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HPSC Exam Notification

Haryana Public Service Commission (HPSC)
Bays No. 1-10, Block-B
Sector-4, Panchkula

Ph. : 0172 – 2560755 (Enquiry)
FAX: 0172 - 2560352

HPSC Results
Results of examinations conducted by HPSC can be checked online on Haryana Govt websit at the link shown below:


Candidates may contact the HPSC Office/ visit official website www.hpsc.gov.in for information about HCS/ various departmental recruitments conducted by the commission.


Haryana Civil Services HPSC Exam Results, Notifications


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Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-04-26 01:18:39) /

nahi hone waale ye exams
paka diya saalon ne...

Re: Upsc interview

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-04-25 22:39:44) /

What will be about aspirants appeared for upsc interview in May June


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-04-25 16:47:42) /

it will be held in first half of june for sure

Re: hcs mains

Posted by raka, (2015-04-25 13:39:56) /

Not before july for sure....news from internal sources

Re: mains

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-04-25 12:51:38) /

it might be in june first week as i guess

what do u thinks my frnds

Re: HCS( Ex. & Br.) Syllabus- 2014

Posted by Excise Inspector, (2015-04-24 12:01:25) /

I have soft copy of syllabus of HCS prelim as well as mains-2014. Any body who is need of it please provide your email id on this site so that it may be sent to you.


Posted by vvv, (2015-04-22 16:30:33) /

have smbdy having any infomation about hcs main date pls share info.

Re: properity

Posted by sach ka samna, (2015-04-20 20:38:22) /

should a public official has propriety and how should behave if there is conflict of interest. current secretary to hpsc, mr. bhupinder singh ji, his own son(akshay) and his nephew(abhimanyu chaudhary) are writing the mains. is not it the case of conflict of interest. should we expect a fair mains? please study, kya pata bina sifarish ki 1 seat bachi ho? lets fight for that.

Re: Asst Treasury officer Exam

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-04-17 18:54:49) /

Hi, does anyone have info on ATO exam. Plz don't take me for a fool to say that it would be cancelled. Only those having any info may plz comment, others plz abstain.
thanx and regards

Re: @ Ravi

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-04-17 15:54:45) /

O chhipte hue Suraj alias Ravi, wake up & prepare for mains. Mains will not be canceled. Don't distract attention of others. U saw a dream & posted U'r dream of mains cancelation here. This dream u r seeing since Aug 2014. But this will not turn into reality

100% sure ke mains hoga. Ab bol !!!!!

Re: Ravi

Posted by Ravi, (2015-04-17 12:03:47) /

Hcs(jud) mains cancellation. New advtt. Codes. Similarly hcs(exe) also going to be cancelled.fresh advtt hcs (exe) 2014 come in few days.

Re: geography

Posted by dreamer, (2015-04-16 23:49:33) /

yaar yeh exam hoga bhi ki nahi .....har koi bol raha hai ki log hone nahi denge

Re: @ syllabus

Posted by DU, (2015-04-16 21:29:44) /


Please search in the older posts here during February-March 2014 someone posted the link of syllabus to download for HCS. Find out and get it from there otherwise it's same as that of 2011 batch hence could be found with old candidate or bookstore dealing with such competition books.

There are slim chances of new vacancies for HCS till this recruitment cycle gets over but some rumour is there that those cancelled vacancies of nomination basis are to be filled with new notifications in this regard.

There are no OBC in Haryana state level recruitment only at centre level. It's bufricated among BC-A, BC-B and SBC. To avail these benefits one need to be bonafide resident of Haryana state and Chandigarh isn't in Haryana as its UT. Hence its residents can't be avail these quota benefits at state level though eligible for centre level.


Re: new vacancy

Posted by Anonymous, (2015-04-16 16:56:39) /

is there any chance for new vacancy?

Re: OBC Quota

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-04-15 10:13:09) /

Can applicants from chandigarh apply for obc quota in HCS?

Re: HCS syllabus

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-04-14 20:54:05) /

if anybody have HCS syllabus, plz share

Re: acknowledgement card

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-04-12 09:18:39) /

friends, had you got acknowledgment cards last year after submission of main forms?

please update if any confirm news about dates of mains.

Re: @vnd

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-04-10 15:15:15) /

which 28th april verdict u talking abt.

Is dat having any implication on HCS mains ...


Posted by vnd, (2015-04-10 14:13:23) /

dear...no new vacancies will be added...and i suppose after 28th april verdict new advt. may come..i suppose so

Re: good news

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-04-10 13:14:54) /

news in dainik jagran

govt cancelled 20 vacancies of special recruitment on the nomination ground for the post of hcs ex

so what will be the next course of action

now will these 20 vacancies be added into on going direct recruitment

any clue about such rule

Re: Strategy

Posted by Av, (2015-04-08 21:45:57) /

@DU and Others: Please i request your kind help on the strategy which you followed while preparing for previously held HPSC mains examination. What were the areas to focus upon and the difficulties faced by you in general. Although my command over theoretical part of my optionals are good but i feel like somewhere i am lacking in presenting and writing a good answer. As we all know that the question asked in hpsc mains exam are 30 markers so how to approach them and what should be the word limit that must be followed. How do i improve upon my answer writing skills specifically for this examination for fetching good marks. Sharing your experience would help novice students like appearing for the first time. Your help would be greatly appreciated. Regards.

Re: #y..cs

Posted by vnd, (2015-04-07 20:25:55) /

khattar..the CM of haryana should be appointed as secretary to hpsc...being his single no issue of daughter or son..!let the exam happen,dear!

Re: yashvir

Posted by yashvir cs, (2015-04-07 16:36:05) /

this hcs exam is also not going 2 b fair secretary has his son appearing in the exam deputy secretary has 2 close relatives controller of exam is on adhoc basis chairman & members had their sons & daughers selectd in the prvious exam now their other relatives will b so govt should change the secretary


Posted by ATO AND TEHSILDAR, (2015-04-04 12:55:33) /

BRO the above said vacancies are withdrawn by the haryana govt.
may be these vacancies will advertise in next HCS exam.
so chill out bro.
8TH MAY --10 MAY

Re: ATO,TEHSILDAR recruitment

Posted by vinod, (2015-04-04 02:23:16) /

to all friends who are serious for exams...could anyone tell something about exact status of above mentioned posts recruitments...DU sir u pls highlight your views about these posts..


Posted by rahul, (2015-04-02 17:46:40) /

thanku very much


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-04-02 16:07:59) /



Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-04-01 20:45:21) /

yr koi to reply krdo..

Re: @DU and others

Posted by rahul, (2015-03-31 22:12:29) /

yr from where to do these hindi vyakhya....any book or source...plzzz help

Re: @ HCS Judicial Branch

Posted by D.U., (2015-03-31 21:55:02) /

I have read that order of SC and it has just asked for reply of HC and HPSC about the way answer key and how they tackled the disputed questions. SC has asked why should not it be scrapped BUT has not yet stayed it.

So its not yet delayed and secondly its not remotely linked to HCS Exe. and hence this can't necessarily means delay of Exe mains.



Posted by HCS JB, (2015-03-31 15:31:37) /

SC mein SLP lagi hui hai HCS JB ki,,may mein hone ke koi chance nahin hai uske...Shayad HCS EB ke baad hon

Re: @anonymous

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-03-31 14:01:15) /

judiciary mains kabse hai?


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-03-31 13:28:36) /

govt ko agar cancel karna hota to kab ka kar chuki hoti.

govt ko cancel karne ke liye court ki need nahi hai..

I think mains shd happen in june now after judiciary mains.....

Re: HPSC Board

Posted by D.U., (2015-03-30 19:31:29) /


I think our friends here have misunderstood the new SSC Board which is recently reconstituted by govt with that of HPSC as it is not a board nut commission under Article 315 of constitution.

Let me explain which u can corroborate from Laxmikant polity book that public Service Commission is a constitutional body which is unlike SSC Board not comes under statutory power of State Govt. The members of public Service Commission are appointed by Governor but can be removed by the President on advice of Supreme Court.

Hence its a misunderstanding on part of few friends that new board will be constituted etc.

Secondly, please refer to the earlier post here where ppl have pasted the first decision of new Haryana Cabinet which along with reduction in age of retirement has kept this HCS notification intact and decided to go ahead with it. Hence don't read too much into conspiracy theories that allege govt. thinks against the current recruitment.



Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-03-30 16:31:07) /

then what abt dis new board...........


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-03-30 16:14:14) /

Nothing has happened to the previos board. Its still in operation.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-03-30 16:12:53) /

Nothing has happened to the previos board. Its still in operation.

Re: @

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-03-30 14:33:00) /

what happened to previous board members??

their term was remaining still?

who r d new members added to d board???

Re: Info

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-03-30 14:18:00) /

The new HPSC board was set up last week on monday. The notification for hcs exe. came out on tuesday. By setting up of this board the process of recruitment should start including all other posts.

Re: re-DU

Posted by vinod, (2015-03-30 07:29:13) /

thank you sir..but I smell something obnoxious politically inspired moves by this govt..just to scrap the process

Re: @ Vinod

Posted by D.U., (2015-03-29 19:42:50) /


Just try and understand this that it is nowhere been demanded by petitioners that the present process be quashed for warrant of this lacuna. Secondly even if the petitioners know pray so than also it will be thrown out of Court because of simple fact that such matter is pending in court already in Neeraj Rathi and others vr HPSC and others.

Hence it will be a case where the only relief that can be prayed by petitioners is of perspective in nature that it shall be taken care in future recruitment cycles.

The moment they question the present cycle than HPSC will tell court that similar matter is pending before competent Court hence it will amount to wastage of precious time of Court.


Re: language issue

Posted by vinod, (2015-03-29 01:07:10) /

the very rule of hpsc regarding lingual is against the spirit of fundamental rights of citizens or natives of this state..so friends ur anticipation of not having retrospective force is wrong..its decision will scrap the process of hcs(ex) exam that is only 33% completed.

Re: @ motion to HPSC

Posted by D.U., (2015-03-27 21:17:34) /

hi friends

This is writ petition which is to address the grievances of language issue in HPSC Exam process. Hence it is no where related to this current exam process.

So the candidates on this exam cycle be assured of it that it doesn't have any significance for the current batch.

And yes there is absolutely no clue of Naib teshildar and also similar posts like ADA and Dental etc. In practical sense Govt has put a moratorium on all kind of recruitments ranging from College Grade Lecturer to Naib teshildar.

Re: Naib tehsildar

Posted by Choudhary , (2015-03-27 19:34:08) /

Naib tehsildar k exam ki koi information h kya kisi k pas...... DU plz share..


Posted by abc, (2015-03-27 18:11:02) /

They have challenged the rule about the language, I don't think it should be retrospective... Because the process is already on , and the same rule was there in 2009 n 2011 recruitment.. So in my views the case should affect future recruitments not this one. Baki you never can say about hcs (exec) with surity as these things tend to have an invinvisible political hand working behind them.


Posted by vikas, (2015-03-25 14:15:25) /

all the best guys :)


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-03-25 14:00:17) /

to isse kya hoga ab??


Posted by HINDI, (2015-03-25 11:36:04) /

That the petition is filed in public interest. It challenges the Rule 11 (1) of the Haryana Civil Service (Executive Branch) Rules, 2008, which provides for setting up questions in preliminary and main examination in English only.This is the violation of article 14 and 16(1),which provides Right to Equality – The State shall not deny to any person equality before the law or the equal protection of the laws within the territory of India.” AND Equality of opportunity in matters of public employment-There shall be equality of opportunity for all citizens in matters relating to employment or appointment to any office under the State.

Issue a appropriated writ for directing the respondents to make necessary amendments to Rule 11(1) of the Haryana Civil Service (Executive Branch) Rules, 2008 and set questions in both Hindi and English in both preliminary and main written examination of the Haryana Civil Service (Executive Branch) and Other Allied Service Examinations

CWP No.5438 of 2015
Rahul Goel and others Vs. The State of Haryana and an

Present: Mr. Satyalipsu Ray, Advocate,
for the petitioners.
Notice of motion for May 07, 2015
March 24, 2015 (

Re: Re:Du

Posted by Devil, (2015-03-25 10:38:08) /

Bro it's still tentative it cme earler too if u remember in nov it cme so wat r ur views?

Re: notice out

Posted by abc, (2015-03-24 22:15:53) /

At last something substantive ! Gear up guys

Re: hcs 2014 mains

Posted by rao, (2015-03-24 13:59:21) /

Dosto may/ June m hai hcs exe exam.. Check hpsc web site .. All da best...


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-03-24 13:21:17) /

ya true....

they sayind may end or june


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-03-24 11:12:22) /

hcs main(j)from 5th may and exe. in may end or june first as informed by hpsc help desk

Re: Bloody fake

Posted by DU , (2015-03-23 20:41:48) /

Hey please if u have guts and want to tell the truth use your name buddy. Don't use false name to spread rumour which are nothing but creation of your frustrated mind.

P.S. At least have this much courage to say what u feel or know under your name.

Again this is a fake post by our timid rumour monger don't pay heed to him/her.


Re: DU

Posted by DU, (2015-03-23 20:34:02) /

Hcs(exe)mains going to be cancellation. Cancellation notice come in few dass.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-03-23 19:50:51) /

is there any coordination between the people at reception and the top brass of hpsc?????????

Re: @ Scrapping of Mains

Posted by DU, (2015-03-22 00:28:25) /

Hi attention to all friends this post about scrapping of HCS Exe is a fake post by someone using my name and I havn't posted it.

Mains are on and hence don't pay attention to such rumor mongers.



Posted by tobacco planter, (2015-03-21 18:40:52) /


Re: DU

Posted by DU, (2015-03-21 18:25:09) /

Hcs(exe) mains may be scrapped in few days

Re: @Du

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-03-20 19:16:28) /

Bhai agar DU ka selection bhi nahi hua na ...te kise ka nahi ho sakta..ladka intelligent hai no doubt...par pad liya kar ...is blog pe time waste mat kar..BOL

Re: @DU

Posted by HCS-2014, (2015-03-20 18:24:19) /

Budy dont pay attention to these miscreants...just keep hoing and success will come to u one day...these people themselves are hopeless so they are negative....i support ur efforts done in this blog....keep hoing...


Posted by abc, (2015-03-20 17:30:45) /

I called. They said wait for 2 weeks.

Re: @ guest

Posted by DU, (2015-03-20 16:51:26) /

To tu lele yo theka tanne kon naate se. Naate to mane batta.....


Re: @DU

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-03-20 16:47:31) /

Lagta hai is DU ne is blog ko chalane ka theka le rakha hai

Re: mains

Posted by arjun, (2015-03-20 15:30:53) /

kisi ne hpsc phone kiya h kya aaj ? koi update

Re: @ guest

Posted by DU, (2015-03-20 14:38:58) /

Why u r requesting anyone to ask your questions from me ? U can very well ask me directly. Yes I'm on this blog and also appeared in many exams but what is your point in raising this is what I fail to comprehend.

If your are saying this to prove that I m incompetent than u please make it clear by showing your credential that u r an IAS or HCS or PCS officer somewhere with one attempt and hence have this kind of condacending attitude for ever struggling candidates like me.

In another scenario of you feel that I m wasting money than u r incorrect as u r not helping me anyway.

And above all of you feel that u r very competent and hence doesn't need so long or attempts than all the best to you for your efforts.

I'm sorry but I feel little scarcasm in your statement which is uncalled for.

Re: hcs mains

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-03-20 01:29:54) /

Is DU se pucho...3-4 sal se isi blog pe pada hai..koi exam interview stage tak nahi chodta.....kisi state ka exam ho

Re: hcs mains notification

Posted by st, (2015-03-19 22:22:44) /

bhai logo yahaan to is week koi bhi notification nahi aaya
yaar hpsc waalo ne naak me dam kar diya hai..
guys share something related to hcs mains if anyone having info

Re: Dhanush Baan

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-03-17 23:54:05) /

Page = laga

Re: @ dhanush-baan wala

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-03-17 23:52:33) /

Abe arjun phir tu sahi nissana page le

Re: @ hcs ex in may

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-03-17 23:31:34) /

Sare nakali hai is blog pe...sab andhere mein tir mar rahe hai


Posted by abc, (2015-03-17 19:44:46) /

Programme would most probably be the date sheet... Let's wait n watch now. Thanks for sharing the info.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-03-17 17:07:28) /

great news, if hpsc really upload d schedule to clear d uncertainty....

Re: HCS Ex. Mains Exam

Posted by SC, (2015-03-17 16:56:38) /

Just called up HPSC office enquiry number. I am posting the conversation as it is.
ME: Sir, When will the Mains exam for HCS Ex. Branch be conducted?
HPSC: (Asked me my name and city which i told) Exam May main hone ki sambhavna hai.
ME: Ok sir thanks for the info.
HPSC: Net pe check karte rahna is hafte program laga denge website pe.
Me: Ok sir.
I don't know what program means but a notification has been prepared which will come up this week. Fingers crossed.....

Re: @abc, Vikas & others

Posted by DU, (2015-03-14 15:01:23) /

I hope that what u say is true and it should be cleared out. But I want to ask one thing from those who have appeared in UPSC mains (I did too) that what if interview date clashes with mains date.

I mean upsc interview will begin in April for sure and last till June mid and in Case of mid May mains as told by hpsc sources are not there is possibility of potential clash.

What r your views about it such a condition.



Posted by abc, (2015-03-14 14:14:09) /

No no... Don't confuse it with judiciary mains, they very clearly were talking about executive branch. Now it remains to be seen whether the information materializes or not but I am sure it was about hcs exec.


Posted by vikas, (2015-03-14 10:49:40) /

bro. judicial may 1st week mai hai or executive 2nd ya 3rd week mai hai
hpsc walo nae bataya hai .

Re: @all

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-03-14 10:11:48) /

bro, its about hcs judicial mains and not executive. hcs judicial ke mains may me honge. hcs exec. will be after upsc cse prelim.

if this info is accurate, then please reconfirm ke kis ki baat kar rahe hain, hcs judicial ya hcs executive?

Re: cheers

Posted by D.U., (2015-03-13 19:54:25) /

Congrats to all the serious candidates for this news. At least there is hope that it will be conducted in first half of year.

But it may turn out that HPSC reception ppl may confuse it with Judiciary Exam as we are clear they may no be.

Things will be clear once it is out in public.....


Re: mains

Posted by ac, (2015-03-13 17:36:53) /

yes i called today .. vikas gave right info.. lets wait 4 nxt week

Re: mains

Posted by ac, (2015-03-13 17:27:46) /

yes i called today .. vikas gave right info.. lets wait 4 nxt week


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-03-13 17:16:41) /

I did call Hpsc yesterday... Same reply as told by vikas


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-03-13 17:09:30) /

anyone call HPSC TODAY for HCS mains date ?

ac ? vikas ?

Re: Mains

Posted by First chance, (2015-03-13 16:29:01) /

Anyone with political science and History optional


Posted by vikas, (2015-03-13 13:07:29) /

bro. mera bhi 1st attempt hai or mare optional hai geography nd public ad.

Re: optional

Posted by ac , (2015-03-12 22:34:33) /

vikas , thanx for info bro .. will call them 2marrow .. what r ur optional and hows prep. ? is this ur first attempt .. cauz is my first attempt nd i donot hav much idea about scoring and all. plzz share ur views


Posted by vikas, (2015-03-12 22:15:56) /

bro. aaj mane HPSC office phone kiya tha no. hai 0172-2560755 unho nae kaha ki may month mai exam hai or notification next week aa jae gi.

Re: mains

Posted by ac, (2015-03-12 20:40:12) /

vikas bhai hpsc koi phone uthata hi ni h ... nd its gud if they are taking it ... u sure about notificaion in nxt week ?


Posted by vikas, (2015-03-12 18:40:07) /

nahi bro. HCS ki baat kar raha hun
or agar confirm karna ho to hpsc mai call kar lo kal .

Re: mains

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-03-12 18:31:16) /

bhai judicial ki baat kar rahe ho kya?


Posted by vikas, (2015-03-12 18:25:40) /

yes nd notification will come next week.

Re: mains

Posted by ac, (2015-03-12 18:08:40) /

any relaible source vikas ?


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-03-12 15:09:50) /

<a href="http://www.way2universities.com/">MBA course</a>
contact information:9492066112, 040-66443636.
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Ameerpet, Hyderabad- 500016


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-03-12 15:07:42) /

<a href="http://www.way2universities.com/">MBA course</a>
contact information:9492066112, 040-66443636.
F.No.103, Prashanti Ram TowersNear Saradhi Studio Road,
Ameerpet, Hyderabad- 500016


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-03-12 15:00:37) /



Posted by vikas, (2015-03-12 14:26:11) /

hcs mains in may

Re: mains

Posted by ac, (2015-03-10 11:11:45) /

maine cm window pe bhi complaint dali thi december mein ab tk no action taken ... i guess they are planning to scrap it

Re: @mains

Posted by ac, (2015-03-10 11:05:28) /

bhai koi ni uthata phone hpsc mein

Re: hcs mains

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-03-09 21:00:44) /

yaar kamaal hai sab mar gaye hain kya koi toh batao hcs mains hoga kab.....saalon hpsc phone karon...main toh thak gaya hun....


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2015-03-05 18:22:03) /

mains will be after upsc prelim

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