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Re: @Glenmorangie

Posted by glenfiddich, (2013-09-03 00:00:13) /

nice taste man..enjoy the single malt

Re: Shubham IAS, Ques No. 1 Please review

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-02-12 22:26:44) /

Governance can be defined as the rule of the rulers within a given set of rules. It us simply the activities of the government of the day. The citizens'role has undergone a change in recent times. They are now demanding services rather than merely seeking them. Following are the platforms which ensure citizens' participation in developmental process.
1. CIVIL SOCIETY - It acts as watchdog of government ploicies. It mobilises public opinion for or against a programme, policy of the government. It educates the citizens on their rights and keep the government informed about the impulse of the people.
2. RTI - post RTI the veil of secrecy over the functioning off government stands removed and citizens now have legal right to know about the manner in which public funds are spent and public decisions are taken.
3. E-GOVERNANCE - It implies application of electronic means for interaction between Government and citizens. It has reduced red tapism and simplified procedures. People can make online queries.
The time based service delivery system such as Right to service act of punjav has also ensured active citizen participation in developmental processes.
Recent initiative of TRAI of inviting suggestions of general public on the issue of Net neutrality and the consequent order in sync with the public opinion is a resounding example of citizen participation in government and developmentl processes.

Re: This for reserve category candidates

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-02-12 22:19:15) /

second list case in SC quashed. Now time for give representation to PPSC for adding remaining seats as back log seats in PCS 2015.

Re: Shubham IAS, Ques No. 15. Please review

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-02-12 21:58:01) /

Citizen charter initiative in india was started in 1997 but has not produced desired results. The reasons are not too far to seek.
1. The citizens' charter was looked upon as merely an exercise that was to be carried out because there was a direction from top.
2. Service providers in india are not familliar with the phillosphy, goals, and main features of citizens' charter.
3. The workforce lacks proper training and orientation.
4. Lack of adequate publicity
5. No funds specifically earmarked for promotion of citizens' charters
5. Awareness campaigns to educate the clients about citizens' charter were not conducted systematically.
We need to invoke a sense of urgency, motivation among staff and make public aware in order to make citizens' charter a success in india. A hollistic approach in the need of the hour.

Re: Shubham IAS, Ques No. 7. Please review

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-02-12 21:25:24) /

Work culture type of environment people work in and the way they interact with each other and service sekers. Work culture in government organizations is percieved to be unresponsive and insensitive and is marked by
1. Indifferent attitude of employees and corrupt mindsets
2. Abuse of authority
3. Lack of accountability and transparency
4. Lack of punctuality
5. Time based rather than performance based career progressions
6. Red tapism
Officers percieve themselves as dispensing favours to citizens rather than serving them.
All these factors result in poor quality of service delivery and consequent citizen dissatisfaction. To make work culture oriented towards service delivery following steps must be taken
1. The cumbersome procedures must be simplified si as to reduce red tapism.
2. Constant monitoring and evaluation of work done.
3. Regular forums for citizens-government interactions, suggestion boxes, citizen feedbacks
4. Workshops, seminars, awareness programs for change in attitudes of government employees to make them sensitive to citizens' needs.
A responsive administration is sine que non for efficient and effective implementation of plans and policies of government and achieving target of good governance.

Re: No rumours it's truth( last chance for border line candidates)

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-02-12 19:49:58) /

Three different girls had filed writ in high court and prayed for inclusion for 55 candidates each .Now total no new admitted candidates are 55*3= 165 + one Dev Kumar . What are you doing border line candidate go for writ as only writter will get will be admitted, do not fear mains exam it will be test of your reading habit . Go for writ and take mains fearlessly.

Re: don't listen to rumour mongers

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-02-12 19:26:56) /

na paper ne cancel hona, na paper ne delay hona
pca mains will start from 5th march
don't let anyone distract you from your preparation
eh vehle lok ne.......aap tan padna nai.......doojeyan nu vi disturb kar rahe han
please let this blog be only for STUDY RELATED DISCUSSIONS
it will help all


Posted by manpreet kaur, (2016-02-12 19:05:45) /

haye vekhiin msa taa pass hoye c

Re: PCS Prelims exam results scrapped

Posted by Salil Sabhlok, (2016-02-12 18:38:10) /

Due to the multiplicity of errors in the exam, the Hon'ble judge had ordered the result cancelled and ordered a reconduct of the PCS Prelims exam. More details in the judgement to be uploaded on Monday.

Re: Governance Test from Shubham's Test Series for PCS Mains 2016

Posted by Shubham's IAS, SCO 181, Sector 38-C, Chandigarh, (2016-02-12 17:58:17) /

Hello Everyone!

We trust that you all must be going full steam ahead with your exam preparation. He is another test from Shubham's Test Series for PCS Mains 2016. Feel free to post your answers and we will try to review them.

All the best!


Test: Governance Time allowed: 3 hrs


a) The question paper consists of 20 questions.

b) Candidates are required to attempt all the questions.

c) The marks and the word limit for each question is indicated in front of the question.

Q.1 Citizen participation in governance embodies a shift in the development paradigm from citizen as passive recipients to active participants in the development process. What are the different mechanisms for citizens participation in the development process? Explain. (12 marks, 200 words)

Q.2 “E-Governance creates a direct relationship between the Citizen and the State.” In this context, explain the changing role of the elected representatives. (12 marks, 200 words)

Q.3 ‘Minimum government, maximum governance’ is not just a slogan but a philosophy of administration with enormous potentialities.” Do you agree? Give reasons for your answer. (12 marks, 200 words)

Q.4 The information commissions have been set up as appellate bodies under right to information act. Do you think that information commission possesses adequate teeth to implement its orders? What can be done to enhance enforceability of orders of information commissions? (12 marks, 200 words)

Q.5 Right to service act is a unique blend of e-governance and e-transparency, which seeks to promote a culture of proactive governance and timely implementation involving real time presence and exchange among key stakeholders. Illustrate. (12 marks, 200 words)

Q.6 It is suggested that Civil Servants should keep the following Commandments in their mind while discharging their duties. (a) Minimum visits to multiple offices (b) Performance of duties without attachment Suppose you become a Civil Servant. How you will introduce any two of the above mentioned practices in your working. Explain with examples. (12 marks, 200 words)

Q.7 Work culture is defined as shared values and behaviours among members of an organization. Do you think that work culture of government organizations is hindrance to good governance? What can be done to make work culture of government organizations oriented towards improvement of service delivery to citizens? (12 marks, 200 words)

Q.8 Corruption exists in both rich and developing countries of the world. If corruption exists even in rich, economically successful countries, why should developing countries like India be worried about it? Is corruption a hindrance to citizen centric governance? Explain. (12 marks, 200 words)

Q.9’ Probity and efficiency need not necessarily be mutually exclusive sets’. Comment on the above statement and substantiate your stand with examples. (12 marks, 200 words)

Q. 10 Armed forces special powers act is objected by citizens of many parts of our country. Citing the important provisions of the armed forces special powers act critically evaluate the need for such a law in a democratic country like India? (12 marks, 200 words)

Shubham’s IAS, SCO 181, Sector 38 C, Chandigarh, Contact 75979-00000 Page 2

Q. 11 Liberalization and disinvestment have reduced the role of trade unions as an informal force in Indian politics. Explain this statement and supplement the explanation with examples. Do government policies also point towards the above statement? (12 marks, 200 words)


Q. 12 The anganwadi workers system was created in 1975 to introduce integrated child development scheme (ICDS). Government has gone for increasing reliance on anganwadi system for introduction of various schemes despite the system's little success in implementing ICDS. Discuss the above statement and comment whether it is appropriate to rely on anganwadi system to deliver various social schemes? (12 marks, 200 words)

Q. 13 Federalism, though divides the decision making power between union and it's constituent units , is sometimes a challenge in incorporating new reforms. Explain the above statement in context of implementation of Goods and Services tax in India? (12 marks, 200 words)

Q.14 Atomic energy regulatory board (AERB) is a nuclear energy sector. Identify the factors which hamper it's independent status. What can be possible implications on safety in nuclear industry on account of lack of independence of AERB? (12 marks, 200 words)

Q.15 The misconception of citizen charter as a document rather than systemic overhaul of approach, structure and functioning of organization is a fundamental cause for limited success of citizen charter movement in India. Comment. (12 marks, 200 words)

Q.16 The planning commission suffered a blow on account of Indian administration's tilt towards capitalism and decentralization of powers. Elaborate the statement and also discuss the effectiveness of NITI Aayog in comparison to finance commission to act as balancing wheel of fiscal federalism.(12 marks, 200 words)

Q.17 'The large clout of NGOs essentially demands effective regulation over their activities'. Elaborate this statement by discussing the pros and cons and challenges of bringing such legislation. (12 marks, 200 words)

Q.18 'The structural deficiency, weak and multiple regulatory framework and the financial illiteracy are the reasons for below expectation success of micro finance movement in India.' Comment. (12 marks, 200 words)

Q.19 (a) Critically examine the view that pressure groups are a threat to democracy. (120 words, 8 marks) Q.19 (b) Discuss the role of NGOs in promotion of self help groups in India. (120 words, 8 marks)

Q.20 (a) ’Laws are social norms codified’. Do you agree? Give a few examples to substantiate your answer. (140 words, 9 marks)

Q.20 (b) What are the internal and external factors that can help the Citizen Charter’s to have a significant.


Re: Inclusion of 55 candidates to mains

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-02-12 11:38:38) /

Now on 15/02/2016 inclusion will be decided by court and a new chunk will start preparing for writs. All due bad governance of Ppsc.

Re: Any update?

Posted by Kejriwal , (2016-02-12 10:54:55) /

Oh ki bannda peya mittro? Any update on the writs?


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-02-11 22:20:04) /

22 tu ta rehn he de
Interpret nu intrptate likhi jana
Nale ik gall dass k notice of motion on 1st march ch interpret karn nu ki rkhya hoya ?

Ik tarik nu ppsc appear hove ga thru counsel

Hor ki arbi faarsi likhi aa k tainu samaj ni aayi

Re: Writ no 228

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-02-11 21:47:06) /

Now provisionally entry by then the court has to decide about the fence sitters in the cases filed by Jaiswal and others 55 candidates . On 1 st March Dev Kumar not alone to be allowed to for main. We all persons who had marked right choice to the question no 38 will also move. Like bandi chor episode. If court does not allow fence sitters we will become writters. So all border line people who had marked question 38 as bhet rakhna should make a group and we will swim and sink like Dev kumar. Question 38 wale border liner unite and fight.

Re: To sympathiser ot writters

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-02-11 21:33:03) /

And you should get ample time.

Re: To dev kumar

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-02-11 21:31:45) /

Bhai 1st march da motion date, je accept ho gaya te ppsc ne provisionally exam de vich entry kara deni aye. Te 5 tarik nu dande vajaunga othe ja ke

Re: Writters should get Justice

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-02-11 20:51:56) /

Writters should get justice

Re: To justice Earl warren. please interptate , we need you

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-02-11 20:24:15) /

LPA No. 228 of 2016 ( O&M )
Dev Kumar Vs. State of Punjab and another
Present : Mr. H.C. Arora, Advocate, for the appellant.
Notice of motion for March 01, 2016.
February 10, 2016 ( HARINDER SINGH SIDHU ) ndj JUDGE

Re: Mains to be certainly delayed now

Posted by Narad Muni, (2016-02-11 20:08:22) /

Due to question no 39.

UPSC di prep suffer honi hun

Re: LPA of Dev Kumar

Posted by Narad Muni, (2016-02-11 20:03:57) /



Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-02-11 19:40:56) /

cwp 1737

Re: Quetion 38

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-02-11 19:30:23) /

Send the link to the news, what was the case number or petitioners name

Re: Good news one more writter got releif

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-02-11 18:24:52) /

One writter for question 38 Dhaki rijae answer bhet rahkna got admitted to mains . if any one has given answer as bhet rakhna should move to court as writters will get benefit.

Re: Writters should get Justice

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-02-11 14:50:00) /

Writters should get Justice.

Re: Postponememt seekers

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-02-11 14:18:49) /

Mains delay nai hona g kise v haalat ch
So apne aap nu kise jhoothi tassali wich na rkho
Instead jina time bachda hai us wich apni preparation te dhyan dvo

Ithe kuj vehle elements maujood ne blog te jo mains de aspirants nu distract kr rhe ne
The one like earl warren and his chamchas

So veero tyari khich k rkho
5 march nu exams hon ge he hon ge

Re: To candidate on borderline and on LOC

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-02-11 14:18:05) /

Three question are under scanner in writ no 858 and one question in Cwp no1737. Borderline and loc candidates will be in for mains ,if Ppsc gives marks . for this you have to go for writ like Jaiswal and others in high court. Candidate this is a last chance under this govt, it now or never, hurry up.ppsc has admitted 8 among for mains ,why not you.

Re: na ji

Posted by citizen, (2016-02-11 14:01:37) /



Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-02-11 13:26:38) /

Pcs mains postpone ho rahe ya nahi ?

Re: this judgement should also be challanged cwp 1737 2016.as cwp is challanged and brought fruits

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-02-10 23:10:44) /

CWP No.1737 of 2016
3. Even assuming that the correct answer is “Bhet Rakhana” and not “Andar Khate Sahee Jana” even then to the mind of this Court, it would not materially alter or effect the result of the selection as the mistake would be universal to all candidates and would not vitiate the result. It is not such a flaw as would invite intervention of the writ Court persuading it to issue either a writ of certiorari or mandamus to interdict the answer and hold up the selection process.
4. In any case and without going into an autopsy of the idiom [Muhavara]: “Dhaki Rijey Koi Na Bujhey” it is left open to the Punjab Public Service Commission which is an autonomous constitutional body regulated by its own wisdom to consider whether Question No.38 should or should not be deleted from the count of questions required to be answered to draw merit. This is only a suggestion of the Court and is not to be treated as a direction.
5. With these observations this court is of opinion that no interference is called for in this petition on the fate of a single question. The other two disputed questions at serial No 4 and 57 thrashed out in Court are of no significance nor would they impact the result of the selection or the result of the petition and broadly the answer key is sustainable as assigning the appropriate answers to the questions, which even Mr. Arora was unable to wriggle out from.
6. Accordingly, the petition stands disposed of without any directions as to interference in the selection process as to the issue raised which process is making headway towards the final recommendations on merits for appointment to Register B [direct recruitment] etc. as may be

Re: PCS mains

Posted by GURUKUNJ, (2016-02-10 22:43:16) /

Another article on Punjab history for PCS mains
visit www.facebook.com/gurukunj36.

Re: To justice earl warren

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-02-10 19:47:13) /

speak on new order on jaiswal petition. your analysis will boost us .your advice is needed.

Re: To Chill out !!!!

Posted by C, (2016-02-10 16:46:02) /

Chill out !!!! Kad tak officially pata challu ? Mx. Time guess ?

Re: Chill out !!!!

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-02-10 16:37:36) /

No idea how much more time we will get but YES postponement is 100% sure. Its internal news.
Jinna nu cwp no. yar fer notice link chahida aa oh wait krde rehn. Baki mere mittar lao peg motte motte
Lutto bulle..... Ajj di sham hon wale SDMs DSPs ETOs de naam cheeeeers....

Re: To chill out !!!! das hune

Posted by C, (2016-02-10 16:25:13) /

Chill out !!!! Jaldi das, aaj sham da progam banaiye.

Kinne din postpone hoya? Week, month etc.

Re: Chill out

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-02-10 16:22:16) /

How can I chill out .please give case no . Bench no . Name of petitioner etc.

No notice on Ppsc site. How can I take motte motte peg with leg , tell me.

Re: To Chill out !!

Posted by C, (2016-02-10 16:05:49) /

Postponed by how much time ? Give an approximate value ?

Re: Pcs mains exam

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-02-10 15:58:11) /

How do you know.? As it's not mentioned on ppsc website

Re: Chill out !!!!

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-02-10 15:44:51) /

Guys have a break!! Close ur books and enjoy. Mains exam is going to postpone. Jehde mitar kha pe lende aa bai ajj lao murge nu tadka nal desi de motte motte peg. Lutto nazare burrraaaaa....

Re: Eh NOTICE peya .. Saale postpone de....

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-02-10 15:18:10) /

Punjab State Civil Services Combined competitive
Main Examination-2015

This is for the information of all the Candidates who had been
shortlisted for Punjab State Civil Services Competitive
Examination-2015. That they can write Essay Paper either in
English or Punjabi as stipulated in the syllabus. Irrespective of the
opted medium of Examination for General Study Paper, in the
Application form for Main Examination.

Date: 09.02.2016 Punjab Public Service Commission,


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-02-10 13:19:51) /

enve janta bakwaas mari jaa rahi...kithe aa...notice...haini site te kuch v..

Re: Relax

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-02-10 13:17:44) /

See the candidates who have already made it to the mains will not get affected because of question no 10 of paper 11 of set A. The Court has ordered the commission to consider 55 candidates who are at border line qua question no. 10 only . So in brief , the relief of question no 10 has been given to all those who have selected either option A or option B.

Re: To justice earl warren

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-02-10 13:12:10) /

Please explain this new result revision phenomenon .

Re: Mains exam postponed

Posted by Sehajbir , (2016-02-10 13:10:14) /

notice of postponement of mains exam uploaded on PPSC website


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-02-10 12:53:18) /

only petitioners result is going to be revised .... give link of the news .... thr is no chance for whole result revision.....

Re: Case

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-02-10 12:46:54) /

Who said anything about holding up the main exam, true picture will become clear on Monday 15th feb by PPSC

Re: Breaking news. .. court allows relief to all A choice candidates

Posted by Punjab Kesari, (2016-02-10 12:09:26) /

PPSC ordered to revise the result and issue fresh list. mains exam put on hold till then

Re: PPSC da rona

Posted by Govind Vakeel "Damini" wala, (2016-02-09 23:40:50) /

Tarikh pe tarikh...
Tarikh pe tarikh...
Tarikh pe tarikh...
Tarikh pe tarikh...

milti rahi hai milord...

lekin insaaf nahi mila...

mili to sirf tarikh....

Re: Ghayal

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-02-09 23:28:57) /

Hun shikkli pai gi tuhade moohn nu @ balwant rai g
Kuch dso
Chaanan paavo zra cwp bare
Tuhadi khamoshi nu is gall da saboot mann lya jave ga k tusi gappi o

Re: Ghayal

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-02-09 23:14:45) /

Haan 22 cwp number dass

Re: To Balwant rai

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-02-09 23:12:22) /

Congrats, please tell the no of cwp and their listing.

Re: Ghayal

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-02-09 23:11:33) /

No chances for delay in mains

Re: Writs filed

Posted by Balwant Rai "Ghayal" wala, (2016-02-09 23:07:56) /

Two CWPs have been filed in the court. Get ready for a delay in the mains.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-02-09 22:56:22) /

going for writ.

Re: To the chamchas of earl warren

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-02-09 22:34:04) /

Ki kaddya paya fr apne justice de analysis cho
Oh sala cut copy paste krke tur gya

Re: Essay

Posted by C, (2016-02-09 20:11:54) /

You can write Essay in English or Punjabi in Pcs 2016 mains irrespective of the medium of language you opted for General Studies. Latest Notice. Check it yourself.

Re: Essay

Posted by C, (2016-02-09 20:08:01) /

You can write Essay in English or Punjabi in Pcs 2016 mains irrespective of the medium of language you opted for General Studies. Latest Notice. Rest check it yourself.

Re: Upsc pattern

Posted by Jana khana, (2016-02-09 18:22:15) /

do not demand upsc pattern as it has one optional in mains. Preparing for one optional main and General studies is very difficult. candidate who take IAS exam
along PCs may take advantage. what is problem in CSAT, no problem if csat is made qualifying no tukkebaz will be selected.

Re: PCS 2016

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-02-09 15:29:03) /

We should humbly request Punjab Govt to amend rules to allow every candidate 6 chances and keeping CSAT paper only qualifying. Vagueness in CSAT Questions is leading to a lot of confusions. So,the best way out is CSAT only as qualifying paper and Six chances as per UPSC pattern.

Re: My analysis and recommendations on the Arashjit Case

Posted by Justice Earl Warren, (2016-02-09 13:16:29) /

Just a heads up to all of you, this is going to be a lengthy read, so be prepared.

I’ll divide this into the following three sections:

1. The issue of errors in answer keys and its resolution (question 10, 31, 39)
2. The seemingly disparate judgements in Arashjit and Dev Kumar case
3. Which group of candidates will get relief from the Court and the strategy they should follow to get their just dues

At the outset I would like to point it out that I do not favour any one advocate over the other. As I said earlier any senor advocate will be fine as long as you follow my strategy. My other aim in this exercise is to explain the finer legal points involved in these judgements so that only the people who are going to get legal relief file a writ while those who aren’t going to benefit avoid going on any quixotic quest that will only waste their money as well as the time of us all.

Ok, coming to the issues at hand

1. 1. The issue of errors in answer keys and its resolution

For the record, my answers to the questions are as follows:

Ques 10: D
Ques 31: D
Ques 39: A

Some people on the blog have raised objections to some other question as well and have asked about getting relief from the court for these putative errors. However, it will not help them. The fact of the matter is that the court cannot do anything as far as the answer keys are concerned and rightly so, as the court is an authority on legal matters as well as matters of logical application of the law, but it is not a subject expert.

This is rightly stated by Justice Sandhawalia in his judgement where he mentions:

“Reliance was placed upon the judgments of this Court in CWP-14946-2013 titled Sahil Soni Vs. Central Board of Secondary Education, decided on 13.08.2013, CWP-7570-2013 titled Gurmehtab Singh & others Vs. State of Haryana & others, decided on 30.04.2013 and CWP-13624-2013 titled Tarun Walia & others Vs. State of Punjab, decided on 13.03.2013, to hold out that once the matter had been referred to the subject experts, case cannot be filed and the Courts are not to go into the said issue and re-examine the same.”

The reasoning for this has already provided in the above paragraph. Hence the most that the court can do is to look in to procedure in the preparation of the answer keys and if finds any ambiguity in that, then only the court can act. And this is exactly what Justice Sandhawalia did

On an aside note, you can approach the court questioning the formation and credentials of the subject expert committee, but as I mentioned earlier that would be a foolhardy and quixotic quest and will waste the time of all.

2. The seemingly disparate judgements in Arashjit and Dev Kumar case
On the whole I found the judgement passed by Justice Sandhawalia to be much well-reasoned as well as on a sound legal footing. As he mentions:

“Thus, the legal issue which arises for consideration of this Court is that on account of the matter having been referred to the subject experts, which has opined against the petitioners, the jurisdiction of this court is restricted or can this Court examine the questions and the answer keys and come to the conclusion contrary to the one which has been found by the subject experts.”

“It is not disputed that the Court will not go into this issue until there is a mistake in the answer key which is apparent on the face of the record and that the petitioner is to be given the benefit of ambiguity since they would make the cut. If the Court does not do so, it would be failing in its duties in not exercising its jurisdiction ”

“For the said question, as per the original records, which were also called for since the Commission had itself placed on record photocopy of the opinion of the subject experts, even the subject experts themselves, firstly, had written 'a' and then, crossed it out and made corrections and made it 'd'. It is, thus, apparent that what the Court has opined and what the candidates are also suggesting that the correct answer is option 'a', the experts themselves were of the same opinion, though necessary corrections had been made, thereafter. In such circumstances, it is apparent that the benefit of question no.10 reproduced above has to be given to the petitioners.”

It is because of this ambiguity in the preparation of the answer key that the court has decided to give the benefit of the doubt to those who have marked ‘A’ as the answer in ques 10. It is important to note that the court has not changed the answer key from ‘D’ to ‘A’

In contrast to this, and with all due respect to Hon’ble Justice Raina, I found his judgement lacking in both legal foundation as well as logical reasoning. The logical flaws in that judgement are more important from the petitioner’s viewpoint and have already been listed by me in earlier postings on this blog so I’ll not replicate them here. Interested candidates can search for the previous postings.

The legal lacuna that I observed in his judgement flows from the following para:

“2. There was some doubt with respect to question No.38 which searched for an answer to one of the questions posed at the combined PCS and Allied Services examination to the effect: “Dhaki Rijey Koi Na Bujhey”. The correct answer according to the petitioner is Bhet Rakhana” but the Punjab Public Service Commission prefers the answer closer to be “Andar Khate Sahee Jana”. It may be recorded in this order that the petitioner's view point found favour in court by lawyers well versed with the Punjabi language when requested help by the Court.”

In my view, any important legal point of contention, should be resolved by an established procedure as illustrated by the judgement of Justice Sandhawalia and not in an ad-hoc manner as suggested above

3. Which group of candidates will get relief from the Court and the strategy they should follow to get their just dues

From the all of the above it is patently clear that the only question that is under the judicial scanner is Question No. 10. And the only category of petitioners who stand to gain are those who have marked ‘A’ as the answer in ques 10 and have score a maximum of 2.5 marks below the respective cutoffs of their categories, for e.g. 264 – 266 for the General Category and so on. For this group of candidates, I can assure a 100% success for being allowed to write the mains examination.

N.B.: On an aside note, the question arises why the Hon’ble Judge didn’t give a blanket relief to all the affected candidates? The Judge has listed the following reasons for this:

“However, this Court is also restricting the said benefit only to the petitioners, since none others had approached this Court for the said benefits and if the answer key has to be changed, then the other candidates would be adversely affected as some have given the correct answer as option 'd' and it would lead to unsettling the whole issue. Reliance can be placed upon the judgment in Kanpur University's case (supra) and in CWP-24869-2013 titled Sonia Rattan & another Vs. State of Punjab & others, decided on 07.09.2015, wherein also, the relief was only restricted to the persons who had approached this Court and the benefits were not to be given to other candidates.”


“In such circumstances, it is made clear that the relief is only to be restricted to the petitioners. The Commission shall give benefit of question no.10 to the petitioners only, as referred above, since there is an ambiguity apparently on the face of the record.”

As always, for any queries, you can contact me at j.earl.warren@gmail.com

Re: Respond to quetion10 email account

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-02-09 11:32:25) /

I have send a query to contact the borderline candidates on the mentioned email account

Re: To justice. Earl warren

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-02-09 10:48:29) /

Sir please send your BAz back as teeters are flying. Justice sahib give your analysis on the two judgements we are waiting for you.

Re: Earl warren

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-02-09 09:34:29) /

Chicago ???
My foot ......
Lgda work issues da
Tainu jatt da khulla challenge aa oye haraam dya dalleya
Jithe mrji bund mrwa la tu
Jina jor lgda lga la
Pcs 2013 list 2 waleya lyi v lga la jor
Bhen chod kutta sala ithe jhooth te jhooth boli janda
Saala dhille lunn di padayesh
J ik burhe ne jammya na ta hun fr tu stay lai k dikha de borderline walyan lyi
5 march nj he hone ne mains
Bhen di lunn angreja di nale kursia meja di

J tere tattya ch dum aa ta fr dekh laine aa k ki kaddu ch teer maar lve ga tu bhen dya khasma
Khulla challenge aa tainu jatt da


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-02-09 09:22:15) /

saleo jisnu jo karna hai kar lao....

kyu aiven gand paia es blog te....

jisnu case karna case karo

jisnu padhai karni padhai karo.


Posted by Justice Earl Warren , (2016-02-09 00:41:28) /

"Oye kithe aa tu hun??"
With your mom right now, she had a little. .. ahem "phallic deficiency" ;-)

"Vadda erudite"
Well I'm surprised that you even know what 'erudite' means... but I'm even more surprised that you can spell it. This shows that all those blowjobs that you mom gave me weren't in vain

As far as the recommendations are concerned, I'll give them tomorrow (along with your mom's lingerie) ;-)


Posted by Justice Earl Warren , (2016-02-09 00:05:26) /

Work issues my son, work issues.

Unlike you, I don't have the luxury of free time as I'm a consultant with McKinsey & Co. in Chicago

Nonetheless, I'll provide a comprehensive analysis very soon.

Re: list 2 of pcs 2013

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-02-08 23:33:54) /

we will a fresh slp with modifications and will win with grace of justice
Earl warren.

Re: court order out on list 2 case?

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-02-08 23:24:35) /

case status currently shows pending?

Re: Earl warren

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-02-08 23:12:14) /

Oye kithe aa tu hun ??
Vadda erudite
Hun apna level of erudition use krke mercy petition tyar krla tu list 2 walyan lyi
U silly cunt
Sala vadda aya high court diya judgements nu analyze krn wala
Teri na warrena asi maaan chodni he chodni aa
Naale bund band kra ge borderline walyan di
Deepak bhatia g zindabad
Deepak bhatia amar rahe
Long live list 1 of pcs 2013
Earl warren di bhen di fuddi ch chairman da lunn

Re: Anonymous guest

Posted by Sarbat da bhala, (2016-02-08 23:09:28) /

You have only option :
Go to court and give my llisutration through a senior advocate
Otherwise enjoy this blog..

Re: special gift for list 2 from SC

Posted by Supreme Court, (2016-02-08 22:52:01) /

/ \
\ \
\ \
_\ \__
( \ )


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-02-08 22:04:18) /

Bund band kr dutti supreme court ne list 2 walyan
Aahi haal hona borderline waleyan da

Re: To PCs 2013 list -2

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-02-08 21:50:24) /

Friends do not get disheartened, you again file a SLP in Supreme Court on same matter but on different grounds. So hurry up file fresh SLP in supreme. Court.I had consulted a retired justice. You had suffered a lot ,let one push up more.

Re: Please point out if wrong.

Posted by Learner, (2016-02-08 20:17:40) /

Answer given= A, Right Answer= Option C
Please give suggestions on this:
Question no. 64 ( Paper 2 )

In a dinner Party, both fish and meat were served. Some took only fish and some took only meat. There were some Vegetarians who did not accept either. The rest accepted both fish and meat. Which of the following diagrams correctly reflects the situation?
Can’t draw diagrams, Please refer to question paper.

See mistakes in Option A answer. Please see the reasons:
1) If the bigger circle shows that they are taking food. But, the vegetarians are also included in that circle, which means that they are taking food too. Which is opposite to the statement which says- Some vegetarians who did not accept either?

2) On the other side, if it is believed that the bigger circle represents Dinner party. Then it shows that some are fish eaters, some meat eaters and some both. In addition to that there is another group of some Vegetarians. The mistake in this Diagram is this that it does not show who ate and who did not. As here we see that we have a group of Vegetarians who did not eat any.

Right Answer= Option C
In the given Venn Diagram, Option C qualifies more as an as answer. Reasons for it are as follows:

1) All food takers are at one place (In bigger circle). In which some are meat taker, some fish taker and some both.

2) And another circle for non food taker is given (which represents Vegetarians, who did not eat any food.

3) All circles on the page show that they all categories have been represented. Two inside the bigger circle and one outside.

If option C is wrong, please tell how, will pay attention in future.


Posted by X, (2016-02-08 19:39:31) /

Oh yaar kujh baala hi zyada bhenchod te begairat banda haiga tu... Inni beizzati ton baad vi vapas aa gaya... This shows that you are a true bondu


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-02-08 19:25:44) /

O haan 22 ki gall vehla he lgda jma tu ta
Bc 281 number wale bande shaant k kad lye
Hun lunn farh la ikalle ikalle da
Bhen chod lgda tainu ghar da v koi kamm kaar hai ni
Tusi borderline wale, sarbat da bhala , earl warren and all the garbage like men listen carefully

Writ kre bina ta ni bund tikni tuhadi
22 cheti kro writ
Cheti bund bhna k vehle hovo
Ta k is blog te useless discussion band jo ske

Earl warren di maan bhajj gyi kise nal
Te 2w sarbat da bhala tu ta rehn he de
Main jaanda tainu vadde gheelay nu

Chlo hun bahut mircha lagg jania ne tuhade sab de mera comment parh k
So mirchan enjoy kro raat bhar
Te main study te concentrate kra

Good nite writ waleyo
Kal milde aa ise blog te
Baki maan bhen tuhadi kal nu ikk kiti jave gi
Till then tk cr

Re: To sarbat da Bhala

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-02-08 18:40:15) /

Your analysis is very good, as i am scoring now 262.5 and out and my friend sardool
singh got 266.5 and taking mains. now if i go for writ as, i had answered
Exhibition as option A my marks will be 265 and sardool will get 264.then i will take main exam by pushing sardool out of arena. yes i will go for writ. tell me what is connection between writ no 25413 and present writs. your analysis is inclusive.

Re: Consider this 261.50 or more score

Posted by Sarbat da Bhala., (2016-02-08 18:18:19) /

why is this blog becoming abusive?
be humble people!
i have a genuine point for 261.5 or more marks whom have marked A(EXHIBITION ) AS their answer..

lets illustrate:: a person earlier was scoring 266.50 and had marked D as his/her option
Now after JUSTICE SANDHAWALIA judgement A is the answer ..
his effective score should be 264 and your effective score is also 264..
But he is taking Mains and you are just enjoying on this blog..

You can get your roll number if you fight for it..
as what i illustrated is nothing but simple maths.

MAIN REASON of ARGUE:Sandhawalia judgement nowhere mentions that we are keeping 2 answers of q.no.10,he has just corrected and gave the benefit..
so its an open ended judgement which can be fought for..
but you need a very very experienced advocate to convince judge regarding this,,
moreover this same happened in CWP 25413 OF 2012. whererin 67 new people were admitted ..

Re: People scoring 264 - 266 and having marked A in question 10

Posted by Writ for justice, (2016-02-08 18:12:07) /

We are at 10 candidates now. We are going to form a WhatsApp group tonight and will file the writ soon.

There are still 65-(8+10) = 47 candidate who stand to gain. This is you last chance for the mains.

Email us at question.no.10@gmail.com if you want to join. Remember, only the petitioners will get relief.

Re: C

Posted by Writ for justice , (2016-02-08 17:24:31) /

Veer tu taan uh gall kar teha ki pind aje vasseya nahi te khusre pehla hi aa gaye...

We will file the writ. Baki sab judge saab te depend karda...

Re: To writ wala aka ..........

Posted by C, (2016-02-08 17:21:18) /

Just asked the question,
My score is far above. I am just asking that after being well prepared also, a person needs some time.
Asking directly, Are you going to try to delay it ?
If you are prepared, please dont push for delaying it.

Re: C

Posted by Writ for justice, (2016-02-08 17:12:55) /

Bai eh saadi chinta hai, asi khud handle kar lavange... tu saanu salahan dain di thaan apni study te focus kar.

At least with the writ we have a chance. Without it we have zero chance because of the mistakes of PPSC.

Re: To writ wala aka sarbat da bhala aka earl warren

Posted by C, (2016-02-08 17:08:29) /

Na meh ganda likhda aa, na bad language tusi use kario.
Meh writ wale 22 nu eho puchna chaunda ha ki tusi kuch dina ch writ v karunge te syllabus v karunge.
Thohade kol kehra mantar aa ki 20 dina ch padai complete karan da.
Je tusi pehla v parre ho, te tuhanu pata hi aa ki 20-25 dina vich kuch nahi hunda.
Jehre 5 January de lagge ne. Ohna naal kidda compete karna. Kuch dasso, tah manniye.

Re: sada haq

Posted by Writ for justice, (2016-02-08 17:03:28) /

Got it brother. Will contact today evening.

Re: Saadi ki galti

Posted by Saada Haq Ithe Rakh, (2016-02-08 16:55:32) /

Haab haan... Judge taan teri bebe da yaar haiga who'll take instructions from the advocate and amend the judgement. ja apni bebe nu kahi ki raat nu jadd lattan chakk rehi hove usde agge tadd tera proposal put forward karde

Do you think that we are happy with the delay? Are we responsible for the delay? We got to know at the same time as everyone one else that the answer key for ques 10 is wrong after the judgements came and 8 petitioners have been allowed.

in view of this we are filing the writ. If this causes any delay it is because of the chootiyapa of PPSC and its "experts" who gave the wrong answer.

te teri galti eh hai ki not only tu SIREY DA BONDU haiga but you are a SELFISH ASSHOLE also

Fuck this asshole and ignore him from now on.

Also writ vaale bai, I have also just emailed you at question.no.10@gmail.com


Posted by Sadi Ki galti, (2016-02-08 16:18:46) /

Hor yar ehna failures Karke apna process delay hou
Te IAS de pre te Asar pauga je stay Hoya
.asal ch eh Saale dalle ne uhdin court nu keh ke D option bahar karwa laindee te apna paper time te Ho janda pukka .


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-02-08 16:15:49) /

Present Present

BALHOTRA Present Present

Present Present

Present Present

Present Present

tOTAL 5 WITH 281 maRKS....

Re: Sadi Ki galti,

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-02-08 16:02:06) /

Very good veere
Enna borderline walya di is tarah he bund paarh k rkhni aa apa
Motherchod list 2 wale

Re: Sandhu

Posted by Writ for justice, (2016-02-08 15:54:31) /

Got it. Will mail/WhatsApp everyone tonight

Re: Writ petition

Posted by Sandhu, (2016-02-08 15:46:45) /

Hi I mailed you my roll no. Scored 266.5 .

Re: Fight for right

Posted by Sadi Ki galti, (2016-02-08 15:43:05) /

Ja farh Lai jehra teere toh fareya jana .
Sirre de bondu Taaan tu hai.arshjit hai ..bloody failures..
Dekh hi leya na list 2 ne sirf list 1 da time hi Kharab kita SC ne bund fArh ti...
Tu Arashjit Nd company pre Di list 2 Ho..
Tuhadi v enjh hi bund Vajjju saaleyo..
Mere numbers te na ja..mera time waste kroge bas tusi hor kuj ni..
Hun Apne list 2 aale 2013 aaleyo nu keh Ki President of India Kola chale jau failures saale dalle time waste Karaun aale..
Justice bund Linda hai tuhadi Lai..Pehla hi karwa lainde Andhra bahar..
Bahot si je teenu..
Hun sale time waste Karan ge.

Re: Fight for our rights

Posted by Writ for justice, (2016-02-08 15:27:11) /

Hahahaha... nice reply to this asshole.

The good news is that 3 more candidates contacted me today so we are upto 9 now. I'll create a WhatsApp group tonight.

Anyone else having 264-266 marks and having marked A, email me now at question.no.10@gmail.com

This is your last chance, agla PCS exam will be delayed by more than 2 - 3 years because of the elections

Re: Fight for our Right

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-02-08 15:23:41) /

Tere bdi agg laggi aa right lyi fight krn di
Haraam di satt saali
Tere wrgya nu mcha mcha k bahit mza aunda 22 kasam nal
Ik ta pre cho reh gye tusi te ik hun court ne tuhanu nawa khitaab de ditta FENCE SITTERS da
Baahli buri hoi
Tu ise vehm ch khush reh k mere 266.5 ne
Nale apne bhen chod justice earl warren da lunn farh ja k
Oh krayu tuhanu admit mains ch
Soot na pataan, julaahe nal thenga thengi
Writ writ da raula ta ehda paya jive writ saali kariyaane di dukaan te killo de hisaab nal mull vikdi hove
Tu 22 jehda cha lahuna laah la writ krke
Asi tere ton drde aa kite
Saalk janaani jehi ithe blog te tapp tappiya kri jandi aa
High court ja k bund mra jehdi mrauni aa
Nal earl warren nu lai javi
Tuhanu red carpet welcome de du cheif justice
Saale chutiye

Re: Fight for out rights

Posted by Writ for justice, (2016-02-08 15:21:20) /

Hahahaha... nice reply to this asshole.

The good news is that 3 more candidates contacted me today so we are upto 9 now. I'll create a WhatsApp group tonight.

Anyone else having 264-266 marks and having marked A, email me now at question.no.10@gmail.com

This is your last chance, agla PCS exam will be delayed by more than 2 - 3 years because of the elections

Re: Saadi Ki galti

Posted by Fight for our Right, (2016-02-08 15:06:08) /

Je writ tera kuj nahi vigaad sakdi taan har vaar writ da naam sunn ne teri bund kyon paat jandi hai???

te fe tu apne aap hi dassan lagg janda ki tere 281 number ne? mainu taan tere dil ch chor lagda. Tere je asal ch 281 number hunde taan tikk ke study kar reha hunda like others. You have scored 266.5 only and have marked D, that is why teri bund fatt rahi.

Plus you are abusing everyone from Arashjit to Surinder Pal as well as us. Zarra apne kheesey ch jhaank ke vekh.

Teri eh galat hai ki tu sirey da bondu hai... Now get lost and let us fight for our right

Re: Asshole Arshjt ,his advocate and Biggest is PPSC

Posted by Saadi Ki galti, (2016-02-08 14:43:37) /

Bai mai fail Hoya howaa ya paas 2012 ch..
Ehde naal tuhadi haramjaadgi ni lukdi jehri Ki at the first instance hi result revise karva ke mammlla settle Ho sakda si..
Tusi je judgement Partho judge ne keha hai Ki A option hi sahi answer..
He never said I m awarding two options as the answer..
InsteD he gave. The fucking correct answer benefit to u people.
Why dint u said to judge to exclude those people who have marked the D answer..
As tuhadi neet ch Khot hai..
Tusi na Khud kade v select hoye Ho na kade Honda na kade sade vargeaan nu hon dena chaaunde Ho...
Bas process stay karwa ke Apni dukaan kholi baithe Ho..
Mere pre ch 281 number ne te Teri writ naal mera kuj in vigad sakda..

Re: Genuine thought

Posted by Fight for our right, (2016-02-08 14:24:25) /

Bai tere varge "shubhchintak" ton taan dushman changey.

The 2013 writ in the Supreme Court is to be heard on the 8th February, te tu hunne khaarij kar ditti. Balle tere, I think you are an even higher authority than the Chief Justice of India.

Anyway there is no comparison between the 2013 writ in the SC and our writ.

In our case there are 8 people who marked A just as us and are now going to be allowed for the mains. I have 264 marks and also marked A, so why should I be denied the same right.

Tu chup ho ke beh ja bai te saanu salahan na de. Better prepare for your mains.

I think you scored 266.5 and marked D that is why you are afraid.

Re: No more writs

Posted by Genuine thoughts , (2016-02-08 14:06:17) /

Guys be conscious. On this page agents of lawers are convincing u for writs. Today SC rejected SLP in pcs-2013 case. At the end who suffered in time nd money were aspirants and who gained were lawyers.
So don't be emotional, even if u get chance to write mains in pcs- 2015 by filing writs, you will not be in final selected list for sure!
Check history of writs in case of civil service recruitment process, you will find my words true nd sacrosanct. So don't waste the hard earned money of ur parents. Already, the most of civil services aspirants are not helping their families in financial matters. By filing writs you can at max generate false hopes in ur nd parents' minds but when at end some one losses ( like list-2 candidates who wasted a big amount of money) it's very hard to control situation.

Instead of wasting time, prepare for IAS-2016.
May god bless u all with success in that.
Thanks alot.

Re: To all border line

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-02-08 13:28:47) /

Let us unite for revision of pre result . Last chance unite for justice. 2.5 marks can change your life. We will also sought to expel the black sheeps from main list.

Re: International Relations test from Shubham's Test Series of PCS Mains 2016

Posted by Shubham's IAS, SCO 181, Sector 38-C, Chandigarh, (2016-02-08 12:56:18) /

Hello everyone!

Today share with you a test on International Relations from Shubham’s test series for PCS Mains 2016. Read the questions well and write a structured answer keeping the major points in mind. Sit down at a quiet place and time yourself as if it’s a real test. Remember “ We become better at what we do repeatedly”!

All the best!

Shubham’s IAS, SCO 181, Sector 38 C, Chandigarh. Contact 75979-00000, 75972-40000

P.S: Thanks for your massive response to the test series. To book an appointment for a free one to one answers evaluation, please calls us only between 1pm -5 pm or just send an SMS anytime of the day with your name and city.

Test: IR Time allowed: 3 hrs


a) The question paper consists of 20 questions. b) Candidates are required to attempt all the questions. c) The marks and the word limit for each question is indicated in front of the question.

Q.1. “India’s “hands-off” approach has suited India’s traditional non-aligned and non-interference foreign policy, which in turn boost its reputation in the Middle East. Yet major changes in global, regional, and even internal Middle Eastern politics call for a new interpretation of the strategic importance of the Middle East to India and vice versa.” In the light of these statements, examine what are India’s broad interests in the Middle East apart from oil and suggest how should India go about securing these interests. (12 marks, 200 words)

Q.2. “China’s rising influence on India’s periphery underlines the requirement for India to craft an independent and robust role in South Asia”. Discuss the statement in context of the China’s Maritime Silk Road initiative. Do you think India should participate in this initiative? (12 marks, 200 words)

Q.3 Do you think agreements such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) have undermined the WTO? Critically comment. (200 Words) (12 marks, 200 words)

Q.4. Discuss why another multilateral development bank is needed such as the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) needed and how the AIIB will be different from the World Bank or the Asian Development Bank. (200 Words)

Q.5. Although Delhi and Yangon have a tacit understanding on insurgency, ground realities must govern Indian operations. What are these ground realities? What is the role that should be played by India and Myanmar in dealing with insurgency without affecting their bilateral relations? Discuss. (12 marks, 200 words)

Q.6. In your opinion, whose interests will China’s ‘one belt, one road’ initiative serve better – China’s or participating countries’? What will India gain from this initiative? Critically examine (12 marks, 200 words)

Q.7. Of late India has been taking certain steps to leverage the potential of its diaspora. Comment on the regional distribution of Indian diaspora. Also examine the steps taken recently by the government to get leverage from the Indian diaspora? (12 marks, 200 words)

Q.8. Critically analyse India’s deepening strategic relationship with Israel and its benefits for both the countries. (12 marks, 200 words)

Q.9. Despite complementary Interests and needs, India and Central Asia have remained distant for a long time. Explain the reason for the same. In what ways can the International North South transport corridor (INSTC) help in expanding India’s trade and investment links with Central Asia? (12 marks, 200 words)

Shubham’s IAS, SCO 181, Sector 38 C, Chandigarh. Contact 75979-00000, 75972-40000

Q.10. The growing partnership between India and Japan is one of the most keenly observed developments of the Asian Century. While the pressures of a changing security environment have played a vital role, India and Japan have become closer primarily through what Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has termed ‘value-oriented diplomacy’, or the shared democratic ideals that create a foundation for mutual understanding. But, has this relationship been transformed into tangible benefits to both countries? Critically analyse. (12 marks, 200 words)

Q.11. In economic circles it is a cliché to observe that the South Asian region is the least economically integrated region in the world. Is there an opportunity to change the disconnected character of the region, creating political opportunities to match the economic ones? What is the role of India in it? Analyse the problem and offer solutions. (12 marks, 200 words)

Q.12. France has emerged as India’s most trusted international partner since 1990s. But has this goodwill resulted in economic and strategic benefits to India? Critically examine. (12 marks, 200 words)

Q. 13. India recently welcomed the first round of amendments of the new Nepal Constitution. Examine these amendments and discuss what they mean to India’s relationship with Nepal. (12 marks, 200 words)

Q. 14 ‘Iran has entered into agreement with the west over its nuclear programme’. What implications will this agreement have over India’s strategic interests? Also, explain whether the change of government in Iran has facilitated this agreement? (12 marks, 200 words)

Q. 15 The karakoram highway connects Gwadar port in Pakistan to Xinjiang province of China. What are the possible implications of this highway on India? What can India do to counter these implications? (12 marks, 200 words)

Q.16. (a) ‘Economic interest has emerged as the main component of India’s foreign policy.’ Discuss the statement in the light of India’s initiatives to improve relations with China, Japan and the Central Asian republics. (7 marks, 100 words)
(b) In respect of India’s policy towards South-east Asian countries, economic interests are of primary importance. Critically evaluate? (7 marks, 100 words)
Q.17. (a) What is the significance of the BCIM (Bangladesh China India Myanmar corridor for India? (7 marks, 100 words)
(b) United Nations reforms should not only include its expansion but also the way it functions. Analyze. (7 marks, 100 words)

Shubham’s IAS, SCO 181, Sector 38 C, Chandigarh. Contact 75979-00000, 75972-40000

Q.18. (a) Critically comment on the impact of recent political developments in Sri Lanka on its relationship with India. (7 marks, 100 words)

(b) Comment on the significance of India’s recent successfully completed Operation Rahat. (7 marks, 100 words)

Q.19. (a) What opportunities does exist in rising Africa for India and how does it seek to capitalize them? Analyse. (7 marks, 100 words)

(b) In recent months India has tried to upgrade its relations with North Korea. Comment on their present relationship and examine how will India benefit from better relations with North Korea. (7 marks, 100 words)

Q.20. (a) Evaluate the developments in the recently held Nairobi ministerial conference of the WTO from the perspective of developing and Least developed countries. (7 marks, 100 words)

(b) Can you call Germany as India’s natural ally? Justify and also critically examine why strong relationship between two countries is said to be important in bringing stability to their respective regions. (7 marks, 100 words)

Happy Learning!
Shubham’s IAS, SCO 181, Sector 38 C, Chandigarh. Contact 75979-00000, 75972-40000


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2016-02-08 11:49:48) /


Case Status Status : PENDING

Status of : Special Leave Petition (Civil) 2343 -2345 OF 2016


Pet. Adv. : MR. DEVASHISH BHARUKA Res. Adv. : MR. P. N. PURI


Listed 0 times earlier Likely to be Listed on : 08/02/2016

Last updated on Feb 6 2016

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