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Tamil Nadu Electricity Board (TNEB)
website: http://www.tneb.in/

For latest Recruitment notifications and Selection Results in TNEB, visit the recruitment page of tamil nadu electricity board website www.tneb.in.


or, TN Directorate of Employment & Training website:


TNEB Results, TNEB Recruitment - www.tneb.in


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Re: ae

Posted by dgsk, (2014-12-19 10:55:53) /

this year when will recruitment ae post

Re: TNEB APPRENTICESHIP is not there for 2014

Posted by public, (2014-12-18 12:45:54) /

who told there is selection for apprenticeship training for 2014-2015 in tneb. IT is absolutely false because for the past 5-years the selection was held in sepetember and october of the every year itself. But this year no news regarding that not even certificate verification. so every one pls dont waste the time for it try alternate apprenticeship. If u have doubt check this " type TANGEDCO apprentice selection list 2013-2014 in google" see the date of interview.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-12-17 12:40:56) /

who told this year no apprentice recruitment,don't fool others bullshit.................


Posted by general, (2014-12-16 18:34:34) /

This year no graduate apprentice from TNEB. . . Try to some other apprentice guys.

Re: Re: To f..k

Posted by uma, (2014-12-15 16:08:01) /

Any news about TA

Re: graduate apprentice

Posted by gendral, (2014-12-15 15:44:43) /

any one know about apprentice delay (2014-2015)

Re: To f..k

Posted by Vaibhav, (2014-12-11 07:18:09) /

Thanks for ur info...


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-12-10 17:00:30) /

Don't put fake news
Pls. So many people r watched it.No recruitment


Posted by ranjith, (2014-12-10 14:27:47) /

its trueah....

Re: AE recruitment

Posted by F.....K, (2014-12-09 11:20:35) /

u wil c within 30 days of time, its real or reel. If u know anybody in head office ask abt this news. they wil tel as i said

Re: dgs

Posted by aaaa, (2014-12-09 09:50:49) /

its real or reel

Re: friends

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-12-08 15:30:07) /

who told mr.f.k.... this is real news or reel news???

Re: AE recruitment

Posted by F.....K, (2014-12-08 12:33:33) /

your eligible, if u finished apprentice B4 their announcement. for ex. if u finished apprentice today and they going to do announcement by tmrw u can apply, last time out of 182/ 63 AE's got job without apprentice certificate. No cases pending they all got job.

Re: Regarding AE recruitment

Posted by Vaibhav, (2014-12-07 18:51:46) /

Will they recruit persons who completed apprenticeship before two months back also... but still v not get our certificate from board of Apprenticeship... From last recruitment what happen in that case... details inform me...

Re: AE recruitment

Posted by F.....K, (2014-12-06 10:56:00) /

TNEB going to recruit 550 AEs. The official news will be declared by this month end or by jan first week. Persons who finished apprentice with above 75% or atleast 70% marks with 15 lacs amount can try for it. others who got less than 70% including me was not eligible for this job. its time waste. if ur in seniority list also money needed.

Re: TA

Posted by gust , (2014-12-01 10:40:42) /

Any update for diploma apprentice in tneb 2014-2015

Re: Reg - Apprentice 2014 delay

Posted by sudharsan, (2014-11-08 10:32:24) /

Respected sir

Any one know why tneb apprentice delay on 2014 year ammendment is rise for 1000 engineer then why should wait for call fer

Re: TANGEDCO Apprentice selection 2014-2015

Posted by TANGEDCO Apprentice selection, (2014-11-04 18:18:01) /

any one know when is the tangedco apprentice selection for the year 2014.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-27 13:43:14) /

TA withheld candidates allotment issued

Re: friends

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-25 18:21:44) /

http://www.tnebes.org/ watch this website..
next what recruitment...

Re: Re: Dinamalar news

Posted by AS, (2014-10-21 19:12:27) /

The dated you posted is not for Recruitment.. Please read the news correctly...
and no recruitment as of now.. keep posted


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-21 12:47:04) /


Re: reg appretnice

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-20 13:29:32) /

hi did anybody know when will they going to announce apprentice interview list for 2014-2015
we waited for nearly 4 months

Re: Dinamalar news

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-16 06:09:10) /

see 16.09.2014 date paper and 18.09.2014 date www.tnebes.org

Re: Re- reg Dinamalar news

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-08 10:47:40) /

In which date the news has published.. Post the date.. will tell you the exact news of recruitment...

Re: Recent news

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-08 10:23:25) /

Recently news came in Dinamalar that 500 people will be recruited in EB in all categories.
Does anyone know when further process will happen like application etc.?

Re: recruitment

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-10-03 12:17:43) /

when will conduct for the tneb interview... tell me....?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Re: enquiry

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-19 14:10:58) /

could u please any one tell about the criteria that taramani is following for apprenticeship interview selection in upcoming day.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-14 13:30:22) /

Hi Bro & Sis,

951Nos Assessor Jointed in Feb 2014, But Still now Ex-Service Man list withheld, not issue order.

What issues.? What happened? What going on? Please post here.

Re: Domescrinth

Posted by Govinda.....Govindha, (2014-09-12 12:33:49) /

The registered Diploma/BE candidates not get job in future through emp exange surely. Because TNEB now invites apprentice selection from TARAMANI.So after completion of apprentice they get job. SENIORITY.......
To get job register in TARRMANI.

Re: re apprentice

Posted by barath, (2014-09-11 23:13:57) /

sir a attened apprentice interview in 2013 but iam not get the apprentice .in 2014 t0 2015 apprentice
selection whether i got a apprentice or not.

Re: Reguestion for senior Diploma

Posted by Domescrinth, (2014-09-10 11:29:17) /

Pl attend all the emp seniority candidates those who r attempted tneb TA interview r requested to appear THARNA-STRIKE Conducted in VALLUVARKKOTTAM,CHENNAIon 15-09-2014.
For more details contact:9444206157


Posted by FRIENDS, (2014-09-07 13:49:48) /


Re: wait-Age system

Posted by Domescrinth9489180366, (2014-09-05 11:13:45) /

weight-age system yental wait-Age yentu porul.Athavathu
age anavarkal nalla wait pannunko yentu arasu cholluthu.
Neenga employment office chentu renewal panni Panni.....

Re: மின்சார வாரியமும், இடைநிலை கல்வி பனி நியமனமும்

Posted by பாதிக்கபட்டவன் , வேலை இல்லாமல் பிச்சை எடுக்கும் ச, (2014-09-05 10:58:19) /

சமீபமாக செய்திடாள் , ஊடகம் இவைகளில் பார்த்திருப்பீர்கள் , இடை நிலை ஆசிரியர் நியமனம் செய்ய தடை என்று. காரணம் weight-age எனப்படும் புதிய முறை.. இதே போல சம்பவம் தான் மின்சார வாரியத்திலும் அரங்கேறியது . அதாவது CGPA எனப்படும் மதிப்பெண் அடிப்படையில் வந்தவர்கள் எல்லாரும் செலக்ட் ஆனார்கள், ஆனால் % percentage கொண்ட 2008 கு முன் முடித்த எவருக்கும் வேலை இல்லை. .. CGPA -- 91-100 - S grade , 81-90 - A grade , 71-80- B , 61-70-C , 51-60-D , 41-50-E , இது போல் கடைசி மதிப்பெண் வரை இன்றைய அண்ணா பல்கலைகழகம் மாறியுள்ளது . இவர்கள் 51 எடுத்தாலும் ஒரே மதிப்பெண் தான் , 59 /60 எடுத்தாலும் ஒரே மாதிரியான கணக்கில் தான் எடுத்துகொள்ள படுகிறார்கள்.மேலும் CGPA - மதிப்பெண் அடிபடியில் படித்தவர்களுக்கு internal - 50 mark + தியரி -(theory ) 50 mark .. அனால், 2008 கு முன்பு இது போல் இல்லை, ஒவொரு மதிப்பெண்ணும் தனி நபருடைய % percentage ஆகும். இவர்களுக்கு internal 20mark , external 80 mark .. அப்படி இருந்தும் external தேர்வுகளில் 100 மார்க்கிற்கு எழுதி அதை 80கு மாற்றி , internal மரக்கோடு சேர்த்து டான் % percentage முறை - புதிய மதிப்பெண் முறையை காட்டிலயும் % percentage முறை மிகவும் கடடினமானது .. அனால் , இன்று யாருக்கு வேலை கிடைத்தது என்று பார்த்தல், CGPA mark வாங்கியவர்கள் மட்டும் தான் .. மற்றவர்களுக்கு கோவிந்தா போட்டுவிட்டார்கள்..இதை கேட்க எந்த ஒருவரும் இல்லை..
சிந்தியுங்கள்.. ...

Re: RE:asst engg selection date

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-09-04 19:23:02) /

please tneb asst engg selection application from notification date inform??????????

Re: No job for calm persons

Posted by Domescrinth9489180366, (2014-09-04 11:45:39) /

Now teachers strike against trb and got stay in recruitment.Their request is don't compare the marks between father aged persons with son aged students.
But tneb already compares the marks between fathers & sons during interview. But the court not ready to put stay order.Diploma BE candidates no alert.They silent.When the matter is known by public [strike or any porattam]then there isa solution. Otherwise tneb compares the marks between son, fathers & Grand fathers in the next interview.Be alert to get career in yr life.My best wishes for TRB Porattakkararkal.

Re: About Emp registration

Posted by Domescrinth, (2014-08-27 10:55:37) /

No need to register emp exchange.Because tneb selection only based on apprentice registration.No one got appointment based on emp-registration.U will got the interview card only.So pl try to register ur name in Taramani. This registration accepted by TNEB

Re: related to apprenticeship

Posted by ravindran, (2014-08-26 19:14:54) /

dear sir i registered in employment with my old address now i shifted to my new address what i can to receive government notice.

Re: Domescrinth

Posted by Domescrinth, (2014-08-20 12:08:04) /

The selection of apprentice will be starts shortly.So pl.try to stay the app recruitment.Then only the employment registered candidates will get job.9489180366


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-08-18 14:28:40) /

Is anyone know the date of appranticeship selection for the year 2014-2015.

Re: stay the apprentice recruitment

Posted by Domescrinth, (2014-08-14 12:38:24) /

I request all the senior apprentices those who are not getting ta post in the recent interview to stay the apprentice selection.Now tneb decided to take apprentice recruitment

Re: TA case

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-08-13 11:20:34) /

Dear friends, what about TA case, is it over or not

Re: Delayed action

Posted by AE, (2014-08-13 10:40:34) /

The withheld candidates has joined by April 2014. They already came from court case only. So friend there is no use to file case against them. its all waste of time for us.if any case against govt they will tackle it easily.

Re: affected person in tneb rect

Posted by affected in tneb, (2014-08-12 17:22:52) /

hi frnds can anyone plz get to obtain allotment orders for with held candiates those who got job recently thro court. my frnd want to put case frnds plz helpme to get it.

Re: Ex-Serviceman Priority

Posted by Kaveri, (2014-08-11 21:13:37) /

951Nos Assessor Jointed in Feb 2014, But Still now Ex-Service Man list withheld, not issue order.

What issues.? What happened? What going on? Please post here.

Re: Helper

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-08-07 13:49:59) /

All region helper vacancy details list collect visit www.tangedcoblogspot.com

Re: drama start?

Posted by news, (2014-07-29 14:11:35) /

check this page job irrukuma or irrukatha
by vali illa pattathari....?
correct answer tell me friends....

Re: AE,TA case

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-07-28 14:49:12) /

Hi i am asking about the seniors who filed case against AE and TA...What happend?when is final hearing?.pls reply any one

Re: TNEB Ae Recruitment Sep 2013....

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-07-25 16:11:02) /

see this link:

Re: What case?

Posted by AE CASE, (2014-07-25 13:24:59) /

There is no case pending against AE and TA recruitment. The witheld candidates of the last recruitment has joined the AE posting before 4 months itself. Dont blabber anything.

Re: ae recruit

Posted by AE, (2014-07-25 13:17:31) /

You dont know nothing about AE recruitment? they wont recruit AE for each and every year. if there is vacancy in large numbers only they will call. And there is no separate recruitment for apprentice& employment seniority candidates. its all in one. Whoever gives 15 lacs can get AE posting.

Re: when will announce interview date?

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-07-24 16:59:46) /

may 2013 ae recruitment(apprentice) is completed what about sep 2013 ae recruitment(through employment seniority)

Re: AE,TA case

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-07-23 15:15:15) /

Hi what about court case..when it comes for hearing..any one knows means please update here


Posted by SAMY, (2014-07-22 15:06:46) /


Re: please tell date of advertisement

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-07-17 07:32:21) /


Re: Dear Anonymous Guest, (2014-07-07 12:25:00) /

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-07-12 18:02:23) /

Dear Anonymous Guest, (2014-07-07 12:25:00) /

TNEB announced the advt on may 2013. or check below this forum also.

Re: please tell date of advertisement

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-07-07 12:25:00) /

hi since i am Sca candidate .and i did my apprentice training also.and i didnt call leter this time .because am abroad.i missed it.i didnt get any proper response from employment and Eb..so i want to know which month (2013) they have announced bout Ae recruitment...

Re: Date of Advertisement of TNEB-AE Rect. 2013

Posted by Anonymous, (2014-06-30 08:50:48) /

I dont remember the date of Notification but i have the paper cut of notification which is published in Hindu Paper... May I know for what purpose you need the Notification date n reg...


Posted by KRISHNA, (2014-06-26 11:29:35) /

Sir, next AE exam eppo sir arivipanda.? athuku web side ply tell to me..

Re: please reply anybody

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-06-25 19:38:54) /

Hi any one know when "date of advertisement came in paper and website for AE recruitment 2013"..please

Re: Earn Income

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-06-18 21:23:56) /


Re: Assessor Grade 2 Ex-Serviceman

Posted by Prabu, (2014-06-17 00:41:06) /

What about he TNEB Assessor Grade 2 Ex-Serviceman Priority withheld issues.? If anybody knows please post here.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-06-10 16:20:19) /

TO Re: AE withheld
Posted by aeeee, (2014-06-07 07:27:41) /

allotment order copy in the website
http://tnebengineers.in/ dt.22.5.2014

Re: AE withheld

Posted by aeeee, (2014-06-07 07:27:41) /

Did the AE withheld candidates got the appointment order? If anybody knows please post here.

Re: Reg this message

Posted by Anonymous., (2014-06-06 18:06:01) /

The Tamil Nadu Electricity Board (TNEB) conducts recruitment of eligible candidates in the posts of Engineers, Assistants and Junior Engineers respectively through written exams and interview held every year in the months of October/ November. The recruitment is open for all those candidates who are lying in the age group of 30 years possessing the required educational qualifications as stated here below.

Read more: TNEB Recruitment 2014|2015|Engineers|Freshers|AE|Assistant Engineers | SarkariExam http://www.sarkariexam.co.in/tneb-recruitment-2012/3027#ixzz32MWPQ3yw

How to apply for this?

Re: AE

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-06-03 23:30:21) /

What about AE waiting list result,When will be release.if anybody know pl inform me

Re: Regarding A.E recruitment

Posted by Hari, (2014-06-02 10:07:45) /

can one one tell me up to which year passed out students got interview card from employment office for A.E recruitment last selection list...

Re: AE 2d list

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-05-30 10:01:30) /

Can any one plz tel me about AE 2nd list...

Re: Reg.TA

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-05-27 22:26:23) /

There is no chances for TA recruitment in this year. For additional information if you have a good job dont try for TA with amount you will get starting salary of 16000 pm only so give way tool unemployed persons.

Re: no 2nd list

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-05-27 16:42:42) /

please don't waste our time


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-05-24 13:48:31) /

wat abt AE detail for 2nd list anybody know tat detail pls convey.


Posted by IMP NEWS, (2014-05-21 20:28:54) /

The Tamil Nadu Electricity Board (TNEB) conducts recruitment of eligible candidates in the posts of Engineers, Assistants and Junior Engineers respectively through written exams and interview held every year in the months of October/ November. The recruitment is open for all those candidates who are lying in the age group of 30 years possessing the required educational qualifications as stated here below.

Read more: TNEB Recruitment 2014|2015|Engineers|Freshers|AE|Assistant Engineers | SarkariExam http://www.sarkariexam.co.in/tneb-recruitment-2012/3027#ixzz32MWPQ3yw

Re: Diva

Posted by Diva, (2014-05-09 21:32:29) /

hi friends June month allotment order issued for AE/TA with held candidates.

Re: ta

Posted by ta, (2014-05-05 11:52:05) /

call me ce/per job eppa varum

Re: Hi

Posted by X, (2014-05-04 20:29:18) /


Re: Reply to TA

Posted by waran, (2014-04-29 17:19:02) /

Don't put fake news here....

Any one please update about new AE recuirment

Re: tnebes

Posted by tnebes, (2014-04-29 15:58:42) /

tanged co new ta job news 10/06/2014 bp no:108 total vacency 1550

Re: ae w.h

Posted by ram, (2014-04-26 11:55:57) /

what about a.e allotment order information ple............

Re: ae w.h

Posted by ram, (2014-04-26 11:55:40) /

what about a.e allotment order information ple............

Re: No justice for seniors

Posted by we are fooled, (2014-04-24 12:36:07) /

Finally juniors who was with held got posting...some one in this forum said putting case against them will get ae or ta posting..but what happend this judge raja did favour for them only(withheld).....I dont know how they can do such things even they dont have eligibility for 2013 recruitment..there is no justice in our country..seniors are fooled here..dont put vote for ADMK..one who cheats others will wont live happily ever.GOD must see

Re: senior

Posted by senior, (2014-04-23 16:02:40) /

AEs Recruitment Apprentice withheld Case:

Hon'ble Mr. Justice RAJA passed favourable orders directing the TANGEDCO to issue appointment orders to the Apprentices for whom the selecction is withheld as Assistant Engineers.

due 2 their not capable tneb officials they all get job in eb till now v have completed app not able 2 get job in future recruitment also same batch with high marks get jobs, tneb and engineers association are joined together not take interest in taking senior persons, finally v r defeated friends.......


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-04-19 18:32:43) /

Hi any one know about ae case or new recruitment..please update here

Re: Reply to divyacutie4

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-04-16 11:11:27) /

Hey u only mother fuucker..bloody bastard....instead of peeping into others matter just do some useful work....mind your own business

Re: divyacutie4- --

Posted by Dont reply 2 any unknown emails whic are posted he, (2014-04-15 22:45:48) /

this email is a mother fucking guy 's email id. so dont response to this email.. "divyacutie3@gmail.com"
also dont response to any email, if needed ask them to post the mobile number and get the calls n infp's

Re: tneb

Posted by aiadmk, (2014-04-15 16:31:04) /

tneb new ta 1550 job july

Re: ta - req(

Posted by ta-req, (2014-04-11 23:26:18) /

2014-04-11 11:28:49 / Posted by HiAnonymous Guest,
Pls put the correct news form your end so many people life


Posted by VICTOR KANI, (2014-04-11 12:08:31) /



Re: TA - reg

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-04-11 11:28:49) /

after election may 300 Ta posting list come. this information got from my person.

Re: AE case

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-04-08 11:26:29) /

hi wat about ae case,..any one know means mail me....divyacutie3@gmail.com

Re: To eee & all

Posted by PQR, (2014-04-06 23:47:55) /

There is no second list.It is impossible for re interview in TNEB history.As Posted by (LIFE IS YOURS, (2014-04-04 22:30:54) /, there is no re interview.so dont waste ur energy.

Re: ae

Posted by ae rect, (2014-04-05 19:58:42) /

nalini madam ur contact number plz to put case against tneb rect

Re: divya

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-04-05 16:32:31) /

Hi nalini madam just mail me divyacutie3@gmail.com

Re: Nalini advocate for T.N.E B (TANGDCO)

Posted by LIFE IS YOURS, (2014-04-04 22:30:54) /

Really our AE & TA CASES ARE comes under conclusion. so who all are put againest cases sure the get job otherwise.the total remaining selection candidates are stoped and totally re-interview II conduct for that selection persion & cases filled persons. so put somes cases for that selection list remaining candidates just little much amount for cases filled..fake person is Advocate from high court

Re: Advocate from high court

Posted by advocate, (2014-04-03 22:01:12) /

no one cant edit r eliminate this AE and TA selection list...
others may brainwash u to put case against tneb like suganya...and HR department all r fake.....
so don't belive that and waste ur time and money and energy....
better try next time r else....
ur wish to file case against tneb...

Re: divya

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-04-03 12:22:51) /

Hi Putting case is waste.My friend filed case against TNEB but it got disposed next week..judge said "IF u attend interview it is not rule to give u job "So money only went for my friend....just wait after election there may be recruitment i heard


Posted by AE, (2014-04-03 11:37:45) /


Re: TA case

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2014-04-03 09:31:33) /

Dear sir
Anybody knows TA court case regarding 5&6th marks please update here

Re: ae posts


all are put news cases of ae post sure the get job because our ministry office told all juidgement ll comes for favour of new cases filed persons so soon put new cases

Re: AE

Posted by SUGANYA, (2014-04-02 22:08:38) /

friends one imp news. who are all not get AE POST from TNEB . around 275 ae posts only 133 posts has filled balanced 142 AE post s are comes under court cases failed so soon all put news cases of that 142 ae posts and stop that post becauses who are all put cases sure that get AE POST FROM TNEB SO PUT NEW CASES QUICKLY

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