aise hi answer milenge. Dont go by rumours. Hpsc pagal nhi hai jo november ka notice dala hai. You may be foolish enough to misguided by some random person at hpsc office but please don't think that we r idiots. There is a reason that hpsc put the mains notice on the website, and that reason is that they will try by to conduct mains will in November itself unless some exceptional circumstances delays the process. So no offense but humein ullu mat banao... No ullu banawing! No ullu banawing :P

Re: @HCS Cracker

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-30 09:26:01) /

exam in January
any specific reason

Re: form

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-30 06:35:17) /

yr ye form aise hi bhejna h ya packet mein (if by hand)....n what is this sheet of address??

Re: Mains

Posted by HCS Cracker, (2014-09-29 22:45:10) /

Hello guys! I went to Punchkula today for getting info regarding the mains. After speaking to one of the concerned person in commission for 2hours I concluded that mains are not happening anytime before January. Bear the time and prepare well. We have enough time now. Peace!


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-29 20:54:32) /

fellow brothers!

mains form received...
(a village@Bhiwani ... )

AETO and BDPO mein which one is better?

Re: if form not received

Posted by ghoomketu, (2014-09-28 05:57:29) /

you can collect the form from commission if not received till 8-10-14... all the best


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-27 17:20:45) /

Yes there is separate NOC requirement and affidavit page in mains form


Posted by HCS-2014, (2014-09-27 16:34:37) /


Re: Mains Form & NOC for already working candidates

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-26 14:36:55) /

Guys !!!
Has evryone got his/her HCS Main form? Candidates from Southern Haryana like Rewari/Narnaul/Jhajjat etc?

Candidates who have received their Main from is there a requirement to get any No Objection Certificate from the Employer (Government Job/Private Job) to be submitted with the Main Exam Form..


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-26 01:21:03) /


Re: about post prefrence

Posted by aadi, (2014-09-24 22:28:14) /

dear friends plz guide me to choose the preferences of the posts provided by hpsc
i think following will be appropriate;
1 hcs (exe branch)
2 disst food & supply controller
4 ASST Excise & tax offr
5 dist food & supplies offr
6 asst employment officer

your remarks r indispensable to make my choice as a right one

Re: @

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-24 17:51:48) /

bro. thanks for info.

Re: to all

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-24 17:35:36) /

Check out


notice on HPSC site

Mains in last week of November

Re: corrigendem

Posted by D.U., (2014-09-24 15:43:05) /

In first point please read 'not merely because of change in govt.'

Re: @ go ahead

Posted by D.U., (2014-09-24 15:41:13) /


Sorry I beg to differ from you in this regard, there is no need of HPSC to seek a go ahead from any new govt. as it is ongoing process of recruitment as HPSC is a constitutional body which is not under govt as such.

I will illustrate the same with an example:-

-Last time when Congress govt came in 2005 Feb it declined to appoint the candidates recommended by HPSC on following a due process and merely because of party in power.

-One major reason for govt to confront HPSC in 2005 was that it was stuffed with new members on eve of elections so as to make it immune from govt pressure and hence govt had no stake other than to fight out an all out battle.
This is not so this time - two vacancies already there and one more in next six months hence govt can appoint its own members.
-One of main contention of new govt was that HPSC came out with its final result despite a bar on same announced by election commission on 24th Dec ( Result was announced on 28th Dec)
- Secondly by a cabinet resolution the state govt changed the cadre strength of HCS and reduced it to show that there is no need of new HCS officers. Hence no recruitment were possible for 4-5 yrs.
- Thirdly the members of HPSC were also facing 'impeachment'(technically removal word) process on account of malafide appointment process with forced resignations from previous incumbents.

-Prima facie irregularities in test and conduct of mains and interviews of HCS exam 2004 with in span on 1.5 months. (there were parallel broads for interview and finished in 5 days)

Hence overall HPSC don't need to seek a go ahead from govt and even govt be heading for showdown in its early stages.


Re: @DU

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-24 15:22:02) /

most important thing will be THE GO AHEAD of new government

mains can happen anytime after dat NOV/DEC/JAN

its true as far as logistics and other arrangements its easy dis time

wont take much time

even evaluation of sheets will b much faster

Re: mains form

Posted by aks, (2014-09-24 15:18:05) /

received it today
live in chandigarh
pkula se chd itna tim lag gya
18/19 ka posted hai.. .
so dont panic aa jaega

Re: mains form

Posted by D.U., (2014-09-24 15:08:06) /

Hi friends

I agree with view of our friends that there is no need to panic for not receiving form yet as it is a matter of day or two and hence it is prudent to wait till friday. Many ppl including me have not yet received form.

However I would like to remind the govt/semi govt/PSU employees that they need to hurry up things, once received the form, in filling and submitting as they have to do in duplicate copy, through proper channel.

A format for same will be present in the form which has to be signed by HoD and then sent to HQ and then to HPSC. It is a frustrating exercise as it involves lot of clerks and also a deadline...

Yes I agree with view of my predecessor in regard to date of mains as there is no legal binding on HPSC when to conduct mains other than avoiding direct clash with UPSC mains.

As far as mains are concerned guys I will like to draw attention to my previous posts and facts :-

1. There is little preparation required on part of HPSC as far as logistics are required as only 820 candidates have to write mains, one school is sufficient.

2. HPSC will like to conduct mains at earliest as there is no legal bar as such now but may be, a very remote possibility, a negative verdict will spoil whole plan.

3. Another factor which will force HPSC to fasten the process is impending change of govt and then possibility of induction of two new members leading to meddling in current recruitment, retirement of Sec of HPSC and one present member of HPSC.

4. The the sense of urgency in the matter has been shown by HPSC where it postponed Naib Tesh, ADA exam and went ahead with Pre Exam, to focus on this one, displays the urge on part of HPSC to complete this process.

Thus it can be possible that mains could be in Nov, though it is equally possible for an advancement of mains exam.

Anyone having a source would be better able to give the line of thought of HPSC establishment. So share


Re: Baki rhi baat postpone karne ki

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-24 13:38:32) /

Baki rhi baat postpone karne ki...to wo ye nhi karenge. Bas same day nhi rakhenge upsc mains ke baki inko koi matlab nhi aur na hi koi obligation hai. Mains nov mein hi hoga lagta hai. Around 15 nov se. (Main siraf andaja laga raha hoon)

Re: @serial no

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-24 13:35:14) /

Na bhai...I will not share serial no. 1st reason kyun karoon.kaun hai tu?
2nd prelim ka rank nikal kar ke ukhad lega. Marks to mains ke lagne hain.
Ye ho skta hai ke tera pre na hua aur tu yahan pe time pass kar rha hai ye dekhne ke liye ki kitne marks se reh gya. Rti daal le. Easy rhega.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-24 12:54:15) /

Could all those who have received their mains form mention the Application form serial number that they have received along with the expected marks? I have high reason to believe that the form number is according to rank that person attained in the prelims exam. 3 of my friends have shared their form numbers and when we tallied the marks the rank and form number seemed to make sense. Just saying


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-24 12:52:51) /

because upsc mains in december


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-24 12:50:53) /

kyu bhai

Re: postpone hcs main to february

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-24 12:42:58) /

last date for form submission is 15th october.
that means hpsc is planning to conduct mains in november or early december.
let us write representations to hpsc to postpone it to january/february.
if they receive considerable number of such representations i hope they will agree.


Posted by NUMBNUTS, (2014-09-24 11:52:53) /

Received my Mains form (by registered post).


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-24 10:41:35) /

yes forms are dispatched

last date 15 oct

I also didn't receive yet

may b in a day or 2


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-24 10:08:20) /

chill guys

1-2 din yaha waha ho jaata hai

it will reach today or tomorrow

if u wanna panic then panic on Friday

Re: HPSC Forms

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-24 10:03:53) /

Through which mode HPSC dispatched the forms (speed post, registered post, simple post) because i have not received the form yet. Candidates who have received the forms please tell us so that we can take further action according to mode of dispatch adopted

Re: hpsc daf

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-24 01:37:00) /

yaar kuch idea hai kab post kiya tha hpsc ne?
abhi tak nahi mila yaar.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-24 01:12:49) /

Wait a day or so and if u don't receive it then visit HPSC office. Last date 15 Oct. It is mentioned that no excuse of form lost/delayed in transit will be considered.


Posted by aadi, (2014-09-23 23:48:14) /

hi friends i have not received mains form
tell me what to do
either wait or approach to hpsc office

Re: Mains Form

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-23 21:35:30) /

I have received the mains. 15 oct tak submit karna hai. I think mains will be in november. Minimum 20 days gap after last date.

Re: Mains Form

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-23 21:34:44) /

I have received the mains form. 15 oct tak submit karna hai. I think mains will be in november. Minimum 20 days gap after last date.

Re: @

Posted by ST, (2014-09-23 20:14:02) /

what is the last date ?
actually i have not received the DAF yet.

Re: mains form

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-23 19:47:38) /

Acha dost form kab tak hpsc m submit karvane hai ???

Re: form received

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-23 19:24:52) /

Dear frnds i have received mains form

Re: mains form

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-23 13:35:03) /

Dosto abhi tak nahi hue hai dispatch par ish week m hi hone ki news hai .. Baki kal confirm karke m news bata dunga mere source se ..


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-23 12:29:15) /

guys r u sure that forms are dispatched

Re: mains @ my above statement

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-22 23:38:30) /

Last time ki trah ish bar bhi notification nahi aayega site par ...

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