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HPSC Exam Notification

Haryana Public Service Commission (HPSC)
Bays No. 1-10, Block-B
Sector-4, Panchkula

Ph. : 0172 – 2560755 (Enquiry)
FAX: 0172 - 2560352

HPSC Results
Results of examinations conducted by HPSC can be checked online on Haryana Govt websit at the link shown below:


Candidates may contact the HPSC Office/ visit official website www.hpsc.gov.in for information about HCS/ various departmental recruitments conducted by the commission.


Haryana Civil Services HPSC Exam Results, Notifications


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Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-27 09:45:55) /


cut off???


Posted by qaz, (2016-06-26 19:25:00) /

Finally a word from a trusted source of the bLog.....upcoming week shall be peaceful ....amen

Re: hcs result

Posted by rao, (2016-06-26 19:16:42) /

Hi frendz... result in first week of july...after 3rd july.. no result in this week... all da best..

Re: @qaz n 3rd n final

Posted by Sam, (2016-06-26 18:13:15) /

Farq pade na pade, dil toh behal jata hai mahaul banne se .. @qaz bhai apke muh me ghee shakkar

Re: commerce

Posted by Dipti choudhary, (2016-06-26 17:20:51) /

can anyone tell me about coaching of hcs. i am applying for the first time so i am not aware about its information so help me guys.


Posted by Third and final, (2016-06-26 16:59:39) /



Posted by qaz, (2016-06-26 16:40:23) /

Ye third and final mahaul hai....:D
Result is week ya max to max next week Ayega he....


Posted by Third and final, (2016-06-26 16:35:46) /

Blog par mahol to kai bar ban chuka hai..isse hpsc par koi farak nahi padta

Re: @micks n ors

Posted by Sam, (2016-06-26 13:56:27) /

Chalo mahaul toh bana kuchh .. thanks


Posted by qaz, (2016-06-26 11:10:39) /

Most probably we are entering the result week tomorrow ...

Re: @aditya

Posted by Rohit, (2016-06-26 09:38:33) /

Nothing to report on that front aditya...after conducting asst. prof exams may be there will be some progress but nothing planned by commission to conduct that exam so far

Re: @Rohit

Posted by Aditya, (2016-06-26 09:32:56) /

Any News on NT exam.

Re: Correction in name

Posted by Rohit, (2016-06-26 09:23:17) /

Rohit instead of Rog it

Re: Micks got right info

Posted by Rog it, (2016-06-26 09:21:43) /

Totally in agreement with micks....got same info yesterday....result can come anytime now...secretary has to share compiled result with chairman...once it's given green light by commission/chairman, it will be uploaded on site..it can be as early as next week or delayed to early week of July...so good luck everyone

Re: @micks

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-26 09:17:08) /

Since u have seen all couple of times..

Knowing the no. Of seats , level of exams, lesser outsiders etc..

What do u think the cutoff is going to be. If not exact cutoff, u may highlight the trend this time it will be.

Re: @Micks

Posted by Aditya, (2016-06-26 08:55:19) /

Any news on Naib Tehsildar exam.

Re: Result

Posted by Micks, (2016-06-26 08:40:06) /

Please don't ask who he or she is as revelation might bring trouble to him. Now....result is already ready and due to an ego problem between the secretary and chairman ot is being delayed. It is expected that things might turn out favourable this week and the result might see the light of the day. Its up to u...my friends to believe or not. ATB to all

Re: Result

Posted by Micks, (2016-06-26 08:39:14) /

Hi!I am visiting this blog after a very long time. I have faced last 2 interviews of HCS n so have a fair idea about the process. Looking at the anxiety on the blog, wanted to share the info that I have got from insider.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-25 21:40:00) /

Science subjects are not as favourite as it seems.. it's evident from last 2 mains..

Baaki this time how was the scenario for science subject. Science students who appeared can tell.

Gate topper etc HCS me kya kar rahe hai...

Zyada ho gaya thoda


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-25 17:44:39) /

So that means result declaration is open ended now. There is no expected date.


Posted by qaz, (2016-06-25 13:39:43) /

Oh sorry he meant Manohar Lal Khattar....my bad my bad


Posted by qaz, (2016-06-25 13:38:02) /

Manohar naam ka koi member nahi hai....aur Chairman retire hoyega 2020 mein ....aur kisi member ki retirement nahi as rahi el saal tak....


Posted by Third and final, (2016-06-25 13:13:54) /

Result aane take to sabhi ki bate sahi manani padegi...jaise ki..
1) hpsc member family function me aaya that.
2)cm ke sign baki hain.
3) August beginning me ayega,August last Me ayega.
4) election ke pas ayega.
5) up election me bad ayega.
6) chairman retire hone ke bad ayega.
7)tyar rakha hai strongroom me


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-25 12:01:56) /

Mains result August beginning

Re: @ ADI

Posted by HCS-2014, (2016-06-25 11:30:34) /

Bhai kon sa member retire hua hai aur dusra kon hai jo retire hone walal hai.....

Re: Result , Cut Off

Posted by Adi, (2016-06-25 11:07:12) /

It is not an objective Examination.. I wonder how people decide these illusionary cut offs..

Subjective nature of exam, nature of marking, instructions regarding checking from commission... there are many factors.

At best, we can conclude that it's all relative.. those who score relatively better will get through to the next round.

However, lack of scaling would do certain damage to humanities' chaps. I personally know people who attempted 150/150 in physics n mathematics.. and they are those IISc., GATE toppers type brains.

English, Hindi mein top 150 mein bahut small bracket of scores rahega..

GS mein bhi almost at par with each other he honge top people.

So, in my opinion, Optional score only will hold the key. Baaki jagah scope utna nhi h margin dene ka. Science Optionals will play spoiler.. that's for sure.

Regarding result, yes it has been prepared, 10th of June se pahle he.

Why Delay???

Political reason, one member retired, the other due to retire soon... Govt wants it's 'fair' 'umpires' in place before the game begins. A faction (including Manohar Mama) is favouring early declaration also. But very few things in life are simple. Govt has time on its side.. a potential majority in Govt wants to wait and they will wait (in my opinion).


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-24 18:47:43) /



Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-24 18:46:16) /



Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-24 18:44:48) /

OBC - 360- 365
SC - 355

Re: hi

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-24 16:17:32) /

Friends, jab general ki cut off ka aankalan lag raha hai to other categories ie sc, bc esm,ph ka aankalan bhi laga liya karo.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-24 15:02:04) /

Where is Mr . Friday

Re: @chaudhary

Posted by Sam, (2016-06-24 14:58:07) /

Result se pehle call letters aa jayenge ?? Kaise ?? I dont think an mla or tehsildar wud b having sch info


Posted by qaz, (2016-06-24 14:43:13) /

Ch saab bjp MLA se zyada toh hpsc k security guard ki aukaat hai.

Re: Result

Posted by Choudhary , (2016-06-24 14:34:44) /

Result will come in mid August. Confirmed news from one of Bjp Mla and naib Tehsildar call letter will come in first week of August.

Re: @CUT-Off Prediction

Posted by HCS-2014, (2016-06-24 11:39:31) /

My prediction for cut off window for general category is 370-380 marks.


1. Outsiders candidates did not appear in the mains exam.

2. 140+ marks should not be awarded this time to any of the subjects.

3. Reasonable and honest marks should be awarded to the suitable and right answers of all subjects.

4.65(ENG)+65(HINDI)+50(GS)+100(OP-1)+100(OP-2) =380(63.33%)is a good score.

5. This analysis is based on 2009-2012 exams..

6. if we go to 2004 exam conducted during Chautala regime....the cut off was 282 as i have heard(i did not appear that time...)then this exam`s cut off may remain as low as 325 marks.....

7. The low cut off reason may be the change over in regime . the new Secretary should not be favouring any nepotism and working honestly

8.new examiners should have been hired for paper checking...no instruction to targate any subject aur favour any candidate/subject sholud have been passed....

9. if this story proved true the cut off won`t go beyond 52-55% i.e.. .. 312-330 marks....

10. What ever is the cut-off interview gona be the game changer this time....

11. All the best to me and to all of you as well..

Thanks And regards

Re: free download

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-24 10:57:00) /


Re: free download

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-24 10:56:10) /



Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-24 10:38:14) /

ek ye kushmanda laga rehta hai publicity karne me, yaha result pata nahi kab aaega..

Re: @qaz

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-24 10:37:19) /

aisa kuch nahi hai

kal sham temp out of service tha

2 din pehle bi tha

no correlation... Qaz bhai shaant... aise phir se din lamba karwaoge aap


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-24 10:36:25) /



Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-24 10:36:00) /



Posted by qaz, (2016-06-24 10:33:15) /

HPSC inquiry number is temporarily out of service....it was working till yesterday.....the same thing happened on the day of prelims result as far as I remember

Re: @HCS 2014

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-24 10:12:48) /

if I ask in another form:

Is less outsiders appearing the most important factor to limit mains cut off.. ie it wont shoot 390 or so...

or even more important factor is only 84 selection which we anyways get from our state.. to break 400+ cut off

Re: @HCS 2014

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-24 10:01:53) /

as u highlighted earlier, how big or little impact on cut off will be of v less outsider appeared for HCS this time due to clash of UPPCS.

will this only fact will keep the cut off on check, even if we know there are only 84 in general to be selected.

Re: @result

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-24 09:59:06) /

I think we all should take it easy and forget this blog at least for 2 weeks....

Knowing the fact that mains result takes 3-4 months if no other external issues are there, we kept on harping on the idea of 30-40-50 days result theory..

keep a WINDOW of 3 months in mind, close it saying to oneself to relax a bit.

Re: @Main`s Result

Posted by HCS-2014, (2016-06-24 09:57:54) /

Friday ko result ki proclamation karne wala banda haazir ho.........aur apni satement pe prkash dalen....yani result declaration time batayen....
cut off marks batayen.......


Posted by qaz, (2016-06-24 08:58:25) /

Yaar HPSC front desk waale toh ek dum nalayak hai .... Ek security guard aur ek driver baitha rakha hai.....when last time I went one of them said ki mains ka result jaldi ajayega because aaj kal toh OMR hoti hai hai computer se jaldi check Ho jaati hain....toh idea laga lo kya haal hai.....secretary k number par ek well mannered Banda receive Karta hai call....though he does not reveal anything ... However u guys can skilfully try to get hints from him....

Re: @qaz

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-24 08:44:04) /

Qaz bhai

Aaj to ho aao hpsc

If u r in panchkula


Posted by qaz, (2016-06-24 08:34:27) /

Final result ?


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-24 06:34:13) /


Re: Friday

Posted by qaz, (2016-06-23 22:34:27) /

My heart is somehow not ready to deny Friday .... Ajaye bass ab ...Ho ya na ho clear....at least anxiety de nizaat toh milegi ...


Posted by qaz, (2016-06-23 18:14:28) /

This is really frustrating.....

Re: @ result

Posted by D.U., (2016-06-23 13:24:06) /


Please try and understand there is no issue of reservation as its settled on that account.

Secondly there is no mysterious reason for delay in result of HCS so I think you can rest speculation.

Simple and plain reason for delay in result is this that almost all of us including me has underestimated the pace of work and expected wrong time frame. Hence recently HPSC received evaluated copies back and it will put out final result by end of June or initial week of July.

This is by far the most authentic info that I have gathered and shared here.



Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-23 12:14:21) /

lagta hai kuch reservation ka panga atka hoga..

in that case result may get delayed infinitely....


Posted by qaz, (2016-06-23 10:19:23) /

Holi kab hai?
Kab hai Holi ?


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-23 09:45:32) /

result kab aaega??

cut off kya hogi??

Re: @qaz

Posted by Third and final, (2016-06-23 09:34:16) /

Thanks dear and same to you.Also I have taken all my cs exam with same spirit but bad luck,that's why it is Third and Final Hcs exam for me..

For those who say result will come in August or September... Then why isn't it come e next year or the following year..


Posted by FRIDAY, (2016-06-23 00:15:47) /




Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-22 22:26:34) /

Theek hi to bol raha hai bhai

Result in August if no reservation issue or HC case or etc..


Posted by qaz, (2016-06-22 21:48:47) /

Bahahahahh....kuch bhi


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-22 21:28:18) /

Stop speculating now. Result not near. It is better to wait for HPSC word instead of making wild guesses. It seems result not before August beginning

Re: @friday result

Posted by Sam, (2016-06-22 13:19:30) /

Info source ?

Re: @QAZ

Posted by apka apna...Gopal Kanda, (2016-06-22 12:55:37) /

that's the spirit....Result will be out by Friday


Posted by qaz, (2016-06-22 11:10:13) /

Chairman Office 0172 – 2560352
Secretary Office 0172 – 2560752
Controller of Exams 0172 – 2560753
Superintendent Exam Branch I - 0172-2560755(extn 131)

Though I doubt they will give any info....but let us try to get hints at least

Re: let me try

Posted by Idiot Ranter, (2016-06-22 11:05:46) /

I will try and find out something. Since everyone is making their effort, I must join the bandwagon.

Re: @third and final

Posted by qaz, (2016-06-22 11:05:10) /

Exactly....and if u have written in mains with this expressive language u are bound to do well...AtB

Re: @all

Posted by Third and final, (2016-06-22 10:58:52) /

Let me tell you one think that a serious and honest candidate has never an insider's story to tell.he or she has no such information which is beyond the reach of an unauthorized person.so we can never give information but offer you analysis based on our experience and prevailing political and administrative scenario. An ideal system has a considerable degree of predictability. And we are relying on this fact.and observing that time has ripe for result


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-22 10:56:08) /

it seems, result will take its normal time ie 3-4 months....

nothing we got from over expecting apart from unnecessary anxiety.

All waste...

Re: @qaz window

Posted by qaz, (2016-06-22 10:48:27) /

Haha.....Bhai bhawnao ko samjho

Re: @qaz

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-22 10:42:41) /

bhai, hume to bata do...

I was d one who gave forward the concept of QAZ Window....

Re: @ kanda

Posted by qaz, (2016-06-22 10:24:35) /

I already called and also got some info but won't let u know :D.....jitne maze lene hain Lele.

Re: @QAZ

Posted by apka apna...Gopal Kanda, (2016-06-22 09:40:54) /

Hey QAZ Bro ...how are you this morning...please don't forget to call HPSC...


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-22 09:11:02) /

Yes frustration will not help anyone, so wuld speculation. Plz share only if any1 has concrete info. This weekly tension is not helping us when the info comes out as incorrect. Ur intention may be righteous, but the result is not.

Re: @ response

Posted by D.U., (2016-06-21 20:22:43) /


I will answer the questions/assertions raised in two parts.

yes its true that it was an insider info about the checked answer copies. But this was not from a very reliable or "too insider", mostly a clerical level grapevine, that's why instead of blindly believing it an analysis of other factors also needed which could corroborate it and thus now it seems very solid lead.

Now coming to second part, ppl who are saying no one has a clue, sh*t etc, we never claimed that we belong to first family of Chairman of HPSC and our word is final.If you're looking for final word than go and believe those of 7th/17th types. Or else get out and collect first hand information of the issue yourself by what ever source you find and share with us also. Neither me nor anyone like QAZ, Third and final etc are charging anything from anyone, nor anyone is saying he/she is infallible.

So please either appreciate whatever realistic contribution made up by someone or avoid it but it doesn't justified for you to rant out your frustration here as it will not help anyone.



Posted by qaz, (2016-06-21 20:00:49) /

Kuch bhi mat likho Bhai....8-10 din wait karlo..:


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-21 18:31:01) /

Result should take time. July end or August beginning probably.may be later also


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-21 16:44:31) /

bina koi concrete information ke agar log post karenge ki may me aaya june starting me, june mid, june last (latest one) to mahaul kaise banega..


Posted by qaz, (2016-06-21 15:46:17) /

Koi toh lao yaar concrete info....mahaol he nahi ban raha result ka

Re: @All # Result

Posted by Yash, (2016-06-21 13:38:49) /

I talked to the same guy whom i talked earlier..HE SAID result in june end, work is going on in full swing.. as he was earlier very sure that result will come before asst prof exam...i asked why is it late now??..He said, it will come soon, even he doesnt know why it happened!

So, i guess nobody has the concrete info..but dont expect result this week. Give your mind some rest..

Re: Khud he karke dekhlo kanda ji

Posted by qaz, (2016-06-21 13:23:26) /

Chairman Office 0172 – 2560352
Secretary Office 0172 – 2560752
Controller of Exams 0172 – 2560753
Superintendent Exam Branch I - 0172-2560755(extn 131)

Re: @kanda

Posted by qaz, (2016-06-21 13:17:56) /

Bhai 131 extn Superintendent, Examination Branch receive Karta hai for your very very kind information....

Re: @kanda

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-21 13:15:07) /

bhai gopal,

itna to pata hai ki result web site pe aaega pehle , baad me newspaper me.

Re: @Anonymous

Posted by sirf apka...gopal kanda, (2016-06-21 13:12:53) /

itna jaroor pata hai ke result ke jankri HPSC reception counter se toh nahi milegi...


Re: @ gopal

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-21 13:07:12) /

kanda ko kuch pata hai to bataye...

Re: @QAZ

Posted by YOURS ONLY...GOPAL KANDA, (2016-06-21 13:05:04) /

Man!! you are too funny...ye insan HPSC ke reception counter pe phone karke result ke date pata karne ke try karta hai...too optimistic


Posted by qaz, (2016-06-21 12:37:18) /

He also said it will be up to commision (chairman plus members) to decide when to upload it on website....on asking whether papers have been checked he said that its a "one man secret" we can't reveal...don't know what that means ...

Re: @all

Posted by qaz, (2016-06-21 12:33:33) /

Just now called HPSC....the guy on the other side was too adamant to reveal anything...I tried a lot... The only thing he said is to keep yourself updated with the website....koi toh insider info lao yaar...ab wait nahi Ho rahi..

Re: @Speculators & readers

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-21 11:29:32) /

No one knows shit...read what the r saying as per indications, most probably, based on assertions, qaz window...blah blah blah!!!
I believe u guys r trying to help but mere speculation (or as u call it ur rational conclusion) is leading to more anxiety for the gullible folk I find here.

Honestly, no one knows shit. So stop speculating.

On a lighter note, DU said result will come as and when commission has finalised it, omg!! Who could've guessed this...lol

Re: @result

Posted by Rakesh, (2016-06-21 10:52:13) /

Yesterday was government holiday and today office start at 11 AM due to yoga day.

Re: @du

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-21 10:41:40) /

bhai.. conclusive assumption to 1 baat hai..

more imp is, r u sure that sheets are checked and result compilation is going on at present..

r u sure of this?? is it a confirmed news u or anybody have got it from the system itself....

ya fir logical conclusive assumptions hi chal rahe hai is blog pe.


Posted by qaz, (2016-06-21 10:38:51) /

Theek ka DU ne....Isi duration mein Ayega result...good probability this week too....but highest probability June end...


Posted by qaz, (2016-06-21 10:35:23) /

Bhai mil nahi raha kal se phone ...... All try 0172 – 2560755 with extn no 131


Posted by D.U., (2016-06-21 10:35:15) /


I'm making it clear here that as per all information and also the indications arising from the facts, following is the current situation of HPSC maisn result 2016:-

1. That checked papers most probably reached back to Commission last to last week only as opposed to earlier theory.

2. At present the result formation, in most likely scenario, is under full swing and could be completed anytime soon.

3. At least three weeks, a safe time limit for compilation of result and determining cut off, is going to be over this week.

4. That commission is sincerely working on HCS result only with unseen regularity and display of efficient work culture i.e. timely undertaking Asst Proff.

5. There is no need or nod required for deceleration of result at least not at this stage. So it will come as and when Commission has finalized it.

Based on these facts, assertions, rational conclusions, I would point out that result could be expected any time after this week, may be last of this month or first week of July even.

I could be completely off the mark and it could be so result could come sooner than that but it is most likely scenario.

Now it is up to the ppl on this blog to believe in some random dates thrown like 7th, 17th etc. or at least analyse on their own and see that it more ration to wait for some time before getting restless.



Posted by Third and final, (2016-06-21 10:02:03) /

Ye achha nam rakha. 7/9/17...hahaha


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-21 09:55:03) /

so yoga celebration is over.. CM will have some free time to answer a call of commission to give green light for the result declaration..

is it?? can it come this week..

is anyone calling commission..

any info from credible source?

qaz window
7/9/17 anonymous

cut off??

Re: At qaz ,others

Posted by Third and final, (2016-06-21 07:35:47) /

Aaj chance meter ki reading kya hai..kyonki high voltage week ka second day hai

Re: Hope this does not delay the result

Posted by qaz, (2016-06-20 20:48:23) /


Re: Haryana Specific preparation for interview

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-20 18:24:55) /

How can one prepare for Haryana specific current affairs and policies of government?
Please suggest a reliable and comprehensive source.


Posted by Third and final, (2016-06-20 16:41:30) /

He who can score more than hundred in both optional is always at advantage.. Follow my mantra...if confident of scoring more than hundred in each optional ,start preparation for interview.. It is based on my experience at upsc,uppsc,rpsc,hpsc and other subordinate boards..

Re: @third and final

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-06-20 16:14:31) /

bhai cut off hi bata de yaar as per u ??

d maximum it can go....

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