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HPSC Exam Notification

Haryana Public Service Commission (HPSC)
Bays No. 1-10, Block-B
Sector-4, Panchkula

Ph. : 0172 – 2560755 (Enquiry)
FAX: 0172 - 2560352

HPSC Results
Results of examinations conducted by HPSC can be checked online on Haryana Govt websit at the link shown below:


Candidates may contact the HPSC Office/ visit official website www.hpsc.gov.in for information about HCS/ various departmental recruitments conducted by the commission.


Haryana Civil Services HPSC Exam Results, Notifications


Discussion Board20801 comments

Re: @ low cut off

Posted by D.U., (2016-05-31 21:03:23) /


My logic behind the dip in cut off is the fact of low cut off is due to following factors:-

1. All of you have been taking the last HCS mains as yardstick which has seen very high scores in Hindi, so much so even 80s in Hindi and decent score in extremely easy English. GS on average was least scored.

Now for a second if you will look at scores which were normal prior last batch were on comparatively low scale except GS which tend to be in 70s for a good attempt and overall cut off was low.

2. the no. of seats doesn't directly have much significance in mains as here its not objective paper, this is reason that not necessarily there will be jump due to low cut off.

3. There is whole fundamental changes witnessed this year like introduction of short notes, good quality papers etc and hence examiners will be of high quality.

4. This is not an academic exam which many of us take it to be, if you see there you have tendency of examiners to be liberal in their marks. On the contrary in UPSC topper got 52% marks only this year and its so each year.

So to calculate the marks on the basis of last year is a fallacy which fuels speculations of sky rocketing of cut off.

Going by trend set by high quality papers, I would still predict that cut off will be kept low due to strict marking with marks only to quality answers and better attempt.

Thus my guess is that one shouldn't lose sleep over the cut off as you will pass hurdle provided you have been able to produce quality in the answers and finished it, else like everyone if you have completed the paper and wrote 'made up' answers than it won't solve the issue no matter how low the cut off is.



Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-05-31 19:35:35) /

I dont think it will drop to 320-340 range. given the marking trends, it is more of a very distant possibility than an actual situation. however i agree that guessing cut off is just a mere time pass rather than having any empirical significance.
you just have to pragmatically analyze your exams and conclude if your are among top 85.
i am really surprised by importance given to science subjects. i was not aware they are so scoring...i was of the view that only pubad/socio/history/Geog are scoring....
lets see whats turn up in results.. HPSC always stumps candidates.. best of luck to everybody..may the best wins

Re: @ cut off

Posted by DU, (2016-05-31 13:52:40) /


Maintaining by earlier position and reiterating again in words of "Qaz" here that it is futile exercise, I would predict the following about cut off:-

2009 - it was in 340's due to standard papers and ample seats around 181.

2013 - it was 373 due to unprecedented marks in law and pub ad plus seats were also low 151.

2016- two factors -
1. exams tough than earlier two times, remember short notes are marks fetching only if you know exact answer and able to hit it directly which is at least not the case for all due to multiple factors.
2. Seats are unusually low of around 55, of which general are only 28.

It could lead that though there will be not much quantitative leap in cut off (as in PT it was same 136 types despite very easy Geography paper) so it will be in this range of 370-390 (maybe lower due to tight marks).

But the main factor will be the disproportionate number of science background candidates qualifying the mains rather than arts. Reason for this is simple not matter how tough the paper is in science they get liberal marks which are not comparable to arts subjects.

There is no scaling indication yet and there will be none (safely presumably) the number of sconce background could rock this HCS cycle. They always did whenever mains were fair in HCS. Even one subject of science with 130+ score range could give insurmountable lead especially when GS is not a scoring one now a days.


•In conclusion the cut off will vary between 360-390 range if marking is like last time.

• but high probably chances it could be even range as low as 320-350 types if UPSC style marking is adopted as we have seen in question papers.

• the range of marks for first and last candidate qualified for interview will not be much, as there is not much scope of lead in GS and compulsory subjects. Hence interview will decide the service and final selection.


Re: Cutoff

Posted by preeti juneja, (2016-05-31 11:53:17) /

English : 65 ( easier paper)

Hindi : 65 ( easy grammar, but relatively difficult translation, poem)

GS: 50 ( a bit different paper, non conventional as per HCS standards)

Subject 1 : 100 ( assuming one gets 20+ marks in a 3 marker for good attempt and 6 marks in 7.5)

Subject 2 : 110( 2nd subject is relatively less prepared by most of students)

Total : 390

CUT OFF : 390

All aspirants, pls participate.

Re: Assumptions of just above average marks...

Posted by qaz, (2016-05-31 11:19:10) /

Hindi 62 (grammar and precis difficult than last years)
English 65
GK 53 (no stats and maths ques...some questions hardly known by many)
P1 90 (assuming interoptional parity this time)
P2 100 (one optional mastered by most)
Total 370

Though futile exercise but interesting

Re: @ all

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-05-31 10:39:21) /

cut off predict karo friends..

with valid assumptions..

if we get 5 predictions, all with valid but different assumptions. Then we can get relatively real results by averaging it out.

Lets try once:

As per me:

English : 65 ( easier paper)

Hindi : 62 ( easy grammar, but relatively difficult translation, poem)

GS: 57 ( a bit different paper, non conventional as per HCS standards)

Subject 1 : 105 ( assuming one gets 20+ marks in a 3 marker for good attempt and 6 marks in 7.5)

Subject 2 : 100 ( 2nd subject is relatively less prepared by most of students)

Total : 389

CUT OFF : 389

All aspirants, pls participate..

Re: @third and final

Posted by qaz, (2016-05-31 10:16:52) /

Let's see...but I still go by mid June to end June window....since day 1.....
Jaldi ajaye toh aur bhi sahi....

Re: At qaz

Posted by Third and final, (2016-05-31 10:12:07) /

What's in the name? Even anonymous blogger can give right information. Based on my experience with hpsc I predicted 24may as the result day without any source or something else .but thus guy is looking confident..so let's see..

Re: @7th June

Posted by qaz, (2016-05-31 09:54:07) /

Bhai koi pakki news hai toh batao...aise he maze Na lo...nobody can be sure of a certain date....not even secretary ....

Re: Result on june 7

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-05-31 09:42:33) /

Result on june 7th. Believe or not.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-05-31 09:30:32) /

sannata to hoga hi bhai. this time there are only few members on this forum who appeared for mains.

plus cut off predict karna is not possible in this exam.

only leftover is result prediction.


Posted by qaz, (2016-05-31 02:03:53) /

Itna sannata kyun hai bhai

Re: judiciary exams

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-05-30 14:19:13) /

can anybody pls tell when new notifications of judicial exams 2016 be out...anybody have any information kindly do reply...thanks


Posted by qaz, (2016-05-29 23:11:38) /

Don't pay heed to rumours....result in mid to end of June window


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-05-29 22:45:45) /

No truth in Result in next week! Result would still take some time! Rest, if the person is pretty sure about result declaration, then fine!

Re: Result

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-05-29 20:32:10) /

Result to be declared on Monday or Tuesday (most likely) or maximum by the weekend... everything done...

Re: @ debate

Posted by DU, (2016-05-29 11:51:56) /


I would like to air my views on this topic of Civil services charm and job etc. I concur with the views of earlier posts here that it is good to compete for these services but they are not surely end of road for an ambitious person and hence one should not be dejected just because he/she couldn't get into it.

Now coming to second part of the issue which is listed by many here that due to the lost sheen of civil service and lost of prestige and power of these posts is good reason to not to be crazy about these is inherently wrong. Let me make myself clear about it:-

1. If someone is seeking power and related issue in civil services for themselves than surely that has been lost as post 1991 it is not as earlier it was. But still civil servants have huge power at their disposal to address various issues faced by public at large.

No other position including politicians can do as much good as a good and active civil servant could through enthusiastic implementation and just doing their job in a very good way.

I have seen some very good officer who command a lot of respect not only in peers but also in public due to fact just of doing what they suppose to do in that position nothing revolutionary but just doing sincere job.

2. The another factor which these services especially IAS and HCS offer that to the individual is the variety of Job on offer. Imagine if you're a great engineer or management officer still you would be doing only a specific kind of job nothing else for all your career largely. Though in higher stages you would be handelling more administrative work but still it will be in one sector only.

Where as as a generalist officers in these jobs you have enormous potential of variety of job offers, today u might be involved in managing Sugar Cooperative Mill and later u can be contributing to policy making in sports sector of state.

3. Lastly civil service also allows you to interact with public at large and frankly it's not the "सलाम" or "माई बाप" look in eyes of public which was invoked by fear in earlier days, is satisfying but a genuine gratitude expressed by satisfied person whom you helped in anyway is much more meaningful.

This is the basic charm of these services rather than beacon, bungalow etc which all seems to harp on and no one can apart from you yourself with inefficiency and self-centred outlook can take these away. All these make it worth trying for apart other benefits.

Secondly when ppl celebrate the successful candidates in services than it is not the post they are celebrating about but it's the hard work of that guy which is been recognised by society not his beacon or something like that.

There could be a charge of being utopian in my views but seriously I think genuinely all that is explained above about civil services.


Re: Re:: 10:23:51

Posted by Science And Technology, (2016-05-29 11:00:46) /

Thanks bro...don't wanna argue with u.....!

still u want , kindly let me knw wat kind of stuff u wanna read

All d best



Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-05-29 10:23:51) /

lol....nice cut and copy job of dr subramanian swamy quotes....next time try to atleast mention source or author so that we can read more stuff


Posted by Science And Technology, (2016-05-29 10:07:26) /

UPSC/SPSC.. a relic of the socialist system that's at the root of the red tape and corruption our country is infested with.
India will be transformed the day we have rags-to-riches stories rather than rags-to-IAS tales.
It may be tough to crack an exam where the whole country competes, but competition stops right thereafter.
Because after that we mostly have 35 odd years of laziness, inefficiency, inaction, corruption and excuses for non-performance in safari suits that roam around in offices that are either downright ugly or that which induce sleep despite cleaner environs.
One has to be out of his mind to seek pride in being a part of that system which is singularly responsible for the country's backwardness. And those who cheer them are morons. The cheerleaders are like those 50 odd dancers that prance around the protagonists during a song sequence in stupid Indian cinema. If the bugger is going to enjoy a bungalow in prime land with two servants and a car for more than three decades at your expense, without delivering you the goods, what are you turning orgasmic for?
Oh yes, these are rags-to-riches stories, too. Except that this money stinks! It's an income that isn't due even when it is just the salary and not bribe. It's what the parasite draws 12 months for work that an enterprising private citizen can do in four.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-05-28 18:02:31) /

Absolutely right! HCS or IAS are not supreme ones. It is also appreciated that the authority they enjoyed 10-15 years back is a myth now. Huge pressure for speedy disposal. And commit a single mistake to be ready to face proceedings in court. High Court has recently held a senior IAS and HCS officer guilty of contempt. In today's scenario when awareness is practically more in nature of negative than positive, people question IAS and HCS officers very frequently and behave in a way not known to civilised manner. I would accept the thing said by a member here. Do achieve it guys, for u should not believe without a first hand experience. But one thing for sure: Govt. Jobs has lost charm to a great extent now. So, it is right to say that no excitement. Just be cool and be positive. Nahi ho to HCS or IAS ki lives se achha jeevan bahut log jeete hai. Be happy! That is the most important!

Re: @du

Posted by du, (2016-05-28 16:59:54) /

take photo from cam scanner application in adroid phone and share on google derive and make is acceable to all,

the person who wrote the motivating lines, thanks to him, it is true that ias and hcs is not life, khus raho.

Re: @ mains question paper

Posted by DU, (2016-05-28 13:52:46) /


I know I had promised to upload those papers but I couldn't find out any good online platform to share the uploaded files. So I request any techno savvy members here to suggest such platforms. As it would be more beneficial for all to share them, secondly i don't have similar optionals as u have so everyone who is interested can upload their individual papers.


Re: @ DU kindly upload the mains question paper as you promised earlier

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-05-28 12:45:59) /

dear DU
all the best for your interview call.

i need GS history geography specially. I will be obliged if you mail it me.



Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-05-28 06:58:23) /

No need for any excitement! Whether is is HCS, IAS. One office with files for decision making. And in today's scenario, IAS or HCS not like god. They are frequently questioned by people. Their authority has now eroded. Responsibility and Accountability is now out of proportion than the salary, job security and social recognition. Even when u put a beacon on ur car, u can't move without fear of being challaned or caught by media.
This is not to discourage anyone but to understand the reality without emotions and passions. So guys, do achieve it. But it is not an end of journey or life. Dil se mat lagao jyada. Padh lo. Ho jae to achha hai. Khud dekh lena sab kaisa hai. Or nahi bhi ho to faaltu ki chinta nahi. There are other 100 ways to live a life which is surely better than life style of HCS or IAS officers.


Posted by vasu, (2016-05-27 13:21:47) /

pls anyone can mail me question papers of HCS economics and history at vasuaug76@gmail.com


Posted by vasu, (2016-05-27 13:17:30) /

Pls any one mail me main papers of history and economics of HCS 2016 at vasuaug76@gmail.com


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-05-27 09:52:17) /

Result is in june. it is confirmed..

cut off kitni hogi...

ab to bhool bi gaye hai likha kya tha paper me....

however strict n genuine marking will provide better and equal opportunity who deserves.

no one should get marks in 130s..

Re: @DU @Rohit

Posted by Rakesh, (2016-05-27 09:06:55) /

Any news on NT exam please share..


Posted by Rohit, (2016-05-27 07:23:32) /

There is no tentative date of mains exam result as of now....i went to panchkula yesterday...hpsc staff don't know anything...as per my source,answer sheets are with examiners after compilation and codification by Secretary personally...only when answer sheets come back to hpsc from examiners,then only we will get idea of tentative result date...All rest is speculation...also hpsc will compile marks and declare results very fast once they get back checked answer sheets,that much you guys can be assured of

Re: @ case and result

Posted by D.U., (2016-05-26 23:37:40) /


As stated earlier there is no connection of reservation case with ongoing HCS recruitment, the earlier SBC notification is withdrawn by govt and all those candidates are to be treated as general provided they full fill other conditions, i.e. age condition and cut off. Cut off is not an issue as SBC cut off was some points higher than general. Most probably some one or two candidates were to be more than 40 years. They can be declared ineligible due to withdrawal of quota and now stay on current BC-C category as done in Haryana Judicial Services Exam 2015.

I have to admit now that most probably the forecast of QAZ seems true which says result window in later half of June 2016. As per no indications and no activity on part of HPSC staff it would not be surprising that result could be pushed upto end of June itself.

These views are personal in nature and not based on insider information.


Re: reservation

Posted by aog, (2016-05-26 20:48:28) /


what about earlier reservation under SBC, is it too on hold

Re: Result hcs mains 2014

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-05-26 20:03:46) /

Result to be declared in first week of june

Re: kindly upload the mains question paper

Posted by Deepak, (2016-05-26 11:05:58) /

dear all
all the best for your interview call. I request all of you to kindly upload the question papers of mains exam.
i need GS history geography specially. I will be obliged if you mail it me


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-05-26 09:45:04) /

result in june.... it is confirmed..

so lets be assured of that.

may be in mid of june...

Re: @ interview call

Posted by DU, (2016-05-25 19:41:58) /


As most of the things are already know i.e no.of seats, candidates to be called for interview etc, I would like to highlight following points which will be deciding factors:-
1. First and foremost the quality answers that is full attempt and with all crucial points will be definitely have more marks potential.

2. Those who were in touch with GS and had prepared throughly the whole syllabus of optionals will be more secure due to presence of short notes.

3. The writing practise of Hindi and good command over grammar in language papers will also fetch marks.

In short there will be complete dependence on three things- two optional marks and GS as English and Hindi is almost same for everyone.



Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-05-25 13:24:22) /

in mains also, with only 84 to go through and so many veterans have appeared this time also, one can expect v high competition in mains as well...

at each stage, it will be difficult compared to last time.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-05-25 13:21:12) /

last time final general cut off was around 430

for executive it was around 470

so a window of 40 marks was there in the highest n lowest post.

this time this window will not be more than 10 marks... due to v less no. of seats.

that means, an HCS will have only 10 marks more than an employment officer.

competition in interview will also b v v v high.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-05-25 10:25:31) /

so any idea about Result and Cut off :)

Re: @ missed guess

Posted by DU, (2016-05-25 10:12:34) /


It's alright to miss the calculation as hpsc has its own ways and means which are mysterious enough. Still you tried to give us info which I presume is believed to be true by you, so its ok.

TOI article ! Really I have written an article long ago for Indian Express but TOI, no I seriously doubt any thinking rational person can tolerate TOI more than few pages.


Re: @third and final

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-05-25 09:38:22) /

bhai itna wild guess... 24 tareek ..

na aage na peeche...


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-05-25 07:43:25) /

DU ki analysis padhte hue it feels as if reading some article in TOI or article by some professor.


Posted by Third and final, (2016-05-24 22:10:40) /

Sorry guys I tried to predict about the unpredictable hpsc.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-05-24 19:22:39) /

Shreshth Academy providing coaching for IAS in tieup with Khan Study Group(KSG) in Rohtak.
New batches are starting soon, weekend batch and test series are also available.
New HCS rules and change in pattern it became imperative for aspirants to join KSG.
100+ ranks in CIVIL services examination-2015 including rank-1 and 2
Join the league of achievers

Re: Amendment in Haryana Civil Services Rules 2008

Posted by Information, (2016-05-24 18:05:34) /




Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-05-24 15:31:22) /

so that means, from now on students have to prepare CSAT, 2 optional, Hindi, English, GS.

will be tough....

Re: @ mains change

Posted by D.U., (2016-05-24 13:47:54) /


frankly telling you this revision is nothing to do with increasing the efficiency or say reforming the recruitment process but it is aimed at only and only to eliminate the litigation arising due to wrong questions and hence revising answer key and hence revising the cut off.

Now how would you make it ? It is simple by cut copy and paste the syllabus of UPSC and hence removing 19 subjects with CSAT without even thinking or realizing that even UPSC has done away with biased system.

I am certain no one will send representations against it as they don't know the far reaching consequences of this new system. It will take time and by then injustice will be done to 2-3 batches.

If one need to see the revising or reforming, then please have a look at Punjab PCS mains format and quality of papers specially in mains. They are one step ahead of UPSC even by removing optional at mains.



Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-05-24 12:05:03) /

but interestingly,

mains format has no change......


Re: @ new HCS (Exe) Service Rules 2016

Posted by D.U., (2016-05-24 12:01:01) /


This is to underline two important facts given in new HCS(Exe) Service Rules 2016:-

1. It certainly is a game changer as now HCS will face the onslaught of SSC and Bank PO candidates and slowly but surely the serious civil service oriented candidates will be displaced by these.

It will be more prominently in Haryana as no. of seats as compared to UPSC is low and moreover UPSC has removed Csat leading to lowering chances for above mentioned category of candidates there and hence flocking here. Secondly Haryana already have a large no. of candidates preparing CGL and others which will shift to HCS with this pattern.

2. Please don't read too much into the provision of new rules which says that now HCS will be held each year as this was present in the HCS (exe) Rules 2008 (HPSC SITE HAS IT AND HENCE CAN READ IT) also it is not been followed, as for it to happen there should be demand by govt for HCS officers which is not been done regularly in Haryana.

Now lessons for those who are hoping to sit for any future HCS Exam are :-

1.Focus on your CSAT skills, especially speed and accuracy (negative marking) more than GS. This not for those who have good command in maths.

2.GS should be sharpened but selection will surely be based on CSAT and in that too I would underline the importance of MATHS and Quants other than comprehensions.

3.Practice regularly as it will be likely all the UPSC preparing candidates will appear for HCS and cut off will sky rocket.

4.Non technical candidates please brush up your skills in basic mathematics and practice daily even when exam is not yet notified or else you won't stand a chance in front of others who appear with Maths.

5. For those who read too much literally, please see all the csat papers before saying maths and quants won't be sole deciding factor as "interpersonnel skills" etc are also mentioned in syllabus.

Hence as a word of caution those with arts and humanities background, either adapt or find yourself out of HCS game.


Re: new pattern

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-05-24 11:10:29) /


Re: result

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-05-24 09:21:41) /

as somebody told, result on 24th...

I think we need to wait for one more month....


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-05-24 07:13:05) /

Result bataane waale sab thande baith gaye

Re: @ nidhi and others on Cut off

Posted by DU, (2016-05-23 17:59:41) /


I would like to tell you that neither is cut off any relevant as you're not sure about your own marks as it's subjective paper (unlike in PT) so your anticipated score may not correspond to the awarded marks.

Nor does these scores help you ascertain anything apart from deciding your selection this year for interview of HCS. Unlike UPSC where your score help you to improve in next attempt it's of no use as next attempt may have gap of 2-3 years and a new examiner panel.

And everyone should understand that it's result both mains and final which comes prior to marksheet. Thus these marksheet are nothing but a postmortem of a missed opportunity for those who failed which gives a vague hope, oh if only I had scored little more in Hindi I would have been into list and so on.

Thus there are lot of other avenues to invest precious time and hence should avail them rather than predicting the unpredictable hpsc and HCS.


Re: @Nidhi

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-05-23 11:03:41) /

cut off may b bw 380-395.

will depend on the level of competition, level of checking, arbitrariness if any.

however cut off may not cross 390 (65+65+55+100+105)


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-05-22 19:12:11) /

janta time pass karti rehti hai...

Re: Results on 7th june

Posted by abc, (2016-05-22 13:56:32) /

Source ?


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-05-22 12:43:39) /

Confirmed news: Result will be out on 7th June. Get ready.

Re: cutoff for HPSC mains

Posted by NIDHI, (2016-05-22 06:52:18) /

what might be the cutoff for different categories

i feel it will not cross 390 for general likewise
for obc it will be around 380 n for sc 365 (apprx)

correct the above statement if you don't agree with it

Re: @du

Posted by vinod singh, (2016-05-22 00:29:36) /

Rightly said by du...the same information shared by one of higher officials..new notification soon b advertised before mains result.

Re: @ misnomer about new vacancies

Posted by DU, (2016-05-21 22:12:00) /


This is to clear out lot of misinformation which is going around here on new notifications so following are few facts:-

• there can be in no way the new vacancies be adjusted in the on going process. This is clear position by law as it will provide undue advantage to those who qualified one/two stages as hypothetically it allows authorities to increase seats once their favourites are in at stage.

• there is no reason for lack of new batch for 6 months, in UP and even in Rajsthan many batches run parallel like for example in 2013 one batch was at stage of interview, new batch had at pt stage.

• even in Haryana, HCS batch 2013 joined in October and new notification came in Feb 2014.

So overall there will be for sure a new batch otherwise there wouldn't have been change in PT pattern. So most likely there will be very soon another batch.


Re: New hcs notification

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-05-21 13:07:24) /

New notification can be notified only after 6 months of current process....if there are vacancy they will have adjust from this batch only.....

Re: Hcs Pre

Posted by pattern, (2016-05-21 07:21:03) /

They have not changed the mains pattern.only changes in the pre.

Re: hcs(ex.) new notification

Posted by vinod singh, (2016-05-21 07:13:24) /

Friends Hcs new notification is about to come..before the mains result is out.


Posted by qaz, (2016-05-20 23:56:18) /

Second half of June


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-05-20 20:22:23) /

yeah.. first half of June is the right time....by the way it is the job of secretary to manage checking of paper...lets hope that there is No LAW type checking this time.. logically possibility of decent checking is there is less political influence this time...


Posted by qaz, (2016-05-20 18:25:35) /

I second nn


Posted by nn, (2016-05-20 18:10:02) /

Hello all
Sorry for delay... Ws Busy wid another assignment

What I got to know frm more than one source is results can come anytime after second week of June may be in second week itself . Earlier it ws mentioned in the end of this month..
Sec. Is handling personally the procedure of chking to ensure fair play as ordered by higher authorities..

Re: @du

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-05-20 17:28:03) /

if its june...

then no way it is a delay..

it is v fast.

if it is july then its is fast

if it is august then normal

after august, it is delay...

We are expecting too much here....

Re: @ result

Posted by DU, (2016-05-20 17:22:45) /


With the passage of time and lack of any solid lead about declaration of result which generally ripens near the actual release of results point out that qaz and others who are pointing out at delayed result may have been close to reality.

There are two completely different scenarios emerge now at this point of time:-

• Either HPSC is maintaining a highest degree of secrecy about results and checking and may suprise all with sudden release of result.

• Or it may be so that the tentative result schedule is delayed on account of checking and compiling delays. Thus resulting into stretching of result into June month.

From the overall picture I deduce that later is strong possibility rather than the former one.

Please if anyone have solid lead to schedule of result then do share here


Re: @result

Posted by qaz, (2016-05-20 10:50:12) /

A month more


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-05-20 10:00:32) /



Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-05-20 10:00:04) /


Re: @result.

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-05-20 09:59:37) /


1 month over today.

hope sheets are getting evaluated qualitatively. Let no subject suffer this time and one gets marks what one deserves.

one more month may b for result. or 20 days....


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-05-20 07:25:44) /

upsc pattern se jaaoge to kisi ke 100 bhi cross nahi karenge. hpsc pattern se 110-120 aayenge.

Re: geography

Posted by geography, (2016-05-19 23:51:30) /

This year geography optional candidate s will going to score marks in the range 110-120 becoz of 15 marks questions where a candidate can get a 12-13 marks and also cut off will be around 370-380 becoz this time checking will going to be of upsc level .


Posted by qaz, (2016-05-19 23:42:23) /

Oh yes....these came with datesheet na

Re: @ facts

Posted by D.U., (2016-05-19 23:06:44) /


These were provided earlier by HPSC in 2015 when they supposed to take mains.

So these are authentic figures.



Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-05-19 23:01:08) /

Sab ki itni exact figures kaise mili ?

Re: @ facts

Posted by D.U., (2016-05-19 22:21:32) /


Following are the facts about no. of candidates appearing in science subjects:-


physics 32
chemistry 15
mechanical 04
maths 11
Electrical 15

Apart from these other science optional strength are:-

civil engg. 01
Animal Husbandry 11
Agriculture 09
Zoology 30
Botany 26

yes, this is also a fact that in all previous HCS batches except 2013 batch, all science subjects including Agri and animal husbandry were richly rewarded in mains. This is on account of lack of scaling and also pathetically straight forward papers.

Let's see how this attempt will work out.



Posted by qaz, (2016-05-19 19:08:06) /

And that new month will be July...
Don't expect result before mid/end June

Re: hpsc

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-05-19 18:54:10) /

result will be declared before the dawn of new month guys all major papers have been evaluated and minor subject having low strength is under the process of evaluation neither physics nor other engineering subjects were easy those who cleared in the past taking sciences and engineering as their optional an optional subjects were master in their subjects had cleared upsc with these subjects or Indian engineering services with these subject so don't WORRY


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-05-19 18:29:39) /

Ask them *

Re: @mayank and others

Posted by qaz, (2016-05-19 17:42:36) /

Don't sky then to do scaling as they won't do it. Instead ask them to adopt similar standard of marking for all subjects so that toughness , length , objectivity/subjectivity differences among optional paper be ruled out...


Posted by Mayank, (2016-05-19 16:47:08) /

This last comment is a lie, I have seen in last two HPSC (HCS executive)exams that candidates who have one optional arts and other physical science clear mains only because of the edge they get due to their physical science subject.otherwise if we total only the marks that they have scored in all other four subjects excluding that one physical science subject they get the back seat than those having both arts subjects.This fact is confirmed by the candidates who got selected in last two chances.hence I hereby suggest through this medium to all concerned to please write to the Secretary HPSC to implement scaling method so that a level playing field can be created,otherwise many of us could be forced to take the next attempt. Just write and than leave the rest to fate. ...


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-05-18 20:04:35) /

There wont be many and it is very difficult to score in engg subjects. i dont know much about other physical science subjects
mostly Social sciences subjects rule the roost.
lets wait and watch for result .. best of luck to everyone...may the best win

Re: @jyoti

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-05-18 15:12:03) /

how many were there from


in which there is scope to get 150/150

anything can happen here...


Posted by jyoti, (2016-05-18 15:07:21) /

i just wanted to say that
1)during the earlier govt. checking of compulsory papers begin even before the completion of optional paper.....so it might be possible this time too
2)physics paper ws abstract this time so 130 z nt a feasible score but mechanical paper ws easy n scoring also....so these candidates cn hv an edge over others....

Re: result

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-05-18 14:41:15) /

as per the notification at HPSC website,

asst professor exam postponed to (after 20th june ) status.

Is it anything to do with Mains result and interview schedule......

Re: @jyoti

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-05-18 10:12:37) /

confusing post...

pls clarify about present n past inferences....


Posted by jyoti, (2016-05-18 10:05:36) /

hello everyone...compulsory papers were send to checking during the conduct of optional papers..during the reign of chautala govt.and mechanical ppr z v scoring n easier too dis time as per my info. so it may also affect merit

Re: Corrected [@DU]

Posted by qaz, (2016-05-17 16:52:52) /

Posted by DU, (2016-05-17 16:48:27)

Hahaha...u r right DU bhai but June mid to june end window which I have right after the exams ; I still stand by that ....that window does it mean that it's a delays results...declaring result in 2-2.5 months is a great thing.....and the only practical thing....
So don't expect anything before 15-20 June.........expectation of result earlier than that will only produce anxiety and frustration and hamper our daily routine. And productivety....



Posted by DU, (2016-05-17 16:48:27) /

Hahaha...u r right DU bhai but June mid to nine end window which I have right after the exams ; I still stand by that ....that window does it mean that it's a delays results...declaring result in 2-2.5 months is a great thing.....and the only practical thing....
So don't expect anything before 15-20 June.........expectation of result earlier than that will only produce anxiety and frustration and hamper our daily routine. And productivety....


Re: @ result

Posted by DU, (2016-05-17 15:08:43) /


I don't concur with your timeline regarding Hcs result framework. I'll like to point out that it's neglecting few key things:-

1. The panel of examiners is ready prior to even commencement of exams and it's not that it will be done later. So no way it will take them to check copies of 680 (I'm going by figures of our learned Frd qaz here). Except Pub Ad and Geography there are minuscule amount of candidates.

2. Secondly all the checking is done simultaneously so it's not that first one subject or Hindi etc but all at once. So it means only factor which affects checking is total number of candidates- for compulsory subjects.

3. In your schedule you tend to exaggerate the time taken to send the copies for checking. It would at max take a week to put fictious roll numbers and other thing but not 15 days. Secondly there could be possibility of out sourcing of such work.
As it was witnessed in mains centre management.

4. Post checking work is also like wise safely presumed to be shortened as that of pre checking way explained above.

The most important thing is that they don't have to do anything afresh after exams. It's already been ready and waiting to be put into motion as they had ample time since January 2016.

And also don't be surprised if the entire work might be outsourced to some private agency as we had seen in centres. So "bidi phuku" clerks of HPSC (again quoting qaz) won't be able to delay the process.

Hence we can rightly expect an early result and it's not something unfeasible. Though it could be late either but certainly as explained above it is not purely impossible as you suggested in post here.



Posted by qaz, (2016-05-17 11:35:36) /


Re: @result

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-05-17 10:03:07) /

we are expecting too fast result and becoming impatient unnecessarily.

even if it is the priority, it can not cum before 50 days.
15 days to start checking
30 days for checking
7 days to finally compile.

so 50-60 days ifff commission is hell bent for an early result.

we have to wait till june mid may b.


Posted by qaz, (2016-05-16 23:47:22) /

Its upto u to believe....

Re: @qaz

Posted by Yash, (2016-05-16 22:10:22) /

Bhai maje mat le.. 24 may bola tha kisi ne.. yahan 24 ki wait nahi ho rahi, tumne poora ek mahina badha diya

Re: @yash

Posted by qaz, (2016-05-16 21:54:28) /

Bas likhlo.... ;)

Re: qaz

Posted by Yash, (2016-05-16 21:32:53) /

Bhavnao mein beh k likh diya 30 din ya koi source hai?

Re: @All

Posted by Yash, (2016-05-16 21:29:58) /

And its weird that we under-value ourselves..we think that we were undergoing these set of problems & thus we werent able to concentrate on mains thats why there isnt any chance for us... par aisa to sabke sath hai, problems sabke saath hain... koi job mein se time nikal k paper dene aya tha, kisi k ghar me kalesh rehta hai,kisi k ek se zyada paper clear ho rakhe hain to dedicatedly nhi padh paya, kisi ki bf/gf chhod k bhag gyi, koi bimar tha papers k time, kisi ki shadi ki umar nikal rahi hai aur shadi nhi ho rhi, kisi ki abhi abhi hui hai, kisi k chhote bache hain ghar pe, kisi ki umar itni ho li hai ki threshold level aa gya hai isliye creativity nhi rahi...so many problems....as DU rightly mentioned nobody dedicatedly prepare for hcs, koi virla hi hoga jo baith k systematically padha hoga iss paper k liye....isliye bhaiyo sab line mein hain & filhal to sabke chances hain..:)...

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