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KVB Clerk Exam

Karur Vysya Bank Invites Applications for appointment in Clerical Cadre

Karur Vysya Bank Clerk Recruitment 2010
Last Date for Application: 25.09.2010
Date of Examination : Will be informed later

For full job notification, KVB Bank eligibility norms for clerks and to apply online for the post of clerk, Visit Karur Vysya Bank website at the following link:


Karur Vysya Bank Clerk Recruitment 2010

Karur Vysya Bank Recruitment, KVB Careers - www.kvb.co.in


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Re: kvb result

Posted by abi, (2013-02-06 12:39:08) /

hi,i got the provitional selction email at feb 2.2013 from kvb..so where can we expect the joining letter?i am from tamilnadu


Posted by ANAND, (2013-01-07 11:33:12) /


Re: Hi

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2011-07-19 10:19:39) /

Hi i am waiting for appointment order.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2011-07-04 11:08:07) /

Hi Everyone,
I got provisional mail from karur that i got selected in interview held in Karur on 3rd June 2011. Anyone else waiting for training and appointment order like me...

Re: kvb from hyd

Posted by adarsh, (2011-07-03 19:21:34) /

i am adarsh from hyd i have to attend fr medical test on 17th at karur anybody got the same reply please

Re: Hyderabad

Posted by sreeni, (2011-07-02 18:49:32) /

Hi All,

My wife have recevied offer from KVB finally, training starts from 25th July.. any women from Hyderabad who selected for KVB..please let me know

Re: hyderabad

Posted by adarsh, (2011-06-29 13:54:53) /

hi sreeni i am adarsh and i had complete interview on 16th hyd waiting for appointment.

Re: Hyderabad

Posted by Sreeni, (2011-06-28 18:06:21) /

Any info regarding the appointment letter and training for candidates who selected from Hyderabad.

Re: To kalai

Posted by Hari, (2011-06-25 19:28:08) /

Its clerk only. Monday i will join in branch. My id: nhsekar@gmail.com


Posted by DD, (2011-06-25 16:45:49) /

Hi Friends,
which documents are required at the time of traning?please provide me details?

My mail id- deepeshdixit_123@rediffmail.com

Re: @hari

Posted by Kalai, (2011-06-25 14:35:42) /

Hmmm. congrats once again.

It is Po or clerk.. Can u provide mobile no or mail ID..

Re: To vidhya and kalai

Posted by Hari, (2011-06-25 07:00:59) /

Hi frnds, i quit my job in kvb and joined in indian bank. Attending training in chennai

Re: @Pandu

Posted by Kalai, (2011-06-24 19:33:56) /

Congrats for ur selection pandu..

Only God knows when they put training for u.

But sure they ill call u for training.

Re: @kalai

Posted by pandu, (2011-06-23 21:05:53) /

kalai ji i got mail as i provisionally selected 4r it a dey wil mention d posting dates etc etc how much tym dey will take 4r dese things.
k kalai ji congrats as u secured govt job bindass lyf congrats once again

Re: @Pandu

Posted by Kalai, (2011-06-23 17:24:57) /

Im fine pandu.. How about u.

Dont worry 90% they will select all candidates..

They are busy in sending mails for training.

04324 225521 to 25 extn 330. U can call them and inquire about ur region.

Then, I got selected in UBI.. I wont join in KVB..

Re: @ Hari

Posted by Kalai, (2011-06-23 17:19:27) /

Hi machi,

Congrats for ur Indian bank selection... Is it PO or clerk..?

Im selected in UBI. But vidhya couldnt make it..

I got KVB BODI(theni) posting, vidhya got Dindivanam.

Can u share ur contact no or mail ID..?

One more thing, Did u pay penalty Rs 5000 to KVB, are they adamant in getting 5000...?

Re: 4m hyd

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2011-06-23 16:47:59) /

hi friends...kvb clerks intervw results are came ......am geting kvb clerk training mail...

Re: @kalai

Posted by pandu, (2011-06-23 11:05:52) /

hi kalai ji hw r u its around 1 week has been completed 4r hyd region wn d result wl b declared do u have any idea as u said dat 4r chennai region it has been dec wit in 2 days wt abt hyd region.
wil u plz inform 2 me kalai ji plz...

Re: @ Hari

Posted by Vidhya, (2011-06-22 12:56:54) /


Pls share ur Phone Num...

Re: @ Hari

Posted by Vidhya, (2011-06-22 12:32:35) /

Hey congrats... dats gud...
even kalai got in UBI...
then did u pay penalty 5000 Rs..??/

Re: to kalai and vidhya

Posted by Hari, (2011-06-21 19:16:04) /

hi frnds,
i resinged my job and selected in indian bank. training is going on in chennai...

Re: kvb from hyd

Posted by adarsh, (2011-06-21 12:29:26) /

i am from hyd region i had complted interview on 16 th when will we get interview results.

Re: @pandu

Posted by kalai, (2011-06-20 17:14:58) /


Re: hi frnds

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2011-06-20 07:03:04) /

when will be results declared,for hyd region.my interview completed on 17th

Re: interview

Posted by pandu, (2011-06-18 20:48:48) /

tanq kala ji am f9 oh congrats ji k i wil wait 4r my result any hw tanq 4r ur communication n stay in touch kalai ji

Re: @pandu

Posted by kalai, (2011-06-17 14:22:27) /

I'm fine. How about you. I got my posting at theni district, tamil nadu.
Training 27 june to 2july. Have to report branch on 4 july.

Dont worry you ill get positive result within this week. Now they are fast. You ill get training mail within a month.

Re: interview

Posted by pandu, (2011-06-17 12:32:46) /

hi kalai ji hw r u yesterday i comp my int i did well wn wl v expect d result kalai ji n v r 4rm hyd region u gt posting where.


Posted by Deepesh, (2011-06-16 21:29:16) /

HI friends,
today i got my traning and posting mail.traning from 11 july to 16 july at karur.
anyone whose traning at same time.contact me
my mail id - deepeshdixit_123@rediffmail.com

Re: @ Anandi

Posted by Vidhya, (2011-06-16 10:43:40) /

Hi Anandi,

Iam from Chennai, Btech ..
you are frm which state..//??

Re: @ vidya Kali Phani

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2011-06-16 10:21:40) /


Kindly Do share your training exp. and wht documents we have to carry to Karur.

Re: character certificate

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2011-06-16 10:19:02) /

Hi any one plz provide format of character certificate to be submitted at time of training ... Does we need to attest this certificate by gazetted officer.......


Re: hi vidya

Posted by aanandi, (2011-06-15 21:38:20) /

Im aanandi.where u r from?wats ur qualification.im basically BE graduate.im waiting for training

Re: Hi

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2011-06-15 21:22:02) /


Got training mail today I am frm Delhi....... Trainning will be start frm 11 july to 16 july 2011, posting at Delhi itself.......


Re: Got posting letter

Posted by kiran, (2011-06-15 10:53:32) /

Hi All,
I got my posting & training mail... I'm from bangalore.

Training starts from 27 th till 2 nd July...
report in branch on 4th July...

anybdy else received mail..from Bangalore???


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2011-06-15 10:40:08) /

Hi Friends,

I got my posting & training mail...

Training starts from 27 th till 2 nd July...
Posting in WARANGAL :( report in branch on 4th July...

anybdy else received mail..???


Re: @tn

Posted by kalai, (2011-06-14 21:20:33) /

Vidya, me too got training mail. Same training dates as you mentioned. For me posting BODINAIKANYUR. THENI district.

Nisha, priya, what about you. Got mail a?

Hello Arty madam, after joining bank, no post, no reply for mail. Busy in work uh?

Re: @ Arthy

Posted by Vidhya, (2011-06-14 20:18:07) /

Even me new to this industry..
Got placed in Tindivanam Branch..
Wat abt u..??? U got posting Order??

Re: hi Vidhya

Posted by arthy, (2011-06-14 20:05:58) /

dis is arthy.do u have any experience in banking field.im also new to this field.where u have posted

Re: interview answer

Posted by ramp, (2011-06-14 16:41:59) /

hai iam MCA student they will ask why banking after MCA .? plese tell me the answer

Re: traning letter

Posted by pankaj, (2011-06-13 20:13:25) /

hey........ anybody got traning mail for karur vysya clerk in delhi region. if get plzzzzzzzzz share because i have not got traning mail......

Re: Re: interviews 4r hyd region

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2011-06-09 17:01:00) /


Hi Umesh,
Thanks even I got the interview letter, I din't mean that you are joking just want to re confirm if the info is true are not.

Re: @pandu

Posted by kalai, (2011-06-09 11:58:30) /

They gonna test how strong in yr studies. As u r MCA Student they may ask basics of computers, such as what is Ip, tcp ip, what is protocol, topology and types. Network layer. And also just study about your project.

Most important thing, they ill ask why banking after MCA. And also study about KVB.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2011-06-09 08:01:54) /

anyone get traning and posting mail whose interview on 11 may 2011 at jaipur at country inn.
for venue-1

Re: interview

Posted by pandu, (2011-06-08 22:27:29) /

tanq kalai 4r ur posting.
i gt interview mail
my int date is on 16-6-2011.
as u cleared d interview can u plz gve me som guidelines hw 2 face it.
am 4rm m.c.a bak ground what where d questions dey ask can u plz tel

Re: interviews 4r hyd region

Posted by UMESH, (2011-06-08 22:21:34) /

ya dude i gt it. y i shud cut a joke bcoz so many aspirants r waiting 4r it. n 2day itself i gt mail k u jus chek ur mails n couriers k n more over interviews 4r hyd region wil b held in 16 17 18 days i gt dis inf 4rm my frnd. so plz chek ur mails daily dude............

Re: interview for hyderabad

Posted by ramprasad, (2011-06-08 19:15:37) /

my interview date is 18-june-2011.at 9.00am
katriya hotel&towers
n0.8,rajbhavan road

Re: @kalai

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2011-06-07 15:22:44) /



Posted by kalai, (2011-06-07 15:16:21) /

@ pandu,. I didnt ask you. They asked me why u asking about AP. Ok. I ill tel u if i get any info.

@ranjit. My interview was in Chennai 26 january, got selection mail on 28th jan itself. Still waiting for training

Re: interviews 4 hyd region

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2011-06-07 15:04:13) /


R u sure that you have got courier about interview, because in that case all ppl frm Hyd shoud get info about the interview but no one from hyd got the interview call yet except you. Please tell if this is correct because most of the ppl r waiting...

Re: @kalai

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2011-06-07 14:14:50) /

hi, me from kerala. but wrote exam at coimbatore and finished my interview at karur on 30th april. got the interview result on 14th may...

where was ur interview and exam ...??
any idea abt training...??

Re: interviews 4r hyd region

Posted by UMESH, (2011-06-07 13:46:23) /

hi frnds
frnds gt interview date 4r me its on 16-6-2011 mrng 9.00 a.m. and am 4rm hyd region they didnt mailed 2 me dey sent courier 2 me if any 1 on same date plz stay in touch with me
my number is 9949426279.
al d bes frnds

Re: interview

Posted by pandu, (2011-06-06 17:16:47) /

hai kalai tanq 4r ur rply
am 4rm A.P not 4rm T.N so dats y am asked abt interviews of hyd region.
kalai i tried dose numbers too bt they didnt gave me correct response so thats y i posted 2 u if u gt any inf wt u.
tanq kalai if u get any inf regarging A.P den post 2 me

Re: @ranjit

Posted by kalai, (2011-06-06 16:54:24) /

Hi, this is kalai from Chennai. Myself, vidya, nisha are waiting for training since january. Are you from kerala. Your native? When and where did you attend the interview? We are from Chennai.

Re: @pandu

Posted by kalai, (2011-06-06 16:48:04) /

I called them. They said as usual. 'wait wait wait, we r calling batch by batch, so wait'. And also asked since u r from Tn why asking about AP

Re: @pandu

Posted by kalai, (2011-06-06 16:43:22) /

Some times they wont pick the cal. Give continuous try. Try these nos. 04324225521-25
Direct contact 04324226520.

Re: any1 from TN got appointment order....

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2011-06-06 16:38:34) /

i am ranjith from kerala. i got selected from Tn for kvb clerk. i got mail from them on 14th may, tat i have selected. but didnt get any details regarding training and place of posting... does any1 know details regarding this ... pls share ranji_chand@yahoo.com


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2011-06-06 16:14:36) /

How much salary for KVB _PO....?

some one said we need to submit all original certificate while joining the bank.... then if we have any other interview in public sector bank , will they give our original on demanding to them or not...?

Re: interview

Posted by pandu, (2011-06-05 18:43:16) /

hai kalai
can u plz share d interview inf of hyd region if u know about it.
am an aspirant 4rm hyd wating 4r interview date since 6 months.
i called H.R some many tyms bt didnt respond 2 me correctly.
if u know any inf den plz help hyderabadi aspirants

Re: @ Kali

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2011-06-04 13:56:57) /

Thanks kali for ur valuable information............God knows when they will send traning letter .........


Re: Training for TN, CHENNAI

Posted by kalai, (2011-06-04 10:58:17) /

hi TN guys, called hr,
they told wait wait wait chennai guys ill get training mail within two weeks.

Now they are processing delhi, mumbai candidates, so they il get mail soon


Posted by manish, (2011-06-03 18:47:40) /

I am also from delhi and not getting traning letter. If anyone getting final call by karur vysya .plz share me

Re: Hi

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2011-06-03 13:52:47) /


Anyone from Delhi who received training letter from KVB......Plz share information like from when ur training will start and place of posting.


Re: interviews 4r hyd region

Posted by UMESH, (2011-06-02 16:07:50) /

hello rahul
tanq 4r ur rply can u post ur mob num my num is 9949426279 ya its around 6 months dude still waiting who knows wn our turn wl cme gt bored with dat

Re: hello umesh

Posted by rahul, (2011-06-02 08:38:18) /

iam for hyderabad..........we are waiting for interview schedule since 5 months,, wat a pity......really we are wasting our valuable time..any one call HR O4324226520


Re: interview

Posted by ume, (2011-05-31 22:13:05) /

Just study ur basics in CS. mostly they ask from ur education bacground. hey ill ask,

what ip,? protocol, types, topolgy, types, etc etc.

also study some basic banking terms like CBS net banking, etc

All the best..

do mention ur name.. which region/ state u belong..?
hey dude can u send me ur details 2 which region u belong n ur mob number.

Re: interview questions

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2011-05-31 12:38:34) /

i got interview date. plz tell me what r the questions asked in interview?(personal,banking,computer science)

Re: hiii

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2011-05-30 22:09:55) /

I got selected in the interview of clerk post in delhi and received the mail on 16th may that i am short listed for training of clerk bt still waiting for next mail..!!
Is their any one from Delhi interview got selected plz contact me for any other info..!!
Rishu Jindal


Posted by Rishu , (2011-05-30 21:56:14) /

I also got received the mail from KVB that i got selected for the training of clerk post on 16th may form delhi, bt still waiting for mail of appointment letter..!!!
Is their any1 from Delhi interview that received the mail of training selection and know the next step.. please contact me
Rishu jindal 9871475783

Re: @priya

Posted by kalai, (2011-05-30 19:44:04) /

oh its Ok no problem..

Re: @kalai, vidhya

Posted by Priya, (2011-05-30 18:21:06) /

iam not the one u think... iam from cuddalore...i used to read the comments in this block....i have not shared here before...if u get any info..plz share here..hope for best...

Re: Hi

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2011-05-30 17:25:37) /

I received this (below) letter from KVB. What is this. Am I selected and have to wait for training letter? Anyone who received training letter plz confirm.


Reg: Inclusion of your name in the provisional list of candidates for selection as a
Trainee Clerk.


Further to the personal interview held for the post of Trainee Clerk, we are glad to inform that you are provisionally selected and your name has been included in the provisional list of candidates for selection and posting as a Trainee Clerk. The regular appointment order with place of posting will be sent in batches / in a phased manner to the selected candidates, in due course.

Yours faithfully,

Re: interviews 4r hyd region

Posted by UMESH, (2011-05-28 15:13:11) /

hey buddies
any 1 who no d interviews 4r hyd region plz share d inf no 1 wrote exam in hyd a

Re: @All TN & chennai candidates.

Posted by Kalai, (2011-05-28 11:37:01) /

hi guys, did get any training mail..?

update here..

Re: @ Anonymous

Posted by Vidhya, (2011-05-28 10:44:23) /

Pls mention ur name...

yes u can join.....


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2011-05-28 06:58:53) /

no need to submit sheet,we can resign at any time na,if we get any other nationalized bank job..

Re: @ Anonymous

Posted by Vidhya, (2011-05-28 00:08:55) /

No need to submit any document fr Clerk...

Bt in case u resign during ur training Period u have to pay 6000 as training expenses...

Re: hello frnds

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2011-05-27 18:35:41) /

is their any agreement with bank after we getting job.,,,
service bond,marks sheet submission ,
or we will quit at any time after joining.plz help me frnds,,,

Re: @ nisha

Posted by Vidhya, (2011-05-26 19:52:33) /

even we dnt ...

Re: @vidhya,kalai&priya

Posted by nisha, (2011-05-26 18:52:28) /

hi friends,anyone got training mail???they called next batch for training...bt didn't get 4 me..plz reply

Re: training...

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2011-05-26 17:59:09) /

anyone here whose training is from 1st june...reply..

Re: Got training mail

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2011-05-26 11:31:29) /

Hi all, i also got training mail. My training starts on 6th june.

Re: @ all frm Delhi and Deepak

Posted by Karuna, (2011-05-25 21:40:11) /

Hi Frnds

I observed that after every 7 days they send Training mail. So now we have to wait for next 7 days.. and hope tht our no. will come.
Depak can u plz tell me tht wht was ur serial no. and venue and date of interview.

At Delhi they called approx 120 candidates for interview and no idia how much they selected....

Re: @ Deepak

Posted by Neha., (2011-05-25 20:50:00) /

Hi Deepak

Frm where u r...When u have attended ur interview. Have u given Delhi as first prefrence..if not then on which no. u have given Delhi in prefrences.......

Re: Delhi Training Mail

Posted by sunpreet singh, (2011-05-25 18:59:35) /

Deepak where r u from and where u had given interview...????and when did u get ur selection mail..???can u give me ur contact no...

Re: Delhi training mail

Posted by Deepak, (2011-05-25 18:30:23) /

Hi guys, i got training training mail today by 4.30pm. Training starts from 6th june. My posting is at old delhi branch.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2011-05-25 12:20:07) /


Posted by PHANI, (2011-05-01 10:18:20) /
Hi this is PHANI KUMAR from SAMALKOT. I have been short listed for KVB interview which held on 8th March.

***Still waiting for training letter........!!!

Anyone there like me?
ph: 9299459232
mail: phanikum@gmail.com

Re: about traning

Posted by manish, (2011-05-25 10:17:59) /

hi....... i am also from delhi region but not get any mail by kvb for traning............anyone get call of traning

Re: vidya, nisha, priya

Posted by kalai, (2011-05-23 00:13:48) /

Priya I thought you were also in may 2nd batch. ok. welcome back.

vidhya, hmmm. oru podhu kulu, seyyar kulu kootuvoma.

Re: interviews 4r hyd region

Posted by UMESH, (2011-05-22 18:22:38) /

hi jothi dis is umesh i saw ur comment n i mailed 2 u bt i gt failed k am also waiting 4r interview if u want communicate with me dis my num 9949426279 bt v wl share wn d interviews 4r hyd region wl b held k any how tanq 4r posting comment i gt a person 2 communicate n my mail id

Re: interviews 4r hyd region

Posted by UMESH, (2011-05-22 17:35:58) /

hi jothi dis is umesh i saw ur comment n i mailed 2 u bt i gt failed k am also waiting 4r interview if u want communicate with me dis my num 9949426279 bt v wl share wn d interviews 4r hyd region wl b held k any how tanq 4r posting comment i gt a person 2 communicate n my mail id

Re: @ kalai & Priya

Posted by Vidhya, (2011-05-21 21:36:12) /

me too in panel 1..around 12.30....
iam nt working...jst @ hme....
Then Kalai theatrela konjam konjama kootam serudu pola...

@ Priya

welcome back....

Re: waiting for training

Posted by Priya, (2011-05-21 19:43:21) /

hi nisha, vidhya and kalai.i'm priya frm cuddalore...my interview was on jan 25 at che and got selec mail on 28th.. still waiting for training...

Re: interview dates of kvb clerical exams in hyderabad region.

Posted by jothi, (2011-05-21 13:57:56) /

pls get inform me about the interview dates for kvb exams hyderabad region to my mail.thanking u sir.

Email ID: jothirmai.khaspa@gamil.com

Re: to vidya, nisha

Posted by kalai, (2011-05-21 12:01:34) /

We three, had our interview on 26th. I was in panel two.
I had my interview around 4.15.pm
What about you.?

nisha, i was working. but not now. what about you.?

Re: @ Nisha

Posted by Vidhya, (2011-05-21 10:47:43) /

me too from Chennai...

thats ok give ur attendance once in a week or two...

Re: @kalai

Posted by nisha, (2011-05-21 10:17:31) /

hi,i attended interview in chennai on jan 26..got selection mail on jan 28th..u working anywhere??/

sure..i'll try to post..can't able to post due to net probs..wher did u attnd interview??r u frm chennai???

Re: @ vidhya

Posted by kalai, (2011-05-20 20:22:51) /

Hey not like that. just got a company to accompany us.

Re: @ Kalai

Posted by Vidhya, (2011-05-20 20:05:43) /

Ha ha.. so happy u r...

@ Nisha,

often try to post sumthing... so that we feel sumbdy ther to accompany & share..

Re: @ nisha

Posted by KALAI, (2011-05-20 19:29:32) /

Hmmm. welcome. i thought you got training in may 2 nd itself. where did you attend interview. chennai or karur.
@vidhya. One more person added in our group.

Re: waiting for training

Posted by nisha, (2011-05-20 16:54:01) /

hi kalai and vidhya,me too waiting for training mail from january..didn't get any info...if i get,i'll post here..

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