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Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-09-25 15:45:48)

Case wasn't related to pattern of exam but eligibility conditions
They violated service rules of Punjab forest dept


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-09-25 11:50:30)

Apparently, PPSC had violated the rules im conduct of ACF exam. It seems they will have to follow the IFoS pattern of conducting the exam.

Re: Frustrated Punjabi

Posted by KPS , (2020-09-24 15:55:32)

Bhravo jihda jihda hath penda jahaz Di bari nu .... Nikal turo Canada nu .... Aiven lutaa hoi Janey a ethe .... Sala 3000 ik paper Di fees le ke utton 2 saal case ghadees ke pichon thenga hi mileya

Hor states vese hi bht aggey nikal chukiyan Punjab toh bcz of no bloody vision of both Akalis and Congressi over the past decades


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-09-24 13:04:09)

Has anynody called ppsc regarding forest exam?
Kuch pta ki further steps lenge


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-09-24 12:58:10)

Punjab sarkar ne changa mzaak bnaya aspirants da
One and half year ton baad paper cancelled
Koi hope nhi dubara kraunge or not


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-09-24 12:48:35)

Exam and advertisement both stand cancelled as of now. Dubara hovega ya nhii o sarkar di marji

Re: Forest case no.

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-09-24 11:21:10)

CWP 4057,year 2019

Re: Forest exam

Posted by Forest conservator, (2020-09-24 10:35:02)

Means exam dobara hoega..if in petitioners favour ..good news.. anyone having details..please share


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-09-24 09:48:43)

Assistant Conservative office wale exam de Court case da number pta kise nu ta Das do???


Posted by ACF, (2020-09-24 09:44:54)

ASSISTANT CONSERVATIVE OFFICER wale exam da HIGH COURT ch case number ki aa pta kise nu ??

Re: Forest exam

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-09-23 20:39:46)

Case conclude ho gya.
Judgement seems to be in petitioner’s favour.
Baki detailed judgement tonnhi clear hoyega.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-09-23 20:18:07)

Can anyone here tell me about updates of extra assistant conservator exam
(Forest vala)


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-09-19 09:51:23)

Kuch dasdo yr
Fuddua wangu baithe rehne ho ethe
Bloody mean people
Atleast help if u can
Naa te sala koi kise mudde te awaz chukda naa hi koi participation paake raazi


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-09-17 21:20:53)

Jo marji karo..but paper lao jaldi


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-09-16 23:10:55)

Everyone please tell whatever they know from their sources about PCS exam

Through a source of mine I have come to know that they are coming up with the new notification and the issue of DSP and see that will be resolved along with it but there is no clarity whether the number of posts will increase or not

We all are competing with each other but we all want that the number of post should be increased considering the fact that there was retirement in March May and now on 30th September so if the PCS posts are revised then I am sure that they will be increased from 77 to something above 100.

So we need to press the government on these issues because they are thinking that they will conduct this PCS finish it much before the end of next year and advertise all the posts that retired this yr next year before elections to show that they are providing employment

Re: wada fuffad bharwala

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-09-16 20:24:07)

Oye tuhadi bua da ki haal hai @@@@


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-09-16 19:12:46)

Discussion is need in the group


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-09-16 19:10:55)

May be new notification.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-09-16 18:29:16)

Any information on PCS ?


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-09-15 16:13:59)

Pcs nahi hunda hun 2021 to pehla


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-09-13 11:42:03)

Nave notification de bahane central paygrade ta nahi lagu karan lagge?


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-09-12 21:04:25)

Kutta bhau te vanjara kithe gye

Re: CSAT news

Posted by CSAT news, (2020-09-12 20:24:19)

Don't worry.. can't disclose on social media.. we have seen the letter that says that age for all posts are being made equal that's 37 including DSP's and they are revamping whole new rules..many surprises coming..it's authenticated now.. that that there will be new fresh notification with new rules ..DSP age and CSAT qualifying and perhaps negative marking in GS too.. just wait for next week to come.. they will add 10_15 new posts too.. DSP age at par with other posts,new sportz quota rules and CSAT ..all are being made in fresh notification..As in old recruitment it was not possible to change so many rules at one time..so they have decided to withdraw the whole process and start afresh..


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-09-12 18:34:18)

Vehda beh jae ehna da...Ik exam ni karaea janda chaj nal

Re: Letter

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-09-12 18:17:26)

It’s in the comment section on the recent post of a Facebook group named PPSC (Punjab public services commission) Aspirants.
I think it’s a closed group. You can send a request to be added in it.


Posted by Xyz, (2020-09-12 18:08:55)

Guys, where is this letter being circulated? Any whatsapp group link or something, please share.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-09-12 18:04:33)

Maine bhu dekhi letter
He/she is telling the exact info


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-09-12 18:03:02)

Han main v sunea
He is right

Re: Number of posts

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-09-12 17:44:11)

Nothing about number of posts , dsp age or csat is mentioned. The letter being circulated on social media is only about some rules specific to sportspersons.
Since the said rules have been changed , the letter says ppsc is supposed to implement the new rules and re-advertise civil services exam.
Those who have already applied would also need to apply again but can use their previous pay receipt.
Have seen the letter myself. Can’t vouch for authenticity.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-09-12 15:38:33)

Is there any proposal for an increase in the number of posts?

Re: CSAT news

Posted by CSAT news, (2020-09-12 15:15:43)

He is right the whole process is being readvertised now.. next week they will withdraw and with changes DSP and all other posts have 37 as their last age for General and other reserved categories will get relaxation acc. CSAT is also under consideration and 80% they have agreed since last time they were saying it can't be made in running process.Since now all this process will be re advertised they are revamping whole process as recently HCS had also changed and their own youth leadership had also demanded it ..so very likely CSAT will also be made qualifying in nature n Age has been made 37 for all categories..next week perhaps Monday or Tuesday they are withdrawing the current notification and will issue fresh notification with amendments afterwards


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-09-12 14:53:14)

Hey bro
The one who is saying that I peddle lies

Due to change in the rules for sportsman the personnel department has written to the service commission to withdraw the notification And readvertise it and a letter regarding the same has been circulated on social media I guess you are poor and you cannot afford to have WhatsApp so you have not received that letter

Verify before accusing someone

Go and check with onlinr channels on youtube


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-09-12 13:46:25)

Go get a life bro.. don't peddle lies just for the sake of it


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-09-12 10:12:05)

Readvertised? What about all the fees they've collected?


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-09-12 01:31:45)

Pcs notification to be withdrawn and will be readvertised
Dsp age increased to 37

Re: Kutta bhau,

Posted by vanjaraa, (2020-09-04 11:33:32)

achaa teri bhen di seal sarpach ne todi c te os ton baad ode kol aulaad hoi k nai

j nahi ta das mai maali ban ke charaa ode te

Re: Vanjara munni bhosdi ala

Posted by Kutta bhau, (2020-09-03 18:44:38)

Meri bhen da ta pata nai, teri bhen te maa di fuddi mai munn k gya c.. and jhuaan nal bhonkde kutte da design v bana k aya c..Haje takk ta theek hi hona.. J koi kamipeshi a ta dseo jrur

Re: lok boliyaan

Posted by ਵਣਜਾਰਾ ਫੁੱਦੀਆਂ ਮੁੰਨਣ ਆਲਾ , (2020-09-03 12:33:30)

ਤੇਰੀ ਭੈਣ ਆਪਣੀ ਫੁੱਦੀ ਵੀਟ ਨਾਲ ਮੁੰਨਦੀ ਆ ਕੇ ਉਸਤਰੇ ਨਾਲ


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-09-02 18:56:54)

All of you need to remember one thing that if the paper is conducted on 4th October by UPSC then many persons will get positive from there and appear in the PCS exam on 11th October and our lives will be in danger I have seen people personally dying of coronavirus and it is not a small thing please give it a thought and start pressurizing the Punjab government because they have been opposing the conduct of Neet exam in the supreme court and themselves conducting the PCS exam on 11th October


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-08-29 22:55:15)

Lo v khich lo tyariiiii....11oct...ppsc sending letters to schools for making necessary arrangements..


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-08-29 22:54:07)

Lo v khich lo tyariiiii....11oct...ppsc sending letters to schools for making necessary arrangements..

Re: wada fuffad bharwala

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-08-29 17:11:02)

Apni bhua da khayal rakehoo


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-08-29 12:59:54)

11th Oct pcs di khabar hai...baaki pata lag jaye ga


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-08-27 12:14:35)

Maharashtra pcs postponed

Re: Date of exams

Posted by ਪ੍ਰਤਾਪ ਗੌਤਮ, (2020-08-26 00:00:24)

Mere khayal vich punjab government jee te UPSC(4oct) paper hon to bad hi koi faisla karu. Je eh paper kamyab ho gae ta government exam lai sakdi aa. Punjab sarkar pehal Karn to jhijakdi aa


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-08-25 15:44:10)

Kise nu nai pta...pcs toh pehla teachers te functional manager wala exam v pending aa..

Re: Prelims date

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-08-25 15:17:33)

Any genuine idea about Prelims date?


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-08-25 14:50:28)

Totka hai dosto


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-08-25 00:00:34)

Fark pta hai
Loka lai kutta bhau par meri kutti ae

Re: Difference

Posted by Kutta bhau, (2020-08-24 15:44:40)

Kutte kutti da farq v nai pata te gallan paasa vatt ke jaan dia hi krnia


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-08-23 21:07:29)

Laike koi nahi dekhda kuttiye
Sab muh mod ke chale jande ne

Re: Lok boliyan

Posted by Kutta bhau, (2020-08-23 15:10:07)

Baari barsi khattan gya c khatt ke liyandi khesi
Mainu dwa deo oye mai laike nai dekhi


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-08-21 20:34:58)

Hahaha ede shayd ghar kise nu date agyi


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-08-21 14:22:23)

Aahi byaan tu parso v dita c


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-08-21 13:48:27)

Aj aajani aw exam di date. All the best


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-08-19 19:32:21)

Y is there no post of tehsildar in pcs this time....how's job profile of tehsildar or bdpo? As pcs executive just 8 seats

Re: Doubt

Posted by Kutta bhau, (2020-08-19 18:43:35)

Sardi sardi vancouver garmi ch toronto tikaana
Canada canada mai janaa
Ek shabd kis mahaan kavi di rachna han


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-08-19 14:31:02)

Thik hai gi


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-08-19 14:24:28)



Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-08-19 14:14:46)

It will be conducted in oct end or nov


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-08-19 10:01:31)

Today date for exam(pcs) shall be announced.

Re: Reality check

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-08-18 19:43:55)

Below is the tribune news clipping

Chandigarh, August 14

Brinder Singh Dhillon, chief, Punjab Youth Congress, today wrote to CM Capt Amarinder requesting him to make the CSAT qualifying in Punjab Civil Services exam. Handing over the letter to Special Principal Secretary to CM Gurkirat Kirpal Singh, Dhillon said the CSAT in Punjab Civil Services preliminary examination was discriminatory in nature and needed to be reviewed

Gurkirat Kirpal Singh said as the guidelines and procedure for Punjab Civil Services Exam 2020 were already advertised, it wouldn’t be possible to change them now. — TNS

Re: Reality check

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-08-18 19:32:46)

Read today’s newspaper. I assume you are doing that if you are preparing for UPSC or PPSC. Yesterday Supreme Court gave a verdict refusing to postpone IIT JEE and NEET. JEE and NEET are scheduled on 13 and 27 September.

Do you think Punjab CM will disobey Supreme Court. Do you think JEE and NEET exams will be conducted everywhere except Punjab. Well you are free to draw your own conclusions.

Prelims is generally held on a Sunday. Notification says it will be held in September. However, two Sunday’s are already occupied by JEE and NEET. That leaves 20 September, Sunday as the most probable date.

Yes there is a possibility that they may postpone it to second Sunday of October because application form submission date was increased twice, which also effects exam date. First Sunday of October is UPSC prelims. Therefore, best case is second Sunday of October. Fingers crossed.......don’t have false hopes. Exam will be conducted soon. Yesterday’s Supreme verdict will have a cascading effect.

Moreover, no CSAT changes are happening this time. Government has clarified. Officially special principal secretary to CM Gurkirat Kirpal singh clarified to the tribune. Read tribune newspaper. This happened day before. I have already shared the link for the same in my previous post. You can check for yourself. It will take 30 seconds to find out.

My friends pad lo......stop day dreaming

Re: Reality check reply

Posted by Reality check reply, (2020-08-18 17:41:50)

Lol..... hahahahahahhahaahhaaha... Haale capt. Ne khud ta keha ke..sept ch possible ne koi exam lena.. tenu khabar pta ne kon de rea.. don't trust him.. exam te UPSC prelims toh baad e houga .. October last or November first week.. logically.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-08-18 17:28:49)

Tu ikala e jaenga lagda paper dain 20 sept nu

Re: Reality check

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-08-18 16:39:49)

Expected date is Sunday, 20 September

Re: CSAT issue

Posted by CSAT qualifying , (2020-08-18 13:20:17)

Yes he is right. govt ne kuchh ne Krna hun change.Je try Krna te writ try kr skde a.Baaki thodi ichhaa ya fer koi hor exam dekh lo.CSAT mushkil aa.arts te humanities walea lae.jehda shweta dhull hona ne Haryana ch CSAT qualifying krva lea SC toh. Hun tah oh v reference hai den nu. Par koi agge a e ne rea.na sab 10_15 hzaar bchon chakkar ch apna future daa te la re ne.Es vaar je writ try krde te shayd ho e jnda.fer ehi reh jana dimaagh.

Re: Exam date

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-08-18 13:08:20)

Any tentative date for exam?

Re: Reality check

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-08-18 02:47:59)

No changes are expected as per latest reports. Special principal secretary to CM has clarified that guidelines for PCS 2020 has been already advertised, therefore, changes in csat are not possible. Padlo kuch change nahi hona......

Source of my information is tribune newspaper. Following is the link for satisfaction of all:


Re: CSAT news

Posted by CSAT news, (2020-08-15 23:50:45)

PpSc da koi lena dena ni.clarification govt. Ne deni a..PPSC sirf exam conduct krde aa.te recommend krde candidates nu.policy sab govt.bnaunde


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-08-15 22:54:06)

PPSC nu clear krna chahida exam date te CSAT qualify + Dsp age da jo v hai ta jo tyari sahi tra keeti ja ske


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-08-15 21:14:16)

PPSC nu apni website te clear krna chahi da k DSP age te CSAT qualify krr rahe aa ya nahi nei ta saare avdi prep start krn CSAT di v


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-08-14 19:50:58)

Ahh behuda congress party kamli hoyi firdi aa. Ehna da head ik din kehnda mei cabinet ch kal nu gal kraga and ehna da youth head hle letter ee likhi janda. Party nu sudh Budh ni haigi ki party ch chal ki reha. God bless them with sanity.

Re: CSAT news

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-08-11 19:35:01)

No exam till September, cleared by maan yog captain saab.Hun ne lgda November tak exam hunda.Haale tah CSAT n DSP age v notify honi a vaise.It will get notified it is stalled due to new pay scale adjustments


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-08-11 10:20:58)

Hone wala hai kya koi jane nhi


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-08-11 10:19:34)

Not sure if the covid situation will allow ppsc to conduct the exam in September or October


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-08-11 09:55:14)

Pcs exam date any update?

Re: Naib Tehsildar

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-08-11 09:21:42)

Any update??

Re: history

Posted by Dilbagh, (2020-08-11 08:00:06)

After getting a cue from here,i attended a few classes of history by Sandeepan Sir, It was a great experience. He not only teaches History, he teaches life too.

Thanks, oy naukri.,
A good forum,it is.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-08-08 22:43:58)

Any expected date for test


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-08-07 14:30:55)

CM to pcs aspirants:"hum aapke hain kaun"


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-08-07 13:09:41)

Ja simran ja bhaad main ja


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-08-05 19:36:06)

Dasde dasde, dasde sohniye kya baat hai♡ sohni sohni ban ke rehni e KYA BAT HAI


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-08-05 19:11:19)

Kujh bnya k shru kriye CSAT di tyari


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-08-05 16:01:50)

Sir keep us informed♡

Re: CSAT news

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-08-05 15:22:29)

Cabinet meeting start ho ge aa.pray kro ke ajj kam ho je.Nahi te fer kr leo tyarea apnea apnea fucking CSAT naal

Re: Dsp age28/30

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-08-05 11:08:31)

Dassi na mere bare kise nu amrindare♡ ke mei exam vich kini lagdiii

Re: CSAT news

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-08-04 17:59:31)

Haale tah DSP age ne clarify hoe bai,na e CSAT masla hall hoea date da kuj ni pta.Lgda ne November toh pehla hou.


Posted by Abc, (2020-08-04 17:02:43)

What is expected date for paper


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-08-04 16:13:05)

Ehnu kehnde presence of mind


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-08-04 15:17:03)

Ik ik karke teeh din hoge hogya ik mheena ♡ mere dil di chattri te beh gya ik csat paper kmeena

Re: CSAT qualifying in PPSC PCS 2020

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-08-03 16:00:42)

Kabhi ayengaa re.. kabhi ayengaa hun tah Ram mandir v banana shuru ho gea.. CSAT da pta ne kad hou ram naam satya.


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-08-03 15:47:56)

Ayenge mere karan arjun ayenge

Re: CSAT news

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-08-03 15:34:09)

Kehra Tam.. dsoo..aea kuchh ???


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-08-03 15:31:38)

Aa gya ni ohi billow tam♡

Re: CSAT news

Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-08-02 20:25:53)

Good one,light joke is good.. koi na jehna lae moka hai CSAT de hundaa..make use of it..good luck.doesn't matter..insan nu jdo moka mile chk lena chaeda fayda.. kyunki lgda ne ke kalla punjab rahega india nalo alag.. so make hay when you can... Reap the benefits..


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-08-02 18:11:46)

Bai main ppsc office gya c
Otho de supdtt nu main puchea ke mainu das deo kuch dsp te csat baare

Mainu kehnda aj tuhanu info de davage

Eh gall thursday di hai

Te ohne kiha ki tu meri party karde main tenu sab das dauga

Main ohnu ik bottle te ik murga laeta

Ohne mere kol behke enjoy kita te badia gallaan sunaiiya

Sharab de nashe ch oh bhavuk hoke kehnda
Ke bai main supdtt bharti hoya 4 saal pehla par mainu job pasand nahi ..main v pcs banna chahunda c..je csat qualifying hunda te aj main v pcs hunda..
Main kiha bai info te de koi
Kehnda koi info nahi bas bhra nal behke dukh sanje kar lae ehi bahut hai

Re: CSAT issue

Posted by CSAT qualifying in PCS 2020, (2020-08-02 17:59:50)

Koi official notice ne aea yar haale ..DSP age da and clarify Krna baaki a so don't lose heart... and kene keha capt zindabaad..evei avde kolo na lao..kede nal confuse kr re o mere comments.. we are trying our best still.. Fateh educom aali madam vrgea glaa na kro.. ke pehla video paado fer remove krdo.. wait and don't jump to conclusions.. and don't confuse any one else's suggestions with another..parho apo apna.. wait and watch.. Don't jump to conclusions.. it's a fight you may either lose or win.. just study and do your best and who soever had said that for non maths background candidates..scoring 300 plus is impossible is absolutely right..
That's what we are trying for..te remove this anamoly ..baaki jo insider info le ke ae c.. say something..


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-08-02 17:11:00)

Bai 1k hafta pehla tu ethe badkaaa maar ke keh rea c capt zindabad
You were saying that the government will notify it very soon
So basically you misled all the students on this platform


Posted by Anonymous Guest, (2020-08-02 16:58:42)

Ki hoya das de khul. Csat remove nhi kita prelim cho?

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