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PPSC Exam Notification

Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC)

Ph. : 0175 - 5014847(O), 0175 - 5014849(O)
Fax: 0175 - 5014831
Website: http://www.ppsc.gov.in/

Visit PPSC Patiala website www.ppsc.gov.in for Open Advertisement, Application Forms, Syllabus of Combined State Civil Services Examination and latest Recruitment Notice/ Results.

For any query/ information, contact .


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Re: @Glenmorangie

Posted by glenfiddich, (2013-09-03 00:00:13) /

nice taste man..enjoy the single malt

Re: Happy diwali

Posted by Uncle-PCS, (2014-10-23 08:25:40) /

Happy Diwali aspirants.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-23 01:27:32) /

offices are closed till monday no result coming this week

Re: happy Diwali to all of u

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-22 21:33:16) /

Happy Diwali


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-22 21:16:39) /

i wish A very happy and successful Deepawali to all the pcs aspirants.i wish that everyone who has prepared sincerely should and i know they will be selected. and dont spoil ur days and esp. festive days in anticipation of result . once u will be selected there r bigger things to worry about. my best wishes r with u

Re: Jassa

Posted by Jassa, (2014-10-22 20:24:46) /

i wish A very happy and successful Bandi-Chor diwas to all the pcs aspirants.i wish that everyone who has prepared sincerely should and i know they will be selected. and dont spoil ur days and esp. festive days in anticipation of result . once u will be selected there r bigger things to worry about. my best wishes r with u


Posted by tehsildar, (2014-10-22 19:53:34) /

Result is anticipated in first week of November
and at last till November 10
And to luthra I can say raj, rp singh, pritam, surinderpal
all are good for nothing
who goes abhimanu repent like anything
Raj says ppsc is fixed with abhimanu
Ohde fer chaperh paine hun


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-22 19:13:32) /

nic wale bai nu fad ke lama pao


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-22 17:58:29) /

Pcs da result nahi AIA .Na koi hor. Nic wale bai JI kithe gae?


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-22 17:20:39) /

menu ni lgda ke aaj aoga,hun saturday


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-22 15:59:05) /

Any further confirmation of the pcs result????


Posted by Jango, (2014-10-22 11:17:16) /

meri saaleo roti viche reh gyi result bare sun ke ......je saaleo gapp nikli te result na aaya ajj fer ohi gaalan kaddan aala hi kamm hoju...shayed tusi samjhde ni eh paper kise lyi jindgi da swal aa dont make fun of it


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-22 10:58:11) /

Best of luck to all aspirants......Abhi, Hukum, Uncle PCS, JANGO, Shruti.....and all.....


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-22 10:26:53) /

A friend of mine works in punjab unit of NIC. They have got orders to upload result for PPSC. I dont know which result it will be.... Whether PCS or Senior Asst. but there is a result coming our way for sure.

Confirmed news.... Result will be uploaded today at 5:15 PM

All the best to all.


Posted by leopard, (2014-10-22 09:22:59) /

oye rabba aj dede pcs da rslt


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-21 20:51:25) /


Re: to hukumeya singh

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-21 19:52:02) /

O tu hi Samjha yaar
Ehna Fuduan nu

Lagda eh uncle do koi Maa bhen hai ni

Re: fudu janta

Posted by Uncle-PCS, (2014-10-21 19:49:42) /

@jango 22 sahi gal aa. Ithe bunda paati pyi aa ki clear hona k nahi aa loru saale eve faltu de estimation layi jande ne. chalo yaar best of luck to all of us,hope so ki clear ho jaye.

Re: to mango o sorry jango and Loru uncle pcs

Posted by tuhada peo, (2014-10-21 19:48:09) /

Kyon ithe aapni aukat dikha rahe ho

Thode mature bano

Sale pcs banan De supne vekhde ne

Chutiye sale

Re: uncle pcs

Posted by Jango, (2014-10-21 16:32:31) /

wadiya kita bai eh saale edan hi soot aunde aa koi kehnda ajj aau 2 ghante rehge......koi sala diwali ton pehlan
do cchar salok Sexy fox nu v sna de

Re: fudu janta

Posted by Uncle-PCS, (2014-10-21 16:26:30) /

@anonymous aaho chairman das ke gaya. Je na aaya,te fudi deya chowk te kharke bund marva layi khote ton. gallan te teriya oho jehiya ne


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-21 14:48:13) /

to uncle pcs

na tenu chairman dass k gaya hai k ehna do dina vich result ni aauna..

ghusian jini marji bhurva lo ehna ton.....sudharna ni saleya ne.,.......

Re: Loru Anonymous

Posted by Uncle-PCS, (2014-10-21 13:13:50) /

@Anonymous lorudeen cisti parso diwali hai and ajj-kal vich te result aana nahi. Result after 26th only possibility.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-21 13:08:30) /

Result will be out before Diwali......pakki khabar hai eh.........


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-21 13:07:17) /

If we search in google " paramilitary forces of india" then in wikipedia u will learn that after 2010 , CRPF is not a paramilitary force ......After 2010 there are only three p forces such as Assam rifles and two others.

Re: crpf

Posted by pcs, (2014-10-21 12:25:37) /

Welcome Message

Welcome to the Website of Central Reserve Police Force. CRPF has hosted this website to showcase its information for the benefit of its viewers. The hosting of the Website will give access to more knowledge about the achievements, trials and tribulations of one of the oldest and most widely deployed Para Military Police Force of the Nation, the historical and topical interest as regards the maintenance of internal security and peace in India in the strife filled period since Independence to the common people.

The CRPF is one of the oldest and most experienced Armed Police Force of the country. The demand of this Force from States and Union Territories has substantially increased and this Force has been called upon to help the States in almost every situation. The role of the Force and services rendered by it have extended beyond the nation's borders as well. Over the years CRPF has also produced number of outstanding sportsmen and athletics who have brought honour and appreciation both with in and outside the country.


Re: senior assistant

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-21 12:07:26) /

just called...they said it will take at least two months...pata nai yaar ki kar rahe ne....ki fayda online exam lain da..

Re: mittran nu shonk result rokan da

Posted by ppsc, (2014-10-21 12:00:52) /

shonk da koi mull ni hunda babeo.........

Re: crpf vs assam rifles

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-21 12:00:41) /

please clear the air and provide the link which telL about largest paramilitary force is assam rifles and not CRPF


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-21 11:55:40) /

to ppsc

whether paper checking is over or not ???

koi daso yaaaaar


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-21 11:45:39) /

friends , largest paramilitary force is Assam rifles ( 2010 ton baad govt. ne kita hai ) ,,,,before 2010 it was CRPF


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-21 11:41:15) /

paper checking bare koi news hai k nahi

paper checking hale chal rahi hai k nahi ???


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-21 11:28:17) /

friends mera 1 quest. corelation vala, in addition to this ik hor vada te ik hor chotta ( total 31 no. )

Re: senior assistant

Posted by Amli, (2014-10-21 10:36:27) /

senior assistant da result ajj aa reha ki??


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-21 00:41:29) /


Re: pcs paper

Posted by Uncle-PCS, (2014-10-20 21:52:41) /

2 question kinne kinne number de in gs paper 3? corelation vala te mai v chadeya nd assam rifles vala v


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-20 21:06:21) /

Acc to me gs 3 was toughest paper.... correlation Vala chut gaya and 2 hor

Paper 1 da one question chut gaya


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-20 20:59:49) /

bai mere taan paper 1 te paper 2 dohan che 6-6 question chutt gaye. mera ta pher koi chance hi nai. ethe taan lokan ne total hi 6 question chadde ne.

Re: To All

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-20 19:54:20) /

we are teaching for IAS , we are best , you people are chutzpah and not taking advantage of our skills . You see our IAS mains result this year .I am the best teacher in Economics.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-20 19:42:07) /

All people at abhimanu are

Not taking care of student needs

I took pcsvmains coaching at chamdigarh

And u know many of teachers Didnt knew
What. Syllabus was

Just they came and dictated what they
Knew or had notes

Re: scared of GS1

Posted by Uncle-PCS, (2014-10-20 19:00:05) /

True @Anonymous 95% are afraid of GS1 only.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-20 18:43:02) /

Nearly 95% of students are scared of paper 1 gs

Re: Tell about PCS performance

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-20 18:10:05) /

How many candidates here feel that maximum people's GS1 paper has gone worst?

Re: @vinny luthra

Posted by tehsildar, (2014-10-20 18:01:39) /

Tera naam vekh k amit luthra yaad aagya
economics teacher at abhimanu
bahut fuddu khichya ohne
kehnda c 90 percent of economics paper will be from my notes
nale superintendent jingoistic hunda
Result nahi aunda November to pehla te aes saal koi post ni advertise honi
kite tu amit luthra ta ni?
Hun aiwe na kahi ki kujh amend hoya te pcs posts har saal aungiya

Re: To Anonymous

Posted by Uncle-PCS, (2014-10-20 17:43:25) /

And yes even those who gave mains in previous year,even they couldn't complete their exam even in Mains,leave aside this mains. So dude,just try to be realistic and not a sadist.

Re: To Anonymous

Posted by Uncle-PCS, (2014-10-20 17:41:12) /

First of all UPSC rankholders has definitely not given this exam. Secondly,it was actually really tough to complete 20 questions in time if you are writing a good quality answer,though it might be possible you writing a faltu answer with poor handwriting to maintain speed and complete the exam. Then seriously don't expect marks.
And since exam was of good nature and according to my experience when there were 5 questions with choices last year and you were scoring 66% as highest marks. I don't expect more than 60% to be highest in this exam which is also quite improbable.
I left 8 questions in total with 4 in paper 1.

Re: to Uncle PCS

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-20 17:35:26) /

Sir jii , ethe bathere baithe ne jo USPC rank holders ne and mains de chuke . ohna laye 20 question complete karne not a big task... tusi daso tuhade kene questions reh gaye total in all 4 GS pappers, I left around 6 - with 3 in GS 3

Re: PCS ad

Posted by Rab Raakha, (2014-10-20 17:03:51) /

I think the posts of pcs are not coming now dueto austerity measures.

Re: PCS Result

Posted by Uncle-PCS, (2014-10-20 17:00:16) /

Result Date-Mid Novebember. Confirmed.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-20 16:27:18) /

result kal sham tak jaroor aa javega.......

iss karke bhagwan nu pray karna shuru karo....


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-20 16:09:59) /

Result after diwali

Re: fudu janta

Posted by Uncle-PCS, (2014-10-20 15:53:00) /

aa jehre 22 ne 630 cutoff estimation dasi hai. loru 630 te kadi vi cutoff nahi jaugi. Cutoff is most likely be 610-620.
Acha mainu eh daso,kinne loka da pehle paper cho 4 question chutte ne.

Re: 'An Aspirant'.....a tiring word now

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-20 14:38:42) /

The person on the other end of the phone clarified that the result is not expected before the onset of November.
Upon being questioned again, he manintained the status quo & confirmed that the result will be declared positively latest by 10 Nov.
The person sounded mature in his talk, most probably in his 40’s and had a stern voice, giving a quick response. I am getting feelers that he could be trusted.
I feel, PPSC should again update their site regarding result status. I will, if nothing else, it will improve the credibility quotient of the sitting officials.
The prestigious posts for which we all are aspiring for, is all about planning & execution cum implementation. The coveted institution i.e. PPSC is jeopardizing with the youth & their futures, although they may not intend to do so. Their delay is actually leading to—lay back of future plans by thousands of serious aspirants. The planning cum execution failure by PPSC is showing a glimpse of the bureaucratic working and its impact on future officers should be thoroughly examined. PPSC should come up as a benchmark & lightening ray of hope for all other state PCSs by adopting strict timelines as done by UPSC.
Otherwise keeping the fingers crossed for a positive result…..

Re: o hello!

Posted by SDM, (2014-10-20 14:26:00) /

kite tu chairman tan ni........suna ta fatwa


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-20 14:19:18) /

PPSC cut off - 630
highest marks - 690

670-690 all will become SDM
660-680 all will get ETO, TEHSILDAR ETC.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-20 13:39:16) /

Kisse be phone kita k nahi

Re: sex fox

Posted by Afsar Pind Da, (2014-10-20 13:35:24) /

je bai result na aaya na fer dekhi kive gandian gandian gaalan nikaldiya


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-20 12:54:44) /

o abhi , o hukumeya
kithe ho tusi sare ??????


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-20 12:53:36) /

hain sachi ????
aaj result aa javega ?????

best of luck to everyone......

Re: To all Sdm & hukam singh& and all other flanky material

Posted by SEXY FOX, (2014-10-20 12:46:46) /

Result is ready ,about to declare within two hours. They waiting for one member.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-20 12:39:43) /

result before diwali


Posted by Haryanavi, (2014-10-20 12:25:43) /

Just called 01755014832 person sitting their said that result will take another 15 to 20 days.

Re: Me and ppsc

Posted by SDM, (2014-10-20 11:26:54) /

Me: Sat shri akal ji
PPSC Office: Sat shri akal ji
Me: Sir PCS de result bare pta karna c ji
PPSC: Jaldi aa reha
Me: sir ajj aa sakda?
PPSC: na na ji ajj ni aa reha aje laggu thoda time
Me: oh, shukriya ji

Re: re: SDM

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-20 11:18:25) /

je aj nahi ta fir kado aa reho pcs da result

Re: pichle ik saal to daily 10 ghante padhan wala hukma hi aa

Posted by khi khi khi khi khi khi khi khi, (2014-10-20 10:45:34) /


result after diwali

Re: to hukum singh

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-20 10:36:18) /

o hukumeya, kithe hain bharava tu....

hai koi information ???


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-20 10:35:11) /

o mitro.......

if u have the authentic information then only share here....

pls. donot spread rumours....bahut darr lagda hai yaar......

as per my knowledge, paper checking is still going on..... baki pta nahi ppsc da...

sale ki kujh kari jande ne

Re: senior assistant walea tere kine no aa

Posted by SDM, (2014-10-20 10:24:24) /

pcs da result ajj nahi aa reha for sure. Main hune phone kita

Re: senior assistant

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-20 10:16:47) /

result kado aa reha??


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-20 10:12:55) /

i called ppsc office just now and no one picked up .
someone else also try and ask them about mains result.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-20 10:09:31) /

how do you know? is it your intuition?


Posted by chhota veer, (2014-10-20 09:53:26) /

May b Pcs result will b out today evening!! All d best to all those who have put in their best efforts!!!


Posted by chhota veer, (2014-10-20 09:53:23) /

May b Pcs result will b out today evening!! All d best to all those who have put in their best efforts!!!


Posted by chhota veer, (2014-10-20 09:53:12) /

May b Pcs result will b out today evening!! All d best to all those who have put in their best efforts!!!

Re: getting impatient for pcs result

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-20 02:04:38) /

oh lord! gimme strength so I can wait fir result patiently. why I am getting so restless with every passing day. have called up ppsc n-number of times. every tym I get a different answer. have studied 10 hours a day for one year to be an officer. still future looks bleak. oh lord ppsc! pls pls gimme some someshine.

Re: To tehsildar

Posted by Vinny Luthra, (2014-10-19 19:58:30) /

I am supdt at ppsc , you have spilled out the all program of ppsc so accurately. Well done i am proud of you ,but you have to answer in court law about your jignostic behaviour. You have to payfor your hubritic attitude


Posted by tehsildar, (2014-10-19 18:00:19) /

Result in first week of November.

no pcs advertisement this year.

jihne lgna aese saal diwali de k aave.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-19 16:08:30) /

ppsc has made a mockery of its reputation by not declaring the pcs mains result yet and the more they delay , the less reliable their working.

Re: Senior assistant

Posted by Amli, (2014-10-19 12:11:56) /

bai mera jihnu hell dasda for ur kind info SA B Grade post aa with approx 35000 salary.

Re: PCS 2014

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-19 11:01:25) /

New advt in December 2014

Re: hadh aa yaar

Posted by Senior Assistant, (2014-10-19 07:18:56) /

get a life brother nd just stay blessed.

Re: choti soch wala ignorant prick

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-18 23:14:49) /

saaleya fuddu pray de spelling theek likh ni sakda gallan karda pcs diyaan naale ki matlab aa tere kehn da ki what the hell is this post..tu saaleya vadda dc lagea peya ithe te je lageya vi peya ta hona apne ghar nu..koi vi kamm vadda chota ni hunda par teri soch te fitrat te taras aunda jo baut choti hai..Grow up u fool coz it's the high time...


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-18 22:15:37) /

senior assistants .....what the hell this post is.....indeed ...saadi tusi lai rakhi hai..and I prey PPSC shall scrap this result......lolj4tGi


Posted by Bullet News, (2014-10-18 18:59:49) /

This year no new PCS and allied posts are coming.


Posted by Jiyon Joga, (2014-10-18 15:32:42) /

mere 183 ne

Re: senior assistant please share your marks

Posted by Jiyon Joga, (2014-10-18 15:29:36) /

han bai ji main v phone kita c kehnde bas ik-do din hor. shayed monday tak aa jave. Pcs wala after diwali may be on 28th


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-18 12:10:39) /

any genuine information about pcs mains result?

Re: sr assistant

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-18 12:02:11) /

just called they said very shortly next week confirm

Re: senior assistant

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-18 10:54:17) /

result kado aa reha hai......

Re: lambardar sahab

Posted by Amli, (2014-10-18 10:17:56) /

bai ji ajj aau result senior assistant da??

Re: daro nahi

Posted by Kal Tak, (2014-10-18 09:46:55) /

around 220 posts of PCS and allied are coming 1st or 2nd week of december for sure


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-18 09:41:28) /

read today's indian express front page- the punjab government's austerity drive.it's clearly mentioned that the state govt has put a ban on creation and upgradation of new posts in govt deptts. does it mean that there will be no more pcs exams after this year?

Re: To Roshani Ji

Posted by Beer Pk Geo te Paani Ghatt Peo, (2014-10-17 22:14:10) /

Aap jo bhi baatenkarte hain unka goorh arthhota hai. Chairman jaise tuchche vyaktiyonki samajh main nahin parta.Chairman Hum Jab PPSC ke office mein jaa karLoveYou kahenge to sab dekhte reh jaayenge.....Roshani Ji Jalne wale jalte rahen Hum to jo karna chahte hain woh karenge....

Re: To Beer wala fame

Posted by Roshani, (2014-10-17 19:12:19) /

what about result. love is eternal. I love your scootie,people are feeling jealous


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-17 16:44:45) /



Re: To Roshani Ji

Posted by Beer Pk Geo te Paani Ghatt Peo, (2014-10-17 16:13:33) /

Roshani Ji Well Said. But Main Pyjama wale ton Trouser wala kadon to ho gaya?

Re: finally

Posted by Lambardar, (2014-10-17 13:23:34) /

senior assistant result may come on tomorrow.....in my view cutoff will be 183-186.

Re: To Chairman sahib

Posted by Roshani, (2014-10-17 13:19:16) /

Our love is very old .Do not take it otherwise.Behave decently with girls. Bye Bye to beer wale men in trouser.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-17 13:07:21) /

called ppsc just now and asked about the mains result. the reply was - hale evaluation chal rahi hai.

Re: senior assistant

Posted by Jiyon Joga, (2014-10-17 12:59:10) /

thanks bai ji rabb rakha yaaran da

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